Interviews with Bay Area up-and-coming bands
Interview with One Hundred Percent, Upstairs Downstairs
August 22, 2013 8:00pm


Interview with Midtown Social
August 15, 2013 8:00pm


Interview with Felsen, Ghost Parade, Guy Fox
August 1, 2013 8:00pm


Oakland-based indie rockers, Felsen, have recently completed their fourth album, ‘I Don’t Know How to Talk Anymore’, slated for national release on September 4, 2013. Songs were written collectively by the band—guitarist Dylan Brock, singer/guitarist Andrew Griffin, bassist Christian Hernandez, and drummer Art McConnell. Felsen took a strictly DIY approach with this new album, recording and mixing it themselves at Hernandez’s house in the East Bay.

Ghost Parade
Hailing from San Francisco, GHOST PARADE, is ready to take you on a musical journey that may change your life forever. The duo of Justin Bonifacio (Vocals/Guitars) and George Woods (Guitars/Vocals) are both captivating and haunting, as their special brand of rock n’ roll will catch your ears. Just releasing their debut EP in March, titled Foundation, the band is already to release more tracks, and videos into the world. Sharing their first single “Reach,” which had launched on The Vinyl District, GHOST PARADE is on their way to win you over. GHOST PARADE is a name to watch out for in 2013, so open your ears and get ready to listen.

Guy Fox
Guy Fox is an Oakland-based band that effuses dancy highlife vibes, carefree indie vocals and hints of old soul. Combine the energy of alternative rock with big band arrangements and funk breakbeats and you have the rare and impassioned music of Guy Fox. The band is made up of Northeastern transplants drawn to the Bay Area by the romance of San Francisco. They played together throughout college in Maine, jamming at house parties and cultivating the free flow groove that makes their complex arrangements feel effortless.

Interview with Identity Crisis, The Orange Peels and Acacia
July 25, 2013 8:00pm


Identity Crisis
Identity Crisis is a group of guys that love music. Plain and simple. We love listening to music, we love dancing to music, we love playing music. Our passion for music is why we formed Identity Crisis. There are a few bands out there called Identity Crisis, but we’re the only cover party band found in Northern California who knows what rockin’ the party is all about.

The Orange Peels
When The Orange Peels embarked on recording sessions for their fifth album, Sun Moon (Minty Fresh/Mystery Lawn Music), the band really didn’t have a direction in mind. Afterall, they’d already conquered the indiepop, powerpop and West-Coast rock genres with their critically acclaimed back-catalog, and they didn’t want to fall into the old trap of trying to repeat past successes. What came next was exciting, unexpected and frustrating as the band navigated a new sound it was inventing with each new session. Gathering on Sunday afternoons without a clear idea of what would happen, the band came up with something new every time, and recorded the fresh tracks hours later.

Peels’ bassist and founding member Jill Pries was partly to blame for the shake-up in the band’s process. The band’s main songwriter, Allen Clapp, was busy producing albums for other likeminded bands (Jim Ruiz Set, The Corner Laughers, Alison Faith Levy) and running his new boutique record label, Mystery Lawn Music. Pries wanted to get the Orange Peels back on track, so she started organizing sessions even when Clapp didn’t have anything written for the band to record.

Acacia originated in Orange County, California in the winter of 2003. Founding members Craig MacArthur and Ryan McCaffrey began writing and playing music that focuses on ethereal vocal harmonies and soulful guitar interplay. Inspired by the artistic energy of the Bay Area, the duo relocated to San Francisco in 2004. Over the next several years The Collective grew, incorporating many talented Bay Area musicians. Most notably, they collaborated with bassist, songwriter, producer and Bay Area legend, Bobby Vega. With Vega and guitarist Chris Rossbach producing and Prairie Prince on drums, the Collective released their debut EP, “House of Cards” in the spring of 2009. With the momentum of this release and recent performances opening for Alberta Cross and The Mother Hips, as well as new additions Eric DiBerardino (bass) and Danny Eisenberg (keys), Acacia Collective is poised to deliver its passion for musical expression to the masses.

Interview with Wet Dreams Dry Magic, Cave Clove
July 18, 2013 8:00pm


Wet Dreams Dry Magic
In 2006 he conjured up a mix of mostly instrumental psychedelic pop musings entitled ‘Wet Dreams Dry Magic’, and in the spring of 2012 assembled a cast of accomplished players around that moniker – including Brett Eastman (ex-Girls) and Jerome Steegmans (ex-Sugar & Gold). As a band, Wet Dreams Dry Magic delivers the spectrum of Sweeney’s songs – which span from heart-on-sleeve folk to stream-of-subconscious confessionals to euphoric barn-burners drenched in soulful sweetness – into a magnet of ears who hear something familiar yet mysteriously new, as if plucked from an Earth-like planet just barely detectable on our Doppler.

Cave Clove
Cave Clove is songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katie Clover and her band. Inspired by American roots music, Cave Clove’s new EP, Bases of Pyramids, is an Alt-Americana album. Harmonium weaves a steady pulse, while the banjo, guitar, ukulele and lap steel evoke sounds of bluegrass, country, and folk. Clover’s lyrics, full of allegory akin to the bands namesake, are dark and introspective though always within reach of light and laughter. Soulful vocal harmonies and syncopated grooves hark of 50s doo-wop and R&B. Unhinged and whole-hearted, Cave Clove is a contemporary review of our rich musical history and a unique addition to the evolving genre of Americana.

Interview with Split Screens and Glaciers
July 11, 2013 8:00pm


Split Screens
Split Screens is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Jesse Cafiero. Born out of the inspiring move from the east coast, Split Screens began as Jesse’s creative outlet on the side, slowly taking it’s shape while he was busy making his name in San Francisco as a bass player, sharing the stage at times with the likes of Thao Nguyen, John Vanderslice and Sean Hayes. Influenced by the subtle psychedelia of Pink Floyd and raw emotion of Sea Change-era Beck, Split Screens delves into the fever dream aesthetic, blending between moments of drone infused reflection and cacophonous intensity. Recently the band has finished their second west coast tour and are currently completing their debut LP, set to be released in early 2013.

GLACIERS is a four-piece, instrumental post-rock band from San Francisco and Oakland, California. Over the past five years, the band has worked hard to develop a strong following with their loud, climatic live performances and their first album. Three or the four members of GLACIERS previously played in very loud hardcore bands when they were younger. But with this Bay Area quartet, they have achieved a much more varied approach to music.

In the Fall of 2009, the band released their debut ‘And the Sea Won the Battle’ on their own label, Sound of Glaciers. The album includes six songs and clocks in at just over forty minutes. Recorded in Oakland, California with Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Sound, the album was self-produced and focuses on the best elements of their live show: loud guitars, reverb, space echo, tape loops, pounding drums, and throbbing bass. A lot of reviews of the record have compared the band to the likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, but more of the band’s roots can be found in local Bay Area artists Neurosis. Much of the material was written on late cold nights while the fog was settling and this aesthetic strangely finds its way into their sound.

Shortly after the release of their first album, the band started working on writing songs for the next. And after three years of writing and recording, GLACIERS will be self-releasing their much anticipated follow up album ‘Mirrored Through the Ancients’ on July 30th, 2013. The album represents a heavier, more mature sound for the band as they continue to experiment and expand into new musical directions.

Interview with Tall Sheep and Guest DJ Abatis
June 27, 2013 8:00pm


Tall Sheep
Tall Sheep is a noise pop band formed in 2011 by original members Laura Dean (vocals, guitar) and Jeremy Anderson (keys). Chris Palmer on bass and guitar joined soon after in 2012 followed by Richard Stuverud on drums in 2013, after Tall Sheep struggled to find the right drummer for almost a year. Tall Sheep’s first show in 2012 included only the founding duo, but little over a year later the group released a six song EP as a full band, with Brad Harbidge filling in on drums at the time.

Following the enthusiastic reception of their self titled debut EP, Abatis spent several months performing throughout the Bay Area with nationally touring bands such as Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Lionize, Pierced Arrows, Radio Moscow, and Nico Vega. Though the stage time was invigorating and invaluable, Abatis promptly decided to record their first full-length album, and made the bold choice to do so independently. The result: Electric Dead. The album moved away from the bluesy sound of their first EP into more raw, contemporary, fearless rock territory.

Audiences praised their dynamic energy and devotees demanded more. In early 2012 the band went back to the studio to begin work on their follow-up EP, Now You’re Paying for Sleep. Following its completion, Abatis returned to the stage circuit with dozens of shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as a Southwest US tour. They have just completed their second full length album Doors in the Desert which will be released on July 5th, 2013.

Interview with M. Lockwood Porter and SunRunners, Guest DJ 8th Grader
June 13, 2013 8:00pm


M. Lockwood Porter
Dark with a whimsical streak, M. Lockwood Porter muses of hope lost, found, and forgotten. Somewhere between Americana and indie rock, M. Lockwood Porter has a serious case of bittersweet melancholia reminiscent of Elliott Smith or a young Jeff Tweedy. That M. was raised on a farm in Oklahoma isn’t surprising, given the hint of twang in his voice. That he studied poetry in college isn’t, either, once you study his contemplative, eloquent lyrics.

8th Grader
With his luscious tenor and seductive lyrics, San Francisco singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist 8th Grader (AKA, Jayson Martinovich) injects a unique and fresh R&B sensibility to his singular brand of nu-soul. His decadent vocals caress Afro-Cuban polyrhythms, Rhodes piano, and elements of Chillwave. With nods to Prince, Frank Ocean, George Michael and Janet Jackson, 8th Grader fills a nameless void somewhere in between pop and R&B. Currently creating a stir amongst the music blogs, 8th Grader has been gaining acclaim from fans and critics alike with his signature R&B meets Nu-Soul flare.

The mixture of indie rock songwriting, dreamy lyrics, and heavy elements of rock and pop rhythms has long been a staple in the alt-rock world, and Sunrunners delivers on all counts. A California-based quintet led by singer and primary songwriter Stephen Loase (Low-C), Sunrunners have largely managed to avoid the usual rock clichés, injecting a uniquely rock-influenced sound and laid back San Francisco style. Ramona Downey (owner/booker of Bottom of the Hill) has called Sunrunners
“One of the best new bands that have played Bottom of the Hill this year. They opened for Deep Sea Diver + Wild Belle and everyone who saw their set seemed to agree that they are a force to be reckoned with.”

Interview with Gamelan X, Guest DJ VELA Eyes
June 6, 2013 8:00pm


Gamelan X
Drawing its inspiration from the clove and incense scented air of Bali, Indonesia, Gamelan X, “The Bay Area’s own Funkadelic of ethnomusicology” (SF Guardian), explores the sonic landscape of contemporary beleganjur gamelan to offer a wildly unique expression of both East and West. From the resonating sound of the gongs to the explosive drum beats and interlocking cymbals, Gamelan X remixes the ritual of a Balinese procession with a decidedly west coast twist. The ebb and flow of the energy of a performance will transport you on a journey that will take you from dancing ecstatically, through moments of reflection and wonder.

With a patchwork of influences (Siouxie and the Banshees, Echo & the Bunnymen, Sonic Youth, Led Zeppelin, New Order, My Bloody Valentine) and by fusing elements (Post Punk, Shoegaze, Psych Rock) Vela Eyes produces an ethereal and aggressive soundscape. The band began as a side project between guitarist Ian Zazueta (Delle Vellum, Paradise Boys) and front woman Florie Maschmeyer. Bassist Nate Higley (The Snake the Cross the Crown) and Julia Johari (second keyboard player/guitarist/background vocalist) were quickly added to the fold. The four then wrote a batch of songs and by September 2012 had landed Jef Pauly (New Diplomat, Dan the Automator) on drums. Vela Eyes will be joined by local favorites French Cassettes, The Trims, DJ Omar (Popscene) and Jacob Fury (Leisure SF) to round out the evening.

Interview with Fox and Woman, Doe Eye and DATE NITE
May 30, 2013 8:00pm


Fox and Woman
Fox & Woman formed in 2010 when Jess Silva (vocals), Andrew Nelson (guitar, keys), and Emily Haltom (vocals, violin, keys) started playing at a weekly street poetry gathering in San Francisco’s Mission District. As an acoustic trio, they rehearsed and wrote songs in the basement of a local antiques store, discovering a shared desire to stretch pop song forms to accommodate unconventional rhythms and harmonies. For their debut, self-titled EP, released in 2011, they added three other Bay Area musicians, including Will Boast (drums), and documented a sound bridging west coast folk and a baroque strain of indie-pop.

Doe Eye
The summer before her first semester at the Berklee College of Music, San Francisco singer/songwriter DOE EYE (real name Maryam Qudus) stepped into the studio for the first time to created a 4-song demo to network to the new teachers and colleagues she would meet at Berklee. DOE EYE jumped into the studio to record her sophomore EP entitled ‘Hotel Fire’ with acclaimed producer John Vanderslice (Nada Surf, Mates of State, MK Ultra) and featuring the Magik*Magik Orchestra (Death Cab for Cutie, Jonny Greenwood). Hotel Fire was released on September 4, 2012 and is currently available at all streaming music services as well as iTunes and Bandcamp. DOE EYE is currently working on her debut full length album with John Vanderslice.

Date Nite’s formation came to fruition when three like-minded spirits, Jason, Annie and Candy converged during an annual NASA Jet Propulsion conference on ‘Robotic Exploration of the Solar System.’ Realizing they had a shared love for science and beats, they assembled a musical collective dedicated to dynamic ass shaking. Calling San Francisco their home and nirvana their vacation home, they call upon their scifi-paganistic background for inspiration. Date Nite is a convergence of art, music and boot knocking. In their spare time, the team concocts various recipes and libations; most notably their drink called “Moonmilk” (moonshine and Milk of Magnesia).

Guest DJ City of Women, Interview with Life Coach and Legs
May 23, 2013 8:00pm


City of Women
Circa 2007…Nero and Alwyn, whose respective bands barbarasteele and Boshuda shared many a bill in San Francisco venues, were band-less, and talked about finally putting something together…but just “for fun”, as the sting from the demises of their previous bands was still fresh. Around the same time, Charlie, after doing a year at the Los Angeles Music Academy and giving a good run with the local music scene, ran from Los Angeles and ended up in San Francisco. He met Nero while working at Amoeba Music, and in time joined Alwyn and Nero in a band “just for fun”.

Life Coach
Life Coach is a collaboration. Following Phil Manley’s 2011 solo debut Life Coach, which Aquarius Records called, “a serious, and seriously kick ass slab of modern minimal krautrock,” Manley set about writing a set of songs that he could perform live. After writing and tracking guitar, bass, synth, and vocals on his own, he recruited his friend and former Golden band mate Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta, One Day As A Lion), with whom Manley has been playing music for two decades, as the drummer and second official member of Life Coach. The complimentary kinship between Manley’s tightly constructed songs and Theodore’s unrestrained playing was instant. Rounded out by the addition of Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless, Golden Void), who contributes lead guitar on several songs, Life Coach was born as an entity unto itself.

Named after their fathers’ mutual love for Tina Turner, Oakland, CA-based Jeffrey Harland and New Zealand native Matt Bullimore began Legs in a cold, concrete practice space in West Oakland, California. The pair originally met while exchanging Weezer bootlegs in a Safeway parking lot in early 2000. Matt would go on to teach Jeffrey his first power chord sealing their friendship and status as best-buds. Early get-togethers were dominated by heated arguments over the Beatles versus The Stones, ending only after the discovery of their mutual love of the Kinks and Velvet Underground.

Interview with Brian Kehoe and The Tunnel
May 16, 2013 8:00pm


Brian Kehoe
Greetings from The Kehoe Nation. A place where the twang and shuffle of Country Western, the bizarre whimsy of carnival polkas, and outright twisted sonic explosions of punk and metal fuse together to create a misshapen and exotic family of good-time songs that strangely and completely satisfy parts of the human psyche that don’t always admit to wanting to be satisfied. The guiding hand stirring this cauldron of Punk-Metal-Americana is guitarist Bryan Kehoe, who has been lending his ferocious guitar wizardry to groups such as The Jerry Cantrell Band (Alice In Chains), Ministry, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade (Primus), and Northern California legends M.I.R.V. Joining Mr. Kehoe on this musical vision is Amir Zitro on Stand-Up King Bass ang Jeff Gomes (M.I.R.V.) on Drums.

The Tunnel
The protagonists of the lurid stories of Tunnel vocalist/ guitarist Jeff Wagner may be grifters, but nihilists they are not. Riding possessed upon the feral, hypnotic rhythms of bassist/ noisemaker Sam Black and drummer Craig Manrique, Wagner’s anti-heroes grasp at transcendence and howl in ecstasy.

Interview with Blame Sally, Manatee and Black Jeans
May 9, 2013 8:00pm


Blame Sally
If you sense a slight incongruity in the title of Blame Sally’s Speeding Ticket and a Valentine, rest assured that it’s as purposeful as the life it describes is random. The album lifts its name from a line in the bridge of the hard- charging leadoff single, “Living Without You,” which describes a day, or maybe entire existence,that’s “sweet and sour at the sametime/mink and a porcupine/speeding ticket and a valentine.” Clearly, this is a band that knows its oxymorons.

The four women who make up the Bay area- based group have some experience with improbable complexities and contradictions. Almost everything about their history is contrary to conventional wisdom. For one thing, they put their individual careers aside to start Blame Sally when they were in their late 30s and 40s—the age at which bands are traditionally supposed to break up and begin solo careers. For another, this is obviously an all-woman band—“girl groups”
usually being the novel province of youthful upstarts, not mature singer/songwriters.

Oakland’s mysterious Manatee are a fiery 4-piece who chart a fine line between the melodic aggression of mid-80s hardcore/punk and more contemplative rocking pop. The project dates back to 2006, beginning as the duo of Nik Carlson on bass and Black Tambourine/Whorl/Crabapples alumnus Mike Schulman on guitars and drums. Mainly a vehicle for beer-fueled weekly noise fests, Manatee did start accruing a catalog of tunes that were influenced by Flying Nun bands, ’77 punk and psychedelic freeform noise.

Black Jeans
Black Jeans is a music and artistic project created by new media artist Russell Butler. After completing a BFA in Performance and Sound Art and an MAT in Art Education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Russell moved to California’s Bay Area to begin his professional arts practice. While navigating America’s complex and imbalanced immigration system, Russell was able to secure a position in the Exhibits department at San Francisco’s premiere interactive children’s museum, the Children’s Creativity Museum.

Interview Buckeye Knoll and Ash Thursday
May 2, 2013 8:00pm


Buckeye Knoll
Lovecreek, the new LP from Bay Areamericana darlings Buckeye Knoll, was recorded in a log cabin high in the Sierra Mountains. Indisputably, the group chose the most appropriate environment for Doug Streblow’s thoughtful collection of songs about adventure, solitude and discovery of oneself in the natural world. With help from producer and engineer Cian Riordan, and contemporary music giant Eric Valentine, Buckeye Knoll delivers their strongest and most textural collection to date. Lovecreek inspires listeners to pack up the car and head for the mountains to make some discoveries of their own.

Ash Thursday
Ash Thursday is a SF-based female-fronted band–they play rock music with pop sensibility; their songs are deep and dynamic, yet catchy and melodic. Their music contains abundant hooks and harmonies, and often anthemic choruses.

The band has hit the ground running in 2013 with the release of their EP “The Strength to Come Apart”, a music video for their song “This Heart” and various performances throughout the Bay Area. Soon to follow are the recording of another EP and a west coast tour.

Interview with Victory and Assoc
April 25, 2013 8:00pm


Victory and Associates write rock anthems that you didn’t know you needed. punk rock passion, post punk sass, big riffs, etc. Take the parts of huge classic rock you may actually WANT to turn up, mix it with the parts of indie rock that ROCK, get it moving with driving, energetic force and you are on the trail to victory… and associates. This is for real, this is for serious. Victory and Associates have been around the block, know their way around a good song and endeavor to deliver something exciting to both musician and non-musician alike. These things are FACTS.

Interview with Buffalo Tooth and, Once and Future Band
April 18, 2013 8:00pm


Guest DJ Vandella and Interview with Sunbeam Rd
April 4, 2013 8:00pm


Vandella draws their music from Motown, classic rock, Southern rock, folk-rock, blues, and modern-day sounds of indie pop/rock. It’s like if Ryan Adams was backed by The Band, or Jenny Lewis took over for Jay Farrah and Jeff Tweedy in Uncle Tupelo. It’s 1970s rock via 1990. Hailing from San Francisco, their music takes listeners from the gulches of swampy, guitar-driven rock and the dusty twang of Americana to the amber honey of roots ‘n soul. In their three years together, the tight-knit group has come a long way with old-fashioned hard work and hustle: the 2009 release of their initial offering, the V EP, saw the band move 2,000 copies without distribution or label representation, earning them bills at San Francisco staples such as Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, Rickshaw Stop, and Café du Nord, to name a few. Two West Coast tours and spots on coveted bills and festivals with nationally-touring acts followed. In May 2012, they self-released their debut full-length album, Fire in the Desert. Mixed and mastered at Marcata Studios in New York by Kevin McMahon (whose past discography includes The Walkmen, Ha Ha Tonka, The Felice Brothers, and Swans), Fire in the Desert showcases the rich lyrical landscape, convivial songs, and solid musicianship that has endeared them to their fans.

Sunbeam Rd
Sunbeam Rd., a Bay Area four piece, craft a tense and expansive sound via psychedelic guitars, purposeful melodies, and restraint. Willing to fall apart completely exploring the margins of harmonic rock, their live shows can toe the edge of cacophony. At their best they reach into hook-laden, fuzz-saturated trance states.

Guest DJ Dear Indugu and Interview with Jane Woodman
March 28, 2013 8:00pm


Dear Indugu
Dear Indugu is an acoustic/electric indie-rock band from Oakland, California noted for powerful instrumentation, potent lyrics, and rich vocal harmony. What began as the solo project of singer-songwriter Jesse Strickman, grew into a permanent four-piece, with an occasional live horn section and guest vocalists. The name, Dear Indugu, is inspired by the film ‘About Schmidt’ and is a metaphor for the communication of one’s innermost feelings to complete strangers.

The group performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area and has toured California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Washington playing everywhere from coffee shops to outdoor amphitheaters. They have opened for national and world acts, such as Damien Jurado, Cake, Jay Brannan and more. After touring with demos for years they released their debut studio EP in June of 2012.

Dear Indugu’s music ranges from intimate folk solo songs to driving full band indie rock. With thoughtful lyrics, strong dynamics, and a firm commitment to originality and musicianship, the Bay Area based band delivers a unique and powerful sound.

Jane Woodman
Somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Gotham City lies the spellbinding sound and vision of DIY artist Jane Woodman. Her songs are woven with dream-inducing guitars, dark secret vocals, and an industrial rhythm bed that covers you with subliminal layers of shoegaze, goth, post-punk, and darkwave. Alive with lush textures that wrap you with bittersweet and stimulating soundscapes, her live show has been rumoured to create an out-of-body experience.

Jane is charting in several places, and currently finishing up her first full length solo album, Teenage Red, with a little mixing help from comrade Monte Vallier (The Soft Moon, Weekend), to be released early 2013. Recent collaborations with Zoë Keating and an Ummagma remix are receiving respectable airplay, and high praise in the press.

Interview with Love Dimension and Will Sprott
March 21, 2013 8:00pm


Love Dimension
The Love Dimension is a psychedelic garage punk country surf band from San Francisco whose influences stem from an eclectic mix of music’s past and future. Originally from the lost city of Atlantis, the band has prevailed through multiple reincarnations. In 2008, they returned to the Bay Area to create sonic architecture for the benefit of sentient beings across the multiverse.

Will Sprott
Will Sprott is a song & dance man originally from San Jose, California. From 2005-2011 he toured & released music under the name the Mumlers—a ramshackle crew of friends of which he was the only constant member. In 2012 he began performing more often under his own name, sometimes by himself, sometimes with accompaniment. His musical travels have led him on zigzagging trails around the continent appearing everywhere from the Warfield in San Francisco to the Bowery Ballroom in New York City & lots of towns in between, sharing stages with many luminaries of the musical underworld along the way. He is currently recording a new record.

Interview with Mortar and Pestle, Steakhouse, Old and Gray
March 14, 2013 8:00pm


Mortar and Pestle
From Oakland, California, Mortar & Pestle is a trio that makes the kind of “this reminds me of the summer when...” songs that stick like smoke. These are tunes which bring up the feelings that make memories, bridging genres and weaving the past and future into a retrospective ride towards tomorrow. The self-titled debut from Oakland, California trio Mortar & Pestle is scheduled for release on the Post Primal label on May 7th, 2013. The album is preceded by the single “U.V.,” streaming now.

Steakhouse is a rock group from San Francisco, California. Their music sounds like a mix of post-punk, kraut and art rock, with little bits of country/ western thrown in at all the wrong times. They are influenced by Neu!, Johnny Cash, Rank & File, Scott Walker and The Clash. The band comprises a few of the people who answered a Craigslist ad titled “Art Fags Make Dancy Band,” during 2011

Old and Gray
Two years ago, Old And Gray sat down in a café and scribbled onto a napkin “write a super fuzzy album”. The napkin must have been printed from fortune cookie paper, cause before long, that album was taking shape. It began as a spontaneous explosion of raw melody and soon began to take the form of a eulogy. “The whole theme was inspired by a friend I lost within the past year. She gave me a lovely photo and it's all I have left from our friendship. The process of finishing the album became very strange. I became infatuated with the photo and stare into it and pretend I was in it. I'd even have these dreams where she would come visit me in my dreams and sing these wild poems to me. Many of the poems would eventually become lyrics on the album”–Buddy Hale

Interview with Rags and Ribbons, Breakdown Valentine and Jaunting Martyrs
March 7, 2013 8:00pm


Rags and Ribbons
Rags + Ribbons play melodic rock anthems driven by classically-inspired piano. Progressive and post-rock influences by way of Queen, Muse, MEW and Sigur Ros color these intricate pop songs, expressing desire, yearning, regret and joy like only pop can. This Portland, Oregon band’s debut album, “The Glass Masses” features elaborately structured songs with rich harmonies and dramatic hooks.
Pianist, Jonathan Hicks, and guitarist, Ben Weyerhaeuser, met and decided to form the band while singing together in school choirs. Their twinned vocals are a key element of the band’s sound, adding depth and showmanship to their songs. By a fortunate twist of fate, the band became complete when drummer, Chris Neff, responded to a Craigslist post from Jon and Ben. The band’s diverse backgrounds, ranging from the ghetto of Flint, Michigan to the suburbs of Portland, Oregon to the farmlands of rural Washington State, provide a broad scope of influences and musical styles. Rags + Ribbons strive to create unique music and live performances that communicate an exciting range of shared human experiences.

Breakdown Valentine
Breakdown Valentine hails from San Francisco and consists of Allen Davis (formerly of Every Move a Picture) and Olivia Barchard. The duo diligently crafts dynamic songs, pulling inspiration from warm analog synth sounds to mindscapes of cinematic value. They strive to design emotive sonic experiences, but never steer too far from their natural pop-sensibilities. The music sits comfortably next to sounds by Chromatics, M83, Pheonix, The Naked and Famous, Goldfrapp…etc. Breakdown Valentine are currently recording and diving into the live circuit.

Jaunting Martyrs
The Jaunting Martyrs is a San Francisco/Bay Area cross-genre band that combines elements of Rockabilly, Gypsy Swing, Surf, Blues, and good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll. The elements of story telling, poetry, references to folklore, literary history, and current events in the lyricism and the eclectic nature of this group produces music that is unique and yet relatable. From the cross-genre sound & tight musicianship, to the handmade custom designed costumes, to the DIY merch & posters of original art, to the surprise guest appearances of clown acts & sideshow freaks at shows, to the collaborative addition of varying local horn players… This band puts on a multi-dimensional show like no other.

February 28th; Interview with Astronauts, etc., Minot and guest DJ Family Crest
February 28, 2013 8:00pm


Astronauts, etc.
Astronauts, etc. is the solo project of Anthony Ferraro, a Berkeley student who found electronic music when arthritis prevented him from pursuing a career in classical piano. His flavor of restrained, hypnotic electronic pop evokes feelings of space, isolation, and introspection. After releasing an EP in the fall of 2012, Astronauts, etc. garnered significant attention from blogs and media outlets. The formation of a four-piece live band shortly followed, along with a debut performance at KALX’s 50th anniversary celebration. Astronauts, etc. will be playing with Big Tree on March 16th at Bottom of the Hill, and with Poolside on March 27th at The Independent.

The idea behind MINOT is deceptively complex. Livid post-punk energy roils beneath a surface of cooly understated psychedelic instrumental composition. Their music is immediately familiar, yet they are a singularity in the world of post-rock. They are a bundle of contradictions: Dark, but up-tempo; heavy, but danceable; mean, but whimsical. MINOT has very little to do with the ubiquitous reverb-soaked melancholy crescendo-rock; their style has been shaped by experimental bands on the fringe of rock music like Turing Machine, Laddio Bolocko, Young Widows, and Future Of The Left. These influences brought the three members to an interesting musical intersection. MINOT puts experimentalism and fury back into post-rock; the expansive, but increasingly predictable genre.

Family Crest
Guest DJ
The Family Crest began as a collaborative recording project in 2008 with a vision to change the way music is made. Gathering friends, fans, musicians, and non-musicians alike, the group began to record an album in bars, churches, streets, and other unconventional locations. Their collaborative approach to music making quickly grew steam, evolving by February 2010 into a fully-formed orchestral indie rock band with over two hundred and fifty ‘Extended Family Members’ participating in recordings, live performances, and media projects.
Fusing rock, jazz, folk and classical genres, the band’s rich, epic sound has been compared to Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, and Beirut. proclaims, “the music they make is sweeping, wall-of-sound indie rock that alludes to fellow strings-adorned bands like Tindersticks and Arcade Fire, but The Family Crest establishes their own Left Coast identity, nodding to ’60s San Francisco Baroque pop and timeless folk-rock, as well. This is lush and intricate music, demanding the breadth of a full-length release.” The San Francisco Chronicle says, “while vying to collect more musicians onstage than the Decemberists or Arcade Fire, The Family Crest harbors an affection for Burt Bacharach-style swingin’ romanticism that is sure to impress lovers of classical pop.” According to The Bay Bridged, “they take their earnest, anthemic cue from The Arcade Fire, but the presence of so many string and wind instruments and the talents of frontman Liam McCormick put them on a unique frequency.”

Interview with Tambo Rays and Foxtail Somersault
February 21, 2013 8:00pm


Tambo Rays
Lo-Fi & SF Vibez sibling based #chillpop band Who are we: Brian DaMert makin hot fire Greg pon de bass Chill Bob on ze drums And yall KNO Sara Sonic.

Foxtail Somersault
Part of the loosely defined group of modern indie rock bands heavily influenced by first-generation shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive

Guest DJ All My Pretty Ones, Interview with DSTVV and Future Twin
February 14, 2013 8:00pm


All My Pretty Ones
The acoustic instrumentation and vocal harmonies of San Francisco based ensemble All My Pretty Ones invoke all the familiarity and comfort of the best classic folk and indie artists, but it’s the band’s extraordinarily innovative approach to songwriting and arranging that set them apart from other americana-inspired musical groups. All My Pretty Ones represents a collaborative engine fueled by songwriter Derek Schmidt, whose work draws as much from classical composition, musical theatre and contemporary poetry as it does from 60′s folk music and current independent artists.

“Industrial grungegaze” trio DSTVV is the arch creation of Joel Cusumano (formerly of Baby Talk), ex-’90s teen model and creator of the bizarro Tumblr-famous blog BLAMEASPARTAME. Done with playing in scruffy, over-earnest Bay Area garage rock bands, he engineered DSTVV as a musical approximation of the bad-vector-art and ’90s-obsessed teen culture that currently permeates some of the weirder parts of alt-culture. DSTVV (the initialism’s meaning is yet undisclosed) nixes an IRL drummer in place of blown-out Apple Logic-programmed beats, and the gentile strum of Joel’s Fender Strat’s melts with Corgan-esque Big Muffs and chorus pedals. He then hooked up with synth player Gloria Pérez-Villela, with whom he’d been swapping old synth-pop files online, and bassist Stephen Howard (ex-Burger Kingdom) to fill out the lineup.

Future Twin
Future Twin was originally brought together by the first all girl moped gang in San Francisco, The Lockits. They became fast friends and were soon waxing synth songs, huffing gasoline and making shred tents. Now consisting of Jean Jeanie (gtr/vox/field recordings), Antonio Roman-Alcala (drums), Jo Bleak (rhythm & bass), and Dan DK (synths & bass), their music juxtaposes a tangible beauty with an honest grit that can only come from a band birthed and breathing in San Francisco’s Mission District. The band has announced the dual release date of July 31st for the new Resist 7″ as well as Future Twin Deluxe Edition, a limited edition cd release combining the new 7″ along with the 5-song EP/cassette Situation. The single “Situation” is available for free download, and the video for “Landslide” was premiered by Impose recently. The band will be playing San Francisco this summer, and will also be hitting Brooklyn, NY for a pair of shows as well.
Photo credit: Paige K Parsons

Interview with King Loses Crown, Great Apes and Belle Noire
February 7, 2013 8:00pm


King Loses Crown
King Loses Crown makes music for an apocalyptic future. This San Francisco trio fuses man and machine to create hard-hitting, genre-bending music that 3Hive describes as “darker than Devo, faster than Depeche Mode, denser than Killing Joke.” The band, which initially began as a collaboration between Kent Carter (vocals, bass and synth) and Michael Cobra (vocals and guitar), wanted to blend their love of anthemic punk rock and electronic dance music. The pair eventually added drummer Sander Leech to bring fire and depth to their live performances. King Loses Crown have played with a wide variety of acts such as Nitzer Ebb, Blackburner and Butcher Babies. Their new six-song EP, You Can’t Escape, will be released Feb. 19, 2013 and features their first single “My Revenge.”

Great Apes
Plain and simple, Great Apes are a punk band from San Francisco. Minimalism reigns. Play it fast. Play it loud. Make it stick. While we all have been or are in an array of more complex projects, this band is founded on pop-sensible simplicity and the notion that music, much like a bio, is often at its finest when it’s spit out intensely, with concision and honesty.

Belle Noire
Belle Noire is a Post Rock/Alternative/Indie band from San Jose, Ca. Formed in 2011. The band currently consists of: Joey Lancaster- Guitar/Vocals, Dan Sek-Bass/Vocals, Sal Contreras- Drums, Sergio Herrera- Guitar/Percussion, and Mike Grijalva: Guitar. The band wrote and recorded the self- titled EP in RHL studios in Fremont, CA with longtime friend and colleague Stephen Hawkins, in which the first 6 songs written were recorded, and pressed to CD. The band strives to perform live with passion, and energy, to make you feel what the songs mean. Pulling influence from many different areas, Like Thrice, Deftones, Circa Survive, Moving Mountains, and many, many other acts. Belle Noire will be performing all around the bay area until a small tour late summer/early fall until going into the studio to record Our full-length Album.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 31st; Interview with Warm Soda and Shady Maples
January 31, 2013 8:00pm


Warm Soda
“Perfecting the blend of glitter and grime that earned Bare Wires a soft spot in the hearts of the bubblegum-popping, foot-stomping masses, Matthew Melton joins with bassist Chase Asmussen, guitarist Rob Good, and drummer Ian McBrayer as Warm Soda. With their debut LP, Someone For You, the outfit charts the familiar territory of power pop, glam, and punk, but with a decidedly more confident stride. The twelve resulting songs smack of sugar but sate an appetite that craves more than something sweet, their initial taste of preeminently listenable simplicity giving way to a lingering flavor of their compositional complexity. The group continues to cook up universally palatable jams out of Good & Melton’s Fuzz City Studios in Oakland, CA, and plans to take them on the road this year, cruising America’s historic highways in the spring and crossing the Atlantic for a European tour before summer’s end.”

Shady Maples
Shady Maples is gritty and explosive electric and acoustic driven rock, Americana and Latin with a lyrical centerpiece. Their combustible debut 2012 album, Unfold, showcases the dynamic songwriting of Berkeley’s Owen Roberts and arrangements that range from stripped and melodic to rocking psychedelic, featuring lapsteel, Hammond organ, and vocal harmonies. After touring the coast for two years, the band has expanded to include cello, percussion, and more organ.

Cellist Shira Lee Katz and organist Micah Dubreuil have added their sensibilities to the band’s sound, re-interpreting the songs from the record and arranging parts on a handful of new songs. At the Bottom of the Hill this Saturday, Feb. 2 Kelly McFarling will bring her sweet harmony to the stage, just like she did in the studio on Unfold. Trent Boeschen and Dennis Haneda hold down a tight rhythm section, and Owen Roberts fronts the band on percussion and electric and acoustic guitars.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 24; Interview with Happy Fangs and VELA
January 24, 2013 8:00pm


Happy Fangs
Mike Cobra and Rebecca Bortman came from opposite ends of the San Francisco music spectrum. Mike is the brooding frontman in the robot-infested electro-rock band, King Loses Crown. Rebecca is a giddy sugar pop queen, fronting indie pop band, My First Earthquake. The two bands shared a practice space in The Tenderloin’s Francisco Studios and that’s how Happy Fangs came to be.

There was a reason that ying-yangs were so popular in the 1990s, and this duo’s contrast gets at the heart of that symbol. The result is a dark punk exuberance that works in Happy Fangs’ punk anthems. You must see this duo live in all their warpaint and glory.

The band is lyrically inspired by fantasies of love, and the beauty of empowerment. VELA is comprised of members of Delle Vellum, The Paradise Boys, The Snake the Cross and the Crown (Equal Vision), and New Diplomat (Dan the Automator). The band started as a side project between guitarist Ian Zazueta and front woman Florie Maschmeyer. Bassist Nate Higley was quickly added to the fold, introducing Julia Johari as a second keyboard player, guitarist and background vocalist. The four of them wrote a batch of songs and by September landed Jef Pauly as drummer. They are currently recording their debut EP at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California.

On Baghdad by the Bay; January 17th; Interview with Giggle Party, Commissure and Kowloon Walled City
January 17, 2013 8:00pm


Giggle Party
Giggle Party was formed in Dallas, Texas and after garnering a dedicated cult following for their raucous live performances and feel-good, borderline absurdest breed of pop-punk, they have relocated to San Francisco to share their musical celebration. Giggle Party’s recently-released debut LP Death and Other Unnatural Phenomena celebrates the absurdity of death and living each day like it’s your last. The record features a more polished sound than the band’s 2009 EP The Holes In Your Face Are Pleasing, but the frenetic urgency of their message remains clear: Have fun. Live Hard. Dance. Repeat.

Commissure is a four piece band from San Francisco, California United States. Self describe Low-fi bedroom rockers, COMMISSURE are reminiscent of artists such as MOGWAI, MONO, RED SPAROWES, ISIS, and many more with their heavy syncopation, slow builds, and amazing crescendos

Kowloon Walled City
Kowloon Walled City is a 4-piece band from San Francisco, formed in 2007. They have released three proper records: Turk Street (Wordclock, 2008); Gambling on the Richter Scale (Perpetual Motion Machine, 2009); and the recently released Container Ships (Brutal Panda, 2012). Over the last six years, the band has played a lot of shows, endured injuries, replaced members, done side projects, toured, considered hanging it up, released a few cool splits, and here we are now.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 10th; Interview with Owl Paws, Guest DJs Spiderheart and Bonnie and the Bang Bangs 10 01 2013
January 10, 2013 8:00pm


Guest DJ
Spider Heart is a four piece garage rock band hailing from Oakland, CA. With a sound and feel of a runaway freight train with squeaky brakes slamming head on into a glitter factory Spider Heart delivers its blues driven rock n roll through reverb soaked guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section and dark, devious lyrics wrapped up in sweet yet sinister melodies. The band has sourced The Stooges, The Kills, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, Patti Smith, The Cramps and Tom Waits as some of their major influences. Formed in late 2011 based on a mutual love of vintage sounds, dive bars, juke boxes and questionable evenings followed by puzzling mornings, Spider Heart has spent the last year honing in on their grinding sound and electrifying, smokey live shows. They released their DIY LP entitled Voodoo in October 2012 and are currently in the studio working on their first EP entitled Under the Gun due for release in January, 2013.

Owl Paws
Owl Paws is a San Francisco-based quartet furthering the folk, emo and progressive rock sensibilities of Fleet Foxes, American Football and Circa Survive. Utilizing the melodic elements of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, drums and vocal harmonies, each member shapes the sound heard around the bay at venues from the Arlene Francis Theater in Santa Rosa to The Elbo Room and Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. The band is releasing their sophomore effort, a 12″ LP titled “Carry On,” in the fall of 2012.”

Bonnie & the BANG BANG
Guest DJ
Bonnie & the BANG BANG is predicated on writing grooving, hypnotic rhythms highlighted by dark, cutting lyrics that entrance the listener in a dreary, dreamy narrative. Bonnie & the BANG BANG was founded by Patrick James Stiles (vocalist), Jake Dineen (multi-instrumentalist) and Joe Warren (guitarist) in the early Summer of 2011. They released their first EP “Ode To Darkness” on Valantine’s Day 2012. It was produced by the mercurial Sam Pura at his Panda Studios.

On Baghdad by the Bay, December 20th; Interview with Scissors for Lefty and Churches
December 20, 2012 8:00pm


Scissors for Lefty
Scissors For Lefty is a San Francisco Band with a sophisticated pop style combining elements of Indie, Yesteryear, & Dirty Glam. They are about as playful as an arty pop band can get: melodies in between melodies, jangly guitar, glittery keyboard, of Montreal-esque bass, galloping propulsion from a 6 foot 10 drummer, all fronted by heavy-breathing tales of romance and counter-culture glow. The group clearly sounds like they are enjoying themselves. Cute, sexy, and a little

When EMA asks the question ‘what’s it like to be small-town and gay?’ in her unhinged anthem ‘California’, Caleb Nichols has an answer: It was brutal, it was beautiful, and well worth singing about. Nichols, along with Bay Area music scene vets Pat Spurgeon and Dominic East, explores the heartache and wonder of small-town teenage alienation in his new Bay-Area based outfit, CHURCHES. CHURCHES is salvation through distortion for the disaffected small-town weirdo in everyone – a sonic cathedral of cymbals and guitars for the modern outcast. Download the free, self-titled debut ep and find out what all the noise is about.

On Baghdad by the Bay, December 13th; Interview with Abatis and Hottub
December 13, 2012 8:00pm


Following the enthusiastic reception of their self-titled debut EP, Abatis (“abba-tee”) spent several months performing throughout the Bay Area with nationally touring bands such as Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Lionize, and Nico Vega, as well as local favorite, The Soft White Sixties. Though the stage time was invigorating and invaluable, Abatis promptly decided to record their first full-length album, and made the bold choice to do so independently. The result: Electric Dead. Electric Dead moved away from the bluesy sound of their first EP into more raw, contemporary, fearless rock territory like that of Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, and Foo Fighters. Completed in just three months and released in October 2011, Electric Dead was received with rave reviews. Alberto Rivera of Thrust Magazine described the album as “consistently amazing,” comparing Abatis to 70s dirt rockers Blue Cheer and MC 5.

While the three freaks of nature were seducing each other with their stank and sinful vocal harmonies, a space craft from the future called the Bass Station 5000 collided violently into the ladies’ Sparkle Motion Machine. On the control decks of the Bass Station 5000 was super-producer Jay-Sonic and world class gigolo Funky Finger Mark devising their masterplan to rule the universe with the Oakland Bump. The result of this fortunate collision was nothing less than perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of HOTTUB!

On Baghdad by the Bay, December 6th; Guest DJ Stages of Sleep, Interview with Bray and Buttercream Gang
December 6, 2012 8:00pm


Stages of Sleep
Carousel, The Stages of Sleep’s full-length debut is due out December 7, 2012. Carousel takes listeners on a journey from childhood innocence, through adolescent debauchery, to adult heartache and loss, and back again. Featuring introspective lyrics, complex melodies, and lush orchestration, blended with intricate rhythms, the album is at once demanding and subtle, insistent yet fragile, and ultimately commands attention.

Bray is a San Francisco-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with the fire and strut of the classic rock front-man, the moves and voice of the classic soul-man, and the quick self-effacing humor of the classic talk show host. Ignited by jagged guitar driven grooves, ultra-catchy pop rock hooks, and his kinetic live performances, Bray never fails to fuel audiences into a feel-good frenzy. Along with his top-notch backing band, Bray has performed for crowds as large as 50,000 in ten countries around the world, sharing stages with Slash, Scott Weiland and Joe Satriani as well as members
of The Doors and the Sex Pistols.

The Buttercream Gang
A band that has paid their dues, The Buttercream Gang (comprised of Bobby Renz, Peter Davies, and Robinson Kuntz) have written, produced, and managed themselves since starting in Napa, California nine years ago – when Bobby was just 15 years old and had to walk to practice. The group also had an alter-ego as “Congo Death Lazer” – where they would play 80s covers. Originally a standard trio, the band has grown to become more of a collaborative effort with members sharing lead vocals and bouncing around on various instruments alongside Max Bonick on guitar, keys, bass and Alex Garcia on saxophones. The Buttercream Gang have come to craft an eclectic and catchy sound by way of various influencers, especially the Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and African guitar music. Charged with these worldly influences and recording techniques of Jamaican music from the 60′s and 70s, the band takes on a unique sound. Mixed with Beach Boys harmonies and tinges of Animal Collective and Deerhunter’s eclecticism, The Buttercream Gang has instant appeal.

On Baghdad by the Bay, Nov 29th at 8pm; Interview with The Lady Crooners, Ash Reiter; Live performance by Plastic Arts
November 29, 2012 8:00pm


The Lady Crooners
The Lady Crooners are a new ‘almost country’ band from San Francisco, CA featuring sibling singer-songwriters, Joseph and Nadia Krilanovich, along with singer-songwriter, Andrew Blair, bassist, Bret Cohune, and multi-instrumentalist, Ross Warner. Folks say they harmonize like angels, play like the dickens, and leave a crowd wanting more. Their first CD, The Lady Crooners, debuted in April 2012 and they’re currently at work on a second. The Lady Crooners are thrilled to be sharing their signature style of authentic, darn good music with you.

Plastic Arts
The Plastic Arts is the musical efforts of San Francisco Bay Area songwriter, Kyle M. Terrizzi. Vocal comparisons have run the gamut from the gut-punch brawn of Jeff Buckley to the college-rock croon of John Mayer, but the music is more often associated with the alt-country style of Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams, the pop sensibilities of David Gray, with a touch of Morrissey melancholia, and the confessional, narrative lyricism of early Counting Crows. Academy Clonez is the first full length release from The Plastic Arts, as well as the first definitive artistic and musical statement from Kyle M. Terrizzi under that moniker.

Ash Reiter
With with their new album “HOLA” Ash Reiter is saying hello to the world. Although, truth be told, the band has been around for awhile and already has some impressive albums under their belt. Ash Reiter’s first self released full length, “Paper Diamonds (2010),” offers an eclectic mix of songs demonstrating the band’s affinity for stretching a simple folk song into a multi-layered, psychedelic pop masterpiece. Drummer, Will Halsey, cut his teeth as a producer mixing and recording this record in his trademarkunorthodox style combining hi-fi and lo-fi to create his own “mid-fi” style.

Interview with Fucking Buckaroos, Teenage Sweater, Meat Sluts
November 8, 2012 8:00pm


Fucking Buckaroos
Formed in San Francisco in 2004, the group consists of Timothy Sandberg (vocals/guitar/banjo), Ricky Pugh (vocals/guitar/mandolin) Andy Appleton (drums) and Thomas “Pinkus” Puhek (bass). Their 20-song, self-titled album, The Fucking Buckaroos, was released in 2007. In 2009 they partnered with Tijuana-based psychobilly band Los Helldandys to put out a split 7″ vinyl-only record entitled Popular Romance, and in 2010 they were featured on Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute to the Swingin Utters. Their second full-length album, II, was released in 2012 in America, with an upcoming European release planned by Germany’s Out of My Mind Records. Having expanded the scope of their music over the better part of the last decade, the band has reflected the influence of their travels and experience into their unique form of “Punk Rock Americana”. Both their originals and their interpretations of country/folk/bluegrass standards, are often riotous, profane and filled with trouble, toil and bloodshed; but they also reflect a deep sense of compassion, hilarity and a demand for social justice.The Fucking Buckaroos will make you want to fight, fuck, laugh and cry, all at the same time.

Teenage Sweater

Meat Sluts
MEET THE MEAT SLUTS: Taking the cock outta rock, putting pussy into punk, these meat muffins are four tunnels of fun from San Francisco. THE MEAT SLUTS have cum together to ROCK BABY, ROOOOOCK and leave you hungry for more! It’s time to mess around!

On Baghdad by the Bay, Nov 1; Interview with Dubious Ranger and Spanish Cannons
November 1, 2012 8:00pm


Dubious Ranger
Dubious Ranger is a band started by classical pianist Alexander Eccles. The music is predicated on tunefulness, strong grooves, and a fluid percussion section in lieu of a drumkit. A usual Dubious Ranger show might consist of one guitarist, one bassist, and 10 people playing on rusty metal pipes and cymbal fragments. If you dig artists like Bowie, Waits, Beck, Reed, Talking Heads, Nick Cave, Radiohead, or anyone else hip whom we forgot to mention, you might very well enjoy listening to Dubious Ranger.

Spanish Cannons
Local band Spanish Cannons is Chris Michael and Michael Pettett. The band has gone through transformation starting with roots in Shapes & Distance and Picture Atlantic. They have toured over the Pacific Northwest with an EP out called “The Molecules”.Chris is lead vocalist and guitar with Michael on drums, percussion, and vocals. They have been together since May 2010 and have played shows to a dedicated crowd that keeps growing with each performance. Their new album, “Get Well Soon, Everybody” will be out soon with date to be announced. — SFWeekly

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday, Oct 25th; Guest DJ: Callow; Interviews with Yellow Red Sparks and Prize
October 25, 2012 8:00pm


Red Moses and Sami Knowles met at a San Francisco house party in the fall of 2006, but it wasn’t until three years later, when they got an RV and hit the road, that their musical life became priority. The two, which make up the indie duo Callow, have been living in the bay and touring the West ever since. The simplicity and challenge of life in a tiny space has no doubt influenced their sound– a hauntingly minimal, meaty, introspective and transcendental kind of art rock, conceptualized on their debut album Orb Weaver (released May 3, NxNW Records). Red’s raw contralto is reminiscent of Vice Chestnut, while Sami creates a dark, primordial landscape with the simultaneous use of keyboard and percussion.

Yellow Red Sparks
Growing up in Yellow Pine, Idaho and eventually relocating to Southern California, songwriter Joshua Hanson began writing and performing under the solo acoustic moniker, Yellow Red Sparks. He quickly grew a passionate local following and self released an EP on iTunes entitled, “Simply Put ME In YOUR Place”. Since then he has added Goldy (drums and vocals) and Sara Lynn (upright bass, piano, vocals and banjo) as full time members and together, they take Hanson’s songs of heartache and make us want to fall in love.

The band has recently completed their first full-length record which was produced by Ted Hutt (Gaslight Anthem, Lucero, Flogging Molly), mixed by Grammy award winner, Ryan Hewitt (Avett Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, We Are Scientists), and mastered by multi-Grammy award winner, Brian Lucey (The Shins, Sigur Rós, The Black Keys). On record, the trio successfully weaves the bare roots of songwriting, the rich harmonies of choir and the symphonic arrangements of old film to create a cinematic texture of their own.

Sophia Santulli is singer/songwriter/producer at the helm of Prize. This explosive siren ignited as she ran from the hills of her operatic training into the clubs of San Francisco. Prize is full-bore drama embedded in gems of electro-pop. With a Masters in Vocal Performance from San Francisco Conservatory and the release of The Split EP under her belt, as well as stints as a backup singer for The Dodos, John Vanderslice, and Third Eye Blind and classical appearances locally and abroad, she finally found time to self-produce her album Surprize Box! due out November 1st. “Prize’s emotional urgency makes for a thrilling live show” (MVRemix), theatrical and unpredictable, with a “dash of Victorian cabaret” (Emily Savage, SFBG).

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday, October 18; Interview with Spider Heart, Terese Taylor, Wymond Miles
October 18, 2012 8:00pm


Spider Heart
Spider Heart is a four piece garage rock band hailing from Oakland, CA. With a sound and feel of a runaway freight train with squeaky brakes slamming head on into a glitter factory Spider Heart delivers its blues driven rock n roll through reverb soaked guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section and dark, devious lyrics wrapped up in sweet yet sinister melodies. The band has sourced The Stooges, The Kills, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, Patti Smith, The Cramps and Tom Waits as some of their major influences.

Formed in late 2011 based on a mutual love of vintage sounds, dive bars, juke boxes and questionable evenings followed by puzzling mornings, Spider Heart has spent the last year honing in on their grinding sound and electrifying, smokey live shows. They released their DIY LP entitled Voodoo in October 2012 and are currently in the studio working on their first EP entitled Under the Gun due for release in January, 2013.

Terese Taylor
The stripped down, acoustic production of Terese Taylor’s “Ghost” seems neither ironic nor fortuitous by intent, but straightforward and real as the singer songwriter herself. She is fearless, tackling a subject as raw as the fugue state… something familiar in rare moments, yet certainly brushed away when defense mechanisms kick in: One does not wish to remain invisible. Taylor’s lyrics manage to be curative in their very utterance: “I’ve been a ghost for days/ I drift from home to home/ I never will be seen/ As I vanish through your walls.” Yet, in the end, the ghost transcends that invisible situation: “Watch as I pass out of sight.” The song is punctuated by Taylor’s haunting guitar solos, sympathetic snares, and the whistling effects of a child’s whirly-tube toy. The result is less dramatic, however, than it is an ethereal sound of dignity. Fittingly, the song was aired on NPR’s “This American Life,” a righteous choice by host Ira Glass.

Wymond Miles
Wymond’s previous EP, Earth Has Doors was about intangible and esoteric concepts; the music drifted beautifully in somewhat of an oceanic, boundless state. For the LP it was very important for him to make the songs be felt somatically. In his own words, “I wanted it to hit the body, I wanted it carnal.” Whereas the EP had been a drawn out labor of love he worked on and then shelved for several years, most songs on Under the Pale Moon developed quickly last winter. He describes them as being effortless to write, short songs with stripped down arrangements; recorded straight away as soon as they came to him. Feeling very raw and alive, he wrote the basic structure for most of the record within a few weeks.

On Baghdad by the Bay, October 11th; Interview with City of Women and Dreamdate
October 11, 2012 8:00pm


City of Women
Circa 2007…Nero and Alwyn, whose respective bands barbarasteele and Boshuda shared many a bill in San Francisco venues, were band-less, and talked about finally putting something together…but just “for fun”, as the sting from the demises of their previous bands was still fresh. Around the same time, Charlie, after doing a year at the Los Angeles Music Academy and giving a good run with the local music scene, ran from Los Angeles and ended up in San Francisco. He met Nero while working at Amoeba Music, and in time joined Alwyn and Nero in a band “just for fun”.

Toying with punk, soul, art rock, and tripped out jam sessions, and gigging here and there- After a few back-up singers and bassists later, they exorcised the ghosts of their past musical lives and moved forward into the sound they have today: old-fashioned futuristic rock-n-roll, inspired by their love for the grandiose bombast and shimmery swing of our rock and alternative forefathers and mothers, the style and swagger of Hollywood’s ages past, Barbary Coast folklore, and love…lust…longing. They are the band (and state of mind) that is “City Of Women”

Dreamdate get right to their business of brightening our day with their short, snappy tunes. The overall sound of Dreamdate can readily be spoken of in the same breath as early ’90s crushworthy indie pop a la Lois, cub and Tiger Trap. As the unaffected and uneffected electric guitars strum away happily and the drums keep things simple with an uncluttered beat, you might find yourself hummin’ along with these gals’ warm, smooth female vocals. —Nice. Aquarius Records April 2007.

Although their tunes are reminiscent of, say, the riot grrl and Seattle/Portland-based garage movements, they still could only exist in present times. Their songs are, for the most part, up-tempo odes to not-so-simple pleasures and guilt and sometimes feel emotionally ambivalent…This is truly the kind of music you’d want on a Walkman when traversing long distances in the suburbs. —California Aggie August 2006.

On Baghdad by the Bay, September 27th at 8pm; Tumbleweed Wanderers, 20 Sided Records, Interview with Li XI
September 27, 2012 8:00pm


Tumbleweed Wanderers
Jeremy Lyon and Zak Mandel-Romann formed Tumbleweed Wanderers in March 2011. Sharing a mutual admiration of the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack, Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" and Fleet Foxes "Ragged Wood" the two left college to pursue music full-time. They recruited keyboardist Patrick Glynn, whom Zak had played with since he was ten, drummer Daniel Blum, whom Jeremy met when he was sweeping the floors of a recording studio, and singer / banjo player / guitarist Rob Fidel, whom Jeremy met at an open mic on the first day of college at UC Santa Cruz. Young and energetic, this group will get you rocking and dancing the night away. The Wanderers are reminiscent of Dylan, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Simon and Garfunkel. Their voices and instruments bring a youthful freshness mixed with old soul wisdom.

20 Sided Records
San Francisco-based record collective who emphatically state, "We are musicians who party and support other musicians who party. Roll a 20 in life."

Li Xi
Li Xi is an experimental pop outfit from San Francisco. They use dream-pop vocal melodies and combine 60's psychedelia with contemporary electronics and vintage synthesizers. Vocalist Maryann Tran captures a similar innocence and beauty as that from Margo Guryan. The music is written by James Vernon. Influenced heavily by Odd pop groups like Broadcast, Stereolab and their subsequent influences.

Thursday Sept 20th at 8pm; Interview with The Rabbles and PictureAtlantic
September 20, 2012 8:00pm


The Rabbles
The Rabbles are a psychedelic rock band from San Francisco founded in 2003. It’s members include J.Lee and Marina Lazzara on guitar and vocals, Dave Mairs on drums and backing vocals, Jamie Kimmel on bass, lead and backing vocals and Michael Chulada on organ/keyboards. They play a pastiche of styles influenced by 60′s psychedelia, 70′s and 80′s underground post-punk and various art and noise rock.

The band has recorded 4 albums, Rabble Music (2004), Rabble Rabble (2008), Dabble (2010) and a brand new lp yet to be titled which will be released soon. Each album is self recorded and is a unique collection of curios spanning lush pop to abrasive dissonance.

The members of The Rabbles have been a part of San Francisco’s music scene for the past two decades. Past bands have included Static Faction, Aerosol Species, Blue Gum Art, Poetiks, Shmoogie, Ghost Echoes, and The Love X Nowhere.

Next Thursday night, Sept. 27th, The Rabbles will play the Critical Mass 20th Birthday Party at Cell Space in the Mission at 2050 Bryant with Grass Widow, Apogee Sound Club and Future Twin. The show is a part of a week long celebration. A schedule of events can be found at

Starting in 2006, Picture Atlantic came out of the San Jose hardcore scene on a quest to create memorable and melodic rock music. With the release of their first EP “Change is Welcome” , they toured California and the west coast part time, and had the opportunity to play 2007 Warped Tour’s Ernie Ball stage.

Time moved on though, and Picture Atlantic headed into the studio to create 2008′s “Kleos” , their first full length album, which in turn helped them tour more broadly, even winning them a slot to open for Coldplay in San Jose. “Kleos” had bloggers and reviewers drawing musical similarities to The killers, Coldplay, The Cure, The Police, Radiohead, and Death Cab For Cutie, but yet with an original flair all their own.

On Baghdad by the Bay, August 23rd ; Interview with Ugly Winner, The Hooks, Hurry Up Shotgun
August 23, 2012 8:00pm


Ugly Winner
Ugly Winner formed as a three piece in 2008, playing shows around the Bay Area, touring the U.S. West Coast and working on songs for their first full-length entitled “Minutes, Years & Never”. The album was released in 2010, along with a split 7″ with San Francisco based band, Slow Trucks. Suffice to say, the band is rooted in San Jose DIY, local indie music, and art. They are synonymous, almost, with their bassist’s place called the “Ginger Bread House”, a destination for many touring bands choosing to grace the heart of Silicon Valley

The Hooks
Formed in Sligo, Ireland in 2003. We played two nationwide tours with Shane MacGowan, did a few 2FM Fanning sessions.
With 2004 came the trip across the Atlantic to edge of the Pacific and San Francisco.

Hurry Up Shotgun
Oakland’s Hurry Up Shotgun have been playing their muscular noisepop/rock for audiences across the bay area and beyond for 5 years now, growing more powerful with every show. In April of 2011 they went into the studio with Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Helmet, Jello Biafra, Tool) and recorded their 2nd album.

On Baghdad by the Bay, August 16; Interview with Tremor Low and Permanent Collection
August 16, 2012 8:00pm


Tremor Low
Tremor Low is a four-piece band hailing from Oakland, California that creates insistent, brooding post-punk/new-wave music. Tremor Low brings their live experience to crowds throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, delivering a dense swell of synthesizers, iconic vocals and airtight rhythm. In 2012 the band will tour in support of “Kingmaker” hitting the road and inspiring new generations of misanthropes everywhere.

Permanent Collection
Originally beginning as the post-Young Prisms solo project of Jason Hendardy in 2011, San Francisco’s Permanent Collection became a more rounded-out affair when locals Megan Dabkowski (bass), Brenden Nerfa (guitar) and Mike Stillman (drums) were added to the mix. One part pop, one part shoegaze, with a punk spirit and energy, Permanent Collection exists in a world where it can scribble love notes to Creation Records on one hand, while nodding to neighbors Slumberland Records over the bay bridge on the other.

On Baghdad by the Bay, August 9th; Interview with The Stairwell Sisters, My Second Surprise, The Seshen
August 9, 2012 8:00pm


The Stairwell Sisters
Which is exactly the kind of women that make up The Stairwell Sisters. Evie, Stephanie Prausnitz. Lisa Berman, Martha Hawthorne, and Sue Sandlin are career women, organizers, activists and mamas; making ends meet working and living in San Francisco. They also happen to crank out acoustic, old-time music with a punk-rock intensity. Somehow, between raising children, working and releasing records, they’ve taken their band to some rather well-regarded places – appearing on “A Prairie Home Companion,” festival stages from Lincoln Center (NYC) and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (SF) to Celtic Connections (UK), and many points in between.

My Second Surprise
After recording debut album ‘Avoidance As A Way Of Life’, Ayal moved to Brighton UK and released it (2005) under his own ‘StagFrenzy Recordings’ imprint. The album was signed to EMI Music Publishing and debut music video ‘perfect cure’ won the Israeli Grammy and played on MTV Europe. It was time to move on, this time to the States, where he spent part of his childhood. After playing SXSW 2007 he settled in San Francisco and started recording his second album, on which he’s doing pretty much everything (except for strings & horns). This sophomore effort, titled ‘Time To Move On’, was mixed in Tucson AZ by Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Iron & Wine) and self-released in 2009.

The Seshen
The Seshen is a 7-piece Bay Area-based band whose songs mix live and electronic elements. Their music utilizes electronic textures to suggest complex emotions and vivid imagery but also to blur the distinction between the abstract and the familiar. The Seshen takes influences from electronic music, hip-hop, pop, R&B, dub, and indie rock to create beat-driven compositions with a strong emotional core. The band consists of bassist/producer Aki Ehara, drummer Chris Thalmann, keyboardist Mahesh Rao, percussionist Mirza Kopelman and synchronizer/sampler Kumar Butler, who provide the sonic backdrop for vocalists Lalin St. Juste and Akasha Orr.

On Baghdad by the Bay, August 2nd; Interview with The Wild Kindness and Persephone’s Bees
August 2, 2012 8:00pm


The Wild Kindness
Mike Alexis (guitar, vocals), Doug Saenz (drums, keyboards), James Levis (guitar) and Ross Murray (bass) received their indie rock bonafides through years in the bands AM Magic, the Decoration, Upstairs Downstairs and Actionslacks. What brought these four together for another go-around is simple: old friendships, mutual respect and a shared musical history. No Craigslist; no hired guns. The timing was right and the Wild Kindness was inevitable.

Formed in June 2011, the band immediately got to work, writing songs and getting a few shows under their belt before hunkering down to record their debut EP, Coming Down to the Ghost. Recorded by James Levis at a warehouse in San Francisco’s SOMA district, the band spent random nights in early fall using borrowed mics and rack-mounted gear courtesy of Kyle McGraw from Faultline Studios. The result is a sharp-focused batch of songs with roots in psych, garage and indie pop.

Persephone’s Bees
Russian born singer/composer/keyboardist Angelina Moysov and Californian guitarist Tom Ayres don’t have a style or genre, unless Progressive-Retro-Psychedelic-Glam-Fusion-Circus-Pop makes sense — and it kinda does. Blessed with the support of the busy Brooklyn rhythm section of Robin Macmillan (drums) and Jacob Silver (bass), PBees live shows are mythical, magical, one of a kind moments of sheer fun! “Notes From The Underworld”, their first release on Columbia in 2006, was produced by Eric Valentine (Queens Of The Stoneage, Nickel Creek). The second self-produced collection, “New In Berlin”, is just coming out, the title track describing Angelina’s lyrical predictions of a sic-fi world where “No revolution is possible in this…” and her insane Yoko Ono styled vocal screams. Still walking their own path between reverence and disloyalty for all their loved influences, the LP “New In Berlin” continues with the same tight arrangements, sweet vocals, and insane guitar that their fansdescribe as “mesmerizing”!

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 26th; Interview with Dirty Ghosts, The Memorials
July 26, 2012 8:00pm


Dirty Ghosts
Allyson Baker doesn’t scare easily. Back in the ’90s, she was sneaking into 
Dwarves shows and frequenting mosh pits before she was barely out of 
junior high; by age of 17, she was playing guitar for some of 
Toronto’s most notorious punk and hardcore bands (Teen Crud Combo 
R.I.P.), before leaving her friends and family behind in 2000 to shake 
some action in San Francisco. And yet, for all her apparent 
fearlessness, Allyson is very much haunted by forces beyond her control. Dirty Ghosts may be her 
new band, but it’s the five-years-in-the-making product of a 
habit she just can’t quit, a sound and vision that—despite numerous obstacles along the way—just had to be unleashed. True to their name, Dirty Ghosts rose from the ashes of San Francisco sludge-blues combo Parchman Farm in 2006; as an antidote to that band’s wall of squall, Baker and fellow Parchman Farm exile Carson Binks (another Toronto expat) launched Dirty Ghosts as a stripped-down duo, writing rhythmically driven new songs 
built around intricate drum loops pieced together by Aesop Rock. And as if this relaxed, more experimental ethic wasn’t a radical 
enough shift for these life-long punk-rockers, for the first time in 
her musical career, Allyson was forced to add “vocalist” to her résumé.

The Memorials
The Memorials were spearheaded by Bay Area drumming prodigy, Thomas Pridgen, in December of 2009. After a few years performing with The Mars Volta, Thomas turned his attention to forming his own group, incorporating a range of styles as diverse as the experiences of the bands members. Instead of becoming another rock bands’ heartbeat, the focus was to collaborate with proficient musicians whom Thomas felt would fill a void he has heard in rock music throughout his life. Thomas reached out to friends and former students of the esteemed Berklee College of Music, Viveca Hawkins (vocals), and Nick Brewer (guitars), to join him in his newest endeavor. Recording with his friend’s yielded a family vibe that enabled a comfortable yet intense recording process. The groups’ assets were rounded out with the addition of a bass, organ, synthesizers, and multiple percussive elements.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 19th; Interview with Extra Life!, Blank Tapes, Glimpse Trio, The Ian Fays
July 19, 2012 8:00pm


Extra Life!
Brooklyn-based Extra Life have challenged various underground circles with their dark, unclassifiable fusion of Experimental, Pop, Industrial, Prog, Classical and even Medieval aesthetics. The band’s dramatic sound, labeled by some as “Plague Pop”, has been called everything from “genius” to “pretentious” to “religious”. Extra Life was formed in 2007 by singer/keyboardist Charlie Looker after his departure from influential noise-chamber cult Zs and his brief stints with Dirty Projectors and Dax Riggs. After some lineup changes, the band gelled as a trio with guitarist/violinist producer Caley Monahon-Ward (of Snowblink) and drummer Nick Podgurski (of Feast of the Epiphany)

Blank Tapes
The Blank Tapes is the monicker of Los Angeles / San Francisco based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Matt Adams, who has produced 9 albums of “winsome pop tunes” (OC Weekly) and “Kinks-plus-Creedence roots-rock ‘n’ roll” (LA Record) recorded almost entirely by himself on an 8 track cassette tape recorder in garages, basements & sheds across the California coast. Lately his band has consisted of Pearl Charles, DA Humphrey, & Will Halsey and the four piece recently toured Europe for their second time sharing stages with the likes of Thee Oh Sees and R. Stevie Moore. Immediately before that, they toured Japan for their first time along with the director of the surf movie Stoked & Broke by (which includes over a dozen Blank Tapes songs in the soundtrack and has gained international acclaim within the surf community). Earlier this year, they also toured Brazil for their second time (after having 2 of their songs featured in TV commercials), not to mention all of the massive amounts touring they’ve done here in America.

Glimspe Trio
Blending their signature brand of frenzied, improv-driven musicality with a sound rooted in rock, Glimpse Trio’s music is accessible and challenging all at once.
Singer and guitarist Mike Sopko and Hamir Atwal are the driving forces behind Glimpse Trio’s music. Drawing from classical training-with a heavy focus on improvisation- Sopko and Atwal craft songs that nod to their diverse influences and speak to their suburban musical roots.

The Ian Fays
The Ian Fays are a folk-electro-casio pop quartet from San Francisco, CA. They wear matching outfits every show and are known to give out amazing party favors to audiences. The group is fronted by twin sister singer-song writers and has a revolving back-up band. This back-up band always includes their older sister who dances and plays xylophone, triangle, tambourine, bells and an egg shaker.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 12th; Interview with Dogcatcher and Wave Array
July 12, 2012 8:00pm


There’s something magical that happens when four musicians come together from four completely different backgrounds. For Mountain View’s Dogcatcher, the result is a mellow, subtly-intense blend of soul, jazz, folk and indie-rock. Their first album, KILR, was a quiet folk-oriented solo album Heine wrote while living in San Diego and digesting the Iraq War he’d recently returned from. After KILR, Heine returned to his hometown, Mountain View, and formed a proper group, plucking musicians out of totally different bands to create an eclectic, genre-defying sound. On Dogcatcher’s second album, It’s Easy, the four members demonstrate that they have truly come into their own. Heine’s soft, hushed voice and simple-stated lyrics compliment the easy, hip-shaking nature of the music. But for listeners looking for lyrics with depth, Heine will not disappoint. Rather than aim for overt expressions of emotion, Heine always goes for the understated, which makes the emotionality behind the music that much more powerful with repeat listens.

Wave Array
Wave Array is a four-piece rock band hailing from the East Bay/San Francisco, CA that is stretching the limits of alternative/indie rock into the psychedelic and experimental realms. Using vibrant guitar and bass work, driving rhythms, and palpable melodies, the quartet aims to resonate frequencies of human emotion and thought buried beneath the preoccupation of everyday life. Wave Array’s eclectic compositions of melodic vamps and hard hitting jams have already sparked the interest of the Bay Area music community as well as local and nation-wide radio. Their self-produced debut album, Cheapjack Moon, is available on iTunes and Amazon.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 5th, Interview with MoonFox, New Diplomat, Shana Falana
July 5, 2012 8:00pm


MoonFox is a bone clattering, boot stomping, San Francisco based rock and roll band. Formed in the embers of 2011 by songwriter and lyricist Danika Ingraham, the group is a vehicle for bringing her nightmares and fantasies to life through the ritual magick of song. Taking inspiration from the poetic anarchy of Patti Smith, the world weary cynicism of Tom Waits, and the hellish fury of Nick Cave, MoonFox seeks to forge a sound instantly recognizable and approachable, with a heavy dose of introspective and emotional lyrics that eat away at the psyche of the listener long after the music ends.
Fronted by the firecracker Ingraham, whose vocals lilt and moan like the echoes of a haunted whorehouse, the band is rounded out by the face melting leads of SF music veteran Stuart Ackridge (Flower Road, King Kong, Krayola Picasso, Too Hot To Bark), the shredding bass of Tommy Anderson (Electric Shepherd, The Love Dimension), and the relentless drum beats of Tyler Weeks.

New Diplomat
Alt/Electro/Rock band New Diplomat manages a sound that is both fresh and familiar. Hailing from all over the world (Belgium, Italy, U.S, Argentina and Uruguay) and uniting in San Francisco, CA they consolidated an EP that is as accessible as it is crafted. Evocative of the accessibility of The Killers, The Strokes or Muse; New Diplomat is Impulsive, Melodic but Highly Charged.Their debut “Buy Yourself Some Freedom” has already landed them sold out shows, festival appearances such as Noise Pop 2012, SXSW 2012 and BFD 2012 as well as a single produced by Dan the Automator (Gorillaz, Kasabian), soon to be released.

Shana Falana
Shana Falana is an experimental pysch-pop band emerging from Brooklyn’s vast shoegaze scene. Combining live-looping of reverb-drenched vocals and guitar with drums, pre-recorded “backing tracks”, and stunning visual projections, Shana’s live experience has often been described as transcendental. Praised as “the most entrancing modern psychedelic pop now being made” by Chronogram magazine (NY), Shana is now touring the US and Europe in support of her debut EP, “In The Light”.

On Baghdad by the Bay, June 28; Interview with Corner Laughers and Via Coma
June 28, 2012 8:00pm


Corner Laughers
Fresh from the fields of Mystery Lawn Music, San Francisco Bay Area indiepoppers The Corner Laughers invite listeners to gather in their summer-solstice 2012 release ‘Poppy Seeds’. The record is a shimmering love letter to the Golden State, offering the clever wordplay, magical melodies and heartbreaking harmonies fans and critics have come to expect from the group while breaking new ground in focus, depth and texture. The band is led by singer/ukulele player Karla Kane, with bassist Khoi Huynh, drummer Charlie Crabtree, and guitarists KC Bowman and co-founder Angela Silletto, who made the poignant decision to leave the band midway through the recording of the album to pursue a new path, away from her native California. Their sound defies pigeonholes but has been compared to that of Kirsty MacColl, XTC and, despite some sunshine-pop tendencies, the “rainy melancholia” of Camera Obscura (Magnet Magazine). Produced by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels), Poppy Seeds also features collaborations with powerpop legend Mike Viola (Candy Butchers) and psych-pop expat Anton Barbeau.

Via Coma
Formed in 2009, Via Coma consists of Rob Marshall (vocalist/bassist/lyricist), Jesse Kyle (vocalist/pianist), and Nicolas Gracia (vocalist/guitarist). The band release their first demo, Bridges, in 2009, which saw two pressing and is currently sold out physically but still available through iTunes.

In the summer of 2010, Via Coma began writing their first full-length album. The sound of the yet to be release record is a departure as well as an expansion from the sound of Bridges. Over the course of writing and recording, Via Coma developed a knack for song craftsmanship, melody and sonic nuance; qualities one rarely hears in the same package.

On Baghdad by the Bay, June 21th; Interview with Hooray for Everything, Caldecott, Cool Ghouls, Future Twin
June 21, 2012 8:00pm


Hooray for Everything
Hooray for Everything is a loud, melodic, and energetic female-fronted punk band from the East Bay. Core members Faith Gardner (guitar and vox) and Jamie Sanitate (drums) have played in many different bands, together and separate, and HFE is their latest incarnation together. HFE has been around for about five years and their current bassist is longtime friend Matt Peterson from Tucson, Arizona. Their music is influenced by and/or has been compared to The Wipers, Husker Du, Team Dresch, The Big Boys, and even Black Sabbath amongst many others. HFE’s releases include a 2009 self-titled full length CD and a 2011 split 7″ with Angries from Corvallis, Oregon, and plan to record a second full-length in the near future. Other HFE achievements include time and interplanetary travel, the resurrection and destruction of the Cyclops race, baking excellent pies, and writing unprofessional bios about their band.

Caldecott is an organically grown band of working men based in Oakland, creating music based on experiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Each aspect of Caldecott contributes a unique and essential taste in music, which is shaped into something all communities can appreciate. The group takes any opportunity to build beautiful melodies and foot-stomping rhythms for everyone that understands passionate music and good times.

Cool Ghouls
Cool Ghouls began as a prenatal brain child between high school classmates, Pat McDonald and Pat Thomas back in 2007. Originally called The Patricks, the band was hatched between the two Pats while McDonald was a freshman at SF State and Thomas was a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. They emailed each other demos and extolled the merits and virtues of rock n roll until Thomas finished school in 2010 and moved home to Benicia, a half hour Northeast of SF.
They started jamming at Pat’s practice space on 6th and Market and enlisted fellow Benicia native, Ryan Wong to supply the tunes with ripping guitar solos. The Pats remembered Ryan from high school as that younger guy who could shred way harder than both of them combined. Pat got SF State classmate and good-timing New Jerseyite, Cody Voorhees to play drums. Thomas, McDonald, and Wong all came up with some catchy tunes. They practiced harmonies. They developed musical telepathy. They drank beer and malt liquor. They started realizing they sounded pretty good. Pat watched a Parliament Funkadelic concert film and heard George Clinton say, “How you cool ghouls doing tonight?” They called the band Cool Ghouls.

Future Twins
Future Twin was originally brought together by the first all girl moped gang in San Francisco, The Lockits. They became fast friends and were soon waxing synth songs, huffing gasoline and making shred tents. Now consisting of Jean Jeanie (gtr/vox/field recordings), Antonio Roman-Alcala (drums), Jo Bleak (rhythm & bass), and Dan DK (synths & bass), their music juxtaposes a tangible beauty with an honest grit that can only come from a band birthed and breathing in San Francisco’s Mission District. The band has announced the dual release date of July 31st for the new Resist 7″ as well as Future Twin Deluxe Edition, a limited edition cd release combining the new 7″ along with the 5-song EP/cassette Situation. The single “Situation” is available for free download, and the video for “Landslide” was premiered by Impose recently. The band will be playing San Francisco this summer, and will also be hitting Brooklyn, NY for a pair of shows as well.

On Baghdad by the Bay, June 7th; Live performance by Spidermeow and interview with Vandella
June 7, 2012 8:00pm


Spidermeow is a psychedelic alt-country trio from Oakland that melds art-rock and americana. Combining dedication to songcraft with an extrapolative improvisational outlook, the music is informed by the disparate yet organically consonant background of the the three main participants. Singer songwriter and guitarist Anthony Pulsipher was raised in east Tennesee , more interested in SST bands and LSD than country music. His lead guitar is informed by years of Transcendental meditation and red meat. Ron Guensche is the prodigal Pleasanton boy. The hi-fi whiz of the band, he can build a bass guitar from scratch using nothing more than a coffee table and a drawer of twist ties. Ivel Raival’s native Indonesia is a nation of islands and the laid back lava of the drums reflects the sublime heat he brings to the party. Spidermeow is more band than beast, a philosophy of action Formed in 2009 they are finishing their 2nd album. Expected for release early fall 2012.

In the best kind of way, Vandella can be a tough band to pin down. A 4-piece, female-fronted band from San Francisco, their music takes listeners from the gulches of swampy, guitar-driven rock and the dusty twang of Americana to the amber honey of country-tinged folk. The result is an eclectic library that’s fresh yet somehow familiar. In their three years together, the tight-knit group has come a long way: 2009 saw the release of the V EP, with the band working up the ranks of the local music scene to earn bills at San Francisco staples such as Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, and Café du Nord, to name a few. Two West Coast tours and spots on coveted bills and festivals with nationally-touring acts followed. Set to release their debut full-length album, Fire in the Desert, in May 2012 and embark on yet another tour, the foursome is hard at work and looks to be having a hell of a time doing it.

On Baghdad by the Bay, May 31st: Live performance by Callow; Dear Indugu spins new album and more
May 31, 2012 8:00pm


Red Moses and Sami Knowles met at a San Francisco house party in the fall of 2006, but it wasn’t until three years later, when they got an RV and hit the road, that their musical life became priority. The two, which make up the indie duo Callow, have been living in the bay and touring the West ever since. The simplicity and challenge of life in a tiny space has no doubt influenced their sound– a hauntingly minimal, meaty, introspective and transcendental kind of art rock, conceptualized on their debut album Orb Weaver (released May 3, NxNW Records). Red’s raw contralto is reminiscent of Vice Chestnut, while Sami creates a dark, primordial landscape with the simultaneous use of keyboard and percussion.

Dear Indugu
Guest DJ
Dear Indugu is an acoustic/electric indie-rock band from Oakland, California noted for powerful instrumentation, potent lyrics, and rich vocal harmony. What began as the solo project of singer-songwriter Jesse Strickman, grew into a permanent four-piece, with an occasional live horn section. The name, Dear Indugu, is inspired by the film ‘About Schmidt’ and is a metaphor for the communication of one’s innermost feelings to complete strangers.

On Baghdad by the Bay, May 24th: Interview with Tawnee Kendall, Finish Ticket and Cassandra Farrar + The Left Brains
May 24, 2012 8:00pm


Tawnee Kendall
Tawnee Kendall, accompanied by her band, The Hangover Brigade, captivates audiences with her heart-felt, soulful songs, a rich, powerful voice and dynamic performances. Tawnee’s musical roots began with folk and bluegrass; the likes of Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Alison Krauss. Over her 20 years of songwriting and performing, Tawnee has expanded into the genres of rock, jazz, and soul. Her upcoming EP features songs that range from heartbreaking to hilarious. Each one, an emotional and evocative tale. Tawnee has the ability to transport you, electrify you, excite you.

Finish Ticket
Finish Ticket is young and promising indie pop band from the San Francisco Bay Area, consisting of twin brothers Brendan and Michael Hoye, and Alex DiDonato. They formed the band in 2008, and while still in high school, quickly became recognized by many bay area blogs/tastemakers as one of SF Bay Area’s best new local acts. Now barely out of high school, Finish Ticket has self-released two EPs, “Life Underwater” in 2009 and “Shake a Symphony” in 2010 and has opened for large touring acts, such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Train, The Black Keys, Phoenix, Broken Bells, Young the Giant, Switchfoot, Awolnation, 100 Monkeys, and many more. You can hear their songs “New York” and “Rivers” played on The Bay Area’s Live 105 (FM 105.3), the top radio station in the area for modern and alternative rock music. This past summer, after a successful nation-wide college radio campaign, they embarked on their first national tour with Bird By Bird (Jonathan Devoto, formerly of The Matches), which included two radio shows/festivals put on by Live 105, and a slot on Milwaukee’s annual Summerfest music festival, where they shared the stage with Young the Giant and Switchfoot. Currently they are writing and recording new songs for an upcoming full length that will be produced by Pierre de Reeder of Rilo Kiley (Vampire Weekend, Julian Casablancas, She & Him).

Cassandra Farrar + The Left Brains
San Francisco musician Cassandra Farrar, along with the support of her Band the Left Brains, brings to life, in a fusion of folk/pop/rock sounds, Cassandra’s lyrical diary. With fun, quirky, and upbeat tunes from her guitar and ukulele, Cassandra Farrar and her Left Brains bring a variety of relatable and honest music to the table. Her unique vocals and catchy hooks will get stuck inside your brain instantly. Cassandra Farrar+ the Left Brains are proud to release their debut CD as a band, “Hello My Name Is…” Though just starting out, they are always excited to meet new folks & share their music through live performances locally and eventually globally.

On Baghdad by the Bay, May 17th, Interview with Ambience, Dangermaker, and Avengers
May 17, 2012 8:00pm


We’re a group of guys who love to make music. Sometimes we’re from San Francisco, and sometimes San Jose.. but its actually Cupertino

We came together in a garage in 2004. The awkward years taught us a lot and we emerged as a band called Ambience somewhere along the way. We like big epic jams and effects pedals, although sometimes its so much more satisfying to break it down with just naked, natural percussion.

Having complimentary strengths and weaknesses allows us to create the music we write. Knowing when a song is complete is also really important, whether it takes 3 minutes or 3 months. Songs are usually born in the studio for us, but they don’t mature until we perform them. You can really say that about any form of art though, its meant to be shared.

Dangermaker emerged from San Francisco, CA when singer/songwriter Adam Burnett unveiled a series of unfinished home demos to drummer Carlos Rodrigues. They collaborated to create edgier sounding songs than either had previously, resulting in a widely reviewed 5-track EP including the Owl Mag naming Dangermaker “One of my top 5 favorite Indie bands in the Bay Area”. However, the band was still an incomplete duo until bassist Peter Ruecktenwald rode his bike across the country to San Francisco and keyboardist David DeAngelis left the Arkansas Delta to see what the West Coast had to offer. While all four members began as complete strangers, they were brought together by a shared passion and need to create music reflective of their diverse backgrounds, tastes, and influences, a need that came to fruition when they went into Studio SQ to record “Black Dream” with producers John Flores and Justin Sachs.

“One of the first and finest bands to emerge from San Francisco’s punk scene & major inspiration in a scene that flourished long after they broke up. Singer Penelope Houston was one of the pioneering women of American punk.”
—Mark Deming Allmusic

May 10th: Interview with White Cloud, Rin Tin Tiger, Disappearing People
May 10, 2012 8:00pm


White Cloud
WHITE CLOUD has been playing in the Bay Area for 3 years, from major venues and art shows, to warehouses, even an old AC Transit Bus outside of Ashby BART. Formed in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, with the intent to merge the various members musical interests, which range from Neu!, Aphex Twin, Syd Barrett, Faust, Love, Sonic Youth to name just a couple. With the first official EP coming out in the next following months (recorded at the historic Different Fur Studios, and by the band), it follows a loose concept of a schizophrenic time traveler. WHITE CLOUD consists of James Murphy (drums, vocals) Shiv Mehra (guitar,bass, vocals) Patrick Vacchio (bass, guitar, keys) and Nicolas Capello (vocals, guitar, bass, keys)

Rin Tin Tiger
Rin Tin Tiger is an alternative folk rock trio from San Francisco, CA. High energy, lyric heavy, dynamic music lead by an acoustic guitar. Essentially, a group of condemned little brehs.”Upbeat Dylan-esque tunes…these guys bear watching” – SF Weekly

Disappearing People
Disappearing People are a new two-piece lo-fi group out of Oakland comprised of drummer Landon Monroe Bates and vocalist/guitarist Scott Travis Johnston. The duo have just put out their first cassette release Dissolve (2) which was self-recorded and then mastered by Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris). The six-song release is full of lengthy lo-fi psych tracks with whirling reverberated vocals over dark, grungy and hazy guitars and loops.

On Baghdad the Bay, May 3rd. Interviews with Devotionals, Ghost & the City, Worth Taking
May 3, 2012 8:00pm


Devotionals is a humble exploration of existence, the time bound-less ache upon awakening, a rumination on the composition of the everyday breath. Based around the compositions of Tyson Vogel, the band constantly evolves into a gathering of universes built by the presences of Jeff Blair, Lewis Patzner, Emily Ritz, Erin Wang, Andrew Maguire, Joanna Blanche Lioce, Alfred Ramos. Giving a nod of reverence to what has come in forms of Rachmaninov to John Fahey, to the unknown echos of the street musician, these songs a midwife to the gravity of a heart and the ache to understand.

Ghost and the City
In 2008, Oakland based collective, Ghost & the City, tested the waters with their debut self titled album, followed strongly by their second release Sazerac – the name for a whiskey drink that takes a different approach to an old-fashioned. Delightfully appropriate considering the style of music Ghost plays is a reassembly of the past. This summer the collective is releasing a series of singles and remixes produced by the Bay Area’s finest and made available for free download via And remember, respect the bowtie.

Worth Taking
Not one for idle hands, Worth Taking’s Jerod McBrayer has an unquenchable thirst for creating catchy songs for himself as well as others. When he’s not mastering tracks for well known musicians around the country, Jerod is touring the states with any of the numerous groups he contributes to (Treephort, E For Explosion, and The Home Alones… just to name a few) or on Festivals such as Cornerstone.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 19th: Interview with The Hollyhocks, Custom Kicks, Minor Kingdoms
April 19, 2012 8:00pm


The Hollyhocks
Dan Jewett and his pal Kristin Sobditch layer on guitar dreaminess, while bassist Yuri Jewett and Kristin share their sonic stories. The Hollyhocks will take you on a journey through a forest of lush instrumentation. Along the way, you will stumble across some pretty female harmonies and they will invite you inside to stay warm. But don’t be fooled, their lyrics are darker than you think. Good thing drummer Jason Silverio leaves behind enough beats and breadcrumbs for you to find your way back home.

After a year in the studio, The Hollyhocks, working with producer Allen Clapp (Orange Peels), have completed their debut album Understories. The album features an eclectic mix of interwoven, layered guitar combined and lush female vocal harmony that have made the Hollyhocks favorites locally. Inspired by such artists as the New Pornographers and Throwing Muses, the band took the time to sonically grow together before setting out on last year’s recording adventure with Clapp. The results are obvious as the songs range in texture and intensity, but always capture that unique hint of Oakland flavor with a pinch of optimism and a dash of darkness.

Custom Kicks
The Custom Kicks are a punk band with a power fop feel. Their sound is directly influenced by bands such as The Rezillos, The Dickies, and The Zeros. Although fronted by Guitarist, Kate McClure, all members sing in both English and Japanese. Members include Adachi Herouki on Bass (member of local acts The Pleasure Kills/Basements XOXO) Miki Kodoma on Keys (XMember of Japanese Thrash/Metal band Little Princess) and Jordan Christensen on Drums (XMember of Riverboat Gamblers) They most recently released a 7″ on Silver Sprocket.

Minor Kingdoms
Minor Kingdom was born in a Minneapolis bedroom in the fall of 2007. What started as a solo recording outlet for frontman and songwriter Kristian Melom quickly grew to a collaborative platform, housing over twenty rotating members. Assembled around a unique cast of professional musicians; the group fuses elements of post-rock, folk, and blues to create an eclectic genre they can call their own. The music has recently drawn comparisons to other artists: Wilco, Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and Bonnie Prince Billy among others.

Over the past four years Minor Kingdom have released two albums, toured the Midwest and gained national exposure playing for local radio stations. The project has recently relocated to San Francisco, CA where Kristian is planning a solo West Coast tour to support the group’s latest release entitled “Don’t Worry Baby.”

On Baghdad by the Bay, April 12th; Interview with TV Mike and the Scarecrows and Cannons and Clouds, Live performance by Brian Belknap
April 12, 2012 8:00pm


TV Mike and the Scarecrows
Gathered in kitchens with kettles and cans of aluminum lager the songs performed by this ensemble echo the limestone hills that they hail from. songs that paint simple stories of hearts and pines but with the heat of another Saturday night We have played with: tUnE-YarDs, Fruit Bats, Horse Feathers, Rafter, Beachwood Sparks, The Donkeys, Karl Blau, The Avett Brothers, The Impossible Shapes, Catfish Haven, My Morning Jacket, Awesome Cool Dudes, Drakkar Sauna, Pink Moutaintops, Minus Story, Cross Canadian Rag Weed, Trailer Bride, and many more.

Brian Belknap
Brian Belknap’s latest release, Cradle to Grave is a homemade record that benefits enormously from the fact that the home in question belongs to M Ward and She and Him producer sideman Mike Coykendall.

Coykendall was largely responsible for Belknap’s return to the music scene after a 10 year hiatus, helping him put out 2008′s Lucky Me. That album eventually came to the attention of Director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City) who featured three of it’s songs in the new Showtime series Look! that debuted in the fall. Rifkin has called Belknap “one of the greatest singer/songwriters alive today.”

Cradle to Grave picks up where Lucky Me Left off, with Belknap in top form alternating between accordion, mandolin, slide and acoustic guitar and Coykendall bringing the same sensibility that has put him in demand by everyone from Conor Oberst and Jolie Holland to Blitzen Trapper.

Recorded live in just two days with minimal overdubs the record captures both the intensity and intimacy that makes Belknap so compelling on stage.

Cannons and Clouds
San Francisco’s Cannons and Clouds assert smartly designed, melody-forward indie rock. Their sound, both wistful and dynamic, is accentuated by slow-building acoustics, classical harp, and rich multi-part harmonies portraying unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives.

On Baghdad by the Bay, April 5th: Interview with Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World, Young Digerati and 8th Grader
April 5, 2012 8:00pm


Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World
There are many ways to make Slow Moving Lions, and they will all keep you equally buzzed. Here are some common methods:
3 parts strings: 1 part saw
3 parts ohio born: 1 part oakland
3 parts xy: 1 part xx
3 parts berkeley: 1 part west oakland
3 parts carless: 1 part van owning
3 parts tobacco: 1 part non-smoking
3 parts folk: 1 part punk
3 parts love stories: 1 part drinking songs

Young Digerati are the architects of a synth-heavy, Anglo-centric, (small “r”) romantic sound that could have been built only in San Francisco (or in 1985). So it’s no shock they’ve already scored airplay on their hometown’s influential Live 105 – or that they’ve been booked on the station’s BFD Festival and on DJ Aaron Axelsen’s legendary “Britpop” night Popscene.

The prototypical Young D tune features lushly programmed keyboards and guitars, layered over live drums and bass. It inevitably stars a girl whom the band clearly will never get, and guys with whom they’ll never quite fit in. “Why do the girls I like move to the South to start a brand new life?” That’s the ego-crushing query that crops up in the very first line of the debut single, The Dauphin. The band’s expanding cycle of songs consistently and un-self-consciously calls to mind the Pet Shop Boys collaborating with the Postal Service on the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes film. They’re currently writing, recording, and performing gigs on the West Coast and around the Bay Area.

8th Grader
Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, 8th Grader breathes new life into the slow jam with soulful harmonies and R & B inspired ear candy.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 29th; Interview with My Parade and Bonnie and the Bang Bangs
March 29, 2012 8:00pm


My Parade
My Parade is from Oakland California. Formed by singer song writer Grady Hord, who hails from the southern United States, and lead guitar player Don Valle, a Bay Area native, the music is deeply rooted in southern blues and west coast garage rock. The result is a celebration of classic tones, guitar heavy rock n roll, and lyric based song writing. The band is rounded out by Colie Sutter on bass guitar and Steve Herbowy on the drums. All are from different walks of life, brought together by the joy of playing music.

Bonnie & the BANG BANG
Bonnie & the BANG BANG is a force you soon won’t be able to ignore. They are a breath of fresh air in a sea of musical derivatives. With simple song structures, cutting lyrics, rich bluegrass textures and grooving rhythms, their sound is cleverly pop, a fresh take on the folk aesthetic.

Their live show is formidable. The music sweeps in like the cold waters of a slow flood. The tension rises and soon you find yourself up to your neck in the rhythm. Tom Baugh is the glue. His piano and synth leads rip through the warm fabric of guitar, banjo and mandolin played deftly by Jake Dineen. Joe Warren is a rhythm section onto himself. With deep, sometimes effected acoustic guitar, a kick drum and a high hat, Warren’s double duty in Bonnie is an impressive feat. You won’t be able to keep from swaying from side to side and bouncing on the balls of your feet. The experience is exponentially better when you know the words and can sing along.

The lyrics are subtle and thoughtful. Patrick James Stiles can build on an image or an emotion, arresting the listener’s attention and leading them through the corridors of a haunting dream. His narratives are gripping, and although his darker themes are sometimes explicit, the melody is always catchy. You might find yourself humming some of his lyrics the next day.

Bonnie & the BANG BANG have the tools to take the indie music world by storm. They are taking the steps and climbing the ladder of the Bay Area music scene at a rapid pace.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 22nd; Interview with Penelope Houston, Animal Lore, Sorry Ever After
March 22, 2012 8:00pm


Penelope Houston
Penelope Houston’s seventh studio album On Market Street was incubated for seven years and recorded in seven months at the San Francisco Bay Area’s prestigious Fantasy Studios. The award-winning singer/songwriter who cut her teeth in the legendary punk band The Avengers has turned to tales of revenge and forgiveness, of love both sanctified and illicit.

Animal Lore
Animal Lore is a four-piece indie band from San Jose, California. The band consists of Joseph Choe, Ben Troung, Nick Troughton, and Thomas Arballo. Their music is derived from a broad spectrum of sounds. Influenced by a wide range of different artists, Animal Lore weaves intricate layers of sound with a myriad of instruments and subtle changes in melody.

Sorry Ever After
The music of SorryEverAfter comes from a not so dark, somewhat spacious place that combines a strangely hypnotic blend of gritty feedback laden guitars and a locomotive back beat that bolsters a sweet layer of vocal harmonies. The sum total is a blissed out mix of succinct and heartfelt musical blasts that have you feeling the heat of the sun even on the darkest of days. Unhinged? Not even close. At the heart of it all is Lynda Mandolyn, a Detroit-born, San Francisco-based singer and songwriter whose guitar and voice breathes life into every song. The approach is heartfelt, infectious, like bare wires clinging to a distinctive swagger–never too light for sane. SorryEverAfter gives hope to the idea that not all good intentions come from happy places. There, they’ve said it. “We’re based on happy times–seventy percent of always”.
Along with fellow indie rock vets Christa DiBiase (guitar,vocals), Erica Liss (bass), and Mike Cloward (drums)–they have decided to forget the past and forge a new future that doesn’t kick around the notion of poetic interpretation. The band’s intimate chemistry creates a controlled chaos — loud and rumbling, with multiple instruments never fighting to be heard as much as it can be smothered by emotion running the length of your spine. It’s all about the dynamics and how the group has gelled and how it has become a remarkably powerful ensemble. Stack up their favorite records and it makes for a fairly eclectic library.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 15th; Interview with Water Strider and DRMS
March 15, 2012 8:00pm


Water Strider
Ranging from melancholic and dreamy to foot-­‐stomping revelry, Waterstrider fills their songs with sincerity, sadness, and joy. Sweeping three part vocal harmonies and addicting African guitar licks abound. This is music you hear while exploring a windy beach or stumbling out of a tangled forest into a fire dance of magical creatures. The band formed and produced their first EP, “Constellation”, while living in a co-­‐op in Berkeley, California. With a virtually non-­‐existent budget and a bedroom for a studio, they recorded their four-­‐song EP, Constellation, by themselves. They are now in the process of recording their first full-­‐length album.

DRMS, a newly-formed collaboration fronted by Emily Ritz of Honeycomb and Yesway and led by keyboardist Rob Shelton of The Moanin Dove, melds multiple genres into a pulsating rhythmic psychedelic pop juggernaut. The ensemble’s sound has been described what would happen if Billie Holiday was selected to perform in an electro-afro-pop infused band curated by David Lynch. DRMS is scheduled to release their upcoming album in Spring 2012.
True to its supergroup status, DRMS boasts an all star cast of some of the Bay Area’s best musicians, with resumes including a wide range of projects, from Magik*Magik Orchestra to Thao and Mirah. In addition to Ritz and Shelton, the group features Andrew Maguire and Geneva Harrison tag-teaming the vibraphone and various percussion instruments, Jesse Cafiero on bass and lap steel guitar, Jake Nochimow on drums, and Zach Rubin-Rattet handling the guitars.

Interview with Tumbleweed Wanderers, Seeking Empire, Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires, The Crazies Will Destroy You
March 8, 2012 8:00pm


Tumbleweed Wanderers
Jeremy Lyon and Zak Mandel-Romann formed Tumbleweed Wanderers in March 2011. Sharing a mutual admiration of the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” and Fleet Foxes “Ragged Wood” the two left college to pursue music full-time. They recruited keyboardist Patrick Glynn, whom Zak had played with since he was ten, drummer Daniel Blum, whom Jeremy met when he was sweeping the floors of a recording studio, and singer / banjo player / guitarist Rob Fidel, whom Jeremy met at an open mic on the first day of college at UC Santa Cruz. Young and energetic, this group will get you rocking and dancing the night away. The Wanderers are reminiscent of Dylan, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Simon and Garfunkel. Their voices and instruments bring a youthful freshness mixed with old soul wisdom.

Seeking Empire
Seeking Empire is a San Francisco rock project featuring bay area musicians Nikki Aclaro and Alan Kao (Mud) Phil Pristia (Phantom Kicks) Paul Thomas (Good Charlotte) Cary LaScala (The Lovemakers). Debut album produced by Paul Thomas. It started over two years ago as a meeting amongst friends. We quickly realized that it was more than just a side project and have been working hard ever since. With three sold out shows, we hope to make March 10th a fourth!!

Erin Brazill and the Brazillionaires
I was born and raised in Mendocino, California and was fairly entrenched in music, community theatre, and writing poetry from a young age, and there was always a fiddle or a banjo around the house for after-dinner family jams. I studied classical piano and voice as a child up through college, as well as literature and creative writing. After college I moved to San Francisco and worked in jazz clubs in North Beach in SF bartending, booking bands, immersing myself in jazz and writing constantly, feverishly, and glamorously with great beatnik flourish, filling little notebooks with florid lines and flowing, sparkling prose, treasuring those little journals stashed behind the bar.

In the past five years I have been lucky enough to play with a group of very talented, creative and generous people who have stirred and blended their musical gifts and ideas into my music. We play original compositions that I have written, reflective of my time in San Francisco, my rural child hood and travels, and my experiences with friends and loved ones. We primarily focus on our original tunes, though we do throw in a few well-loved or unusual covers here and there.

The Crazies Will Destroy You
The Crazies Will Destroy You is a high-energy power-pop band from San Francisco. Not ones to stare at their shoelaces, the Crazies hop about enthusiastically and sing about the lives of other people with conviction.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 1st: Interview with Stages of Sleep, Hungry Hungry Ghost, Tomihira
March 1, 2012 8:00pm


Stages of Sleep
The Stages of Sleep is best described as experimental/alternative gypsy rock. Heavily influenced by such bands as Radiohead, The Gipsy Kings, Emily Wells, 2 foot yard to name a few, the end result of their eclectic sound could be characterized as “world music.” The band members, however, prefer to say that their music encompasses and defines a “cross-genre” style of music. It must be experienced live to be fully appreciated. The music is smart and witty with elements of flamenco, rock, jazz, classical acoustic and electric guitars, bass, violin, drums, percussion, sax and much more. Don’t miss your opportunity to see them live. The Stages of Sleep just recorded another EP at Tiny Telephone Recording studios which will be released April 2012.

Hungry, Hungry Ghost
Hungry, Hungry Ghost is the brain kin of native Floridian Alex Haager. It began while living in Berlin, Germany and eventually made its way to San Francisco by way of Brooklyn, New York, completing its glorious West Coast format with the help of fellow wanderers Logan Barrier, Heather Logsdon, Wagemann Pappe and Katie Schlesinger.

One full length album and one EP of their satirically-coined post-indie transcendentalist punk songs were released in 2009 on Brooklyn record label Infinite Best Recordings (home to New York darlings Twin Sister and Ava Luna), followed in 2010 and 2011 by a smattering of self-released digital offerings. A second full-length is currently in the works, albeit rather slowly.

Tomihira started playing live in and around the San Francisco bay area in early ’05. Playing for the remainder of the year culminated in the release of the debut full-length, Play Dead which was quick to receive praise from local press as well as catching the eye of some hefty blogspots nationally. Play Dead is the first full-length release from Tomihira, an indie space-pop band based in San Francisco. The band is named after Dean’s grandfather, who died at the age of 22 fighting on the side of the Japanese in WWII.

On Baghdad by the Bay, February 23: Interview with Vir, Geographer and Carlos Forster
February 23, 2012 8:00pm


Vir are a post punk, noise pop trio based in the SF Bay Area, comprised of Sam Sloane (Vox, Guitar) Natasha Arens (Bass) and Jeff Paul (Drums). Vir experiment with elements of post punk, psychedelic noise and shoegaze to conjure up a glacial, dark and dynamic sound. Based in Oakland, CA but with roots in Christchurch New Zealand, Vir has a binding affinity with many Kiwi post-punk trios such as the Gordons, Bailter Space and HDU. Vir released their 1st full Length “Shadow of a Mountain” in 2008. 2nd lp “Gillespie” appeared on Vibraphone records in July 2010 along with several elaborate DIY music videos. The band has just finished their 3rd lp “Engineers” with a tentative release date in May 2012. While keeping busy with local and out of town shows, Vir we’re Invited to play Noise Pop 20, opening for Bob Mould.

Their debut LP Innocent Ghosts captures these feelings of loss and loneliness, but also manages to bring out a sense of hope and exuberance. The marriage of Deni’s lush falsetto, Blaz’s romantically textured cello and Ostreicher’s pulsing rhythms exude a maturity of craft and cohesion often found in bands that have been playing together far longer. The self-released record immediately caught the attention of local and national critics, prompting SPIN Magazine to dub the trio “One of the Three Bands You Should Hear Now.”

In 2010, the band released the Animal Shapes EP along with a 7” single for the song Kites. The EP merges Geographer’s aptitude for crafting beautiful, haunting melodies with a knack for ethereal, layered sounds, marking an evolution of their distinct style. The EP garnered considerable praise, landing on several ‘Best Of’ lists including the SF Weekly’s ‘Best Local Version of Radiohead’ nod.

Amidst the flurry of live performances, the band took a break only to hit the studio to record the collection of songs that were to embody their next full-length album: Myth. The album proves that the band is taking their sonic exploration to new levels. Utilizing each member’s multi-instrumental backgrounds, the record finds Geographer creating distinctive sounds through varied instrumentation. Dynamic head-bobbers such as ‘The Myth of Youth’ and ‘Lover’s Game’ highlight the band’s ability to weave driving rock anthems with romantic nostalgia. “I wonder if I’m here for nothing. I wonder if I’m here at all. I wonder if I’ll ever love you for who you are,” Deni laments on Lover’s Game. Songs like ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘The Boulder’ showcase a darker, sexier approach to groove that brings a more intimate element to the record.

With Myth, Geographer continues to navigate new territory, leaving us in anticipation of what will be revealed next. With such a bold album and an electric live show that breathes even more intensity into the songs, the journey seems to have only just begun.

Carlos Forster
It started out as a way of simply getting together. Old college friends, Carlos Forster and Matt Ward began looking for opportunities to connect on weekends. Scattered over several years going all the way back to 2003, Forster spent a number of weekends in the Pacific Northwest with Ward, hiking and swimming in destinations like The Columbia Gorge and Sandy River, between leisurely recording Forster’s songs.

No stranger to recording, Forster contributed backing vocals to Ward’s debut album Duet for Guitars #2, released in 1998. More notably, he helmed the San Francisco band for Stars from the late nineties to 2002, producing three acclaimed albums for the independent label Future Farmer (also home to early M. Ward recordings). In the wake of the band’s dissolution Forster went on to study and then practice psychoanalytic theory and psychotherapy. He now works in private practice and community metal health in San Francisco.

On Baghdad by the Bay, February 16th: Interview with Donovan Quin
February 16, 2012 8:00pm


Donovan Quinn | Northern Spy Records
Donovan Quinn has been surrounded by music all of his life. Quinn is the son of Dave Carter, bassist and vocalist for legendary 60′s psychedelic group Country Weather, and has been writing songs from an early age. In 2001 Quinn entered CDR cult consciousness as ˝ of the San Franciscan duo The Skygreen Leopards. Since then he’s released several records with the SGL’s and a few home recorded affairs from his youth (under the Verdure banner), but had refrained from issuing any of his stockpile of solo material. The self-imposed silence finally ended in late ‘07 when Soft Abuse, via sub-label Puissant, excavated October Lanterns, a mini album of dark, woodsy, melancholia recorded and shelved five years prior (for reasons long since forgotten).

On Baghdad by the Bay, Feb 9th; Live Performance by Bhi Bhiman, Interviews with Loquat and Your Cannons
February 9, 2012 8:00pm


Bhi Bhiman
Bhi Bhiman is an American original, and yet he seems transported from an era when songs were more important than the pretty faces that delivered them. His rich, bellowing tenor can soothe or explode at a moment’s notice. His lived-in, knowing delivery belies his years. His songwriting, too, is quick to captivate. Bhi’s mix of humor and deep empathy puts him in the company of distinguished (and much older) lifelong songsmiths like John Prine, Nick Lowe and Randy Newman. And Bhiman’s technical, emotive guitar playing rises to the challenge that his striking voice presents.

Chronicles of train terrorism, space expeditions, criminal infamy, and monsters under the bed are just a few of the themes you’ll hear on Loquat’s third full-length album, We Could Be Arsonists (Nacional Records, April 24, 2012). Through dangerously evocative lyrics and ultra-melodic songs, the San Francisco/Bay Area’s Loquat has captivated fans from as far as Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Kraków, and has infiltrated electromagnetic waves through shows such as MTV’s “Teen Mom,” “P. Diddy’s Making His Band,” and CW’s “One Tree Hill.” The band has played SXSW, CMJ, Noise Pop, and Treasure Island Music Festival, and has shared the stage with the likes of Goldfrapp, Miike Snow, TV on the Radio, The Cardigans, and Liz Phair.

Your Cannons
Your Cannons are a rock band from San Francisco. Most of them met in the kitchen at an ugly sweater party, when they got into an eggnog infused conversation about the reformation of The Verve. It was a love in from then on. In 2008 they released their debut recording, The Dustbowl EP, followed in 2010 by their second EP simply titled, EP2. With members from England, Sweden, Colorado and the Bay Area, they pool their diverse influences to build songs around a dynamic three guitar attack, tight rhythm and layered melody. It’s been said that they have, “an otherworldly sound, like, a slow-motion mosh in a room filled with red strobe lights.” They’re recoding their first album at Studio SQ in the Outer Mission, and plan to release it in early summer 2012.

On Baghdad by the Bay, February 2nd: Interview with Foxtails Brigade, Super Adventure Club, Excuses for Skipping
February 2, 2012 8:00pm


Foxtails Brigade
Laura started Foxtails Brigade in 2006 with her friend, violinist Sivan Sadeh. She moved to San Francisco a year later, playing every club and street corner and she could find. It wasn’t long before the city started to notice. She quit her day job as a substitute teacher in 2009 and has been a full-time performer ever since, sharing stages with Jane Birkin, Laura Veirs, Zee Avi, Stornoway, Faun Fables, and Chris Garneau amongst others. She has collaborated with a number of talented musicians in Foxtails Brigade, including cellists Jen Grady (Emily Jane White, Adam Stevens), Lewis Patzner (Mates of State, Tim Kasher), Joe Lewis (Os Beaches, F-Pod B-Pod), and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Pollock (Citay, Bob Saggeth). Her most recent musical partner is violinist and arranger Anton Patzner of Bright Eyes and Judgement Day.

Super Adventure Club
San Francisco experimental pop duo Super Adventure Club was convened in 2007 by producer Michael Winger (Kronos Quartet, The Shins) and session drummer Jake Wood (Diego’s Umbrella, Nya Jade) to explore pop music beyond the boundaries of genre. On their debut 2009 LP Ontz for Freshmaker Records, Wood plays drums, keyboards and sings simultaneously, while Winger plays keyboards, bass guitar and handles lead vocals. Singing in four languages, the duo shifts from Talking Heads-like indie rock to electronic
dance music and beyond. Along with tours of the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest, Super Adventure Club also tours Spain, while writing and recording a second album.

Excuses for Skipping
Excuses for Skipping is a post-punk quintet from San Francisco, California. Linda Moody’s soaring vocals play out against her own distinct style of sheet metal and bike frame percussion and rhythm guitar riffs. Tammy Fortin’s lead guitar stabs and Wendy Brents’ heavy bass melodies combine to create a compelling texture that commands the room within the first note.

Interview with The Moonlight Orchestra, Birdmonster and Kids on a Crime Spree
January 26, 2012 8:00pm


The Moonlight Orchestra
The Moonlight Orchestra orbits around a multifaceted array of musical influences that spring from a blues inferno within a psychedelic cascade and on to the chaotic senses of experimentalism and a bit of frenzy. Their music doesn’t fit a mold or heed itself to any convention but of their own that reflects a homage to their colorful musical backgrounds.

It is a pop explosion reminiscent in “Beatle-esque” lyrical sentimentality and a musical sensibility of the 90′s recessing in dreamlike sultriness that is laced in bluesy and psychedelic guitars, climactic and loud romping rhythms, paired with rich melodic piano and a folky feelin’ violin.

The band members are brothers Mehdi and Hadi on guitars and vocals, Roman on the bass and keyboards, Suchi on violin, Shana on Cello, and their newest addition TG on drums.

San Francisco quartet Birdmonster are kind of like a Bay Area version of Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, except that where Leo and his group have an undying devotion to first-wave new wave and ska groups like the Jam and the Specials, Birdmonster spike their Fugazi-like indie rock tunes with nods to American Beauty-era Grateful Dead and early Bruce Springsteen. Revved-up and punky rockers share space with country-inflected tunes, with singer/songwriter and guitarist Peter Arcuni’s lived-in vocals the primary point of connection. Arcuni, a native of Connecticut, formed Birdmonster in 2004 with three fellow musicians who lived in his San Francisco neighborhood: bassist Justin Tenuto, guitarist David Klein, and drummer Zach Winter. Determined to maintain complete D.I.Y. control over their band, Birdmonster released their self-titled debut EP on their own and used the proceeds both to tour the nation and to fund sessions for their full-length debut with the well-known producer Bradley Cook, who had previously worked with Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. Although the band originally self-released 2006′s No Midnight as well, the increasingly positive buzz around Birdmonster led them to sign a distribution deal with noted indie SpinArt Records, which re-released the album in August 2006. For 2008′s Americana-tinged From the Mountain to the Sea, the band switched to the Fader label this time with Tom Schick, known for his work with Ryan Adams and Rufus Wainwright, at the producing helm. The band supported the album on the road and released Blood Memory, also produced by Schick, the following year. The band is currently working on new material and will be dropping a single they self produced and recorded on a reel-to-reel 8-track machine this month. The song, Living, will premiere at their upcoming hometown show at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

Kids on a Crime Spree
About a decade ago, Californian Mario Hernandez (of Ciao Bella and From Bubblegum to Sky) was sitting on a Stockholm couch, casually drinking a really good cup of coffee when a friend put on the Back to Mono box set and Hernandez’s life was forever changed. He was instantly drawn in by the excellent songwriting and lush instrumental arrangements; and what started out as an innocent side trip into the Phil Spector back catalog soon became a longtime fascination with the Brill Building and Spector’s fabled wall of sound. As time passed, he kept coming back to the idea of a simple pop song that wasn’t really that simple—a happy melody with a dark underpinning in the lyrics—and he knew that it wasn’t enough to just listen. He had to make his own version of this great stuff. Kids on a Crime Spree is the result of this obsession.

Jan 19th: Interview with Suggies, Terry Malts, Kill Moi
January 19, 2012 8:00pm


The Suggies are a two piece indie rock project from SF. They pack a lot of high energy songs into a short, sweet set. They like to play music. They like to party. They like to play music and party.

Terry Malts
After careful, weeklong consideration, San Francisco trio Terry Malts went forth to record a debut LP as per the request of Slumberland Records. Displaying a slick, intelligent take on modern chainsaw pop, Killing Time certainly lives up to its name! Who are Terry Malts? A Yellow Pages private dick has gleaned the following: Corey Cunningham (guitar, backing vox), of Dickson, Tennessee-by-way-of-a-cardboard-box-in-Toronto, was asked to housesit in Fresno, CA. Duties fulfilled, he shot north on a graffiti trip to 924 Gilman Street and immediately bonded with fellow men’s room “artists” Phil Benson (bass guitar, lead vox) and the unfortunately named Nathan Sweatt (drums, backing vox). Hands shook, vibes exchanged; the trio felt compelled to distill their energy into a unified voice. The Terrys’ gospel is succinct, direct, sincere and timed expertly with next year’s looming apocalypse: life is hopeless, enjoy! With a live reputation that bleeds funky “punk” attitude, the trio crammed this urgency into the Terry Malts studio edition. Recorded by a machine, then expertly mixed by human being Monte Vallier (Swell, Half Church), Killing Time may compel you to type the following buzzwords into your blog (which, I love, by the way!): catchy, husky, hunky, sharp, blue-collar, rocking, hockey-rock, working-class, perfect, near-perfect, not-half-bad, and / or not-bad. It’s an album, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a 34-minute hour of pure, unadulterated Malts… all right?

Kill Moi
Kill Moi is an indie-rock band based in San Francisco that was described by one local reviewer as “The Strokes meet Neil Diamond at a New Orleans funeral while reading a Murakami novel and drinking too much bourbon”. Their first full length album, “Hold Me, Motherfucker” was released on August 6th, 2011 to rave reviews. Their songs weave tales of world-weary wit mixed with infectious pop
melodies, rolling vintage rhythms, Graham Coxon via Wilco guitars, and a beautiful cushion of horns. Members are Ryan Lambert (vox, guitar), Andrew Burmester (lead guitar), Daniel Settle (bass), Aaron Hazen (drums), Laura Carpenter (trumpet), and Oz Beckers (trombone), whose collective other endeavors have included such acts as Elephone, Madelia, The Paradise Boys, Extra Action Marching Band and the Audrye Sessions. Their public performances over the last year have included appearances at Bottom of the Hill, the Red Devil Lounge, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Milk Bar with such acts as Geographer, Sioux City Kid, the Soft White Sixties, the Heavenly States, and the Silent Comedy.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 12 : Interview with Marginal Prophets, Prize, Hot Fog and Party Owl
January 12, 2012 8:00pm


Marginal Prophets
The Marginal Prophets are a 5-piece Hip-Hop/Garage band from San Francisco that cleverly combine odd samples, funk/rock riffs, and decidedly non-traditional b-boy lyrics into a smart-alecky punk/rap mix that appeals to anyone who came of age back in the day when college radio actually mattered.

The group, comprised of vocalists Keith Knight (the Black one) and the Noble Def G (the Jewish one), bass player Adam Lodge, drummer Adam Lipsky, and guitarist Jeff Ranney, has taken their show up and down the West Coast, garnering opening slots for Spearhead, Black Eyed Peas, Fishbone, G Love & Special Sauce, Insolence, and De La Soul.

Sophia Santulli is electro-rock frontwoman and composer Prize. Shortly after earning her Master of Music at San Francisco Conservatory, she released The Split EP under this simple, irreverent moniker. Prize composes lush electro and string arrangements and in the next breath evokes the mosh pits of her youth with raucous guitars and drums. Whether traversing ethereal heights or unleashing an earthly growl, her raw, operatic voice is technically sparkling and her “emotional urgency makes for a thrilling live show” (Jon Bennett, MVRemix). Prize arranges her brand of electro-orchestral folkpunk for violin, cello, synth, drums, and guitar, and her live shows are theatrical and moody, replete with custom made black-and-white costumes and special effects.

Hot Fog
Hot Fog is a San Francisco Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band born from the ashes of a slew of SF bands spanning the 90′s through the 00′s including Oranger, Film School, Hammerdown Turpentine, Pinq, Carlos!, and Preston School of Industry. This rag-tag group band of SF-rock veterans decided to get back to their roots — all they way back to their days of prepubescent bedroom rocking. They bring forth a thundering sound akin to a convergence of the “NWoBHM” sound of Iron Maiden and Priest with the speed and attitude of proto-thrash of the early 80′s a la early Metallica. Nodding to the past while rocking into the future, they deliver monster riffs, ripping leads, soaring vocals, and utterly ridiculous song titles. They bring it un-ironically and with a focus on quality song-writing and metal-rific lyrics that would make any 13 year old D&D dork beam with delight. Their live shows are sweat-soaked full-on, frontal assaults, complete with fog machines, lasers, back to back harmony guitar solos, and fans thrusting devil horns in the air as participants. They eschew the current trend of beards, tattoos, and Kyuss-tinged sludge-metal, and instead, they walk that razors edge of sincerity and fun like not many bands can.

Party Owl
Party Owl likes to party. The San Francisco band’s live shows make drunk old ladies and hip kids alike loose their minds with their short compact songs of fuzzed out poppiness. You can hear the influence of early 90′s indie rock and 50′s rock-n-roll here imediately. Bassist Alexi Belchere holds down the minimalist rhythm, only two notes sometimes, while drummer Melissa Funk creates a Cramps-like backbeat that is infectiously danceable and surprisingly heavy. Singer/guitarist Kris Zouzoulas uses the space between these two to craft lyrics and melody lines that are at the same time sarcastic and genuine. Party Owl are currently recording new tracks for their debut L.P. which will be out in early 2012.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 5th at 8pm: Interview with Naked Fiction
January 5, 2012 8:00pm


Naked Fiction
Naked Fiction is a 7 piece San Francisco based chamber-rock band. The group makes music that is sassy and sophisticated without preciousness or pretense; organic and natural yet polished and urbane. Think clever, artfully-arranged, hook-driven pop tunes, shaped and driven by a power trio of drums (Derrik Sakima), bass (Bob Todd), and guitar (Thomas Kenny); colored with a broad palette of violin (Yuri Kye), viola (Ivy Zenobi), and piano (Daniel Highman); and breathed into life through the seductive voice of a fetching femme-fatale (Carmen King). The separate parts combine to paint vivid pictures. The music is unequivocally sexy, dangerously so. Think Portishead, but less depressing, Andrew Bird, but with more estrogen, or Mad Men, but with less nicotine.

Interview with Lady Lazarus, Victor Krummenacher, Glider
December 22, 2011 8:00pm


Lady Lazarus
Lady Lazarus is the solo project of Melissa Ann Sweat, a writer and artist from California, who started making music for the first time in 2008. What’s followed has been a wild and often wondrous trip.

Taken from the Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, Lady Lazarus began when Melissa started teaching herself keyboard, and writing and recording songs while living in San Francisco around March of ’08. About a year later she self-released her Home Recordings EP, and was motivated by the positive feedback and some press she received to continue making music. She played her first live shows in the summer of 2009, and began to play more and tour in the greater region.

Victor Krummenacher
Victor Krummenacher is an American musician and bass guitarist who is a founding member of alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven. He also helped form CVB offshoots Monks of Doom and Camper Van Chadbourne and has pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter. As a recording artist, Krummenacher has been active for more than 20 years and has appeared with numerous projects including Cracker, Fifth Business and A Great Laugh. His latest musical project is McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a new band with Alison Faith Levy, formed in 2008. 2011 saw Krummenacher continuing to work with Levy, performing a curated tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska entitled “Debts No Honest Man Can Pay”, a solo album of covers called “I Was A Nightmare But I Don’t Want To Go There” and work on the first new Camper Van Beethoven recording since 2004. Victor Krummenacher was Art Director of the San Francisco Bay Guardian and is currently a page designer for Wired Magazine as well as doing freelance design work for the likes of national clients including Platon’s “Power”, a book of portraits of world leaders photographed at the general assembly of the United Nations in 2007.


Featuring Jim Bogios, David Immergluck, Yoshi Sako, and Dan Eisenberg. Glider is the brainstorm of longtime friends and musical compadres Jim Bogios (drums-Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds) and David Immergluck (guitar-Counting Crows, John Hia)

Interview with Silver Swans, Bad Bibles, The Aerosols
December 15, 2011 8:00pm


Silver Swans
Silver Swans take their name from the group of super-villains in the Wonder Woman comic book series. The evil Swans have the ability to create a powerful “swan song” of sound waves using their voices that is capable of devouring a small area of land with its destructive force. By creating a low-level humming, the Silver Swan can also form a protective shield around herself to deflect bullets and other projectiles. The musical counterpart Silver Swans, however, are far from the evil and destruction of their namesake. The electro dream-pop project captures the haunting dramatics and the pure beauty of life and dreams to build a dynamic, exultant sound all their own.

They formed from the collaboration of DJ producer Jon Waters and songwriter Ann Yu. Both artists also have prolific backgrounds. Ann Yu has been in bands that have shared the stage with acts such as The Radio Dept, La Roux, Black Kids, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Mates of State, Jose Gonzales and many more. Jon has produced and DJ’d all over the world. But with all of the experience the duo decided to take a different route when it comes to creating music together. Silver Swans puts a special meaning to the idea of bedroom recordings. All tracks were recorded in late night sessions hidden under covers, in their bathrooms, and right before bed. The songs you hear are a reflection of the dreams they’ve uncovered and hope to discover.

Bad BIbles
Bad Bibles emerged as a fully formed post-punk / left-field garage rock unit in March 2011. Less than a year into their musical life, Bad Bibles are generating word-of-mouth buzz for their dynamic, physical stage shows and weirdly memorable songs. Bad Bibles will be releasing their official debut EP of new material in early 2012.

The Aerosols
The Aerosols are a San Francisco music group who play hard candy pop for bent melody enthusiasts. When they plug in their instruments you might at first think you were hit by soft space junk, but that’s just the sound check. They delight in whooshing the audience away with their catching songs that will take you through some unexpected turns before setting you back down on your feet. The four-piece sings songs about being made in China, fake mirrors, a girl so far gone she might be back, and space-travel via chewing gum. These are ballad boppers for people who want to get up and get out. Also for those who like to smile and nod. Whoosh!

Interview with Tidelands, Gypsy Moonlight, Slow Trucks
December 8, 2011 8:00pm


Tidelands is the duo of San Francisco’s Gabriel Montana Leis(Guitar, Flugelhorn, Vocals) and Mie Araki (Drums, Keyboards, Vocals). Sharp, poignant, poetic lyrics are uniquely arranged with looped guitars, Moog bass and beautiful harmonies on the duo’s debut album, If…, to be released July 26th, 2011. Taking cues from their combined multi-cultural backgrounds, Leis and Araki have created a texturally rich record that speaks to their collectively deep and unique life experiences.

Gypsy Moonlight
Gypsy Moonlight Band was formed in San Francisco in late 2009 around the songwriting of singer/guitar player Jeremy Lyn Kimzey. Starting out as a mainly acoustic band, it quickly transformed over the course of a couple of lineup changes and the addition of lead guitar player/singer/songwriter Chris Guthridge, into a much fuller electric band. They joined together with drummer Shea Roberts and bass player Walker Phillips and the core lineup solidified. The addition of Eli Pearl on pedal steel, Rachel Hoiem on keys, and Tex Dworkin singing co-lead, brought all the sweetness and authenticity one needs. Together they have created a soulful, rocking, Southern-flavored sound with a vibe that is 100% California.

Slow Trucks
Does “Gimme Indie Rock” by Sebadoh make you smile? If it does (and it should), then consider Slow Trucks the next generation, rolling with this old school shit, making it their own, and ultimately making indie rock fun again. When did things get so serious? Yeah, there’s room for bands with 2/3 time-signatures, French horns and yelpy vocals, but sometimes a hook cranked through a big muff pedal, liquid bass lines and a pummeling backbeat just sounds right. Energetic, uncomplicated and infectious, Slow Trucks are musical comfort food, perfect for those of us who still occasionally break out that Treepeople CD or fantasize about an Archers of Loaf reunion.

On Baghdad by the Bay, December 1st. Interview with Waiting Room, The SHE’S
December 1, 2011 8:00pm


Waiting Room
Waiting Room is a three-piece chick band, coming from the native hills of San Francisco, consisting of SF natives Lauren Alves, Veronica Bush and Rose Sullivan. An indie folk rock trio that draws from the blues, punk, and jazz; the girls met through local friends, Trainwreck Riders and The Dead Westerns. Lauren Alves has been playing paradiddles on her Dad’s drum set since she was five years old, and has been playing bass for some 15 plus years. She has also worked as a pit musician, and plays bass, guitar, and vocals in the band. Veronica Bush plays rhythmic banjo and vocals, and Rose Sullivan plays lo-fi drums. Both Alves and Bush write songs, making their music very collaborative and heartfelt. Some of their influences include Mazzy Star, Modest Mouse, Neil Young, Neutral Milk Hotel, Abner Jay, and Otis Redding.

The SHE’S are four natives of San Francisco who grew up as best friends in a city brimming with music. Inspired by their surroundings, each other, boredom and surfer boys, they began writing and performing their own brand of west-coast-garage-pop. They have played with touring bands such as GIRLS, The Morning Benders, Magic Kids, and Dominant Legs.

On Baghdad by the Bay, November 17th, 8pm: Interview with Caught in Motion, Family Crest
November 17, 2011 8:00pm


Caught in Motion
CIM was born 2008, upon the creation of its debut album “On The Edge of a Dream”. It was the culmination of Winn’s decision to discontinue college and instead record a record. He was joined by recent Oberlin graduate and longtime musical partner/childhood friend Sam Krulewitch in his Santa Barbara hills home, where much to the dismay of their roommates the two spent eight months writing and recording their debut together. After recording “Dream” and feeling limited in the small city of Santa Barbara the two moved back home with their parents in Portland. Winn recruited a full band to bring the record alive and made a go at the local Portland scene in 2008/2009. Playing anywhere and everywhere they could, touring the west coast, but still feeling stagnate due day job commitments and band troubles, in a time where Krulewitch was secretly struggling with alcoholism. In spring 2009 Krulewitch checked himself into rehabilitation and Winn found himself without a band, writing partner, purpose or direction. Such events inspired and left Winn no choice but to find a way out of Portland. He recruited two new members from California including ex disgruntled roommate Rob Moreno and current drummer Graham Roggli and took CIM on a nationwide 43 day 41 show tour that saw them playing just about every major city in the country.

Family Crest

The Family Crest began as a collaborative recording project in 2008 with a vision to change the way music is made. Gathering friends, fans, musicians, and non-musicians alike, the group began to record an album in bars, churches, streets, and other unconventional locations. Their collaborative approach to music making quickly grew steam, evolving by February 2010 into a fully-formed orchestral indie rock band with over two hundred and fifty ‘Extended Family Members’ participating in recordings, live performances, and media projects.
Fusing rock, jazz, folk and classical genres, the band’s rich, epic sound has been compared to Arcade Fire, Fleet Foxes, and Beirut. proclaims, “the music they make is sweeping, wall-of-sound indie rock that alludes to fellow strings-adorned bands like Tindersticks and Arcade Fire, but The Family Crest establishes their own Left Coast identity, nodding to ’60s San Francisco Baroque pop and timeless folk-rock, as well. This is lush and intricate music, demanding the breadth of a full-length release.” The San Francisco Chronicle says, “while vying to collect more musicians onstage than the Decemberists or Arcade Fire, The Family Crest harbors an affection for Burt Bacharach-style swingin’ romanticism that is sure to impress lovers of classical pop.” According to The Bay Bridged, “they take their earnest, anthemic cue from The Arcade Fire, but the presence of so many string and wind instruments and the talents of frontman Liam McCormick put them on a unique frequency.”

Baghdad by the Bay, November 9th: Interview with I, The Mighty and Dear Indugu
November 10, 2011 8:00pm


I, The Mighty
Since their 2007 inception, I The Mighty has melded together effortlessly and has already compiled an impressive following of support on the west coast, seeing regular rotation on local modern rock station Live 105 and sharing stages with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, There For Tomorrow, Deftones and more. Listeners will certainly feel the intense emotions of the ambitious and captivating EP, which was produced by Erik Ron [Panic! At The Disco, VersaEmerge, Foxy Shazam]. The album features six sweeping tracks filled with soaring vocals, catchy hooks, charging guitars and an explosive instrumentations that make for a mesmerizing whirlwind of cinematic soundscapes.

Dear Indugu
The four piece acoustic/electric indie-rock band, Dear Indugu, began in 2005 as the solo project of singer-songwriter Jesse Strickman. While playing in two punk bands at the time, he launched the new acoustic project with the aim of giving his previously private acoustic songs the spotlight he felt they deserved. The name, Dear Indugu, is inspired by the film ‘About Schmidt’ and is a metaphor for the communication of one’s innermost feelings to complete strangers. The Group performs frequently in the Bay Area and has toured California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada, playing everywhere from intimate nightclubs and coffee shops to college campuses and outdoor music festivals. Their music ranges from intimate folk solo songs to powerful full band indie rock. With thoughtful lyrics, versatile instrumentation, and a firm commitment to originality and musicianship, the Bay Area based band creates a unique and dynamic sound that continues to inspire listeners. They are currently recording their debut album.

On Baghdad by the Bay, November 3nd: Interview with The Pleasure Kills and Zodiac Death Valley
November 3, 2011 8:00pm


The Pleasure Kills
The Pleasure Kills started playing their signature combination of powerpop, new wave and punk in 2007. After three singles and two national tours in 2008 and 2009, they released the “Bring Me A Match” album in 2010 to critical acclaim and accompanied it with a six week national tour.
Their music evokes the 80s and is delivered through a mixture of catchy hooks, meticulous songcraft, and Lydiot’s superstar vocals. With razor-sharp guitar work, bubblegum keyboards, and driving uptempo beats, the sound is unabashedly fun! Blondie is the reference most frequently cited by reviewers along with touchstones like Nikki And The Corvettes, Josie Cotton, The Shivvers, and the “Valley Girl” soundtrack. While The Pleasure Kills’ music seems instantly familiar, attempts to nail down a genre reveal the uniqueness of the sound.
On the recordings, the songs are pop-perfect and lushly produced. But a toughness and grit underlie the sweetness, and when played live by the band they crackle with a punk intensity. There’s an obvious reverence for the art of timeless pop songs coupled with a conflicting desire to tear them apart.

Zodiac Death Valley
Producing simultaneously moody and sexy psychedelic rock, the Bay Area based ZODIAC DEATH VALLEY might sound like KINGS OF LEON had they been raised by Satanists as opposed to a traveling preacher. and what a superb time to be labeled as such. With every major music magazine Chicken Littling the epoch of a new psychedelic movement in rock (led by bands like MGMT, DEERHUNTER & ANIMAL COLLECTIVE)
ZDV offer a more straightforward and referenced take on their forbear’s vintage Haight-Ashbury sounds. That’s not to say they’re all hippie dippie and asking Alice when she was ten feet tall. With Nathan Ricker’s organ playing and frontman Nic Abodeely’s morose musings on tracks like “Methadone Mambo” and Whiskey Won’t Tell,” their mood is much more akin to The Doors or pre Darkside” Pink Floyd . Whether they are pigeonholed or not Zodiac Death Valley seem content that this is the final dusk for the Age of Aquarius. And like the serial killer they’re named after their music seems ready to pounce.

On Baghdad by the Bay, October 27: Interview with Planet Booty, Please Do Not Fight, Fake Your Own Death
October 27, 2011 8:00pm


Planet Booty
Planet Booty is a force to be reckoned with. Having started as a genredefying concept album by brothers Nathan and Dylan Germick that blends electropop, sci-fi synths, space funk and booty bass, the project has evolved into a live show of epic proportions. The 6-piece ensemble fuses electronics, drums, percussion, horns, marimba, guitars, and soulful singing (with a splash of choreography and theatrics) to create a hyper-charged and highly entertaining dance friendly experience.

Please Do Not Fight
Zen grew up in the suburbs. The suburbs of England, the suburbs of Connecticut, the suburbs of France, the suburbs of Illinois and finally the suburbs of San Francisco, California. With so much moving he clung to his friendships and it was amongst these friends in a garage in those suburbs that he fell in love with music. Influenced by the likes of The Weakerthans and The Get Up Kids he began writing power-pop infused indie rock tunes almost immediately. When it came time to begin Please Do Not Fight he turned to, not only the most talented musicians, but the very best people he knew for help. That has colored the bands mission statement since day one and while the line up may change Please Do Not Fight remains a collection of the very best people Zen knows playing the music they love. This fall sees the release of four news tracks as Part One of a trilogy of albums collectively titled ‘pastpresentfuture’. The band is currently comprised of Geoff McCann on lead guitar, Kyle Albery on drums and vocals and Chris Carmichael on bass and vocals. They will be headlining a CD release show at Bottom Of The Hill in their hometown of San Francisco on October 28th before embarking on shows up and down the west coast.

Fake Your Own Death
Described as literary, brutal and infectious, FYOD has been compared to bands like The National, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth and Interpol by both local and national press. The band is staples on Bagel Radio, Mutiny Radio, Soma FM, Radio Valencia and KUSF. FYOD has played several sold out shows as main support for Hockey, The Warlocks, You Say Party We Say Die, Admiral Radley at the Noise Pop Festival, Film School, White Denim as well as The Trail of the Dead at SXSW. Fake Your Own Death is comprised of Terry Ashkinos on vocals and guitar, Rob Easson on guitar, Dan Francisco on drums, Joey Fredrick on bass and Meredith Weems on keys.

Interview with Sonic Love Affair, Birds & Batteries and Blank Stares
October 20, 2011 8:00pm


Sonic Love Affair (SLA)
The Sonic Love Affair, or SLA to its friends, ignited shortly after Y2K. Upon learning that electricity still existed, the boys plugged their SGs into their Twins and unleashed an unrelenting torrent of gnarly rock and roll music. They recorded for San Francisco’s esteemed Dollar Record Records, putting out a double 7″ and an LP. Total hysteria followed shortly thereafter. Hailing from Sack o’ Tomatoes, CA, but existing off nachos in San Francisco, the SLA have returned from a 4-year hiatus to deafen the masses. Proudly wearing it’s influences on it’s fuzzy sleave [sic], the SLA bows down before the alters of the MC5, DMZ, Q65, KAK, UFO, and the almighty Pretty Things! Our first show back is Saturday October 22, 2011 at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. As part of the final Budget Rock extravaganza, the SLA will open the show for Boston’s righteous Lyres, SF’s rock and roll godfathers Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers, Atlanta’s sexiest Subsonics, and all the way from Hayward…the Dukes of Hamburg!!! Tune in, Turn up, and let out a Treble Yell!!

Birds & Batteries
Birds & Batteries are on a steady rise with consistently sold out shows in San Francisco, several TV placements and a new album in the works. This fall they’ll be touring in support of the estimable two-piece, Peter Wolf Crier (Jagjaguwar). Birds & Batteries’ latest album is called “Stray Light” and its currently in the works at Tiny Telephone Studios (John Vanderslice) with the help of engineer, Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof). The album is a funky and classic-sounding collection of Sempert’s most inspired songs yet.

The Blank Stares
The Blank Stares formed in 1999 in NYC. They have been recording, performing and causing mild ruckuses ever since. Holding a set of recordings close to their vest, they moved to SF and recorded and released their 2nd LP “All Blown Up” in in 2005. Guitars, Bass, Drums and a whole lot of singing are what these cats do. Treading heavy on the well worn path of rock and roll, The Stares rev shit up when they play and don’t let up until someone calls “uncle”. Their 3rd record entitled “Threee” is set to release in November, and promises more songs about space-born messiahs, insomnia, government paranoia, drugs and transsexuals. Tammi, Carlos and Tom’s earlier projects included, The Mensclub, The Jinkies, Papa Wheelie, and The Mink Lungs.

October 13th: Interview with We Be Echo, Brothers Comatose, Blisses B and Lenz
October 13, 2011 8:00pm


We Be Echo
Since 2003, this San Francisco trio has birthed a strange hybrid of punk/HC, jazz, dub, metal and extreme technical music. High energy, odd meters, shred guitar & hyper-dub bass lines form their sonic assault. The SF Examiner likens them to “a seizure with perfect timing… with head-noddable hooks” while The Owl Mag calls them “an instrumentally expressive musical force… hypnotic, astonishing music…” The recent release of “Return to Nations” marks their third full-length release among several EP’s and compilation appearances, and tours in the US and UK.

The Brothers Comatose
The Brothers Comatose formed in the Morrison Living Room, birthed from the sonic gumbo of the famous Morrison Music Parties. The band consists of Ben and Alex Morrison – hairy brothers, both singing, with Ben on Guitar, and Alex on banjo; and (adopted brothers from other mothers) Gio Benedetti on Bass / Vocals, Ryan Avellone on Mandolin and Philip Brezina on fiddle.

In just two years the mighty quintet has made their way from the street corners and dive bars of their native San Francisco, to performances at such legendary places as the Strawberry Music Festival, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, the High Sierra Festival, San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill, Slim’s and the Great American Music Hall, and have supported such acts as The Devil Makes Three, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Justin Townes Earl, Trampled by Turtles, John Doe and the Sadies, Or, The Whale, and others.

Blisses B
Blisses B, rooted firmly in the city that embraces music in all forms imaginable, introduces another compilation of genre-crashing rock and psychedelia with their second fulllength album, Thirty Days, Sixty Years. Debuted on Nov. 9, 2010, the album was recorded, produced, and engineered entirely by the San Francisco-based quartet.

Thirty Days, Sixty Years explores the mathematical parameters that define our lives — weekends, vacations, adolescence, adulthood, the reality of how much time we have left on this earth — and the personal equations that result from the many caveats that can extend and shorten most of these time frames. Are we spending our time wisely, with the right people, and in the right place? What are we giving back?

LENZ is the new project featuring Andy Human (The Cuts, The Time Flys, Buzzer) Ray Seraphin (Impediments, Buzzer) and Brett Eastman (Montra,Shalants).

LENZ reflects and absorbs both light and darkness. Vintage 80′s Keyboards and jangly guitars round out a sound that is both moody and triumphant, reminiscent of all your favorite pop-rock from the postpunk era, with a bit of krautrock thrown in for good measure.

LENZ has released a 7″ on SS records, an EP on Tic Tac Totally slated for release in November and a full-length LP due next year.

October 6th: Interview with Burnt Ones, Dandelion War and Generalissimo
October 6, 2011 8:00pm


Burnt Ones

Dandelion War
Repeatedly described as “Explosions in the Sky with vocals,” San Francisco’s The Dandelion War is working to shake the post-rock label and find another cliche to cling to. Mixing reverb-drenched guitars and vocals, occasionally frenetic drums, and, yes, a healthy dose of loud-quiet-loud dynamics, the bands crafts songs that take their time and fill up the soundstage. The Dandelion War’s first album, Geometries and Orchids, was released in the summer of 2010 to a healthy dose of critical praise. A video for “Sui Generis,” exploring the immigrant experience, also created a substantial online buzz.

Described as “the Inglourious Basterds of the Bay Area rock scene” (SF Examiner) and “left-wing fascists” (The Stranger), Generalissimo blend utopian impulse and ruthless pragmatism to create a sound that is “cold, aggressive, and mildly unsettling” (East Bay Express). Generalissimo’s bailiwick is tension and their oppressive manhandling of noisy, post-punk chaos testifies to an unmitigated mastery in that domain. Generalissimo are architects of sound and they will build their Neobrutalist Rock Monument to Order over the graves of noble apathy and limp tolerance.

Interview with Tiger Club, The Gems and Valerie Orth
September 29, 2011 8:00pm


The Tiger Club

The Tiger Club is just that. An exclusive club you’re in. The Tiger Club is a state of mind; beautiful, witty, otherworldly and always well dressed, we believe everything wonderful ever said about us. If the names Mancini, Alpert, Booker T, Jobim, Ventures, and Bacharach mean anything to you, you’re already in The Tiger Club. If not, you’re in for a treat. Your inner voice is saying stuff like “cool, yeah, mildly provocative”. You’re a member of The Tiger Club. Welcome, Willkomen, …

The Gems
The Gems (ex-Bomber, members of Early Graves) are a no-bullshit rock and roll band that will make you rethink a few things. What makes The Gems so resonant is not the music but rather the common but annihilating emotions that fuel them: It’s the clash between vulnerability and indifference that transpires after The Gems play that is so savage. Realism with the terror of actual experience. The most frightening truths about this rock and roll band rarely exist in the physical, but instead live in the intangible yet indelible wounds created in the psyche. Go try to find that on the Internet.

Valerie Orth
The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “There is an honesty to Valerie Orth’s music that is both brilliant and heartbreaking,” and the San Francisco Bay Guardian describes her as “sexy, soulful, genuine, and edgy.” Valerie’s dynamic range as a performer is made all the more compelling by what the East Bay Express calls a “completely intuitive composition style.” Valerie is backed by punk-rocker and food scientist, Veronika Safarova on bass, and jazz genius and power player, Jeff Marrs on drums, both singing gorgeous and haunting harmonies. Fearless and genre-bending, Valerie and her band deliver a distinctive hybrid of rock, groove, soul, and funk while consistently captivating and charming their audiences.

Interview with Tied to Branches, Ventid and Angel Island
September 22, 2011 8:00pm


Tied to Branches
Straight out of the dense fog of the Bay Area, Marc Manning, Brad DerManouelian and Justin Wasterlain are Tied to the Branches. Committed to stirring every speck of dust into their swirling caldron of sound, Tied to the Branches create fuzz, reverb, echo heavy, feedback laden, psych rock / shoe gaze anthems. Ghostly and hushed vocals blend in with howling feedback, ominous bass and chilly delay soaked electronic drums describing a world of spirits, monsters, and ghosts.

Ventid in no way endorses moving to San Francisco from 3 different corners of the U.S. (New England, Southeast, & SoCal) and forming a band via an anonymous Craigslist posting in 2009. Nor does Ventid condone the natural union of 4 music vets with past projects as divergent as math rock, film music, traditional Arabic music, indie folk, post rock, bluegrass, surf, classical, metal, punk, and R&B. Ventid cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend music alternating from intricate to sparse, melodic to raw, organic to experimental, with a penchant for finding the natural groove in a tune that switches between 7 & 8 each bar. Ventid does not support naming a band after an acronym for oxygen toxicity.

Angel Island
Piling lay­ers upon lay­ers of imagery, Justin Gold­man cre­ates a lyri­cal world not unlike a Dylan-esque acid trip (if Bobby wrote more songs about girls, anyway). Gold­man fronts the San Francisco-based band Angel Island, lay­ing bare his emo­tions with painfully auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal lyrics one moment before build­ing up walls of psy­che­delic metaphor to hide behind next. Joined by gui­tarist and multi-instrumentalist Pas­cal Gar­neau and Robert Jakubs on drums, Angel Island has a sound that echoes with 20th cen­tury rock and pop as if fil­tered through each decade, pick­ing up strange bed­fel­lows along the way. A 6/8 dance­hall bal­lad sud­denly shifts into nineties shoe-gazer ter­ri­tory and fin­ishes with a Moog syn­the­sizer solo that would make Linda McCart­ney blush—all in one song last­ing under three minutes.

Interview with Annie Bacon, Erin Brazill and Two-Headed Spy
September 15, 2011 8:00pm


Annie Bacon
For me music is a way of resisting the tide that urges towards blind consumption not just of things but of ideas and lifestyles meant to imprison us in complacency. in creativity/creation we find the antidote to war, to genocide, to injustice, intolerance. we find ways to empathize with our enemies, and to gently criticize our lovers. for me it is how I explain to myself all that is unexplainable. it is my direct line to the divine.

Erin Brazill
I was born and raised in California and was fairly entrenched in music, community theatre, and poetry writing as a very little girl and through college. I studied classical piano and voice in college as well as literature and creative writing. After college I moved to San Francisco and worked in jazz clubs in North Beach in SF bartending, booking bands, immersing myself in jazz and writing constantly and glamorously with great beatnik flourish in little journals stashed behind the bar. In the past 5 years I have been lucky enough to play with very talented, creative and generous people who stir their musical gifts and ideas into the songs. We play original compositions I have written reflecting upon my time in San Francisco, my rural child hood and travels, as well as a few well loved or unusual covers here and there.

Two-Headed Spy
Born in San Francisco in the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland of Hunters Point Shipyard in 2006, Two Headed spy isculmination of chance meetings, long friendships,past experiences and pure luck that has resulted in a sound that can best be described as alternative post grunge rock with qualities that have evolved from five years of playing the dankest bars in San Francisco and beyond. With longtime friends and true partners in crime Trent temple on guitar and vocals, Matt Jarrell on Bass and vocals and Troy Arajs on Drums, THS brings over 300 years of combined experience to rock and roll badassness.So let’s get real, bring your helmets and athletic supports of all varieties (M/F) and prepare yourself for the cyclic revolution of that hook-laden, bass-heavy, drum-pounding, melodic, guitar-driven rock and roll sound you crave so much that comes hitherto reincarnated in the form of Two Headed Spy. “Club Hong Kong” will be released in conjunction with the Victims Family, Two Headed Spy CD release show at Café Du Nord, Friday September 30th.

Interviews with Mister Loveless, LILAC and Violent Vickie
September 1, 2011 8:00pm


Mister Loveless
Mister Loveless are a 4-piece rock band founded in 2003 by high school friends, Rob Miller and Charlie Koliha in a sleepy suburb of San Francisco called, Walnut Creek. Loveless (as those familiar with the band refer to them) grew from an angular, post-punk act to a sonic territory, all their own when they enlisted long time friend, Sean Gaffney and devoted fan, Nick Clark. The group currently resides in Oakland.

LILAC is pop religion for non-believers. A heavy driving acid grunge dream LILAC’s music, similar to Nirvana in spirit and intent, aspires to represent a subculture – A subculture comprised of the passionate, unusual, angsty, romantic, poor, queer, long-haired, starry-eyed, depressed, downtrodden, dirty, loud, funny, ugly, beautiful, and bright. They want the true singers and dreamers of the dream to take back culture and make it shine again. Their songs are a reach for eternal acts of passion in the face of death. It
is about love, but mostly sexual and even more, about heartbreak. It’s a flower and it is a drug.

Violent Vickie
Violent Vickie is a two-piece multi-media electro-punk band from San Francisco, Calif. Inspired by riot grrrl, experimental electronic music and electroclash, Vickie started writing songs in 2003, recording drum machines, keyboards, samplers, guitars, vocals and other assorted instruments onto a four track in her parents’ suburban home in Southern California. Her lyrics question society and address female stereotypes, TV, addiction and religion. She has since played throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area, toured the West Coast, and played Ladyfest and Scutterfest. She has shared the stage with many bands including Mika Miko, The Sharpease, Boyskout, Eagle and Talon, and Dame Darcy. Her shows incorporate energetic, psychedelic visuals that complement the content of the music. After releasing two CD EPs, “Shut Yr Snatch” and “Violent Vickie EP,” she is currently producing and recording a full-length album entitled “Monster Alley” with the new addition keyboardist and producer Cat.

Interview with BAM! BAM!, Gun and Doll Show, and Only You
August 18, 2011 8:00pm


Bam! Bam!

Bam!Bam! is the East Bay duo of Chloe Bam! from Stiletta, and Zola Bam! from Make Me and Boyskout. The two play a unique brand of tweeish punkish music that is inspired by early 90’s girl bands like The Frumpies, and The Breeders. The band has been together a little under a year and in that time they have opened for Shonen Knife, The Forgetters, and Grass Widow amongst others. In May the band released the first video for Why I had to Go the title track for their upcoming 7” which earned them acclaim from Bust magazine and the SFist who proclaimed them “the best band you haven’t heard yet. ” In October Bam!Bam! will embark on a west coast tour.

Gun and Doll Show

The Gun & Doll Show celebrates the online release of their newest album, American Radio Two. It is the much anticipated sequel to the band’s last effort, American Radio One, voted one of the top 50 records of 2004 by SF Weekly. The album is a versatile and imaginative auditory trip across the radio dial, representing all brands of American music, done Gun & Doll Show style. This is post-modern pop with Killian MacGeraghty’s provocative and risk-taking songwriting style at the center. MacGeraghty is the writer, lead singer, mastermind and ringleader of what he calls “The Gun & Doll Show Cirque du Chevrolet.” He has been called a “boulevard surrealist who actually rocks,” and he tackles a wide range of material on American Radio Two including the first female quarterback in the NFL (Can You Feel It), a rock star who should have chosen a different profession (Cowboy Lingerie Store), and the truth about self-righteous punk rockers (What I Hate About Punks). Further down the dial are requiems to bad relationships (Honest Girl & I’m Not Bitter), cloned celebrity babies (First Born), as well as terms of endearment (Jungle Ho).

Only You

Only You is the collaborative dream pop efforts of Micayla Grace (formerly of Leopold & His Fiction) & Rachel Fannan (formerly of Sleepy Sun). Combining core elements of surf rock and brit pop, Fannan & Grace are making us weep joy struck tears of nostalgia. Its the late 50′s early 60′s. Its falling in love for the first time, again.
Having shared bills with J Mascis, the Entrance Band, Young Prisms & Ben Chasney, Only You has also borrowed the talents of Rich Good (Kings & Queens, Psychedelic Furs), Hunter Burgan (AFI) & Jon S

Interview with Trainwreck Riders
August 11, 2011 8:00pm


Trainwreck Riders

The Trainwreck Riders are a rock ‘n’ roll country band from San Francisco. Singer Pete Frauenfelder grew up in Bernal Heights, and brothers Steve (drummer) and Andrew Kerwin (guitar) grew up in the Richmond District, starting their band in their basement during high school, they have had a number of bassists. In October of 2008 Shawn “Boof” Wyman joined as permanent bassist. Trainwreck Riders are also often joined at local shows by “Cayenne” Dan Massie on Dobro and lap steel. Forming in the early winter of 2000 the band was originally called Rockin’ Chair, but eventually had to rename in 2004 because of another band of the same name. Apparently, the Kerwin boys’ mother came up with the name Trainwreck Riders.

Interview with La Corde, Waldo Astoria, Wet Illustrated
August 4, 2011 8:00pm


La Corde

La Corde’s dark, delay drenched punk provides a soundtrack to nuclear meltdowns, global recession, toxic southern swells, and artificial respiration. They’ve toured from Tijuana to Vancouver, playing shows with Defektors, Cat Party, Arctic Flowers, Face the Rail, Rank / Xerox, and Airfix Kits. Reviews of their 2010 self-titled EP drew comparisons from the Wipers to Hot Guts to Sex Church. Resurrection Records will put out their split EP with Costa Mesa’s Cat Party later this month, with another EP heading for the streets in September 2011 on Pyrrhic Victory Records.

Waldo Astoria

Waldo Astoria is Michael Lim and Kern Haug. Michael plays guitar and sings, Kern plays drums. When writing songs, Mike is Waldo, Kern is Astoria. When being people, Kern is Waldo, Mike is Astoria. The juxtapositions are Waldo Astoria.

Wet Illustrated

Interview with Ragnhild Zeigler, True Margrit
July 28, 2011 8:00pm


Ragnhild Zeigler

Ragnhild Zeigler is a Norwegian singer songwriter and sawplayer. She is currently travelling through the united states to discuss politics as well as promote her debut album “I don’t speak cat” released under the name The Bee’s Niece. Ragnhild studied music and established herself as a musician in Manchester, UK which is also where she met her fellow musicians in The Bee’s Niece. Research shows that her songs are quite pleasant to listen to and surprisingly good for hang overs.

True Margrit

Ever since moving to San Francisco from Knoxville, TN, piano-player / singer/ songwriter Margrit Eichler has been in a continuous loop of gigs, adventures, and misadventures in the Bay Area–and up and down the west coast ( and beyond) releasing 5 albums under the True Margrit banner. The lineup for the past 8 years ( nobody has spontaneously combusted!) is Eichler on vox & keys, Andrew Bacon on drums, Gary Hobish on bass. This trio has been generating buzz with their exuberant piano-humping shows, with their 2005 release, “Seaworthy”, and 2010’s: “The Juggler’s Progress”, and with their much-viewed video.

Interview with Tippy Canoe & the Paddlemen, Mist and Mast, Case in Theory
July 21, 2011 8:00pm


Tippy Canoe & the Paddlemen
Originally from Baltimore and now based in sunny Oakland, songbird and solo uke-slinger/guitarist, Tippy Canoe (Michele Kappel-Stone), made the switch from a 5-piece drum kit with the garage-pop princesses The Kirby Grips (Sympathy For The Record Industry), to a 4-stringed ukulele in 2003. In 2009 she upped the string count and added guitarist to her resume. She’s on a mission to bring sincere uplift in a severely down-slanted era by spreading her hook-laden pop-meets-roots music.

Mist and Mast
Mist and Mast is the new project created by Jason Lakis who had previously released three albums under the name The Red Thread (on the Badman Recording Co. label). This is a mostly one man project recorded by Jason with the exception of a couple of keyboard and guitar parts provided by others. Our first reaction to Mist and Mast…is that this music seems a good deal more focused than the last couple of Red Thread albums that we heard. And that is a good thing…because it means Jason is allowing his music to take him into new and different territories. This self-titled album features nine tracks of thoughtful, slightly odd progressive pop. The soft, subdued vocals work remarkably well within the framework of these intricately arranged tunes. This doesn’t sound like an album created to sell units…but rather an artistic creation in which Lakis is simply transferring his thoughts and feelings into music. Pensive, thoughtful cuts include “Turn Into the Turn,” “Campfire Went Out,” “Glass Tiles,” and “Price of Fevers.”

Case in Theory
Case in Theory (CIT) is a San Jose, Calif.-based alternative-rock band that draws most of its influence from life, love, and everyday lessons. The band’s sound combines climactic choruses with spacey intoxicating verses backed by a hard-hitting hip-hop/funk-influenced rhythm section. Some might say that CIT’s music reminds them of space travel and/or epic beach sunsets. They have been compared to other eclectic acts such as Incubus, Dredg, Circa Survive, Mute Math, etc. Take a chance and join the diverse group of music lovers that have been touched by their work and come up with your own opinion.

Interview with White Cloud and Lord Loves a Working Man
July 14, 2011 8:00pm


White Cloud
WHITE CLOUD was formed about 3 years ago in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, California. They are four friends who have consistently made music that is not only a spewing of their influences but also bleeds of their cultural heritage, and take shape in their day dreams. While growing musically, they have had the honor to share the stage with acts such as Dum Dum Girls (subpop), Crocodiles (fat possum) Max Tundra (domino) Tuung (Thrill Jockey) Clipd Beaks (Lovepump) Wooden Birds (barsuk) amongst others. Their influences vary from classical master Arnold Schoenberg, to Spacemen 3, dub maestro King Tubby and hip hop boss Rick Ro$$, along with painters, and writers from Mark Twain to Heironimous Bosch

Lord Loves a Working Man
Bay Area based LORD LOVES A WORKING MAN is a 10-piece group inspired by the raw and emotive sound of the Southern Soul shouters and horn-driven R&B of the late 1960′s. Mixing originals with obscure and originally arranged covers, LLAWM puts everything they got into respectfully invoking the spirit of this classic genre while giving it their own distinct voice. In 2008, the band was honored with the award for “Best Local R&B/Funk Act” by the SF Weekly:
“…our steamy but sweet fantasies of soulful early 1960′s amour now have a soundtrack: Lord Loves A Working Man, they pour their hearts out in songs that make audience members alternately work up a sweat and hold each other very very close” -SF Weekly

Interview with Two Headed Spy
June 23, 2011 8:00pm


Two Headed Spy
The case of three strapping young gentlemen that call themselves Two Headed Spy is quite curious and intriguing indeed. Birthed in their current form by a chance meeting, their connection after 5 years of playing the dankest bars in San Francisco is unmistakable. Ready to take the stage, these lads have something to offer you the listener, you the fan, you the music lover, you the guy in the back corner: Rock and roll. High-stakes, fast-paced energy-driven music so good if they dared play a flawless set the heavens would ascend on the land below and destroy an area approximately 1 km in diameter from their exact position at the given time. So let’s get real, bring your helmets and athletic supports of all varieties (M/F) and prepare yourself for the cyclic revolution of that hook-laden, bass-heavy, drum-pounding, melodic, guitar-driven rock and roll sound you crave so much that comes hitherto reincarnated in the form of Two Headed Spy.

Interview with Elle Nińo
June 16, 2011 8:00pm


Elle Nińo
In late 2008, somewhere between an abandoned lot and a taqueria, four individuals converged in an East Oakland living room to form Elle Nińo. Unpredictable like the weather, Elle Nińo incorporates sexy-falsetto vocals, lesbo-erotic lyrics, deep electronic beats, 80s synths, and indie guitars. Drawing from synth-pop, new wave, and electro-funk, Elle Nińo’s style has been likened to Prince, the Yeah YeahYeahs and LCD Soundsystem.

With coordinated outfits and synchronized dance moves, Elle Nińo’s live performances have consistently succeeded in creating a sweaty, pulsating, and irresistible dance floor.

Elle Nińo has been featured on, KALW radio, Pirate Cat Radio, The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Noise music blog, SF Chronicle’s Off the Record blog,, RVCA’s San Francisco blog, and more. Unlike many electronic artists, Elle Nino takes pride in performing their music with live instruments. Everything you hear is live, no loops or staring into laptops. Elle Nino is currently working on their second EP and playing shows up and down the West Coast.

Spinning records with The Frail and Sporting Life
May 26, 2011 8:00pm


The Frail
Recently named the best up-and-coming act in San Francisco by Deli Magazine, The Frail has already been featured on MTV, won the viewer’s choice award in Owl Magazine’s “Video Makes The Radio Star” contest, and played alongside the likes of Justice, Moby and Goldfrapp. Of course, momentum like this doesn’t happen over night.

Over the past four years, velvet-throated vocalist Daniel Lannon and hyper-prolific producer Kevin Durr have pushed the group from a Craigslist collaboration to a stage-shattering electro-pop act worthy of national acclaim. Pop-indie hybrids, the group’s electro-tinged cuts now toe the line between falsetto homage to Michael Jackson and the hyper-literate electro experimentation of DFA acts like LCD Soundsystem.

Sporting Life
This agreement will confirm the understanding between SPORTING LIFE (“Sporting Life”), a California band with a principal office located in San Francisco, CA, and ROCK MUSIC FANS (“RMF”), regarding the creation by Sporting Life and listening by RMF, as detailed herein, of kickass rock n’ roll tunes (the “Sporting Life Singles”), which such tunes are created by recording the amplification of sounds caused by: (i) the vibrations of an assortment of wooden stringed instruments, including, but not limited to, Guitar (“Keith Brasel,” “Andrew Gomez,” “Ryan McGee”) and Bass (“Mike Soss”); (ii) an electronic approximation of the act of striking steel cords with a felt-covered hammer, thus creating a vibration at the resonant frequency of said cords, such approximation being more commonly referred to as “keyboards” (“Keith Brasel,” “Andrew Gomez”); (iii) the rhythmic striking of a set of membranous percussion instruments with wooden sticks, such activity being colloquially described as “drumming” (“Terry Yerves”); and the use of controlled and sustained vocalizations at such pitches and rhythms as to serve a complementary function to the sounds created by the various professional musical implements described herein, such vocalizations as shall hereafter be known as “singing” or “vocals” (“Keith Brasel,” “Andrew Gomez”).

Interview with Waiting Room and AllofaSudden
May 19, 2011 8:00pm


Waiting Room

Waiting Room is a three-piece chick band, coming from the native hills of San Francisco, consisting of SF natives Lauren Alves, Veronica Bush and Rose Sullivan. An indie folk rock trio that draws from the blues, punk, and jazz; the girls met through local friends, Trainwreck Riders and The Dead Westerns. Lauren Alves has been playing paradiddles on her Dad’s drum set since she was five years old, and has been playing bass for some 15 plus years. She has also worked as a pit musician, and plays bass, guitar, and vocals in the band. Veronica Bush plays rhythmic banjo and vocals, and Rose Sullivan plays lo-fi drums. Both Alves and Bush write songs, making their music very collaborative and heartfelt. Some of their influences include Mazzy Star, Modest Mouse, Neil Young, Neutral Milk Hotel, Abner Jay, and Otis Redding.

All of a Sudden

AllofaSudden is rooted in the American rock tradition. With their 2008 debut, “Appear”, they built a reputation throughout California as a band with driving rhythms, fiery guitar playing, and layered harmonies; from sing-along choruses to dirty grooves to subtly twisting progressions in songs that offer equal amounts of introspection, humor, and insight. AOS’ sophomore album, Drink the Ocean (available 5/24/11), is a complex and cohesive album that incorporates larger sounds, darker themes and more instrumental exploration than their debut. Shusterman’s climbing, melodic solos are now complemented by new keyboardist Nathan Cole’s barrelhouse piano and airy synthesizer. Stringfellow’s stately basslines provide a rock-solid foundation alongside Art McConnell’s drumbeats that swing as much as they pummel.

Interviews with Wax Idols, Midnight Snaxxx and Dead Westerns
December 2, 2010 8:00pm


Wax Idols
WAX IDOLS is: Heather Fedewa, Ashley Thomas, Courtney Grey, Paul Keelan. THEY ARE: “smooth sailed rubbernecked opium dildo biters.”

Midnite Snaxxx
Midnite Snaxxx are three lovely ladies who know a thing or two about punk rocking. Chances are that you’ve seen these girls do their thing in THE LA-TEENOS, LOUDMOUTHS and BOBBYTEENS, which is all fine and dandy, sure…but Midnite Snaxxx are something else. These three girls teamed up to play no-frills, uber-catchy punk rock, equally inspired by the legit 70s hard-hitters as well as some of today’s catchiest power-pop combos. In short, actual Budget (Punk) Rock in 2010…an increasingly rare commodity is one you simply gotta check out ASAP. Raw Deluxe Records just released their first 7” in true Budget Rock fashion: 2 songs, 1 side, all hits, no bullshit.

Dead Westerns
“You don’t need a bottle of Jack or even a trace of Southern lineage to appreciate the genius of The Dead Westerns’ Southern Rock charm and Surf Rock style. Without a hint of irony, the San Francisco quartet creates a fast-driving, hard-living tribute to the indelible music and legacy of Pavement, Dick Dale and Willie Nelson. With their debut self titled album, the band kick up a righteous storm, as on the alt-country lick-filled opener Stalling, or the swamp and fuzzy From the Moon Down to the Earth. It’s clear these guys deliver emotional wallops at every turn. Stylistically, they run the gamut from old-timey sounding country to a heavy surf jam influence. In the end it’s all rock & roll and one of the more unique recording artists and live bands coming out of the Bay Area today.” -Shawn Robbins – host of Snob Theater (

Interview with Rykarda Parasol, The New Up and Kalri$$ian
November 18, 2010 8:00pm


Rykarda Parasol
San Francisco based Rykarda Parasol (\reh-kaer-dah\) describes her dark and mysterious music as “Rock Noir”. It calls up cinematic imagery akin to David Lynch or Alfred Hitchcock giving way to an icy blonde plot and Parasol’s husky low sing/talk embodies the essence of the sharp fearless femme fatale. Often compared to the likes of Nick Cave, Black Heart Procession and The Velvet Underground, Parasol personifies both swamp and sophistication reminding of us the Doors, Serge Gainsbourg, and Nico. A uniquely gender-bending voice incased in roughness, blues, and delivery, her focus is delivering Faulkner-like tales with conviction and suspense. Parasol draws on American rock, soul and southern influences among others styles.

The New Up
San Francisco rock/pop five-piece The New Up has a sound that’s described as “Metric with a touch of the Rolling Stones, with a front woman with an addictive, classy, lingering voice” (Behind the Hype) and “striking, exotic and brashly coherent indie pop that feel[s] like the sonic equivalent of a thrill ride” (Flagpole). Front and center is ES Pitcher’s intoxicatingly liquid voice, which earned her a designation as “the bastard love child of Siouxsie Sioux and Karen O” (Sacramento News & Review). Featuring Noah Reid on guitar, Hawk West on flute and automation, Dain Dizazzo on bass and Drew Bertrand on drums, the band delivers captivating live performances that combine uniquely catchy songs with polished chops and inspired musicianship.

Smooth Rick Chosen is a mildly schizophrenic male prostitute with an in-pants sidekick named Perseus. Chachi Harlem is his Fandango-puppet-obsessed partner in crime. Tyrone Shoelaces is a hard-drinking former schoolboy pimp with severe women issues. Felix Livinglow is their smooth-talking, scatalogically obsessed British friend. Together, and joined by legendarily mustachioed production team Keylo Venezuela and “Uncle” Tony Highrise, these engagingly foul-mouthed misfits are KALRI$$IAN.

Live Performance by Sam Rogers, Interview with Israel Chavarin and Midnight Strangers
October 21, 2010 8:00pm


Sam Rogers
Live Performance
Sam Rogers is an award-winning solo performer, skilled educator/facilitator, experienced CircleSong leader, and Certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher. He is called “The One Mouth Band” for good reason: he makes all the sounds of a band using only his mouth — bass, guitar, synthesizers, horns, mouth-defying drums/percussion, and more — with the precision of a seasoned musician. Sam was the first solo act to compete (and win!) in an a cappella group competition, he has spent half his life being the resident beatboxer/rhythm section for a cappella groups, has two live solo vocal albums to his credit, is half of the pan-Pacific trip-folk duo One On One, helped pioneer live looping vocals, and was a recent finalist in the 1st US Beatbox Championships. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he happily astounds audiences from America, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Get ready for 100% Organic Human Music that will blow your mind and shake your booty!

Israel Chavarin
of RoundMusic and The Frail

Midnight Strangers

Retro new wave music wrapped in enticing vocals, while layered over ripping guitars and synths, the Midnight Strangers produce rock music that represents the struggle to form connections with others. The track “Strangers” reflects lead singer, Chris Swimley’s observation of himself and others at shows. He states, “We are all longing to feel the emotions and sense of connection we feel when we listen to music. Music is really just musicians attempting to express their emotions through their songs. And though the bands who play these songs are complete strangers to us, when the music is done well, it’s like we’re living a first person experience of the emotions of others. We connect at the deepest level. The connection is so strong that it compels to join in and sing along. That is what I love most about music.”

When Swimley first ventured into the music industry, the outcome was Modern Delusions, an album that led him to win “Best Male Alternative Vocalist of the Year” at the 2007 L.A. Music Awards. After nearly completing his third solo album, Days Of Decadence, Swimley decided to expand his project and added friends Anthony Petrocchi (drums) Rob Pera (guitar) and Chris Albert (Bass) to the line-up. Inspired by bands such as the Killers and U2, the music of Midnight Strangers combines a bit of electronic instrumentation with a solid mix of drums, bass, and guitar for what they call a “retro new wave” genre.

The newest album, Days Of Decadence, contemplates modern society’s ability to basically acquire anything we desire instantly. The idea that America and other wealthy nations are literally being driven insane by a manufactured appetite for endless amounts of stimulus and possessions is the main concept behind the album.

Swimley reflects on the album stating, “The thing that excites me the most is that it really moves me. This album is definitely much more modern and up-tempo then the last. It was designed with the live performance in mind, so it is my hope that the songs create an excitement to see them performed live. I wanted to create an album that was full of energy and dynamics but that a message too. I hope it moves others as much as it moves me.”

Interview with Blood and Sunshine
October 14, 2010 8:00pm


Blood and Sunshine

this is the electro, shoegaze, gospel, revival! the sounds of swirling guitars, crunchy synth melodies and fervent vocals upon motown inspired rhythms….. this is blood and sunshine.

Interview with The Greening, MOLDOVER
October 7, 2010 8:00pm


The Greening
The Greening’s mission statement is to push pop music to new frontiers through their blend of accessible experimentation. Combining memorable hooks, strong melodies and cascading vocal harmonies, the band craft instantly memorable songs. However, the radio friendly nature of the songwriting disguises its underlying complexity. Surprise bridges, unexpected arrangements/time signatures, and well thought out productions all unite to enhance the compositions in an integrated fashion.

The ideology behind their sound evolves from an appreciation of the psychedelic movement, forgotten 70s art rock, classic 60s pop, and the ultimate desire to combine elements of all of these with a psychotic injection of punk energy. At shows, people are often up and dancing within a few numbers – thriving off the band’s raw enthusiasm for the music they love.

Recording-wise, The Greening has always sought to combine as many styles as possible in collagist fashion. As can be heard on their first album, After Shoal Parlor, the variety of stylings take the listener across a landscape of music history, landing them squarely in the twilight of music the world is waking up to. The familiar is there to be heard, but in a way that is neither nostalgic nor retro

On their current album, The Last Tibetan Midnight, The Greening accomplish their mission again, delivering songs whose pop sensibilities are matched by their underlying attention to detail. With stronger vocals and a more solid sound, songs like “(She’s So) Electric” and “Sunday Afternoon” detail the bands’ continual evolution. While swathes of delayed resonance float between snare cracks and vocal lines, the compositions never fall apart, rather, coalescing into original numbers as unique as their San Francisco home base. With their eccentric synergy coming to the forefront once again, listeners are left with a feeling reciprocal to the bands’ – a feeling of curiosity.

If technology and music are your life, brace yourself- Moldover is about to reformat your soul. Hailed by 700,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, Moldover is a new breed of music icon. Combining the charisma of a rock star, the mad genius of a basement inventor, and the radical inclusiveness of the DIY internet generation, Moldover is “literally throwing away the rule book and reinventing the wheel” (Remix Magazine). Witness his balls-to-the-wall live show at a club, experience his multiplayer music installations at a festival, or pick up and play the “light theramin” packaging of his debut album and understand why the next paradigm for music is a one-man-brand called Moldover.

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