Female-fronted post-punk and weird
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 2: I Love You, Fuck Off + Dead Air
April 1, 2012 12:00am


Ribbon Around a Bomb
Ribbon Around a Bomb Edition 2: I Love You, Fuck Off + Dead Air
+x+Ribbon Around a BOMB+x+
Female-fronted punk, post-punk: weird, aggressive, and dark music all by women!

Apparently I had my mic off for more or less the entire first half of the show. To most people, this is probably for the best. Fantastic music with no annoying interruptions from La Lengua. Pls excuse the long pauses, though.

Lucrate Milk- I Love You Fuck Off
Vice Squad- Coward
Amy and the Angels (Stef Petticoat)- I Hate Being in Love
The Bags- We Will Bury You
Icon A.D.- Fight For Peace
Wetdog- Lower Leg
Jeri Rossi- I Left My Heart But I Don't Know Where
The Brat- High School
Los Microwaves- Time to Get Up
Hamburger All-Stars- I Woke Up
Reversible Cords- Rabble Rouser
Ludus- Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go
Ama-Dots- The Cease is Increase
X-Ray Spex- I Am a Cliche (Live)
Pussy Riot- Putin Has Pissed Himself
Finally Punk- Redneck Gout Club
The Lust- Dread in N.Y.
Cherry Vanillla- The Punk
Noh Mercy- Caucasion Guilt
Anorexia- I'm a Square
Sub Verse- Chance Romance
Honey Bane- Beautiful Pictures
Castration Squad- The X Girlfriend
The Slits- A Boring Life
Nog Watt- Going On
Animals + Men- Don't Misbehave in the New Age
Respect My First- Radical Tanzibar
Delta 5- You
The Avengers- Uh Oh!
Pauline Murray + the Invisible Girls- European Eyes
Adaptors- In the Slot
Ana Housen- Professionals
Bound + Gagged- Chains and Polymers
Dan- Lust is Greed
Chalk Circle- Reflection
Free Kitten- Rough Shot
Y Pants- Favorite Sweater
Spurtz- Boyfriends or Your Money Back
Ex Best Friends- Du Darfst
The Big Combo- 21 Girls
The Jezebels- Who Gives a Fuck
Sara Goes Pop- Sexy Terrorist

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