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Malderor - The Exquisite Corpse Episode
March 29, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - The Exquisite Corpse Episode
We tried something different today. My cohost Shey challenged me to do an "exquisite corpse" for the old radio programme. So we each produced 3-song segments, and tried reacting to what the other person did. This required a degree of pre-production and pre-planning you might not associate with Malderor's Curated Catastrophe, but it proved to be a fun exercise in remote collaboration. Featuring Bill Evans, Etta James, Neil Young, Shriekback, King Curtis, Charles Beaudelaire, and a very potty-mouthed Jarvis Cocker! I'll be live between segments to discuss what we've been listening to, so please tune on in and give us your comments in the chatroom on!

2:02pm: Old Wine by The Who

2:07pm: I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blac

2:20pm: Three Button Hand Me Down by The Faces

2:23pm: What's Going On? by Donny Hathaway

2:28pm: Whiter Shade Of Pale by King Curtis

2:35pm: Israel by Miles Davis

2:37pm: You're Gonna Hear From Me by Bill Evans

2:41pm: The Same Rope by Etta James

2:48pm: AIn't No Sunshine Song Discussion by Bill Withers

2:53pm: Let The Old People Die by Johnathan Mann

2:55pm: Ted Talk by Bill Gates

2:56pm: I Gotta Get Drunk by George Jones and Willie Nelson

2:58pm: Be Drunk by Charles Baudelaire

3:03pm: Helicopter by Bloc Party

3:06pm: Burrito by Sublime

3:11pm: Medicated Goo by Traffic

3:19pm: The Asshole Song by No Idea

3:23pm: Bastard Sons of Enoch by Shriekback

3:28pm: Fuck You! by Bad Religion

3:34pm: Balencies by Chika

3:39pm: Little Acorns by The White Stripes

3:45pm: My My Hey Hey (Live) by Neil Young and Crazy Horse

3:51pm: Running The World by Jarvis Cocker

3:53pm: Tender (Live) by Blur

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