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starring Dr. Hal !
November 16, 2018 10:00pm
AS AN EXPERIMENT, we ran the next of our group of recordings of Clark Ashton Smith's stories. The source seemed to be at a lower volume; we tried amplification but perhaps it was somewhat muffled by the incidental music? Hard to tell from our end. Followed next an excerpt from our INVISIBLE CITIES recorded series, the first a genuine Calvino (Italo), the second one by Dr. H. Owll that we slipped in. Thanks again, Dr. Fiasco! And later, Puzzling Evidence and KrOB appeared in the recently violated studio and eventually began affecting, then controlling the output. Enjoy these while they last, Etherettes and Rocket Rookies. The auto-destruction of what is called Radio Valencia is a most likely possibility; digital chains, more curtailing exponentially than the guardian Kisi App, seem ready to bind us to a complete halt. Well, we've had a good run. Download these things while they're here-- there's talk of removing all these posted episodes to throw off the scent of our pursuers, as an animal caught in a trap will sometimes chew off its own foot. Four hours of (mostly) yaks and laffs.

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