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Mikl-Em plays a non-compromising mix of punk, dub, glitchy electronica, new wave, oddities, and everything else. Each week usually has a theme.
Can Haz UK, Too -- all British episode II (80's, electronic, beats, & a bit more punk)
September 27, 2011 10:00pm
The second week in a row of all tunes from the UK. this time focusing on the labels Too Pure (Stereolab, PJ Harvey, Pram & others), Ninja Tune (Coldcut, Roots Manuva, The Herbaliser, Mr Scruff & more), 1980s / new wave alternative (Bow Wow Wow, Siouxsie, Echo, Cure, Smiths, Madness, +++), a little more punk (Chron Gen, Buzzcocks, & wotnot) and etc (Barry Adamson, Ian Dury, The Yachts, Scanner....). Not bad, eh, old chum?

full Playlist below.

Hit the North by The Fall
New England by Billy Bragg
My Old Man by Ian Dury
Jazz Devil by Barry Adamson
The Passenger by Art Brut
2-4-6-8 Motorway by Tom Robinson Band
Suffice to Say by The Yachts
Problem Child by Graham Parker
Philosophers by Bill Bailey
Check It by Roots Manuva
In These Times by The Fall

Airbreak (featuring Of by Fridge)
Sheela-na-gig by PJ Harvey from John Peel's Favorite 50 songs of all time
Don't Jones Me by Th' Faith Healers
Chrysalis by Pram
City Poison by Moonshake
French Disko by Stereolab from John Peel's Favorite 50 songs of all time
Total All Out of Water by Add N to (X)
Chron Gen by Chronic Generation
Where's Captain Kirk? by Spizz Energi
Who Killed ET? by Chaotic Dischord
Ever Fallen In Love? by The Buzzcocks

Airbreak (Terasaka by Fridge)

C30, C60, C90, by Bow Wow Wow from Air Break
Grinding Halt by The Cure from The John Peel Sessions
Seven Seas by Echo & The Bunnymen
Cardiac Arrest by Madness
We're Not Deep by The Housemartins from London 0 Hull 4
City of Shame by Robyn Hitchcock from Black Snake Diamond Role
Point it at Gran by Robyn Hitchcock from Invisible Hitchcock
16 Different Flavors of Hell by Pop Will Eat Itself from This is the Day, This is the Hour, This is This
Shoplifters of the World Unite by The Smiths
Peek-A-Boo by Siouxsie & the Banshees
Stitch by Chumbawamba from Showbusiness!
Day In Day Out by XTC from Drums and Wires
Is That Love? by Squeeze from The Complete BBC Session
I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow (All of My Life) by The The from Soul Mining
Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do by Goldie Lookin Chain

Airbreak (Nepalese Bliss by The Irresistable Force from Xen Cuts [Disc 1])

Shakurumpa by Luke Vibert
Hyloz by Boxcutter
Bionic Beatbox by Techno Animal from Versus

The Dub & The Restless by Sonic Boom from Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Volume 3
Gun Too Hot by Dub Syndicate from Axiom Dub - Mysteries of Creation
Ug by Mr. Scruff
Mr. Chombee Has The Floor by The Herbaliser
Tank! (Luke Vibert Remix) from Cowboy Bebop Music for Freelance Remix
More Beats & Pieces (live in Cologne) by Coldcut from Funkungfusion Compilation
My Lost Love Hunting Your Lost Face by Scanner

Airbreak (

Michael Jackson by Scanner
Mothlight by Scanner vs Signs Ov Chaos from Scanner vs Signs Ov Chaos
Thee rubber boys by Scanner vs Signs Ov Chaos from Scanner vs Signs Ov Chaos

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