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February 6, 2013 10:00pm

Khawuleth'umshini wami NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, Karen Carpenter, Dr. Fiasco Bob-Marc, eshen en Elvish, Esperanto, Hipster, Cholo, Klingon und Na'vi.
Llie n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina. Feuyaer.

nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e' Hab SoSlI' Quch!

Sed eblas revortumi tiujn demandojn tute alimaniere: kiel ni, la opaj individuoj, kiuj konsistigas la Esperantan popolon, povas utiligi la lingvon por satigi niajn bazajn homajn bezonojn iutagajn? La bezono je amikeco, je inter]an o de ideoj, la bezono je kunlaboro cele al atingoj de celoj tro grandaj am tro igus la vivon de tiuj, kiuj mem decidas alproprigi al si tian helpilon?


NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Let us explain this to you in plain English...

Chatroom History
February 6, 2013 10:00pm - 1:30am

Mee meee mee: i am (10:15pm)
Mee meee mee: I am the listener (10:15pm)
Mee meee mee: I am listeining (10:15pm)
Mee meee mee: And I dont always care (10:15pm)
Mee meee mee: like fuck? (10:15pm)
Mee meee mee: I'm cooking soup (10:16pm)
Mee meee mee: Buy penis enlargement pills (10:16pm)
YOU: better!!!!! (10:17pm)
Mee meee mee: Dear generous sir, I am a prince of Norway...and am set to inherit millions of drachma. But I need help gettin the money to America (10:17pm)
YOU: it's a religion Kerry Thornley helped start (10:17pm)
Mee meee mee: I have heard that you are an honorable person (10:18pm)
YOU: The CIA stole it in the 60's...left cards on bodies they dispatched (10:18pm)
Mee meee mee: If you could open a big American bank account, I can put my Norwegian Drachma in it and will pay you for your trouble (10:19pm)
Mee meee mee: Wait... Karen Carpenter Faps? (10:19pm)
Mee meee mee: KAREN CARPENTER FAPS??? (10:19pm)
Mee meee mee: KAAARENNN KARPENNTER FAAAAPSSS????? (10:20pm)
4: I'm workin'...just hate you humans (10:20pm)
Mee meee mee: NOOOOOOOOO!!! (10:20pm)
3: tellin' you..don't like you bipeds (10:21pm)
Mee meee mee: My soup smells funny. (10:22pm)
Mission Soup: like me (10:23pm)
ROBOT: I am a robot typing in the chat window. (10:25pm)
ROBOT: Dr. Fiasco likes Ooooozoo (10:26pm)
ROBOT: Ouzo (10:26pm)
ROBOT: Ooooouzzoo (10:26pm)
Annus: They lobe me (10:26pm)
Annus: I'm a star (10:27pm)
ROBOT: delicious anus (10:27pm)
ROBOT: that really killed the conversation. (10:39pm)
Dr. Penny: Delicious french fries truck. (10:43pm)
Conversation: They killed me. (10:46pm)
Nobot: I am a Nobot typing in the chat carnal house. (10:47pm)
Nobot: Please don't do that again. (10:48pm)
Phish: The Martian is Dead. (10:49pm)
NHLG: Hurry down! (10:49pm)
It: is a flaming good movie (10:51pm)
String Cheeeeeese: where's the cheese? (10:54pm)
String Cheeeeeese: melted cheese? (10:54pm)
String Cheeeeeese: flambe cheese? (10:54pm)
String Cheeeeeese: fromage flambe? (10:54pm)
"Bob": pooted (10:56pm)
It: satand canet I (11:04pm)
Listener: Are they jackin' off or what?! (11:06pm)
Listener: What? (11:06pm)
Listener: I'm gettin' the cops to gets some sp'eenas.... (11:07pm)
Dr. Penny: NHLG recycles... it's content. (11:09pm)
String Cheeeeeese: at least they're not wasting it. (11:12pm)
devil stick: I will pollute it. (11:13pm)
devil stick: I will pollute you. (11:13pm)
Angel Shmuck: I will salute it...and you. (11:14pm) (11:15pm)
Angel Shmuck: Stop that, Humeeeeeeeeeeeee.... (11:15pm)
devil stick: (11:16pm) they did not look happy because they exploded from under the stage (11:16pm) they looked scared (11:16pm) im worried about being stalked by ewok woman (11:17pm)
Angel Shmuck: Whenz BEEYouncer goine be no on yur shew? (11:17pm) barty barty cute and farty (11:18pm)
devil stick: she's gonna kick yer ass! (11:18pm)
devil stick: get him the gas sack! (11:18pm)
Angel Shmuck: But, Peter Gabriel exploded from beneath the stage, and no hurt was fgrom them (11:18pm)
devil stick: was he using the gas sack? (11:19pm) peter gabriel isnt human (11:19pm)
Angel Shmuck: Bronze Girls of Shoalin was exploded from beneathe the stage, but no hurt was of them (11:19pm)
Angel Shmuck: NHLG is the beatles breaking down and up (11:20pm) hes a celebrity (11:20pm) from the 12 galaxies (11:20pm)
The Audience: Do you need to go to the Hospital (11:21pm) it should be live mimes (11:21pm)
Frank Cho: Leave me, and ye;oh;ohpohkkfyrhhhjhj galaxies oyt of this (11:21pm) you dont claim peter? sorry (11:22pm) i have fernet (11:22pm)
Bernet: Thanks, but no (Tom) Hanks (11:22pm) brasso (11:23pm)
Bernet: see pic below (11:23pm)
Bernet: brasso before each parade (11:23pm)
Bernet: u dont zee Bouncing Boy? (11:23pm)
Huell Howser: I'm listening, My Daughter. (11:24pm)
Huell Howser: You're fantastic!!!! (11:24pm)
Huell Howser: I feel your POWER!!!!!!!!! (11:25pm)
Huell Howser: i am finally HERE!!!!! (11:25pm)
Huell Howser: Theis issss fantasiticss!! (11:25pm)
Huell Howser: I'm litening, My State. (11:26pm)
Huell Howser: (borrow missing sss from above comment) (11:26pm)
Huell Howser: Clean me out, NHLG. (11:27pm)
Mee meee mee: Don doesn't know elvish (11:27pm)
Jack: don't know ---t. (11:28pm)
Jack: ---t, I hate this RC based ----t. (11:28pm) why dont you just go to a rockabilly show (11:29pm)
French Version:: We say "Name of a dog"..... (11:30pm)
Mee meee mee: Got ant Brubeck? (11:30pm)
vj pussycat: Freezer clown!! You there?! (11:30pm) mmmmm (11:30pm)
French Version:: and i love Ray Koineeff (11:30pm) wheres the live mimes (11:31pm)
devil stick: lawrence olivier (11:31pm)
Story Tellers: Don't do it, liseners!! (11:32pm)
Huell Houser: and me...what about MEEEEEE?!!! (11:33pm)
Huell Houser: and that's a mock dog (11:33pm)
devil stick: that's AMAHAZING! (11:33pm)
Huell Houser: (look at phoo below) (11:34pm)
Huell Houser: You're FANTASTIC!! (11:34pm)
Huell Houser: and Frank Cho is his heros (11:35pm)
Huell Houser: but his hair is still GREAT. (11:36pm)
Music Critics of California: Karen Carpenter is jealous of Ray Cardiff. (11:37pm)
MQ9: Great. Now I'm chasing Ray Corniff around. (11:39pm) the compressed atmosphere of the mid 20th century (11:42pm) borrrring (11:44pm) is it storytellers yet? (11:44pm)
Elvish Preshley: Kools, please. (11:45pm)
Elvish Preshley: elves all absethe (11:45pm) elves have golf (11:45pm) no gold (11:45pm)
Kraftwork: Stay away from us, please (11:45pm) and stolen children (11:46pm)
and stolen, cherry or apple: ? (11:46pm)
John Lennenish: I'm still dead, however you speak it (11:47pm) nope just kids (11:47pm)
John Lennenish: It's all for the kids (11:47pm)
John Lennenish: always was (11:47pm) they work with the goblins (11:47pm)
Toggle: and gleetsters (11:47pm)
Toggle: just cover us us up with the medium (11:48pm)
Frank Cho: The elcolpian mutrovian kolbdterennd Galazy? (11:49pm)
Toggle: is it storeeyellers yet? (11:51pm) no. there woyld be more storytelling (11:52pm)
Toggle: o lat of suckcess for up coming show (11:52pm)
Toggle: D D squad tactics (11:55pm) ih. maybe its klungon storytellers (11:55pm)
Toggle: izzat the storywailers? (11:55pm) snoooooooze (11:56pm)
Toggle: inner net is gud? (11:56pm)
Toggle: like the inner net? (11:56pm)
The Klingon Community: Go Away. (11:57pm) i wish i could use a 20 sided die at work (11:57pm)
20 sided work: is my new band (11:58pm)
storytellers: storytellers are in the house. for reals! (11:58pm)
storytellers: we worked out an agreement with the co. and ended the strike. (11:58pm)
20 sided work out: like the whole thing maybe (11:58pm)
storytellers: we will bring you vampire stories. because we want blood. (11:58pm)
Blood!: ooopps. (11:59pm)
made: it right out to strrezzyellers (11:59pm)
storytellers: i am totally in love with al gore. also: joe biden (12:00am) storytellers have to clean poi? (12:00am) no poo (12:01am)
Yamocrats: hurry up store hellers! (12:01am) beatch (12:01am)
storytellers: gimme! gimme! (12:02am)
vj pussycat: Aw freezer clown you're still there! (12:02am) oh no. really? (12:02am)
NHLG: WE GONE!!! (12:02am)
NHLG: we thinks.. (12:02am)
NHLG: ok.good. (12:02am) oh well. time to sleep n e ways (12:02am)
vj pussycat: Buh bye (12:02am)
vj pussycat: Thank you Karen doctor and bob (12:03am) thank u nhlg for keeping me up past my bedtime (12:05am)
queef: helloo (12:37am)

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