Gavin Hardkiss presents SF dance music with a local guest producer every week
Guest: Brzil
January 12, 2013 8:00pm


Local SF Guest: Patrick Murphy (BRAZIL)

Brazil - Prelude
Wolfgang Gartner - Frenetica
Brazil - Boy From School Remix
Louis La Roche - Be Brave
Brazil - Pumped Up Kicks Remix
The Twelves - Rich Girls Remix
Brazil - Nache Mere Saath Remix
Le Castle Vania - Nobody Gets Out Alive
Kreap - It's All In My Fridge Remix
Brazil - Doses and Mimosas Remix
Para One - When The Night
Vitalic - Stamina
Gloves - Changes Remix
Brazil - Classics Remix
Digitalism - Stratosphere
Barretso - Ride Remix

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