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May 13, 2019 2:00pm
After getting s new turntable and rediscovering that playing vinyl is like my ears having sex, I played a bunch of stuff in that vein, which means a lot of 80's. Sadly the sound doesn't come through via digital media. Oh well. I'll probably post a show about vinyl rehab once I go broke buying records. In the meantime, enjoy, and thanks for listening.

-Cat pic "El Bandito" (cuz the moustache) courtesy of Mike and Wendy.

2:04pm: Howlin' For My Darlin' by Howlin' Wolf

2:07pm: Merit Badge by Aphrodesia

2:12pm: I Don't Care Anymore by Phil Collins

2:16pm: Rio by Duran Duran

2:23pm: The Second Coming by W.B.Yeats (read by Cyril Cusack)

2:23pm: Circumstances by Rush

2:27pm: Ignition/Space Cruiser by Fire Down Below

2:35pm: Let Them Eat War by Bad Religion

2:38pm: Rejoice by U2

2:41pm: The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin

2:48pm: Sittin' 'Round by Joe Satriani

2:54pm: Too Much Pressure by The Selecter

2:57pm: Man In A Suitcase by The Police

2:59pm: Party Line by The Surfrajettes

3:02pm: The Way We Met by Morphine

3:06pm: You Offered Only Parabolas by Michael Manring

3:12pm: Falling Upstairs by The Damon Castillo Quartet

3:21pm: Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) by The Delfonics

3:24pm: It's A Shame by The Spinners

3:27pm: Groovy Babe by Durand Jones & The Indications

3:30pm: Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

3:34pm: A Phase I'm Going Through by Joe Satriani

3:39pm: Cheque In The Post by General Public

3:43pm: Propaganda by Soul Ska

3:47pm: Reggae Ambasador by Third World

3:52pm: My Funny Valentine by Jim Hall

3:57pm: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus

Sad Puppy
April 29, 2019 2:00pm
Just trying to cure your Monday blues. Played some old stuff (Aretha) that sounds new, and some new stuff that sounds old (Durand), and a few special sets. Threw in a Stanhope bit about "inequality" too. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

2:05pm: Baby C'mon by Corey Henry feat Cole Williams

2:06pm: Moving To Bohemia by Geddy Lee

2:11pm: Desperate People by Living Colour

2:18pm: Turn Me Loose by The Record Company

2:22pm: No Matter What by Aretha Franklin

2:26pm: Make a Change by Durand Jones & The Indications

2:30pm: (title unknown) by Mother Funk Conspiracy

2:38pm: Church by Galactic

2:43pm: Chank by John Scofield

2:50pm: Dersu by Charlie Hunter

2:57pm: Pussy, Shame and Cocaine by Doug Stanhope

3:02pm: Bite The Hand That Feeds (instrumental version) by Agent Orange

3:05pm: Sweat by Oingo Boingo

3:09pm: The Answer by Bad Religion

3:13pm: Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy

3:17pm: Some People Fly by Queensryche

3:22pm: Don't Turn Your Back by Blue Oyster Cult

3:27pm: Evil Woman by Electric Light Orchestra

3:31pm: Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mac

3:36pm: Lakeside Park (Live) by Rush

3:42pm: Coming In Hot by Peter Tosh

3:45pm: Time by Easy Star All Stars (Pink Floyd)

3:52pm: Midnight In Ethiopia by Rico Rodriguez

3:57pm: My Funny Valentine by Jim Hall

Sunny Smiles
April 22, 2019 2:00pm
Sunny day inspired many things; my guest was unable to make it to the studio, so just winged it. Felt like playing local talent, some famous, some not. Threw in and Earth Day song too.

"First of all, there is no cause for alarm. As for the theories of interference by alien beings, it is my firm opinion that we on Earth are the only intelligent, technically advanced civilization present in the universe, cuz Nyborg!"

2:02pm: Ascension by Fire Down Below

2:09pm: Dirty War by Lowcaster

2:16pm: Cool #9 by Joe Satriani

2:22pm: Life's Been Good by Joe Walsh

2:30pm: Hurry Sundown by Little Richard

2:33pm: Blue Matter by John Scofield

2:39pm: Give it Up Or Turn It Loose by James Brown

2:43pm: Glass Sandwich by Primus

2:47pm: Violent and Funky by Infectious Grooves

2:51pm: YYZ by Rush

3:00pm: Do You Need Words? by Lari Basilio

3:04pm: Viv Woman by Steve Vai

3:07pm: Righteous by Eric Johnson

3:11pm: The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing (live) by Joe Satriani

3:18pm: Where Do All My Friends Go by Oingo Boingo

3:22pm: Space Age Love Song by A Flock Of Seagulls

3:26pm: The Sun Always Shines On TV by A-Ha

3:33pm: Aenima by Tool

3:41pm: The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver by Elbow

3:45pm: Ridin' Through The Mountains by Papa Grows Funk

3:51pm: 23 Degrees by Heavy Petting Zoo

3:55pm: Brush With The Blues by Jeff Beck

Black Hole Taxes
April 15, 2019 2:00pm
Tax day sucks, especially when corporations pay no taxes, and musicians get fucked. So Fuck Ezra!

Black Holes Exist. We have a pic. Yay.

Notre Dame, glad I saw it, but democracy is burning...

2:01pm: This Land by Gary Clark Jr.

2:07pm: Hole in My Life by Super Hi-Fi

2:12pm: Echo by Joe Satriani

2:19pm: Scorpio by Dennis Coffey

2:22pm: Science of Traffic by Quist

2:27pm: Freeway Jam by Jeff Beck

2:35pm: Robin Hood In Reverse by Bad Religion

2:36pm: Lee Van Cleef by Primus

2:40pm: Too Young To Die by Agent Orange

2:42pm: The Patient by Tool

2:50pm: Santa Monica Place by Shopping

2:52pm: Quiet Surf by The Mermen

2:58pm: Propaganda by Soul Ska

3:00pm: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

3:04pm: Cygnus X-1 by Rush

3:14pm: On The Move by The Record Company

3:18pm: Heart Of A Lion by Shabba Ranks

3:22pm: The Crisis Generator by The Sound Stylistics

3:27pm: Fuck Ezra's Ethiofreaks by Molly Tigre

3:32pm: Olodo by Aphrodesia

3:39pm: Public Option by Super Hi-Fi

3:45pm: Grips by Buke and Gase

3:49pm: Tuck 'N' Roll by Durand Jones & The Indications

3:53pm: Many Things by Seun Kuti

Ravenscry, great metal band
April 8, 2019 2:00pm
Played a new metal band from Italy called Ravenscry. Good stuff. Wasn't feeling very chatty (nothing new really) because I had way too fun much dancing to Soul Ska (such a great band) at my friend Wendy's Birthday party. Was a little wiped out, so did not opine much. Enjoy the music!

2:02pm: Game Of Thrones by Los Straitjackets

2:04pm: The Cosmic Pilgrim by Fire Down Below

2:14pm: The Invisible Revolution by Ravenscry

2:18pm: Harvester Of Sorrow by Metallica

2:24pm: Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth

2:28pm: Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani

2:32pm: Higher Plane by Kool & The Gang

2:37pm: Theme From PSB by Public Service Broadcasting

2:43pm: Kid Gloves by Rush

2:46pm: Living The Dream by Sturgill Simpson

2:49pm: Boozer by John Scofield

2:55pm: When The World Is Running Down... by The Police

2:59pm: Ska On The Radio by Soul Ska

3:03pm: Impeach The President by The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

3:06pm: Ain't It Funky Now by Grant Green

3:18pm: Shake The Baby by Doug Stanhope

3:24pm: Bloodstains by Agent Orange

3:26pm: Only Rain by Bad Religion

3:28pm: Howlin' For My Darling by Howlin' Wolf

3:32pm: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez

3:38pm: As The Rhyme Goes On by Eric B and Rakim

3:46pm: Get Into Something by The Isley Brothers

3:53pm: One Foundation by Charlie Hunter, Chinna Smith

3:59pm: The Fire Sermon by Michael Manring

Fire Down Below
April 1, 2019 2:00pm
Fire Down Below, a great metal band, sent us some music. I featured it because hey, they're fucking great! Played a bunch of other new bands too because hey, that's why I have a radio show! Send music to


2:01pm: Ignition/Space Cruiser by Fire Down Below

2:09pm: Launchpad by Spaceblaster

2:14pm: Intergalactic by Beastie Boys

2:18pm: Push (rough bounce) by Uptown Odyssey

2:22pm: Rollin' And Tumblin' by Jive And Direct

2:26pm: This City Never Sleeps by The Eurythmics

2:34pm: Like Waves by Black Palms Orchestra

2:37pm: Veil Of Shadows by Budos Band

2:40pm: Astral Traveler by Yes

2:47pm: Chocolate City by Parliament

2:52pm: Which Way To America by Living Colour

2:56pm: Something Bad by The Goo Goo Dolls

3:04pm: Baby Don't by The Pinx

3:07pm: I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime) by Stevie Ray Vaughan

3:12pm: Cyanide by Bad Religion

3:16pm: Little Martha by The Allman Brothers

3:19pm: Coahella by Lana Del Rey

3:23pm: Wonderwall by Brad Mehldau Trio (Oasis)

3:31pm: There Is Only Now by Souls of Mischief

3:36pm: Big Dog by The Knight

3:38pm: Wordmule by Jim White

3:42pm: No Spill Blood by Oingo Boingo

3:47pm: Steppin' Out by Steel Pulse

3:51pm: Pick Hits - Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band by John Scofield

3:58pm: Touch Get Cut by Galactic feat. Erica Falls

New Bands, A Few Locals Bands, R.I.P. as in Pacifica, Dick Dale
March 18, 2019 2:00pm
So we got a lot of submissions of new music this week. Most of it was really sloppy BS, but these bands are tight, so I played them. Really dig J Hacha de Zolo (pic) so I played Antipatico, the title track on their new album. Hit a few others, and dammit Dick Dale died so there's a set for him. That guy changed guitar paying forever. R.I.P. \m/

2:07pm: Arcane Rambler by Budos Band

2:08pm: That Lady by The Isley Brothers

2:14pm: Holdin' On by Aretha Franklin

2:19pm: Concrete Heaven by Gon von Zola

2:23pm: Get on The Good Foot by James Brown

2:26pm: Chonks by Snarky Puppy

2:34pm: Miserlou by Agent Orange

2:41pm: Aya On Canvas by P.A. Hulsenbeck

2:43pm: She Ain't A Child No More by Tedeschi Trucks Band

2:47pm: Washingtonian by Super Hi-Fi

2:55pm: Houdini Crush by Buke and Gase

2:59pm: Ska On The Radio by Soul Ska

3:03pm: Mirror In The Bathroom by The English Beat

3:07pm: One Foundation by Charlie Hunter, Chinna Smith

3:13pm: Antipatico by J Hacha de Zola

3:15pm: You Love Me by Devotchka

3:19pm: No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo

3:24pm: Miserlou by Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

3:26pm: Honeybomb by The Mermen

3:32pm: Don't Take Me For Granted by Social Distortion

3:36pm: Pacifica by Los Straitjackets

3:40pm: Junkhead by Alice In Chains

3:45pm: Junky Relations by William S. Burroughs

3:47pm: Junkie by Steve Vai

3:55pm: Passage To Bangkok by Rush

3:58pm: Guardian Angel by Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia

America The Crazy
March 11, 2019 2:00pm
Opened up with some songs about America, and played a set about crazy folks. In retrospect, those two thing seem to go together nowadays. As usual, just mixed up genres but made it flow. Cheers!

2:02pm: When The World Was At War by Lana Del Rey

2:06pm: American Jesus by Bad Religion

2:10pm: American Life by Primus from Live At The Warfield

2:21pm: Note On The Screen Door by Nuno

2:25pm: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Jeff Beck (Charles Mingus)

2:30pm: She's Leaving Home by Easy Star All Stars

2:35pm: Gotta Get Into Something by Gary Clark Jr.

2:38pm: Bitch I Love You by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

2:40pm: Don't Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes

2:45pm: Stone Cold Crazy by Queen

2:47pm: Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy

2:53pm: My Brain by Morphine

2:57pm: I Fucked A Midget by Doug Stanhope

3:00pm: 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade) by Third World

3:04pm: Tio Macaco by Snarky Puppy

3:09pm: Clean Up by Rico Rodriguez

3:15pm: Lost Mind by Walter The Wolfman Washington

3:18pm: Prayers For Rain by The Cure

3:25pm: Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray by Patsy Cline

3:27pm: Drowse by Queen

3:30pm: Mathematics by Mos Def

3:34pm: Astounded by Bran Van 3000

3:40pm: Just Kissed My Baby by The Meters

3:46pm: Only A Lad by Oingo Boingo

3:49pm: Mother Mother by Fat Freddy's Drop

3:58pm: Junker Man by Papa Grows Funk

Friends, and Liars
March 4, 2019 2:00pm
Met up with a friend from years back. Funny how one can pick up right where they left off with folks. Some songs came to mind. On an unrelated note, I played a few songs for the Nazi in The Whitehouse, and lots of funk and soul. Get down!

2:03pm: Muddy Waters by Corey Henry

2:07pm: Full Moon Boogie by Jeff Beck

2:14pm: Bad Kids to the Back by Snarky Puppy

2:21pm: Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) by The Delfonics

2:23pm: It's a Shame by The Spinners

2:27pm: Groovy Babe by Durand Jones & The Indications

2:30pm: Friends by Joe Satriani

2:33pm: Friends - Olympic Studio Mix by Led Zeppelin

2:37pm: Papa Don't Take No Mess by James Brown

2:51pm: Signs, High Times by Tedeschi Trucks Band

2:56pm: Love Struck by SRV

2:58pm: Lonesome Road by Robin Trower

3:03pm: Don't Let The Devil Ride by Leo "Bud" Welch

3:07pm: Liar by Rollins Band

3:13pm: The Presidents Penis Is Missing by Drive-By Truckers

3:18pm: Bubbles In My Beer by Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys

3:21pm: A Night In Tunisia by Dexter Gordon

3:29pm: Stone Blue by Pat Martino

3:36pm: Evidence by Thelonious Monk

3:41pm: Stay by Gary Clark Jr.

3:45pm: Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James & The Shondells

3:49pm: Twenty-Six Temptations by Devotchka

3:53pm: Let Them Eat War by Bad Religion

3:56pm: Deeper Realer Sadder by Quist

Fog Dub, some other Dub, but mostly rock
February 25, 2019 2:00pm
Played a local band Fog Dub, they played an awesome gig later that night, but was feeling more rocky so played a bunch of rock tunes. Played a few other local artists too. Thanks for listening!

2:02pm: Put A Smile On Your Face by Durand Jones & The Indications

2:06pm: Smuggler's Corridor by The Aristocrats

2:13pm: Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel

2:17pm: Sittin' 'Round by Joe Satriani

2:22pm: Robin Hood In Reverse by Bad Religion

2:24pm: Punk's Not Dead by The Exploited

2:26pm: Anthem by Rush

2:30pm: Fuck You by Bad Religion

2:35pm: Dub vs. The DMV by Fog Dub

2:38pm: Take Five by Rico Rodriguez (Paul Desmond)

2:42pm: I Call The Tunes by Heavy Petting Zoo

2:48pm: World of Entertainment by Jurassic 5

2:52pm: Rhymin' and Stealin' by Beastie Boys

2:56pm: Eager Lust by P.A. Hulsenbeck

3:02pm: Gold Hole by Shame

3:07pm: Contact by The Police

3:09pm: Where Is My Girl? by Your Horrible Smile

3:14pm: Too Many Puppies by Primus

3:18pm: Time And Motion by Rush

3:23pm: The Second Coming by W.B.Yeats (read by Cyril Cusack)

3:25pm: Arrest The President by Ice Cube

3:28pm: Little Green Men by Steve Vai

3:36pm: Golden Slumbers by The Beatles

3:37pm: Carry That Weight by The Beatles

3:38pm: Monday Morning In Lagos by Fela Kuti

3:51pm: In The Moment by Karen Seagul Trio

3:55pm: Open Road: Oleo / Variations and Song by Pat Martino

Afrobeat, Molly Ringwald, and Diamonds!
February 18, 2019 2:00pm
Seun Kuti is playing 2-23-19 at The Brick and Mortar, so I played a new track of his. Did you know Molly Ringwald is a jazz singer, or do you ask, "Who?" Played one of her tunes too, and continued the genre free vein that is Bo's Veranda. Chill and dig it.

2:02pm: Groove Holmes by Beastie Boys

2:04pm: Blue Rondo Ala Turk by Dave Brubeck

2:10pm: A Go Go by John Scofield

2:19pm: Kissing my Love by Bill Withers

2:21pm: Rainshine by Bran Van 3000

2:25pm: Hip Hop by Mos Def

2:29pm: Wanting by New Model Army

2:32pm: Snake Dance by The March Violets

2:36pm: Another State Of Mind by Social Distortion

2:38pm: Regatta De Blanc by The Police

2:43pm: The Fritz by Say Hi To Your Mom

2:45pm: Flock by Buke and Gase

2:49pm: Gravity by Nuno Bettencourt

2:58pm: Black Times by Seun Kuti, feat. Carlos Santana

3:04pm: A Day At The Beach by Joe Satriani

3:06pm: La Barrosa by Paco de Lucia

3:14pm: The Very Thought Of You by Molly Ringwald

3:18pm: Something To Wish For by Jim Hall

3:24pm: BU2B by Rush

3:29pm: Son & Daughter by Queen

3:32pm: Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love by Van Halen

3:36pm: Them And Us by Bad Religion

3:39pm: 1000 More Fools by Bad Religion

3:40pm: You'll Never Make It by Pennywise

3:43pm: Battery by Metallica

3:48pm: Dirty Pool by Stevie Ray Vaughan

3:53pm: The Hard Way by Joe Bonamassa

Monday in a box
February 11, 2019 2:00pm
So, for the benefit of everyone who's working Monday, Bo's Veranda will be helping you get through your afternoon. I'll be on every Monday from 2-4PM, and hopefully make the box you work in more colorful. Request are always welcome.

2:03pm: Bo's Veranda Stumbler by Buke and Gase

2:06pm: Olodo by Aphrodesia

2:13pm: Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

2:18pm: Make a Change by Durand Jones & The Indications

2:21pm: Across 110th St by Bobby Womack

2:24pm: Tell Me Something Good by Rufus & Chaka Khan

2:31pm: Take This Job And Shove It by Johnny Paycheck

2:33pm: Drop Kick Me Jesus by Bobby Bare

2:35pm: Muskrat Love by Captain & Tennille

2:40pm: Still by Geto Boys

2:44pm: Inner Logic by Bad Religion

2:47pm: My Melody by Eric B and Rakim

2:53pm: Pepper by Butthole Surfers

3:01pm: Here Come The Bastards by Primus

3:04pm: DMV by Primus

3:08pm: Freeze (Part IV of Fear) by Rush

3:16pm: La Canada by Paco de Lucia

3:21pm: A Child's Dream by Stephane Wrembel

3:25pm: The Rise by Tom Lattanand

3:32pm: Howlin' For My Darling by Howlin' Wolf

3:34pm: Get On The Good Foot by James Brown

3:39pm: Coffee Break by Charles Nelson Reilly from How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

3:40pm: Cissy Strut by The Meters

3:44pm: Pick Up The Pieces by Average White Band

3:48pm: Stay by Gary Clark Jr.

3:52pm: Let It Play On by Soul Ska

3:55pm: Hottentot by John Scofield

The Cars That Go Vroom!
February 6, 2019 12:00am
Ran into a guy named George who was a very drunk, Aston Martin Mechanic. After asking me several times (and me telling him, several times) what my dream car would be, it got me thinking about all the songs about cars and driving. Needless to say, there's a mother fuckload of them. Hence tonight's show. DJ Paultics stuck around for some drunken banter too. (I gotta quit giving him Jameson, not doing him any favors.)


12:03am: Can't Keep My Cool by Durand Jones & The Indications

12:07am: Expensive Shit by Fela Kuti

12:27am: I'm In Love With My Car by Queen

12:30am: Red Barchetta by Rush

12:36am: Running Down A Dream by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

12:42am: One Piece At A Time by Johnny Cash

12:46am: Low Rider by War

12:49am: Cars That Go Boom by L'Trimm

12:53am: My Hooptie by Sir Mix-A-Lot

12:58am: Crusin' by Smokey Robinson

1:04am: Little Red Corvette by Prince

1:08am: Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

1:15am: Ride by Lana Del Rey

1:19am: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

1:26am: Fuel by Metallica

1:30am: Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix

1:32am: Walk by Pantera

1:38am: Another Hit And Run by Def Leppard

1:43am: Bitchin' Camaro by The Dead Milkmen

1:45am: The Distance by Cake

1:50am: Joy Spring by Clifford Brown

1:53am: Road Song by Wes Montgomery

1:56am: Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean

1:59am: Driven by Rush

2:04am: Freewheel Burning by Judas Priest

2:08am: Jerry Was A Race Car Driver by Primus

2:11am: Drive In Drive Out by Dave Mathews Band

2:18am: Drive by The Cars

2:22am: Back To Shalla-Bal by Joe Satriani

2:25am: Drive My Car by The Beatles

2:29am: The Bodyguard by Alan Silvestri

2:32am: Bladerunner Blues by Vangelis

2:41am: Tears In Rain by Hans Zimmer

2:43am: Ensign Resign by My Strange Friend

Spilco Needs a Show
January 30, 2019 12:00am
Spilco dropped by and once again showed his mad skillz on the turntables. Talked him into getting his own show, so stay tuned for upcoming announcemets regarding that. I wonder what he'll call it...

12:05am: Morning In America by Durand Jones & The Indications

12:08am: Russians by Sting

12:12am: Spinning Wheel by Blood, Sweat and Tears

12:17am: Theme For An Imaginary Cop Show by Skol Patrol

12:21am: Penetration by The Mermen

12:24am: Return Of The Haggis by The Haggis Horns

12:29am: Address To A Haggis by Robert Burns

12:34am: Ernie Plays His Drums by Bert and Ernie

12:37am: Young Rabbits by The Crusaders

12:38am: Sabor by Santana

12:39am: Sinner man by Nina Simone

12:42am: Get By by Mos Def

12:47am: SpottieOttieDopaliscious by OutKast

12:52am: Miss You by Rolling Stones

12:58am: Dommmmoooo Arrrrigaaaatoooo (45 at 33) by Styx

1:00am: Europa and The Twins by Thomas Dolby

1:02am: Have a Cigar by Pink Floyd

1:07am: The Stranger by Billy Joel

1:10am: Short People by Randy Newman

1:20am: You Take My Breath by Queen

1:24am: Neolitchic by Super Hi-Fi

1:29am: The Letter by Aretha Franklin

1:35am: Black Mother Praise by Jimmey Riley

1:39am: Pass The Dutchie by Musical Youth

1:42am: Cellular Phone by About The Killer

1:45am: Khaki Suit by Damien Marley Featuring Bounty Killer

1:49am: Give It Up by Junior Tucker

1:50am: Boombastic by Shaggy

2:01am: The Last Day Of Summer by The Cure

2:10am: Automatic by Iration

2:11am: The Lake Isle Of Innisfree by W.B. Yeats

2:15am: The Rise by Tom Lattanand

2:18am: Photograph by Def Leppard

2:23am: Have A Lucky Day by Morphine

2:25am: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez

2:31am: Shempi by Ratatat

2:35am: Thelonius by Jeff Beck

2:37am: Shambala by Beastie Boys

2:41am: Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky by Red Hot Chili Peppers

2:47am: Thank You (Falettine Be Mice Elf Agin) by Sly and the Family Stone

2:51am: At The Jimmy's Bar by Django Reinhardt

2:54am: Pearly Shells

2:56am: Sad Walk by Chet Baker

Martin Luther King's Dream
January 23, 2019 12:00am
Kicked things off briefly with some electronica I like, but it was MLK's birthday just Monday, so I felt compelled to play probably the best speech I've ever heard, "I Have A Dream". Spent the rest of the show playing music by black musicians, then went overtime with some funk, ska, punk etc. In short, kept it eclectic. Cheers y'all.

12:03am: Stumbler by Buke and Gase

12:06am: Never Let Me Down Again by Depeche Mode

12:10am: Get On The Good Foot by James Brown

12:14am: Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix

12:21am: I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.

12:39am: Which Way To America by Living Colour

12:42am: Still by Geto Boys

12:46am: Hip Hop by Mos Def

12:50am: When I On Tha Mic by Rakim

12:53am: I Know You Got Soul by Eric B. & Rakim

12:59am: Red House by Jimi Hendrix

1:03am: Pretty Baby by Buddy Guy

1:07am: Castles Made Of Sand by Chaka Khan

1:12am: Sexy M.F. by Prince

1:17am: Break by Jurassic 5

1:20am: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

1:26am: Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter by Nina Simone

1:35am: State Of Mind by Raul Midon

1:37am: Grinder by Gary Clark Jr.

1:41am: Cross Road Blues by Robert Johnson

1:43am: Street Corner Symphony by Kool & The Gang

1:47am: Born Under A Bad Song by Albert King

1:50am: Soul Limbo by Booker T. & The MG's

1:52am: The Tide Is High by The Paragons

1:55am: Funky D by Victor Wooten

2:01am: Track 8 by Mother Funk Conspiracy

2:09am: Imagination Scene by The Rabbles

2:11am: Moving Out by My Strange Friend

2:13am: Top Floor Bottom Buzzer by Morphine

2:20am: Switch 625 by Def Leppard

2:22am: Lurking In The Shadows by Los Straitjackets

2:25am: Hawaii Five-0 by The Ventures

2:26am: Honeybomb by The Mermen

2:33am: Telling Them by Social Distortion

2:36am: The Pit by Public Service Broadcasting

2:40am: Live Fast Die Young by Circle Jerks

2:42am: Suffer by Bad Religion

2:49am: Bloodstains by Agent Orange

Don't Shackwackle Your Dillet!
January 16, 2019 12:00am
After some banter with DJ Paultics about the Nazi in the Whitehouse, his future, and trying not to get on a terrorist watch list, Toph tuned in so I had to play some skate tunes about that time we found Animal Chin. Yapple Dapple!

12:07am: Ain't It Funky by Grant Green

12:17am: Picks and Pans by John Scofield

12:31am: Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan

12:35am: Mother Mother by Fat Freddy's Drop

12:44am: El Machete by Antibalas

1:04am: One More Time by Queensryche

1:08am: I Don't Know by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

1:11am: Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy

1:19am: Circumstances by Rush

1:23am: Brush With The Blues by Jeff Beck

1:29am: Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson

1:35am: Malted Milk by Eric Clapton

1:38am: Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughan

1:43am: Doin' It by Papa Grows Funk

1:51am: Brass Monkey by Beastie Boys

1:57am: 93 'Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief

2:03am: Hold It Now, Hit It by Beastie Boys

2:05am: Anesthesia by Bad Religion

2:07am: Propaganda by Soul Ska

2:12am: The Sun Always Shines On TV by A-Ha

2:17am: Let's Dance To Joy Division by The Wombats

2:20am: Lyin' Ass Bitch by Fishbone

2:26am: Shake The Baby by Doug Stanhope

2:36am: The Rise by Tom Lattanand

2:42am: C'est La Vie by Stephane Wrembel

2:45am: Sisters by Steve Vai

2:50am: Miserlou by Agent Orange

2:52am: Probation by The Skol Patrol

3:00am: Walk Away by Ballyhoo!

3:03am: Bring On The Night by The Police

3:10am: Furnished Flats by Jim Hall

3:17am: Line for Lyons by Chet Baker

3:24am: Lakeside Park by Rush

3:32am: Rockit by Herbie Hancock

Little Dub, little freeform
January 9, 2019 12:00am
Had a hankerin' for some horn blowing so there's a lot of Dub, Ska, etc in the first hour. Kinda went freeform after with mixed results, and some missed crossfades. Doh! Thanks for DJ Dial-a-shot keeping me company one the chatboard. Cheers!

12:02am: Violent and Funky by Infectious Grooves

12:06am: Jilly's On Smack by Primus

12:12am: Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies

12:21am: Give It Up by Junior Tucker

12:24am: Dub Calabash by The Skatalites

12:29am: 54-46 Was My Number by Toots and the Maytals

12:32am: A Message To Rudy by The Specials

12:35am: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez

12:41am: Gangsters by The Specials

12:47am: Leyenda by Andres Segovia

12:54am: Salobre by Paco Pena

12:58am: Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega

1:06am: My Favorite Headache by Geddy Lee

1:10am: Frank Sinatra by Cake

1:14am: Land Of Competition by Bad Religion

1:17am: Limehouse Blues by Django Reinhardt

1:19am: Blues by Django Reinhardt

1:23am: Passata On Guitar by Pat Martino

1:26am: Lunnaya Pogonka by Devotchka

1:31am: Saw That Sattelite by The Rabbles

1:34am: Mood For A Day by Steve Howe

1:36am: Launchpad by Spaceblaster

1:41am: Harvester Of Sorrow by Metallica

1:47am: Inner Logic by Bad Religion

1:50am: Bring The Noise by Public Enemy with Anthrax

1:55am: You Look Like Rain by Morphine

1:59am: The Crush Of Love by Joe Satriani

2:05am: Shadow's In The Rain by The Police

2:09am: Purple Rain by Prince

2:16am: You Offered Only Parabolas by Michael Manring

2:24am: Ticks & Leeches by Tool

2:32am: I Do Not Want This by Nine Inch Nails

2:39am: Mountain Time - Live by Joe Bonamassa

2:51am: Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang

Happy New Year 2019
January 2, 2019 12:00am
I was in somewhat of a reflective mood, being New Years and all, so I played some more thoughtful, chill tracks, but naturally threw in some heavier stuff. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

12:03am: Tasteless by Shame

12:06am: She's A Woman by Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer Live

12:11am: This Is The Life by Living Colour

12:18am: Late Night Final by Public Service Broadcasting

12:24am: Keyboard by Black Belt Eagle Scout

12:27am: Evil by Howlin' Wolf

12:31am: The Camera Eye by Rush

12:42am: Runnin' Down A Dream by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

12:46am: Wrong Planet by Los Straitjackets

12:49am: Ill Fated Conspiracy by Attention Deficit

12:51am: Stone Cold Crazy by Queen

12:53am: Get It Like That by The Aristocrats

1:01am: Whatchacalit by Mike Stern

1:08am: My Cup Runneth Over by Aretha Franklin

1:12am: The Night We Met by Lord Huron

1:16am: Pictures Of You by The Cure

1:23am: You Ain't Alone by Alabama Shakes

1:29am: Dance The Night Away by Van Halen with COWBELL!

1:32am: Boogie On Reggae Woman by Stevie Wonder

1:37am: It's Your Thing by The Isley Brothers

1:40am: Mele Kalikimaka by Annette White

1:44am: Night Mail by Public Service Broadcasting

1:49am: Righteous Minds by Joey Bada$$

1:54am: Blues Deluxe by Joe Bonamassa

2:04am: Midnight In Ethiopia by Rico Rodriguez

2:08am: It's Not Like That Anymore by Morphine

2:12am: Bawl Fire by Capelton

2:16am: Veteran Of The Psychic Wars by Blue Oyster Cult

Spilco Kills It, and Me.
December 19, 2018 12:00am
DJ Spilco dropped by from the Richmond to play a bunch of vinyl he picked up in Kingston Jamaica. He proceeded to ***FUCKING KILL IT***once we got the turntables hooked up. Seriously good shit, and the best Bo's Veranda episode yet! I'm sure he'll be back. Many Many thanks to him coming by and crushing, not to mention it was nice to have someone to talk with in the wee hours. Rock on Dude \m/ \m/ \m/

12:03am: Out In The Country by The Meters

12:08am: Right Place Wrong Time by Dr. John

12:11am: Compadres by Paco de Lucia

12:15am: Fuente Y Caudal by Paco de Lucia

12:24am: Coachella by Lana Del Rey

12:28am: Colors by Ice T.

12:32am: Something About My Benzo by Sir Mix-A-Lot

[***Entering Turntable SNAFU Zone***]

12:38am: Seek And Destroy by Metallica

12:44am: Spreading The Disease by Queensryche

12:49am: The Sentinel by Judas Priest

12:55am: Bob by Primus

[***Exiting Turntable SNAFU Zone***]

1:00am: Tones Of Home by Blind Melon

1:04am: Certain Circles by Certain Circles


1:13am: If Loving You Is Wrong... by Natural High

1:21am: Black Mother Praise by Jimmy Riley

1:23am: Gummy Gummy by The Pinchers

1:26am: Iration by Peter Tosh

1:29am: Yard Woman by Josey Wales

1:34am: No Takeit Weh by Franky Paul

1:36am: But I Can't Help It by Barbara Jones

1:41am: Equal Rights by Freddie McKay

1:45am: Missing You Now by Sandberg

1:46am: Give It Up by Junior Tucker

1:50am: The Lord Is My Light And Salvation by Bounty Killer

1:54am: Flag Flowing High by Shabba Ranks

1:57am: New Way To Say I Love you Wayne Wonder

2:00am: Cellular Phone by Bounty Killer

2:03am: Taking Over by Sizzla

2:11am: Sail The Jordan by Kelly Joe Phelps

2:17am: The Fool On The Hill by Aretha Franklin (Beatles)

2:20am: Bed's Too Big Without You by The Police

2:25am: Kissing My Love by Bill Withers

Hella Cacti
December 12, 2018 12:00am
Went to Phoenix over the weekend and saw hella cacti. One was a mutated (pictured) no doubt by some secret government radiation, or virus, or other diabolical experiment. Yes, I spent a little too much time in the desert sun, but it was a good trip. Of course, this has nothing to do with this show, which is changey-uppy as usual. Enjoy!

12:03am: It's Too Late by Carole King

12:06am: Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths

12:09am: The Perfect Kiss by New Order

12:19am: Googlenaut by Quist

12:20am: Clean Up by Rico Rodriguez

12:25am: Legalize It by Peter Tosh

12:30am: Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D

12:32am: Fuck You by Bad Religion

12:34am: Fucked My Way To The Top by Lana Del Ray

12:38am: I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones

12:42am: When The Tigers Broke Free by Pink Floyd

12:45am: Pre-Invasion Jitters by David Dondero

12:48am: War Pigs by Black Sabbath

12:57am: Cranky Messiah by Melvins

12:58am: Witch Hunt (live) by Rush

1:03am: Karma Police by Easy Star All Stars

1:10am: Everybody's Got Something To Hide But Me and My Monkey WITH MORE COWBELL by The Beatles

1:12am: Snakes Got Legs by Michael Manring

1:17am: Deck The Halls by Red Hot Chili Peppers

1:17am: Masquerade by Steve Howe

1:21am: Baby It's Cold Outside by Annette White

1:24am: The Way We Met by Morphine

1:28am: Hail Santa by Primus

1:29am: Gravity by Nuno

1:32am: Theme From The Rookies by The Skol Patrol

1:35am: I Know You, Pt. 2. by Morphine

1:38am: Gramma Honey by Kadhja Bonet

1:42am: Valentina by Public Service Broadcasting

1:47am: Throw It Away by Preoccupations

1:50am: One Rizla by Shame

1:53am: Mommy's Little Monster by Social Distortion

1:57am: If You Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Stone

1:59am: Sketches In The Sun by Steve Howe

2:04am: Forest by Bran Van 3000

2:07am: Golden Gate by STS9

2:13am: Papa Don't Take No Mess by James Brown

2:23am: Cissy Strut by The Meters

2:26am: Espionage by Lost Straightjackets

2:30am: Furnished Flats by Jim Hall

2:39am: Dub Calabash by The Skatalites

2:40am: Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang

2:44am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

New Stuff, Old Stuff, Weird Stuff
December 5, 2018 12:00am
After dutifully untangling cables and getting stuff plugged in correctly, I managed to take quite a journey to a final weird destination. Was helped along the way by DJ Dial-A-Shot via the Chatterbox. After a few months, I feel like I'm hitting my stride on the Veranda. Cheers all!

12:06am: Little Drummer Boy by Bad Religion

12:06am: Nursing Home Blues by D.R.I.

12:19am: Follow Follow by Fela Kuti

12:19am: Soft Stud by Black Belt Eagle Scout

12:24am: Concrete by Shame

12:28am: Espionage by Preoccupations

12:33am: Wild Is The Wind by Nina Simone

12:40am: The Visitor by Kadhja Bonet

12:45am: Body Electric by Lana Del Ray

12:50am: Paid In Full by Eric B. and Rakim

12:54am: Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang

1:01am: Coldblooded by James Brown

1:06am: Third Stone From The Sun by Dick Dale

1:14am: White Christmas by Annette White

1:17am: You Look Like Rain by Morphine

1:20am: When The World Is Running Down... by The Police

1:25am: The Big Money by Rush

1:31am: Everything Counts (In Large Amounts) by Depeche Mode

1:35am: Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalposts Of Life by Bobby Bare

1:37am: House Full Of Bullets by Joe Satriani

1:42am: Starsky And Hutch Theme by The Skol Patrol (Alex Skolnick, Dustin Cunningham, Michael Manring, Les Harris, Naomi True)

1:52am: Bossa Antigua by Paul Desmond

1:57am: My Funny Valentine by Etta James

2:02am: Time After Time by Jim Hall

2:10am: Creepy Smell by Melvins

2:12am: Dirty War by Lowcaster

2:18am: Stone Cold Crazy by Metallica (Queen)

2:20am: Funny Vibe by Living Colour

2:25am: Screaming In Digital by Queensryche

2:28am: Mother by Pink Floyd

2:35am: The Whales Are Coming, And Boy Are They Pissed by Mermen

2:48am: The Bones Of You by Elbow

2:52am: Air Blower by Jeff Beck

2:58am: Couldn't Stand The Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughan

3:02am: You Don't Know by Heavy Petting Zoo

3:06am: So Happy/Bledsoe Buvld by Steve Vai

Bikes and Phones
November 28, 2018 12:00am
DJ Paulitics forgot his phone (and some beer in the fridge, shhh), but I went over so he swung by and got it back. Otherwise things flowed in their own eclectic (disorganized?) way. Cheers and thanks for listening.

12:06am: Things I used To Do by Jimi Hendrix

12:06am: Memories by Joe Satriani

12:09am: The Toys Go Winding Down by Primus

12:16am: Title Unknown by Mother Funk Conspiracy

12:22am: Boogie by UFO

12:26am: Title Unknown by Combustion Collective

12:34am: Title Unknown by Attention Deficit

12:39am: Time (In The Silence) by Certain Circles

12:42am: I Will Survive by Cake

12:48am: American Boy by Estelle

12:53am: American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

12:57am: Hey Ya! by OutKast

1:02am: Rock Of Ages by Def Leppard

1:06am: By-Tor And The Snow Dog by Rush

1:17am: Teen Town by Weather Report

1:22am: Summer Bummer by Lana Del Ray

1:26am: How Insensitive by Astrud Gilberto

1:29am: Santa Monica Place by Shopping

1:32am: Rollin' And Tumblin' by Jive And Direct

1:36am: Kissing My Love by Bill Withers

1:40am: A Go Go by John Scofield

1:46am: The Phone Call by Joe Satriani

1:50am: Wrong Way Kids by Bad Religion

1:53am: Reach For The Sky by Social Distortion

1:56am: When The Night Comes Down by Judas Priest

2:03am: Fantasia Suite by Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia

2:10am: Rumba Improvisado by Paco de Lucia

2:15am: Les Yeux Noirs Tradtional by Django Reinhardt

2:18am: Friday Night by Aphrodesia

2:22am: Take Five by Rico Rodriguez (Paul Desmond)

2:25am: Talkif by Antibalas

2:36am: Desperate People by Living Colour

2:41am: Hell by James Brown

2:45am: HoneyBomb by Mermen

2:53am: Cantina Band by Star Wars, John Williams

2:54am: Thelonius by Jeff Beck

Looks Like A Stormtooper, Breathes Like Vader
November 21, 2018 12:00am
After a masked-up smokey week, it finally rained tonight! San Francisco air was worse than Beijing; we actually had the worst air quality in the entire world for a few days. Not that this really has anything to do with my show. Just tried to keep the flow going. Enjoy!

2:04am: One Foundation by Charlie Hunter

12:07am: Church by Galactic

12:13am: Do U Want It? by Papa Grows Funk

12:21am: Star Brigade Into Slipstream by Soul Ska

12:23am: Quiet Village by Danny Gatton

12:28am: D Jam On Toast by Mother Funk Conspiracy

12:36am: I Put A Spell On You by Nina Simone

12:37am: Bicycle Race by Queen

12:41am: Last Train To London by E.L.O.

12:46am: Magic Man by Heart

12:54am: Wooden Jesus with MORE COWBELL! by Temple Of The Dog

12:56am: Witches Garden by Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

1:01am: Another Place by Jeff Beck

1:03am: Poison Street by New Model Army

1:06am: Cities in Dust by Siouxsie and the Banshees

1:09am: Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

1:14am: Freeze (Part IV of Fear) by Rush

1:21am: The Spirit Of Radio by Rush

1:25am: YYZ by Rush

1:31am: A Girl Like You by The Smithereens

1:36am: Teenage Lobotomy by The Ramones

1:38am: Anxiety by Bad Religion

1:41am: X-Men TV Theme by Randy Waldman

1:45am: Dreamsville by Pat Martino

1:50am: Passion Dance by McCoy Turner

2:02am: Italian Leather Sofa by Cake

2:07am: Hell Yes by Beck

2:11am: Bringing On The Heartbreak by Def Leppard

2:15am: Hip Hop by Mos Def

2:21am: Kissing My Love by Bill Withers

2:22am: Flashlight by PARLIAMENT

2:32am: Get Into Something by The Isley Brothers

2:33am: Here Comes The Rain Again by The Eurythmics

Guns, Fires, Superheros
November 14, 2018 12:00am
California is burning down, there was another mass shooting, and Stan Lee, creative fucking genius, died. Played some related tracks, and the show took a somewhat somber mood as the previous week was tough. Thanks for listening.

12:03am: Body Count by Body Count

12:09am: Fuck Tha Police by NWA

12:14am: Fight The Power by Public Enemy

12:21am: Rio by Duran Duran

12:26am: Dust on Trial by Shame

12:29am: Stay by Gary Clark Jr.

12:33am: Ammu-nation Commercial

12:35am: 79 Shiny Revolvers by Rayland Baxter

12:39am: Los Angeles Is Burning by Bad Religion

12:42am: The Deep by Public Service Broadcasting

12:46am: Brother Pilgrim by Kelly Joe Phelps

12:49am: The Fletcher Memorial Home by Pink Floyd

12:53am: The Four Horsemen by Metallica

1:02am: Life's Been Good with MORE COWBELL!! by Joe Walsh

1:10am: Life In The Fast Lane by The Eagles

1:16am: Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen

1:22am: Dance The Night Away by Van Halen

1:25am: If You're Gonna Leave by Raul Midon

1:31am: Spiderman Theme by Randy Waltman

1:36am: Time After Time by Jim Hall

1:42am: Crescent City Starlights by Walter The Wolfman Washington

1:47am: Requiem For Rico by The Skatalites

1:50am: Johnny, Kick A Hole In The Sky by Red Hot Chili Peppers

1:55am: In 3's by Beastie Boys

2:00am: When I Fall In Love by Nat King Cole

2:03am: Tears Always Win by Alicia Keys

2:08am: If You Want The Rainbow (You Must Have The Rain) by Nora Jones (Annette Hanshaw)

2:13am: Contemplation by McCoy Turner

2:20am: Footprints by Wayne Shorter

2:29am: Moanin' by Art Blakey

2:39am: Stella By Starlight by Joe Pass

Happy Election Night America!!
November 7, 2018 12:00am
What a historic night to do a radio show! Democrats retook the House, and even flipped my hometown district blue! NEVER thought that would happen. Made me happy after a very bad few weeks for yours truly. It's truly AWESOME to watch democracy work! Played some politically inspired tracks, and a bunch of other tunes. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!

12:07am: All of This by New Model Army

12:08am: Leper Messiah by Metallica

12:11am: American Life by Primus

12:17am: Resistance by Queensryche

12:21am: 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden

12:27am: Shot At The Title by Your Horrible Smile

12:32am: Lovely Day by Walter Wolfman Washington

12:35am: Buckjump by Trombone Shorty

12:39am: State Of Mind by Raul Midon

12:44am: The Lick by Shame

12:48am: Mean Curries by Soul Ska

12:52am: The Hype by Shopping

12:57am: Electioneering by Radiohead

1:02am: Fitter Happier by Radiodread

1:03am: BU2B by Rush

1:11am: Gimme That Wine by Lambert, Hendrick and Ross

1:14am: Drunk Sincerity by Bad Religion

1:16am: I Drink Alone by George Thorogood & The Destroyers

1:25am: Ochun Mi (Live) by Aphrodesia

1:28am: Y Knot by Molly Tigre

1:35am: Wareika Vibes by Rico Rodriguez

1:40am: Chocolate City by PARLIAMENT

1:55am: Blow Up The Outside World by Soundgarden

1:55am: Black by Pearl Jam

1:57am: You Love Me by Devotchka

2:01am: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Jeff Beck (Charles Mingus)

2:07am: Love Removal Machine by The Cult

2:10am: Dance To The Music by Sly and the Family Stone

2:11am: Cissy Strut by The Meters

2:20am: Lament by Pat Martino

2:21am: Where The Birds Always Sing by The Cure

2:27am: Furnished Flats by Jim Hall

2:34am: Theme From PSB by Public Service Broadcasting

Goodbye Hunter
October 24, 2018 12:00am
Played a few songs for my departed buddy Hunter. He's chasing ducks in doggie heaven. Talked about the Nazi in the Whitehouse, and my dad's upcoming 80th birthday. Mostly just played music though. It's what I love.

12:01:00 Girl Don't Ever Leave Me by Walter The Wolfman Washinton

12:04:50 Bed's Too Big Without You by The Police

12:09:09 Ex-Girlfriend by No Doubt

12:12:40 This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana Del Rey

12:18:57 Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

12:22:14 Yesterday by Marvin Gaye (Beatles cover)

12:26:30 Tommy The Cat Live by Primus from Rhinoplasty

12:35:21 Walk On The Wild Side by Lou Reed

12:39:27 Shame by Morphine

12:43:34 Dog Years by Rush for my buddy Hunter R.I.P.

12:48:25 Don't Take Me For Granted by Social Distortion

12:52:08 The Things Are True by Rico Rodriguez

12:56:27 Hound Dog by Elvis

1:01:01 Stone Free by Jimi Hendrix, MORE COWBELL!

1:04:33 Guitar Shop by Jeff Beck

1:09:15 Livin' After Midnight by Judas Preist

1:13:33 Song For My Father by Horace Silver

1:20:46 Road Song by Wes Montgomery

1:24:33 Take Five by Dave Brubeck

1:31:00 Dead Man's Party

1:36:15 Victor by Alex Lifeson

1:43:47 What's He Building In There by Tom Waits

1:47:00 I Am Become Death by Joe Satriani

1:50:50 Lullaby by The Cure

1:57:00 The End Of America by Lana Del Rey GO FUCKING VOTE!!

2:01:31 American Jesus by Bad Religion

2:04:40 Song For America by Kansas

2:16:27 Love Like This by Drive By Truckers

2:21:45 If You Want The Rainbow by Annette Hanshaw

2:24:33 Playing Games by Miki J

2:32:18 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean by Kelly Joe Phelps

No Background Music, But More Cowbell...
October 17, 2018 12:00am
Due to technical difficulties, there's a lack of background music, so my voice is even more boring, kinda like...a cowbell! Started a new segment on the show dedicated to that deeply expressive and articulate instrument. We'll be exploring some quarter note clanking (or is it clunking?) on every episode going forward, or until I run out of songs, get bored, or can't take it anymore.

Cowbell, the Chinese Water Torture of rock music.

12:00AM Ballad by New Model Army

12:05AM ...And Justice For All by Metallica

12:14AM Nutshell by Alice In Chains

12:19:36 Frankenstein by Edgar Winter (and damn I miss that bike)

12:24:19 You've Got Another Thing Coiming by Judas Priest

12:19:19 Hair Of The Dog by Nazareth

12:34:05 World War IV by Antibalas

12:41:02 Burn by N.I.N.

12:45:55 Leave In Silence by Depeche Mode

12:50:30 In Other Words by Shopping

12:54:08 Modern Love by David Bowie

12:58:50 All Of Me by Billie Holliday

1:01:53 Kiss me on the Veranda

1:02:58 Society by Pennywise

1:06:18 Options by The Proletariat

1:08:15 Rats by Pearl Jam

1:12:09 Vote 'Em Out by Willie Nelson

1:15:18 Something For Nothing by Rush

1:19:47 MORE COWBELL!!

1:20:22 Night Train by Guns n Roses

1:24:40 Veteran Of The Psychic Wars by Blue Oyster Cult

1:29:26 Let's Stay Together by Al Green

1:33:09 Passata On Guitar by Pat Martino

1:36:00 La Canada by Paco de Lucia

1:41:10 Big River - Live by The H1ghwaymen

1:44:30 Ting Be by Aphrodesia

1:51:40 Foolin' by Def Lepard

1:56:06 Gemini by Alabama Shakes

2:02:37 Backstage With The Modern Dancers by Great Lake Swimmers

2:07:00 Island In The Sky by Alex Skolnick's Planetary Coalition

2:13:24 Rolling Pin by Heavy Petting Zoo

Knightress M1, my birthday weekend, and Millenials go vote!
October 10, 2018 12:00am
"I was having so much I forgot to take my medicine..."

Had a great birthday weekend so I wasn't as prepared, but it was fun to freeform anyway. Worked out well because I got a song from the amazing Knightress M1 (playing this Saturday at 2PM, 45th and Noreiga, go see them!) Talked about Millenials voting, Taylor Swift, and the Nazi in the Whitehouse, among other things. Played a Doug Stanhope bit too. Enjoy!

12:01:50 The New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

12:04:38 I Don't Need Society by D.R.I.

12:06:05 Little Martha by The Alman Brothers

12:08:11 Witches Promise by Jethro Tull

12:13:24 Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone

12:18:15 Jesus Left Chicago by ZZ Top

12:21:40 Texas Flood by SRV

12:28:45 Fire by Knightress M1

12:31:57 The God That Failed by Metallica

12:37:06 Launch Pad by Spaceblaster

12:43:15 Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy and Randy Rhodes rules!

12:49:24 Generator by Bad Religion

12:52:43 Cepa Andaluza by Paco de Lucia

01:00:50 Stonehenge by Spinal Tap

01:05:20 Xanadu by Rush

01:20:27 ...Ready For It? by Taylor Swift and Millennials go fucking vote!

01:23:53 Supermodel by Bran Van 3000

01:29:14 Between The Wheels by Rush

01:35:00 (dead air, oops)

01:36:42 Dance Me Home by John Scofield

01:42:33 Red Blue and Green - Dub Copy by Zero 7

01:49:23 (more dead air, doh!)

01:50:40 Doug Stanhope on Nationalism

01:57:48 I'm Free Now by Morphine

02:01:08 In Your Own Sweet Way by Dave Brubeck

02:06:03 My Funny Valentine - Live by Chet Baker

October 3, 2018 12:00am

No it's not a Burning Man camp, but it could be...

Space_Bar broke at 1:15 AM. VJPussyCat and I reminisced about instrumental music because Jason's song...(and Satch!)

Thanks to the Japonize Elephants for
\m/ The New Birthday Song \m/

I Hate This Job :)

12:05am: Some Days by Sturgil Simpson

12:06am: Bones by Fat Freddy's Drop

12:13am: Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack/Paul Oakenfold remix

12:21am: Ascension by Jason Achilles Mezillis from Comedown

12:26am: Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani from Surfing With The Alien \m/

12:28am: In 3's by Beastie Boys from The Sound From Way Out Greeks, Aliens, and a whole lot more!

12:31am: Darkness, Earth In Search Of A Sun by Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group

12:41am: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

12:44am: Exit Music For A Film by Radiohead

12:49am: Signal 30 by Public Service Broadcasting

12:52am: Freewheel Burning by Judas Priest from Defenders Of The Faith

1:00am: Everest by Public Service Broadcasting from Live At Brixton

1:04am: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez from Roots To The Bone.
Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, and a whole lot more!

1:10am: One by Victor Wooten from Yin And Yang

1:19am: The_New_Birthday_Song by Japonize_Elephants
Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, Yin and Yang, Japonize_Elephants and a whole lot more!

1:20am: End_Times,_The_Theme_From_Bat_Boy by Japonize_Elephants

1:23am: Lovers_Are_Crazy by Steve_Vai

1:31am: Robin_Hood_In_Reverse by Bad Religion.

1:33am: Broken_Hearts by Living Colour

1:39am: Close to Me by The_Cure

1:44am: Lucky_Old_Sun by The_Isley_Brothers

1:46am: When_The_Sun_Goes_Down by Gary Clark Jr.

1:52am: Don't_Wanna_Fight by Alabama Shakes Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, Yin and Yang, Japonize_Elephants,_When_The_Sun_Goes_Down,_and a whole lot more!

1:57am: Spy_Smasher by Soul Ska Greeks, Aliens, Roots To The Bone, Yin and Yang, Japonize_Elephants,_When_The_Sun_Goes_Down,_Soul Ska_and a whole lot more!

1:59am: Guns of Brixton by The_Clash

"I Just Kissed My Baby"
September 26, 2018 12:00am
Had a great weekend at my cousin Taylor's wedding. So nice seeing family again, but no dancing? Played a song for the lovely couple, hope it's romantic enough :)

Otherwise, I got lots o' saucy cuts, and a Hambone...

12:02am: Bring On The Night by The Police

12:06am: Moving To Bohemia by Geddy Lee from My Favorite Headache

12:10am: Note On The Screen Door by Nuno

12:16am: A Child's Dream by Stephen Wrembel

12:20am: I Just Kissed My Baby by The Meters

12:24am: World of Entertainment by Jurassic 5

12:30am: Angus by Spaceblaster, *For Taylor and Darrell*

12:36am: Hambone Steaksauce by Mother Funk Conspiracy

12:42am: Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

12:47am: Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again by Sly Stone

12:52am: Crash Course In Brain Surgery by Metallica

12:55am: Slow Train To Dawn by The The

1:00am: The Whales Are Coming, And Boy Are They Pissed by The Mermen

1:13am: She Zen by Quist

1:16am: Kerouac by Morphine

1:19am: In God's Country by U2

1:24am: Reaganomics by D.R.I.

1:25am: Never Submit To Authority by Antibalas

1:32am: Police Helicopter by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

1:35am: On The Throat by Damon Castillo Band/Jive and Direct

1:43am: Hello San Francisco by Buddy Guy

1:52am: Blue Rondo Ala Turk by Dave Brubeck

1:58am: Lament by Pat Martino

2:03am: Bladerunner Blues by Vangelis

Bart O'Kavanaugh
September 19, 2018 12:00am
Some 80's, some funk, some soul, a bit of punk, and a chaser of fuck Bart O'Kavanaugh

12:07am: Missionary Man by The Eurythmics

12:08am: If 6 was 9 by Corey Henry, feat Corey Glover

12:11am: Astral Traveller by Yes

12:16am: Cum On Feel The Noise by Quiet Riot

12:22am: Sittin' In The Middle by Raul Midon

12:25am: American by Lana Del Ray

12:29am: Muskrat Love by Captain & Tennille

12:34am: Kiss by Prince

12:39am: Across 110th St by Bobby Womack

12:41am: Tell Me Something Good by Rufus & Chaka Khan

12:48am: Date Rape by Sublime from For Bart O'Kavanaugh and his gangster GOP

12:52am: Eazy-Duz-It by Easy-E from For Bart O'Kavanaugh and his gangster GOP

12:56am: Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter by Nina Simone from For Bart O'Kavanaugh and his gangster GOP

1:01am: It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube from For Bart O'Kavanaugh and his gangster GOP

1:06am: The Hunt by New Model Army

1:10am: Long Way Home by Shopping

1:13am: That Lucky Old Sun by The Isley Brothers

1:17am: My Little Despot by Devotchka

1:23am: Down, Down, Down by Joe Satriani

1:30am: Calabash by The Skatalites

1:35am: Anti-Fashion by Social Distortion

1:37am: Subliminal by Suicidal Tendencies

1:40am: Shame by Morphine

1:43am: Karma Police by Easy Star All Stars

1:49am: Wonderwall by Brad Mehldau Trio

1:57am: La Villa Strangiato by Rush

2:07am: John Coltrane by My Favorite Things

2:21am: Someday My Prince Will Come by Chet Baker

Go See Them Live!
September 12, 2018 12:00am
What’s the gold standard? “Are they good live?” I keep harping on this theme, not that it needs to be said. Threw in a tad of country amongst the other funk, punk, rock, metal, fusion, etc. Played a few local bands too, some you’ve heard of, some probably not. So perk up your ears and enjoy!

12:04am: Ska On The Radio by Soul Ska

12:07am: Pepper by Butthole Surfers from Electric Larryland

12:11am: No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo

12:18am: You're Fine by Walter The Wolfman Washington

12:21am: When My Train Pulls In by Gary Clark Jr.

12:29am: I Ain't No Joke by Eric B and Rakim

12:32am: Hear My Train a Comin’ by Jimi Hendrix

12:40am: New Jack Theme by Living Color from Time’s Up

12:45am: Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

12:50am: Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest

12:54am: Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution by AC/DC

1:00am: Still Loving You by Alex Skolnick Trio from Goodbye to Romance

1:09am: Olodo by Aphrodesia from Shackrobeat Vol I

1:16am: Hottentot by John Scofield from A Go Go

1:24am: Fuck You by Bad Religion from True North

1:26am: Mad Man by D.R.I.

1:27am: Pacifica by Los Straitjackets

1:30am: Fallen Angels by Nuno from Schizophonic

1:40am: Railroad of Sin by Sturgil Simpson

1:41am: Steve’s Boogie by Eric Johnson

1:41am: Trademark by Eric Johnson

1:44am: Don’t Tell a Lie About Me by James Brown

1:51am: Those Damn Blue Collared Tweekers by Primus

1:55am: Stone Blue by Pat Martino

2:10am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

Bo’s Veranda Ep. 1 “Smooth Transition” LOL
September 5, 2018 12:00am
First show so guess what? Nothing went wrong, aside from the patchbay being half unplugged, prompting several strange fades at the beginning. The first 5 min is kinda comical, with the following ten being a little better. The rest of was smooth sailing. Played some dub, blues, flamenco, jazz, rock, soul etc., not in that order. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and offered encouragement via the chatterbox. Much appreciated!

Thanks to Malderor, Deathwish, and Cheap Hooch for getting me going. Cheers!

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