Looks Like A Stormtooper, Breathes Like Vader
November 21, 2018 12:00am


After a masked-up smokey week, it finally rained tonight! San Francisco air was worse than Beijing; we actually had the worst air quality in the entire world for a few days. Not that this really has anything to do with my show. Just tried to keep the flow going. Enjoy!

2:04am: One Foundation by Charlie Hunter

12:07am: Church by Galactic

12:13am: Do U Want It? by Papa Grows Funk

12:21am: Star Brigade Into Slipstream by Soul Ska

12:23am: Quiet Village by Danny Gatton

12:28am: D Jam On Toast by Mother Funk Conspiracy

12:36am: I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone

12:37am: Bicycle Race by Queen

12:41am: Last Train To London by E.L.O.

12:46am: Magic Man by Heart

12:54am: Wooden Jesus with MORE COWBELL! by Temple Of The Dog

12:56am: Witches Garden by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

1:01am: Another Place by Jeff Beck

1:03am: Poison Street by New Model Army

1:06am: Cities in Dust by Siouxsie and the Banshees

1:09am: Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

1:14am: Freeze (Part IV of Fear) by Rush

1:21am: The Spirit Of Radio by Rush

1:25am: YYZ by Rush

1:31am: A Girl Like You by The Smithereens

1:36am: Teenage Lobotomy by The Ramones

1:38am: Anxiety by Bad Religion

1:41am: X-Men TV Theme by Randy Waldman

1:45am: Dreamsville by Pat Martino

1:50am: Passion Dance by McCoy Turner

2:02am: Italian Leather Sofa by Cake

2:07am: Hell Yes by Beck

2:11am: Bringing On The Heartbreak by Def Leppard

2:15am: Hip Hop by Mos Def

2:21am: Kissing My Love by Bill Withers

2:22am: Flashlight by PARLIAMENT

2:32am: Get Into Something by The Isley Brothers

2:33am: Here Comes The Rain Again by The Eurythmics

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