Genre mashing at it's finest.
#180 Paul is Dead, I got a BUTCHER COVER!, John is Dead :(, White LP 50th
December 17, 2018 10:00am


A Loaded Beatle episode

Paul is Dead, John is Dead, George is Dead, Ringo Peace & Love.
Also, by the time I finished this production, the White Album's spectacular 50th Anniversary was released.

Drive my Car
Dr. Robert
Tomorrow never knows

Do you want to know secret?
It Won’t be Long
I Call Your Name
Dizzy Miss Lizzy

A Day In the Life
Sgt Pep’s LHCB
I am the walrus
Glass Onion

Revolution 9
Revolution 1
Helter Skelter Rarities version/
Helter Skelter version 1 take 2

Strawberry Fields Forever
Los Paranoias
Can You Take ME Back?
I’m So Tired Take 7
Cry Baby Cry Un-numbered rehearsal
Everybody’s got Something to Hide Except for me & My Monkey
Mean Mr. Mustard -Esher Demo

Carry that Weight>The End

Come Together
What’s The New Mary Jane?
Happiness is A Warm Gun

Birthday 2018 A/B Mix Comparison
Circles - Esher Demos

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