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starring Dr. Hal !
November 2, 2018 10:00pm
NINE DAYS AFTER the Full of the Moon, Lycanthropic back-up Puzzling Evidence was still somewhat "wolf-y." He subdued his howls and created an amazing five-hour synthesis. There's more than a chance that Radio Valencia will have to retreat down the Exit Corridor of History, following the Dodo & the Dinosaur. But even if so, these are great days (& nights), as our night-blooming Show expands to full efflorescence. No humans were harmed during the fabrication & creation of this show. During that, yes, but we're not talking about the PODCAST, are we? Well, develop a thick skin. Let the Show engulf you in waves only to bounce off its invulnerable, impenetrable exterior. You'll live. This one's five hours, remember. In the meantime, distracted "Doc" Hal will return when he can...

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