sad eyed lady
August 1, 2022 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
sad eyed lady
10:05pm: Sad eyed lady of the lowlands by Bob Dylan from Blond on Blond
10:16pm: Had to cry today by Blind Faith
10:25pm: Peace of mind by Blue Cheer
10:32pm: Butterfly by Can from Delay
10:41pm: Oh Sweet nuthin' (early version) by Velvet Underground from Loaded extended edition
10:51pm: Outer Space/untitled improvisation 1 by Sun Ra from The Shadows took place
11:08pm: Chappaqua Suite part 1 by Ornette Coleman from Chappaqua Suite
11:21pm: Heroes by Nico from Heroes live
11:33pm: Music is the healing force of the universe by Albert Ayler
11:43pm: Kingdom Come by Sir Lord Baltimore
11:49pm: Waiting around to die by Townes Van Zandt from from Heartworm Highways OST
11:55pm: I'm gonna live until I die by Frank Sinatra

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