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starring Dr. Hal !
October 26, 2018 10:00pm
THANKS TO The Brazilian Astronaut, crackerjack recording engineer "Kiko" Aumond, we were at last able to debut some of our recording of the work of the late Clark Ashton Smith which earlier this year we did for Pseudo Pod... these readings can be found online, but we presented them with newly added musical effects. More to come from that quarter... Then, near 11:00 PM, we welcomed Puzzling Evidence and Michael Peppe; the results may be heard here-- INCLUDING an unfortunate gap when the station went completely dark after an episode of "flailing" from our exuberant guest. Fortunately (for our tenancy at Radio Valencia) Dr. H. Owll was able to trace the problem and re-boot the station. But it was a close thing. Sunt lacrimae rerum, eh? Next week, a re-run, at least for part of the time, as we must be elsewhere and elsewhen. This show: four hours.

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