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Ascent [2019.3.14]
March 14, 2019 8:00pm


Weval - Heaven, Listen (The Weight, 2019, Kompakt)
Brendon Moeller - Fallen Angels (Fallen Angels, 2019, Epidemic Sound)
Clarian - Time Safari (Time Safari, 2019, Kompakt)
Youandewan - Fantasy Fear (The Brane 001, 2019, The Brane)
[break] Lost Souls of Saturn - World of the Wars (Wolfgang Tillmans Remix) (Holes in the Holoverse, 2019, R&S)
Delano Smith & Traumer - Essence (Traumer’s Reduced Mix) (Essence, 2019, Berg Audio)
Morcheeba - Free of Debris (Kelpe Remix) (Free of Debris, 2019, Skye & Ross)
Charles Murdoch - Wedlogic (WTBL EP, 2019, Beats of No Nation)
[break] Raw District - Dans Tres Bras (Lay Your Weapons Down, 2019, Crosstown Rebels)
Röyksopp - Rising Urge (Lost Tapes) (Rising Urge, 2019, Dog Triumph)
Neil Cowley and Ben Lukas Boysen - Ascent (Grains & Motes, 2019, Mote)
New Jackson - The Night Mail (The Night Mail, 2019, Maeve)
The Black Dog - Train by the Autobahn (Part 2) (Radio Scarecrow, 2019, Dust Science)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Pin Drop (Pin Drop, 2019, Meat Beat Manifesto)
[break] Adam TK - A1 (A1, 2018, Adam TK)
Amon Tobin - On A Hilltop Sat The Moon (Fear In a Handful of Dust, 2019, Nomark)
High Tides - Summer Reflections (Paradise Daze, 2019, Rad Cult)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Energy Fantasy (Baltra Vocal Remix) (Energy Fantasy (Remixes), 2019, Nice Age)
Underspreche - Onde Riflesse (Lumina Cali, 2019, Multinotes)
Efdemin - Acid Bells (DJ Koze Edit) (DJ Koze & Terrence Dixon Versions, 2018, Curle)

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