A Centrist Lefist way of Sudanese Wisdom w/ DJ Paulitics on your Audio Atlas!
February 19, 2019 10:00pm


It was a moment in time when 23,90 Kazakh Hindu's crossed over into a world realm of subjection.... I didn't even agree back then, but I told everybody that the greatest and latest Baike Funk, Reggae, and Funk were going to enjoy everything... Seven Freaks knew how to enjoy Mombassa Kenya.....

. Decca by Talvin Singh
2. Basket of Fruit/Pumkinattack on mommy and daddy by Xiu Xiu
3. Ma Waadtik bi Njoum el Leil by Wael Kfoury
4. Saayad by Mohommed Mounir
5. Inner Monolougue by Panda Bear
6. Empire Ants by (feat. Little Dragon) by Gorillaz
7. Off Deez/151 Rum by JID & J. Cole
8. PGP by Booba
9. Separar by PLK
10. Oga by Yemi Alade
11. Drinx Na Mayeaux by Decimal Records
12. Mete com Gorca by MC Nick
13. Me Desculpa by eu Pensai by MC Marcelly
14. Sexto na Treta by KR3
15. Disputa pra Qual Mais Kika by DJ Guuga
16. Ressacado by Mitico DJ
17. Com Force e Machuca by MC Braganca
18. Ola em Casa by NGKS
19. Centre of the Storm by Roni Size & Zach de la Rocha
20. Ya Ya by Lee Dorsey
21. You made me love you by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
22. Impeach the President by The Honey Drippers
23. Bustin out on Funk by Rick James

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