Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: Adam Warped
September 15, 2012 8:00pm


First 30 Minutes of Local SF Soundz

Hawke - Inside Job
El Bret Treble - Not Quite Gentlemanly
Hopscotch - Umbrella (Danny Corn remix)
The Bilinda Butchers - Boyfriend
Poolside - Just Fall in Love
Stian - Don't Touch My Hair

Guest Producer: Adam Warped

1. Johnny Blackouts- "Broken" Whiskey Pickle
2. Warped Jones- "I Am Dubbed"
3. Johnny Blackouts- "Down The Hatch" NSF Records
4. Johnny Blackouts- "Skrewhead" Whiskey Pickle
5. Unknown- "U Want 2" (M5x5 Creepy Guy Remix) Unreleased
6. Dahny G- "Let's Get Deeper" (Bars & Scars Remix) Whiskey Pickle
7. Adam Byrd- "Sweet Dreams" (Bars & Scars Remix) Cromarti Records
8. No Soul To Sell- "Electric Kool-Aid" (Adam Warped's Johnny Blackouts Dub) Electronic Petz
9. Johnny Blackouts- "Something Illegal"
10. Galileo- "What You Gonna Do" (Johnny Blackouts Warped Dub) Discomfort

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