Temple of Dreams Three - Transverse Twitches
October 27, 2012 4:00pm


4:12pm: Temple of Dreams 8:15 to Nowhere by Viscious Pink

4:12pm: All Cats are Grey by The Cure from Faith

4:17pm: Red Movies by Play from In My Mind

4:18pm: Entrance to Exit by AFX from Analogue Bubblebath

4:21pm: Angel by Ministry from Twitch

4:26pm: Walls by Crass from Stations of the Crass

4:30pm: Transverse v3 by Carter Tutti Void from Transverse

4:35pm: Hang in Long Enough (Dub) by Phil Collins from Hang in Long Enuff

4:41pm: Vibration by Cabaret Voltaire from Body and Soul

4:46pm: Justified & Ancient (Let Them Eat Ice Cream) by The KLF from Justified & Ancient

4:50pm: Wow by The KLF from Justified & Ancient

4:52pm: Wow! Mr. Yogi (F.A.M. TrancePort Mix) by The Overlords from Wow! Mr. Yogi

4:59pm: Designer Music (The Truth) by Planet E from Designer Music

5:11pm: Work That Sucker (Dub) by DJs Rule from The Dancefloor EP

5:13pm: Last Rhythm (Original Mix) by Last Rhythm from Sound Dimension

- - - Nihar & Nujack Play Some Tunes - - -

5:17pm: Get Down (Get on up mix) by De Tune from Get Down

5:24pm: Lost in Truth by Black Mamba from Lost in Truth

5:32pm: U Dig by East Men from U Dig

5:40pm: It's a Funky World by Blake Baxter from The Prince of Techno

5:46pm: The Improvised Minataur by Spencer Parker from The Improvised Minataur

5:51pm: Starfighter by Jagdstaffel 66 from Starfighter

5:56pm: Deep Rooted by Dj Spinna from Deep Rooted

5:58pm: Funu Cameroun Guitar Dub by Dennis Ferrer from Funu

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