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December 5, 2012 10:00pm
For the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc, Dr. Fiasco and DJ Curmudge will dive deep into the recently en vogue topic of Cargo Cults, a set of unusual Melanesian and Micronesian beliefs dictating that by worshiping the likeness of a white man, if he is pleased with the behavior of the supplicants, said white man will come down from the sky bearing all sorts of goods and modern implements as gifts. In Western societies, this bizarre religious/cultural phenomenon is known as Christmas.

Tune in to hear our lamentations as we decry the fact that while it's OK we encourage our children to become little adorable cargo cult members, we're missing out on all of the other really cool stuff from Papua New Guinea such as tribal warfare, insane navigational skills and bitchin' alligator-pattern scarification. Lord of the Flies Kindergarten & Daycare anyone?

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: We're sacrificing a goat to the Costco Idol so that he may endow us with an iPad.

Chatroom History
December 5, 2012 10:00pm - 1:30am

Dr. Penny: tiki torches with fur fringe (10:15pm)
Dr. Penny: some cargo you'd find in a grandma's purse (10:20pm)
Dr. Penny: Yes! And they found signs of life on Mars! Chlorine carbon molocules! (10:25pm)
Dr. Penny: The global energy is all collected into a cargo bin. (10:40pm)
nobody: i'm listening (10:42pm)
Dr. Penny: make sure the wipets are in a cargo box. (10:43pm)
Dr. Penny: if tranquilizers are involved i hope there is also plenty of alcohol :) (10:45pm)
juan rapido: put karen carpenter in a box and drop him on a tropical isle. (10:46pm)
La Lengua: ABC- always. be. closing. (10:49pm)
Dr. Penny: number closing in your negligee (10:57pm)
Curmudge: I am here! (11:06pm)
nobody: so am i (11:06pm)
juan rapido: ABC gum, already been chewed (11:12pm)
Dr. Penny: chat chat chat....... (11:46pm)
nobody: grgrrgggl (11:46pm)
Dr. Penny: a PhD in cargo cults (11:51pm)
storytellers: reading from the crate and barrel winter catalogue tonight (12:00am)
storytellers: hope your excited! (12:00am)
nobody: buh bye (12:00am)
Curmudge: Buh bye now! (12:01am)

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