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with your host Juan Rapido
SFBurning finally shows after musical hemming and hawing
June 27, 2012 8:00pm
Wherein we're joined in the Tub by special guest DJ Keith Martin, a virtual music encyclopedia. Former host of famed local music blog SFBurning, Keith will be playing local bands and showcasing his legendary shyness and tardiness. Before that, we dig into my small local collection as well as other random tracks.

Dante's Hot Tub Intro
Soul by The Sleaves from Sleaves
A Good Man Is Easy To Kill by Beulah from The Coast Is Never Clear
Garbage Star by Hank IV from III
Good Trouble by Sassy from Get A Grip
Turn Me Loose by Harold Ray Live In Concert

Your DJ speaks from the Tub

Lilongwe by Dick Khoza from Chapita
Swazi Lady by Percy Sledge from In Soul Africa
Yeah Baby (You're the Love I Knew I'd Find) by Percy Sledge from In Soul Africa
When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge from In Soul Africa

Your DJ speaks from the Tub

Ghost in a Shell by The Ferocious Few from From the Streets to Your Heart
Radar Girl by The Blank Stares from All Blown Up
True Stories by Datarock from Red
Get Around Town by Revolver from Music For A While
Abba by Paragons from Teenage Shutdown v.5 - Nobody To Love
I Like Hubcaps by The Brak Show With Franz Shoebert & The Brakettes from Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak
Big Bird by Eddie Floyd from The Best Of Eddie Floyd

Your DJ is joined in the Tub by DJ Keith Martin and the set list went off the rails. Listen to the podcast to know what we played!

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