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starring Dr. Hal !
December 14, 2018 10:00pm
THIS FIVE-HOUR EPISODE alters, as it tends to do, when Puzzling Evidence makes his appearance ca. 11:00 PM. Later, KrOB also comes in. Those lovable so-and-sos extend the show by several hours. By then, Dr. H. Owll, tormented by lack of sleep, was barely able to participate. Before that, at Puz-Ev's suggestion, we narrated the (fairly) recent film, COWBOYS AND ALIENS. This movie was better than one might expect, with good performances from well-known actors-- Paul Dano is exceptionally good, as is Harrison Ford playing a villainous John Chisum- inspired character (perhaps-- we think of the Lincoln County Wars in this context), while Daniel Craig, always reliable, essays an outlaw performance-- the Billy the Kid in this set-up, we think. Multitudinous improbabilities aside, the script offers several surprises. Mostly from our perspective it offers the opportunity to engage in Japanese-style narration of the events, while speculating about American History, exobiology, infra-planetary exchanges, marksmanship, horsemanship and of course all sorts of other science fiction and monster movies of varying quality but permanent memory... If this is your cup of granola, O Etherettes and Rocket Rookies, please dig right in. Well, the year's almost over, isn't it? Of course, a massive Alien Incursion is predicted for July of THIS NEXT YEAR by the Church of the SubGenius. Forewarned is forearmed, eh? With poetry, pedantry and the usual re-mix of Archival Material.

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