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Mikl-Em plays a non-compromising mix of punk, dub, glitchy electronica, new wave, oddities, and everything else. Each week usually has a theme.
Can Haz Ads N uhPeel Sessions
February 8, 2011 10:00pm
After a brief flash of musical hang-over from the previous week’s show (on CatsNJazz), I honored the Super Ad Bowl by playing vintage ads, many with sound by the great Raymond Scott, electronic music pioneer & jazz composer whose work was re-purposed by Carl Stalling for Looney Tunes.

I also fit in a bunch of TV show themes, including the “Bewitched” with lyrics, sung by Peggy Lee. Also I gave a bunch of focus to one of my heroes: John Peel by playing a big fat block of music recorded at Peel Sessions. That included, naturally, a number of songs by The Fall (his favorite band of all time).

Another sub-theme included a farewell to The White Stripes who called it quits the past week. We played 3 tracks they recorded in Peel Sessions. I also fit in a bunch of awesome covers from various Peel Sessions. And finished with a phat lickle dub set. And

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