July 8, 2019 2:00pm


The legendary Joao Gilberto passed away on Saturday. Known as the father of Bossa Nova, he brought Brazilian music into the international spotlight with tunes like "The Girl From Ipanema" and "Corcovado." I had to play a few of his tunes, and really got into a groove with other stuff. Listenership hit an all time high on The Veranda! This show is not to be missed!

2:02pm: Desafinado by Joao Gilberto

2:06pm: Feels So Good by The Record Company

2:10pm: Midnight Express by Extreme

2:14pm: Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan

2:20pm: Boujie by Halle Tomlinson

2:24pm: hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me by Lana Del Rey

2:29pm: When My Train Pulls In by Gary Clark Jr.

2:37pm: O Pato by Joao Gilberto

2:41pm: I Never Loved A Man by Aretha Franklin

2:45pm: Chicago Falcon by The Budos Band

2:48pm: Doin' It by Papa Grows Funk

2:57pm: 99% by Dubtonic Kru

3:01pm: When Mi Rise It by Lutan Fyah

3:05pm: Smoke Marijuana by Sizzla

Asshole Musicians

3:11pm: Twist of Cain by Danzig the Wife Beater

3:15pm: Pretty Young Thing by Michael Jackson the Child Molester

3:20pm: It Was A Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra womanizing misogynist

3:27pm: Corcovado by Joao Gilberto

3:29pm: Whiskey & The Devil by Westerly

3:33pm: Stumbler by Buke and Gase

3:36pm: Modern Man by Bad Religion

3:38pm: Nationalism by Doug Stanhope

3:46pm: Ascension by Fire Down Below

3:53pm: Dirty War by Lowcaster

4:01pm: Cool #9 by Joe Satriani

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