Thats life
May 9, 2022 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Thats life
10:04pm: Drown in my own tears by Ray Charles from live
10:11pm: I can't stop loving you by Ray Charles from live on TV
10:16pm: Slow blues by Ray Charles from live in Madrid
10:26pm: Spirit in the Dark by Ray Charles/Aretha Franklin from live at the fillmore west
10:41pm: That's Life by Frank Sinatra
10:44pm: That's Life by Aretha Franklin
10:47pm: That's Life by James Brown
10:52pm: That's Life by James Booker from live from Tipitias
11:09pm: seventeen years by Partisans from ST
11:11pm: Terminal Filth wimpcore killer by Doom
11:13pm: Looose by Stooges
11:17pm: La Carcacha by Selena from The Ones
11:21pm: You only live twice by Sex Mob from Sex Mob Does Bond
11:27pm: love potion #9 by Herb Alberts Tiauanna Brass from Whipped Cream and Cream Other Delights
11:29pm: Loving Her was Easier by Kris Kristofferson
11:32pm: Main Title Theme (Billy) by Bob Dylan from Pat Garret and Billy the Kid
11:38pm: Higher by Hank Minzel from Jungle Rock
11:44pm: Billy 5 by Bob Dylan from Pat Garret and BILLY THE KID

11:46pm: People Get Ready by Vanilla Fudge

11:53pm: Sad Song by Lou Reed from Berlin

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