Genre mashing at it's finest.
Episode # 191 Uncle Ray vs. the World
March 4, 2019 10:00pm


On my birthday ( or around it) I play all my own recorded music.
Xraydusa, Zircus, !Tang, The Latrells, Extinguisher, Shade, SecsDevil, and of course-

Find links for most of these recordings here-

stay tuned for me , playing me.

Tri- State Betty
Everything's Around - The Latrells

My Electric Blue Sky - I C U
I'd Rather Walk - Jill & Ray
Badge - Zircus

That !Tang Thing (Live Elbo Room)
Summer Song - !Tang
I Wish You Would - Shade
Shooters - Xraydusa
Fast As I Can - Orphan Town
The Daily Planet - Uncle Ray
Leichtenstein - Zircus
The Call of the Wild - Orphan Town

Star Child - SecsDevil
Walkin' Lampost (Live Salt Lake City)- !Tang
Salvage - Xraydusa
Situation Comedy
Cookies - Extinguisher
Psychedelic Soul Theme vers 2
It's Becoming a Bigger Thing - Uncle Ray
Turkey Jerkey - The Latrells
Muse !Tang
Some Girls Won't Be Left Alone
Out The Box - The Latrells
Liam's Cheeseshake (Live Elbo)- !tang
Punanao - Extinguisher
Hang My head - Uncle Ray

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