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with your host Juan Rapido
Special guest Keith Martin plays highlights from SF Burning
November 9, 2011 8:00pm
Wherein our very special guest Keith Martin gives me a bunch of Japanese music on CD and I struggle to find the right song. Kick ass rock, noise and experimental highlight music he acquired when he was running the music blog SF Burning. The set list gets squirrelly once he takes over and from then on it doesn't exist until the end.

Dante's Hot Tub Intro
Roxanne Should Be Dancing by The Police vs The Bee Gees mashed by DJ Zebra from Best of Bootie 2008
Salambo Part 1 by The Salambos from Disco Sickness
AYA (Justin Van Der Volgen remix) by Sugar & Gold from Sugar & Gold

Your DJ Speaks from the Tub

Little By Little by Beautiful Engines from Beautiful Engines
Much Better Mr. Buckles by Guided By Voices from Do The Collapse
Butter Of 69 by Butter 08 from Butter 08
Chewinggum by Stereo Total from Paris<>Berlin
A Good Man Is Easy To Kill by Beulah from The Coast Is Never Clear

Keith joins us in the Tub and then the set list fell into the Tub. There's music, more talking and more music. We rejoin at the end of the show with:

Colliding Circles by R. Stevie Moore from Hobbies Galore
Desconocido Soy by David Byrne from Look Into The Eyeball
Dying Pickpocket Blues by Barrelhouse Welsh

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