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Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: El Brett Treble
July 14, 2012 8:00pm
30 Minutes of Local SF Soundz

Neybuzz - Rebellion
Dave Aju - Strolling On Sunday
Ed MEME - Break It Till It's Broken (Tal M. Klein mix)
God Within - The Phoenix (Steal From The Rich)
Hawke - Now We Know (Lovesky Remix)
Tycho - Cloud Generator

Guest Producer: El Brett Treble

Involved Just - El Bret Treble
Home - El Bret Treble
Danny's Devito - El Bret Treble featuring Marvin Gaye
Duetsch - El Bret Treble
Collectivo - El Bret Treble
Paradisco (El Bret Treble Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Last Time - El Bret Treble
Monkey's In The Mist - El Bret Treble

Unlocked - El Bret Treble
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) - Treble and Oates
Ghosts - El Bret Treble
Marching Powder - El Bret Treble
Lies To Win - El Bret Treble
Do All The Things That I Do (Traditional) - El Bret Treble

Mama Race - El Bret Treble
Butterfly Effect (El Bret Treble Remix) - Lamb
Don't Dawg These Kids No Mo' - El Bret Treble featuring Leadbelly and Jethro Tulleroni
Decode - El Bret Treble

Basement Jaxx - A Possibility (feat. Amp Fiddler)
Brassroots - Karma Police
Parov Stelar - Letoile (feat. Max The Sax)
Kiln - Royal Peppermint
Chromatics - In The City
Washed Out - Get Up
Sun Airway - Oh, Naoko

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