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starring Dr. Hal !
November 30, 2018 10:00pm
THIEVES climbed into the building, or a thief, singular, as Security Cam footage appears to show. And he stole valued equipment from Radio Valencia. Most particularly two thoroughbred high-end microphones. And now there are those who say the Napoleon of Crime, Mister Karen Carpenter, a.k.a. Emanuel Goldstein, masterminded the heist. Further it is alleged that we, the much-suspicioned "Night People," willingly aided and abetted. No kidding-- that's what they say. The purloined Mikes reside at Reloadio, they say. Well, the Ask Dr. Hal! Show gives this issue a most thorough examination and analysis. With psychedelic glossolalia and echo chambers of looping, and general hilarity. Wheee! We're synthesizing, fusing with Reloadio here. Before that, before Puzzling Evidence and, later, KrOB came in, we... well, we were late to the studio. Started late. Stay with Robo DJ for a few beats at first when you download. "The Hashish-Eater" by Clark Ashton Smith is read by Dr, H, Owll. Eventually, Puzzo and KrOB turn what remains of the show into their own version of... Nose Hair Lint Gland...

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