Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: Drunken Monkey
March 10, 2012 8:00pm


Drunken Monkey Set List

Mr. D's Projections - Pushy Grind (Drama Strings Mix); "Dynamite Soul"; S.T. Records
Drunken Monkey - Lodestar; "Mr. D's Ballroom"; S.T. Records
Drunken Monkey vs. IBU600 - Mise en Garde; "Living Cultures Vol. 4"; S.T. Records
Drunken Monkey Featuring Chrys-Anthony - When I Think About You; "Diggin Pony" EP; S.T. Records
Mr. D's Projections - Honey Love; "Dynamite Soul"; S.T. Records
Drunken Monkey vs. Majitope - Tweety Eye; "Tweety Eye" EP; Garden House Records
S.I.M.O & Drunken Monkey - Rennie's Skank (DM's Damaja Dub); "Rennie's Skank" Single; Sleevin Records
Gavin Hardkiss - Cocoboom (Drunken Monkey Remix); "Cocoboom"; Noice Records
Mr. D's Projections - Dandy Man; "Mr. D's Ballroom"; S.T. Records
Splintered Tree - Levalor Eyes (Somatone Remix); "Living Cultures Vol. 3"; S.T. Records
Drunken Monkey - Gratification (Instant Gratification mix); Sunburn Records
Mr. D's Projections - All Night Prescription; "Mr. D's Ballroom"; S.T. Records

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