Temple 145: Fear Of A Luminous Shadow
April 20, 2019 4:00pm


4:00pm: Dolore Dentro by Succhiamo from Mani In Fuoco

4:06pm: Electronique by Roza Terenzi from Oscillate Tracks 001

4:14pm: Diminuendo (Patrick Russell Remix) by Daniel Avery ‎ from Song For Alpha Remixes: One

(times are 3 min ahead)

4:20pm: Pips by Shanti Celeste + Hodge from Soba Dance

4:29pm: Fluo by Beatrice Dillon And Call Super ‎ from Inkjet / Fluo

4:38pm: D.E.R.T by Kompleks from DJ Muscle

4:44pm: Gang (For The Rock Industry) by J.B. Banfi from Space, Energy & Light (Experimental Electronic And Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88)

4:50pm: Body by Sagat from Melting The Earth Onto The Body Without Organs

4:56pm: Urth Man by Ex-Terrestrial from Urth Born

5:03pm: Day Dreams by Kuniyuki Takahashi from Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 1

5:09pm: Weltraumsandalen by Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt from Instrumentalmusik Von Der Mitte Der World

5:15pm: Diminishing Emotion by Leyland Kirby ‎ from Breaks My Heart Each Time

5:24pm: Powder Dry by Overmono from Arla II EP

5:31pm: Aquifer by Laurel Halo ‎ from Hour Logic

5:37pm: Fear Of A Luminous Shadow by Weirdest Dream from White Worms

5:40pm: The Closer the Stranger by Silvia Kastel from Air Lows

5:45pm: We Are The Music Makers by Aphex Twin ‎ from Selected Ambient Works 85-92

5:54pm: Control And & Movement by Holly Herndon from Movement

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