Temple 139: Best Releases of 2018
December 29, 2018 4:00pm


4:00pm: Wen U Relli Hit It (Kowton Remix) by Happa from Argot (Fnord Communications, November 2018)

4:06pm: Kalaidoka by Dj Normal 4 from Exoticz (Second Circle, September 2018)

4:12pm: Panties by Brian Neal from Introducing Brian Neal (Psychostasia Recordings, October 2018)

4:16pm: And So Do Eye by Videopath from A Cure For Melancholy (Peach Discs, July 2018)

4:20pm: They're At It Again by Consequence from Hydrochloric Substance EP (Downfall Recordings, July 2018)

4:26pm: Queen Of Ungilsan by Steven Julien ‎ from Bloodline (Apron Records, May 2018)

4:34pm: Beats & Bubbles by Paranoid London With Bubbles Bubblesynski from The Boombox Affair (Paranoid London Records, August 2018)

4:37pm: New Now by Benedikt Frey from New Now (Live At Robert Johnson, June 2018)

4:44pm: Mambala by Mr Assister from Mambala / Bebny (BEAM, April 2018)

4:49pm: A Body by Borusiade from A Body (Cómeme, March 2018)

4:53pm: Glisten by Tessela from Tessela / Lanark Artefax ‎– Blue 01 (Whities, March 2018)

4:58pm: The Hunter by Sterile Hand from Sterile Hand (Ecstatic, April 2018)

5:04pm: Les Agents Des Stups by Essaie Pas from New Path (DFA, March 2018)

5:11pm: Dance, Shake, Swing (Version 2) by Billy Nightmare ‎ from Reality Check ( Dark Entries, September 2018 [1996 Reissue/Remaster])

5:17pm: Han Jan by Peggy Gou from Once (Ninja Tune, March 2018)

5:23pm: Jikovonunu (Young Marco Rework) by Madlaks from Dance Forever Young Marco Reworks (Safe Trip, August 2018)

5:30pm: Dins El Llit (Superpitcher Remix) by Talaboman from The Night Land Remixed (R & S Records, June 2018)

5:40pm: Maria's Holiday by Bruxas from Sirocco (Dekmantel, June 2018)

5:47pm: Time by Alek Lee from Colors (Antinote, May 2018)

5:52pm: Mesosphere by LT from Forest Floor (Rhythm Section International, July 2018)

5:57pm: Cypher NY Mix by Pablo's Eye from Bardo For Pablo (STROOM, June 2018)

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