Machine of the show
March 7, 2022 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Machine of the show
10:10pm: The side of the machine by Tony Conrad and Faust from Outside the dream syndicte
10:35pm: Where I'm From by Diggable Planets
10:39pm: Freak of the week by Parliment Funkadelic from Uncle Jam Wants You
11:02pm: Ballad of the Scooter Hechian by Ezee Tiger
11:18pm: Beverley Hills by Circle Jerks from Group Sex
11:19pm: Nuclear War #3 by Yo La Tengo from Nuclear War
11:28pm: Runners Legs by The Fleshies from Scrape the Walls
11:29pm: 51/50 by George Cruststanza from Split with Oxygen Dystryoer
11:34pm: by Anal Cunt from Everyone Should Be Killed
11:36pm: by Crusafix
11:37pm: It's all over now for baby blue by Link Wray
11:41pm: Cradle to the Grave by Subhumans from Cradle to the Grave
11:57pm: Youth Problem/No Hey/Prelude/Counting by Harry Pussy from Superstar

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