Temple 153 - Mortes-Eaux
November 2, 2019 4:00pm


4:03pm: Lifeblood (naive Melody) by Huerco S. from For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)

4:09pm: Our Lord Debussy by A Winged Victory For The Sullen from The Undivided Five

4:16pm: Calion by Anna Meredith from Fibs

4:20pm: Get Yr Life Back by Kim Gordon from No Home Record

4:25pm: Vacuum Chamber by Ricardo Donoso from Re_Calibrate

4:30pm: Aum by Zann from Strange Ways / Inside Jungle

4:37pm: D.A.D. by Tasos Stamou from Drama

4:41pm: Spectrum of Love by Susumu Yokota from Cloud Hidden

4:44pm: Sea of China by Patrick Cowley from Mechanical Fantasy Box

4:53pm: Only Us by Phono Ghosts from Warm Pad Sharp Stab

4:59pm: Cast Of Mind by Kali Malone ‎ from Cast Of Mind

5:07pm: The Time Has Come by Tune Of Negation from Reach The Endless Sea

5:15pm: Cohors Helvetica by Vatican Shadow vs Demdike Stare from Kuwaiti Airforce

5:23pm: Mortes-Eaux by Kassel Jaeger ‎ from Le Lisse et le Strié

5:25pm: Konvektion by Maria W Horn from Epistasis

5:42pm: Tomorrow Is Too Late (Part 3) by John Chantler from Tomorrow Is Too Late

5:47pm: Perlon by Isan from Lamenting Machine

5:53pm: From The Bluff by Ernest Hood from Neighborhoods

5:54pm: Cuando by DJ Python from Derretirse

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