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February 27, 2013 10:00pm
This may come as a surprise, but Dr. Fiasco has spent more time in Italy and in the company of Italians than is advisable by OSHA regulations, including a short but unforgettable stint in a sailing vessel in the Western Pacific under a psychotic Tuscan captain, amid squalls and large swells and without a mainsail or a working steering wheel. No, really.

So, given the constant hijinks emanating from that boot-shaped nation, and a non-negligible probability that Mr. Bunga Bunga himself might return to rule it, it was about time the FINAL BROADCAST of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND focused on the land of Mandolins, Tortellini and Lollobrigida, with the knowledgeable and incisive commentary of Karen "Minchia" Carpenter, Bob "Mastroianni" Marc and Dr. "Otto e Mezzo" Fiasco

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: Vada a bordo, Cazzo!

Chatroom History
February 27, 2013 10:00pm - 1:30am

Gay Jews: Thank from our Italian purses (10:43pm)
Fiasco Insurance: Urine trouble now. (10:49pm)
malderor: Allegedly, they are opening a second brewing location at the ballpark. The old one will remain. (10:51pm)
Fiasco Insurance: Lies was a judge... (10:57pm)
Fiasco Insurance: Couldn't judge nothimng after foggin'...... (10:57pm)
Mrs. Dr. Fiasco: Sylvia Pegolli (11:03pm)
Syliveria Berlogsconi: Our Government is the COOLEST! (11:17pm)
Syliveria Berlogsconi: Chicken John is the COOLEST??!! (11:18pm)
Syliveria Berlogsconi: iz just u. (11:19pm)
Show : sucks the for the for KroB (11:21pm)
ShowTellers: Hurry UP!!!!! (11:24pm)
In: the Pillapeens, man! (11:25pm)
IraTellers: Ask about Ira's dog....... (11:35pm)
The Russians: Give all your ira to us (11:36pm)
The Whole Country: IRABLAST!!!!! (11:37pm)
National Public RadioValencia: peepers jeepers (11:40pm)
PopeTellers: will be reading from the Erotic Tales of Quitting Priests (11:51pm)
Keeanuu Reeves, Son of SuperMan: And, the soundtrack is bad, also (11:53pm)
Keeanuu Reeves, Son of SuperMan: ok ok ok we gots it... (11:55pm)
Keeanuu Reeves, Son of SuperMan: Get your votes in for PooP now! (11:58pm)
storytellers: you never answer the phone. (11:58pm)
storytellers: we call and call and call and call... (11:58pm)
Keeanuu Reeves, Son of SuperMan: and land the pleasure saucers (11:59pm)
storytellers: omg you guys, don't you ever go home? (12:00am)
NHLGTellers: you stink (12:00am)
Ms Fiction: We are waiting! Get off the air!! (12:00am)
Ms Fiction: I guys are mean!! (12:01am)
Post Toasties: You're Cereal (12:01am)
storytellers: awww, thanks guys (12:01am)
Ms Fiction: Thank u!!!! (12:01am)
Ms Fiction: Thank u!! (12:02am)
Ms Fiction: Thank u!!! (12:02am)
NHLG: We OUTTA HERE!!!!! Where's the Star Spangled Banner!!?????? (12:02am)
The Kraken: There is no more You. (12:02am)
Ms Fiction: U lie!! (12:03am)
The Kraken: They do indeed... (12:03am)
Ms Fiction: Our music is playing. Something is not working. (12:04am)
The Kraken: Our country is playing. Something's not working. (12:04am)
Our Music: Do it. (12:04am)
Ms Fiction: Listening with the app and can't hear our show like usual. So maybe go (12:05am)
Dr. Penny: nhlg hipes storytellers. A blender of words lopped off the bodies of their definitions. (12:06am)
Ms Fiction: Why are u still on the air. U get off the air how about (12:06am)
Our Music: But, silence did not follw... (12:07am)
Our Music: Dead air, Baer.. (12:07am)
Ms Fiction: Something is up then because we are playing our music (12:08am)
storytellers: serious tech difficulties. i guess we should come into the studio (12:09am)
Ms Fiction: Read from the sears catalogue (12:09am)
Ms Fiction: U guys love talking (12:10am)
Stupid Show: See Me? (12:10am)
storytellers: wrybread says it's your fault (12:11am)
Stupid Show: is at fault. (12:11am)
Ms Fiction: UR mussing with us!! (12:12am)
Stupid Show: Remote is God. (12:12am)
Dr. Penny: nhlg tells the stories!!!!! (12:12am)
Stupid Show: eh eh...she said mussing. (12:12am)
Ms Fiction: UR mean! (12:13am)
Stupid Show: Ham on RyeBread (12:13am)
Stupid Show: is forever. (12:14am)
ishmael: Where are the story tellers (12:14am)
Stupid Show: stops up your ears. (12:14am)
ishmael: Lol (12:14am)
Dr. Penny: bathing in a broken tub. (12:14am)
Stupid Show: they made of caulk. (12:15am)
storytellers: well, okay, i guess it was the french girls fault (12:16am)
Stupid Show: always eh...... (12:16am)
Stupid Show: they always so nice........those girls... (12:16am)
Stupid Show: 16 second delay makes all very slow.....don't try to listen as you talkin'...... (12:17am)
ishmael: Heating it live and 16 second delay all at once (12:17am)
bobmarc: story read go (12:18am)

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