Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: Swallow Key
March 17, 2012 8:00pm


Swallow Key Set List:

"Flight Pattern" by Swallow Key
"Dark Lit Paradise" by Swallow Key
"Seekers" by Swallow Key
"We Got The Honey" by Swallow Key
"Pyramist" by Swallow Key
"33 Degrees North" by Swallow Key
"Give Her Tattoos With Octopus Ink" by Swallow Key
"When I Was A Catepillar (UNRELEASED)" by Swallow Key
"The End" (The Doors) by Swallow Key
"Shrine" by Swallow Key

Recorded at the Unicorn Garden - Grove ST at Scott ST, San Francisco, California

Swallow Key electronic dance music written and recorded by Euiene Oakden in San Francisco, CA. The debut album titled, Kachina, was released on 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 am PST available iTunes, Bandcamp and more. Free Home Made Honey w/ purchase! Get a 1/2 oz jar of honey harvested from our own bee's on the rooftops of the Lower Haight, San Francisco, CA in support of the Swallow Key track 'We Got The Honey.' Swallow Key will be summoned onstage this Spring 2012 with 3 of his closest humans to rock socks as the Swallow Key live experience. You can watch Swallow Key music videos directed by Eujene Oakden on Follow Swallow on SoundCloud, Facebook and

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