Temple 154
November 16, 2019 4:00pm


4:04pm: Temple of Dreams Petrollo by Carl Oesterhelt from Eleven Pieces For Synthesizer

4:12pm: Type Zwei by Gramm from (Personal Rock)

4:14pm: Mortes Eaux by Kassel Jaeger ‎ from Le Lisse Et Le Strie

4:16pm: Akoluthic Phase by Hiro Kone from A Fossil Begins to Bray

4:20pm: Equal Temperament Fender Mix by Catherine Christer Hennix from Selected Early Keyboard Works

4:30pm: Sr by Yoshinori Hayashi from γ

4:42pm: Amethyst by Leech from Data Horde

4:43pm: Raw Silk Uncut Wood by Laurel Halo from Raw Silk Uncut Wood

4:50pm: Totemism by Lucid Dreams from Lucid Dreams

4:56pm: Helix by Lapalux from Amnioverse

5:00pm: Sweating Sickness 2 by Nate Young ‎ from Regression

5:07pm: Posthuman Wonderland by Simon Grab from Posthuman Species

5:16pm: Gammellan by Don\'t DJ from Gammellan

5:21pm: Reverse Culture Music by Steve Hauschildt from Nonlin

5:26pm: Earth Household by The Hers from Tough Cunt

5:37pm: Latch by Castel from Estrel

5:39pm: New Now by Benedikt Frey from New Now

5:45pm: The Petrified Forest by Biosphere from The Petrified Forest

5:49pm: Lonely Planet by Pollon from Electratech

5:59pm: The Second Wave: Sirens by Suzanne Ciani from Seven Waves

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