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starring Dr. Hal !
November 23, 2018 10:00pm
PLUTONIUM, A FINE WHITE POWDER certainly not to be confused with the element (Pu) but a substance collected on an expedition to the Outer Solar System. Clark Ashton Smith's story tells what happens-- and what can happen --if you take it. This begins our show, and you can also hear it with a different musical accompaniment here: on PseudoPod 591. There also may you hear, audacious Explorer, Dr. H. Owll's rendition of Smith's THE HASHISH-EATER. Dylan Thomas was also there at the beginning, and an a-Capella rendition of some Old French Songs. At Eleven we admitted Puzzling Evidence, and gradually continued our colloquy. Traces persist after the Anthem, but after we faded away Robo-DJ failed singularly; even Puzzling Evidence was unable to pinpoint the problem. A wave of infinite darkness, unfathomable and final, settled over Radio Valencia.

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