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Hell's Kitchen Radio #371: Flippin' For Flipper
July 8, 2019 8:00pm


Do you remember where you were the first time you heard Flipper? For me it wasn't until I joined KFJC in the late 80s. I recall distinctly being disturbed. I couldn't hum along, and the dissonant guitar and driving rhythms left my stomach aching a wee bit. And I wanted more. They were just too hilarious. Songs like "Ha Ha Ha", "Love Canal", and of course, "Sex Bomb" (especially the live version where they ask someone to bring them beer) left me wanting to grab as much Flipper as I could find. That was the problem however, finding Flipper records was not as easy task; even in the Bay Area. Demand outranked supply.

Leading up to their Bay Area shows, celebrating their 40th anniversary (with many years off during that tenure), Flipper-founder/guitarist Ted Falconi, and their current (and 8th) bassist Rachel Thoele stopped into Hell's Kitchen Radio on Radio Valencia Monday night to chat up their many years, many bassists, many tours, and many road stories.

The music runs from the debut, "Generic Flipper" through to their latest EP with sludge stalwarts, and Flipper-influenced, The Melvins, off of their Hot Fish release from Amphetamine Reptile. Thanks to Ted for filling us in on the details. I was unaware that Trevor Dunn was playing bowed bass on a few tracks.

Tickets are still available for their local shows, featuring David Yow of Jesus Lizard on vocals, this Thursday in San Jose at The Ritz, Friday in Sacramento at the Blue Lamp (both 21 and over), and Saturday night's all ages show in SF at the Great American Music Hall, where you'll find yours truly.



Common People: Leonard Nimoy
Sugar Magnolia: Joe Pop-O-Pie
Giving Up The Ghost: Zig Zags

Zonar Roze: Keith Morris/Ty Segall/John Dwyer/Steven McDonald
Corvette: Shannon and the Clams
Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore: Kinky Friedman

Interview with Ted Falconi and Rachel Thoele from Flipper

Ever: Flipper
Life Is Cheap: Flipper

Interview with Ted Falconi and Rachel Thoele from Flipper

Hot Fish: Flipper/Melvins
Sacrifice: Flipper/Melvins
Sad But True: Flipper (Metallica cover)
Big Enough: Lié (This all-female powerhouse opened for Flipper in Vancouver)

Interview with Ted Falconi and Rachel Thoele from Flipper

Flipper Blues: Melvins
The Wheel: Flipper
The Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly: Flipper
Macho Man: Artless

Interview with Ted Falconi and Rachel Thoele from Flipper

Ha Ha Ha: Flipper
Lowrider: Flipper
I Hate You: Charlie and the Moonhearts (Ty Segall produced)

What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

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