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with your host Juan Rapido
A Santastic Holiday for all!
December 21, 2011 8:00pm
Wherein we feature the two of the six unreal holiday-themed mashup/remix albums known as Santastic. They are compiled by the great dj BC, creator of the Beastles, Wu Orleans and dozens of mash-up albums, including all six Santastic compilations. He's spun at Booties (the original mash-up party started by SF's A+D) all over the world and is one of my favorite mash-up artists. See his work at

These two compilations feature the top mash-up/remix DJs on the planet. We'll hear all of the first Santastic aka Santastic! Holiday Boots For Your Stockings and much of Santastic III in 3-D.

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Your DJ speaks from the Tub

Santastic! Holiday Boots For Your Stockings
Track list:
1. Christmas In Boston - Go Home Productions
2. The Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown - DJ John
3. Santar Klaws - Poj Masta
4. The Nutbreaker - dj BC
5. Santa Benz - Voicedude
6. Xmas Lists (The True Meaning of Xmas) - King Of Pants
7. Rudolph's Mixed Up Nosedive - Ella & ATOM
8. Biggie's Last Christmas - Cheekyboy
9. Fett's Festive Fest - Fettdog
10. Turbo Sleigh Ride - dj BC
11. Frosty DMC - Sam Flanagan
12. Knifehandchop Christmas - Solcofn
13. Christmas Time Is Sequenced - ATOM & The Vince Guaraldi Trio
14. Rudolph - Pilchard
15. Deck The Halls - Aggro1 and Katie Enlow
16. Carol Of The Burgers - Voicedude
17. Santa's Acid Hawaiian Space Disco - Mr. Fab and The RIAA
18. All I Want Is To Hit A Red Dwarf - Thriftshop XL

Your DJ speaks from the Tub

Santastic III in 3-D
Track list:
1. Velvet Santa- Divide and Kreate
2. You Shook Me All Noel - dj BC
3. Elvis Christmas Turkey - Go Home Productions
4. A Wicked Hardcore Christmas - Big D and The Kids Table
5. 4 Seasons Change (Winter Part 1) - dj BC
6. Jungle Bells (Bumba Clause Mix feat. Murderbot) - DJ C
7. Santa's Pre-Boarding Announcement - Elvis & ATOM
8. Brave Bells Of Scotland - Martinn
9. Do You Hear Rainbows I Hear? - Apollo Zero
10. Dreidel All The Way - Voicedude
11. 4 Seasons Change (Winter Part 2) - dj BC
12. Hanukkah In Dub - DJ Flack
13. Santa's Silent Bum - Secret Santa

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