Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: Darkhorse
October 27, 2012 8:00pm


30 Minutes of Local SF Soundz

Justin Martin - Butterflies
Hawke - Bells of San Rafael
Hawke - The Silver Sun is Setting
El Bret Treble - Control

Guest producer One Hour Set: Darkhorse

boyChild - Counting What If's feat Soundmouse (Darkhorse Ambient Room Remix)
Sr Mandril - Lover (Darkhorse Remix)
Jimmy the Fingers - Harmony (Darkhorse Producer, Mixer)
Darkhorse - Dr Strange feat DarkNorse
Jimmy the Fingers - Romantic Song (Darkhorse Producer, Mixer)
Channal Bazaar - Baby Baby (Darkhorse Remix)
Racket - Infernal Racket
Fishbunny - Crash & Burn (Darkhorse Remix)
Darkhorse - End Song Feat Israel
Husky Rescue - Sound of Love (Darkhorse Remix)
Sr Mandril - Menu Funk (Darkhorse Edit)
Sr Mandril - Reino De La Luna (Darkhorse Remix)

Darkhorse - Three Sixty Records

Tranquility Bass - Cantamilla
Tranquility Bass - Mike's House

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