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Rock 'n Roll Station #6
February 5, 2013 12:00am


Rock N Roll Station
Rock 'n Roll Station #6


Nurse With Wound - Rock 'N Roll Station (Lost Bottle Mix By Andrew Liles) - Natal Moonies

Patty Waters - Moon, Don't Come Up Tonight - The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings: Sings
Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Enigmatic Insomniac Machine - Soundtrack
Pixyblink - Ponder - Vaccine
John Cale - Sanities - Music For A New Society
Coil - Corybantic Ennui - Stolen And Contaminated Songs
Post Scriptvm - Crepusculum - Raspad
Big Star - Kangaroo - Third / Sister Lovers
Schloss Tegal - Orop Desert EA 1954-1955 - Oranur III: The Third Report
Faust - No Harm - The Wumme Years (1970-73): So Far

Scott Walker - The Big Hurt - Scott
Death In June - Death Of A Man - The Cathedral Of Tears
Amber Asylum - Twilight's Golden Doors - Audio Odditions Kompilation III (Compilation)
Angelo Badalamenti & Jimmy Scott - Sycamore Trees - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Original Soundtrack)
A Bad Diana - Behind The Curtain Of The Sun - The Lights Are On But No One's Home
Schloss Tegal - Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - Oranur III: The Third Report
Sun Kil Moon - Black Kite - Among The Leaves
The Blue Nile - From A Late Night Train - Hats

Eric Dolphy - Something Sweet, Something Tender - Out To Lunch
Carla Bley & Paul Haines / The Jazz Composers Orchestra - Smalltown Agonist - Escalator Over The Hill
Patty Waters - I Can't Forget You - The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings: Sings
Dave Ball - Mirrors / Sincerity - In Strict Tempo
Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Black Drop - The Seance At Hobs Lane
Marc Almond & Michael Cashmore - Boy Caesar - Feasting With Panthers
Scott Walker - I Threw It All Away / End Titles - To Have And To Hold (Original Soundtrack)
Henryk Gorecki / Dawn Upshaw, London Sinfonietta & David Zinman - Symphony No. 3: Movement III. Lento (Cantabile-Semplice) - Symphony No. 3
John Cale - I Keep A Close Watch - The Island Years: Helen Of Troy

Antlers Mulm - The Sound Is Good - Filth In Several Styles: Alternative Sparks
Coil - Her Friends The Wolves - Stolen And Contaminated Songs
Sun Kil Moon - That Bird Has A Broken Wing - Among The Leaves
Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog - Time Of No Reply
Pale 3 - Opening (Sissi Search) / The Letter / Truck Attack / Straw - The Princess And The Warrior (Original Soundtrack)
Dead Can Dance - Circumradiant Dawn - Spleen And Ideal
SPK - Culturecide - Auto Da Fe
Pale 3 - The Tunnel - The Princess And The Warrior (Original Soundtrack)
Cockney Rebel - Ritz - The Psychomodo

Pierrot Lunaire - Invasore - Pierrot Lunaire
Markus Mehr - Off - Off
A Bad Diana - Chant d'Amour / Da Mort - The Lights Are On But No One's Home

The Strawbs - Out In The Cold / Round And Round - Hero And Heroine
400 Lonely Things - Tangles I - Minutes A.D.
Max Avery Lichtenstein - Depersonalized - Tarnation (Original Soundtrack)
Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Vauxhall Labyrinth - The Seance At Hobs Lane
400 Lonely Things - Tangles II - Minutes A.D.
Big Star - Big Black Car - Third / Sister Lovers
Pierrot Lunaire - La Saga Della Primavera - Pierrot Lunaire
Sandy Denny - Next Time Around - The Best Of Sandy Denny
Max Avery Lichtenstein - Recovery - Tarnation (Original Soundtrack)
400 Lonely Things - Tangles III - Minutes A.D.
Bad Sector - Powerwaves - Taucher Nr. 1: Auf Der Suche Nach Dem Meer (Compilation)
Mark Isham & Marianne Faithfull - The Hawk (El Gavilan) - Trouble In Mind (Original Soundtrack)

The Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow's Parties (Single Version) - Peel Slowly And See: The Velvet Underground & Nico


Alan Splet - Mid Bass Light Drone With Subtle Pulse Changes - Sounds Of A Different Realm

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