Temple of Dreams 5ive - Xenos, Shambala, & Steele
November 24, 2012 4:00pm


4:04pm: Why Can't We Live Together by Timmy Thomas from Why Can't We Live Together

4:06pm: In Zaire by Johnny Wakelin from In Zaire

4:10pm: The Crunch (Part 1) by Rah Band from The Crunch

4:17pm: Bhairav by Charanjit Singh from Synthesizing - Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat

4:19pm: Hallelujah (Club Mix) by Happy Mondays from Hallelujah

4:25pm: Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version) by Anna from Systems Breaking Down

4:31pm: People of the Wind by Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin from RVNG Frkwys 7

4:43pm: Xenos by Telo from Eternal Thoughts

4:51pm: Across The Lake of the Ancient Word by Terry Riley from Pioneers of the New Age

4:52pm: Hall of the Mountain Grill by Hawkwind from Hall of the Mountain Grill

5:00pm: Casio Tone Dialing by Loren Steele from Casio Tone Dialing

5:04pm: Talk to Me (I Can Hear You Now) by Iam Siam from Talk to Me (I Can Hear You Now)

5:12pm: Tx81z Meditation by Loren Steele from Tx81z Meditation

5:19pm: Build the Bridge by Deee Lite from Power of Love

5:28pm: Shambala by As One from Virtual Sex

5:33pm: Call it Techno (Belgium 90s Mix) by Frankie Bones from Call It Techno

5:41pm: Loren Steele Live Jam on the Korg microSAMPLER by Loren Steele

5:53pm: Dream Recall by Etbonz from Dream Recall / Heart Bussa

5:55pm: T.V. by Beograd from Sanjaš Li U Boji? / T.V.

5:58pm: Alex's Party (June Remix Party) by Alex Party from Alex Party

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