Screaming In Digital
July 25, 2022 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Screaming In Digital
We played a bunch of songs centered around insanity, distorted reality, plus some new stuff by Lucas de Mulder, Eddie Roberts, Golden Rules, and Joe Sturges. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

4:02pm: Let's Go Crazy by Prince

4:06pm: 1+1+1=3 by Prince

4:20pm: Crash Course In Brain Surgery by Metallica

4:23pm: Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

4:27pm: Della Brown by Queensryche

4:37pm: Lullaby Of Birdland by Sarah Vaughn, Clifford Brown

4:40pm: That Old Black Magic by Annette White and The Sons of the Beach

4:46pm: Esperanza by Lari Basillio

4:53pm: Teenage Lobotomy by The Ramones

4:55pm: Inner Logic by Bad Religion

4:58pm: Brain Damage by Easy Star All Stars

5:02pm: Eclipse by Easy Star All Stars

5:05pm: Mentally Ill vs Mentally Challenged by Doug Stanhope

5:08pm: Free Range Crazies by Doug Stanhope

5:11pm: Sanatarium by Metallica

5:17pm: Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies

5:21pm: Screaming In Digital by Queensryche

5:26pm: Warm Nights by Lucas de Mulder, Eddie Roberts

5:30pm: Instead Of Number Five by Joe Sturges, Lucas de Mulder, Golden Rules

5:34pm: My Fault by Eminem

5:38pm: Mind Playing Tricks On Me by Geto Boys

5:43pm: Somebodys Watching Me by Rockwell

5:47pm: Strange by Joe Satriani

5:55pm: Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

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