Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: The Beat Broker
July 7, 2012 8:00pm


First 1/2 Hour Set:

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Always Forever Now
Evan Evans - Repitition (Art Of Tones Remix)
No Regular Play - Slide Away (Zev's Summer Remix)
SLOK - The Fat Pasta Outro
Sean Miller - Soleil
Skyboy - The Track Called Dr. Gonzo (Original Mix)

The Beat Broker Locals Only Mix:

the Beat Broker - Pacific Break (ambient version)
Chautauqua - Ascension
the Beat Broker - High Life
Robothustle - Bezier
Hatchback - The Violet Sequence (The Beat Broker's Winter Beard Dub)
40 Theives - Crystal Mountain Thunderfuck
Utopus - We have landed (the Beat Broker's re-entry)
Shock - Heaven (dub)
Sorcerer - Hot Issues
Anthony Mansfield/Tal M. Klein - Raindance
9dw - Find Your Love (Windsurf remix)
Grovesnor - No Doubt About It (Hatchback instrumental remix)
Windsurf - Weird Energy
Marbeya Sound - Rachel's Vision

Local SF Tracks:

Joe Nutz - Chrystler
The Bilinda Butchers - Careless Teens
The Bilinda Butchers - Sign
The Infinite Posse - Sin
The Infinite Posse - Further

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