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Remembering The Best
October 21, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Remembering The Best
Eddie Van Halen, what a staggering loss. No words can ever articulate what a truly phenomenal player he was, nor his contribution to rock music. Thus, I played a lot of his tunes, and some others that are related. There's no doubt that he permanently changed guitar playing and music. It's hard to believe that the first Van Halen album was released in 1978; it's so far ahead of its time. Such a sad day for music and musicians everywhere :(

I also played a few new tracks by Snarky Puppy, Budos Band, Zakk Sabbath, Mike Viola, Bleson Roy, and some other genre-free stuff.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did, and thank you for listening.

12:03am: Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton

12:07am: Dust In The Wind by Kansas

12:10am: Flashlight by Parliament Funkadelic

12:14am: Disco Inferno by The Trammps

12:21am: Runnin' With The Devil by Van Halen

12:24am: Panama by Van Halen

12:27am: When Push Comes To Shove by Van Halen

12:31am: Finish What Ya Started by Van Halen

12:38am: The Little People by Snarky Puppy

12:43am: Haunted Sea by Budos Band

12:45am: African Problems by Seun Kuti

12:52am: Jamie's Cryin' by Van Halen

12:56am: Everybody Wants Some by Van Halen

1:01am: Spanish Fly by Van Halen

1:02am: A Day At The Beach by Joe Satriani

1:03am: Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani

1:10am: Under The Sun by Zakk Sabbath

1:17am: Drug Rug by Mike Viola

1:20am: Undertow by Blesson Roy

1:25am: Dance The Night Away by Van Halen

1:27am: Dee by Randy Rhodes (Ozzy Osbourne)

1:28am: Afro Cuban Lullaby by Christopher Parkening

1:30am: Hot For Teacher by Van Halen

1:38am: Baluchitherium by Van Halen

1:41am: Circles by Joe Satriani

1:45am: Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - Live by Van Halen

1:49am: 5150 - Live by Van Halen

1:56am: Wrong Way Kids by Bad Religion

2:00am: Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughn (Jimi Hendrix)

2:07am: Sunday Afternoon In The Park by Van Halen

2:10am: Antonio by Dat's Dead

2:12am: Will Work For Vagina by Doug Stanhope

2:17am: The Secret Of My Success by Doug Stanhope

2:20am: Drop Kick Me Jesus by Bobby Bare

2:23am: Jesus Left Chicago by ZZ Top

2:27am: The First Time I Met The Blues by Buddy Guy

2:28am: Ice Cream Man by Van Halen

2:33am: Get It Like That by The Aristocrats

2:40am: Souvenir by Morphine

2:44am: Quiet Surf by The Mermen

2:47am: Groove Holmes by Beastie Boys

2:49am: Bus Stop by Los Straitjackets

2:53am: Echo by Joe Satriani

September 30, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
12:03am: Memories by Joe Satriani

12:07am: The Crush Of Love - Live by Joe Satriani

12:13am: A Day At The Beach by Joe Satriani

12:17am: Embarcadero by Kathleen Grace, Larry Goldings

12:20am: The Iguana by BT ALC Big Band

12:24am: The Sky Is Cryin' by Stevie Ray Vaughn

12:29am: Ghost Town by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

12:36am: Dunebuggy by Spaceblaster

12:39am: Lazorbeam by Spaceblaster

12:44am: Greenwood by Spaceblaster

12:47am: Launchpad by Spaceblaster

12:53am: Under The Spell Of Joy by Death Valley Girls

12:56am: Casino and Church by Pigalle Connection

1:00am: Press Rewind by Lizki

1:02am: Computer Eyes by Ayreon

1:12am: It Was A Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra

1:16am: Sad Songs And Waltzes by Cake (Willie Nelson)

1:20am: I Know You (Part Two) - Live - by Morphine

1:24am: Angus by Spaceblaster

1:27am: Jack Rabbit Flash by Spaceblaster

1:32am: Pterodactyl by Spaceblaster

1:36am: Pole Dancer by Spaceblaster

1:38am: Americus by Spaceblaster

1:44am: Whiskey and The Devil by Westerly

1:49am: Stumbler by Buke and Gase

1:52am: Modern Man by Bad Religion

1:54am: Witch Hunt by Rush

1:58am: Screaming In Digital by Queensryche

2:02am: Pipeline by Agent Orange

2:06am: Blind Faith by Izo Fitzroy

2:11am: My Head's In Mississippi by ZZ Top

2:15am: Rolling Pin by Heavy Petting Zoo

2:19am: Casbah America by The Mermen

2:24am: Fight For Your Right by Beastie Boys

2:27am: La Villa Strangiato - Live - by Rush

2:37am: Stone Blue by Pat Martino

2:43am: Astral Traveller by Yes

2:50am: Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield

2:51am: Dust In The Wind by Kansas

2:55am: The Spirit Of Radio - Live - by Rush

3:00am: Expensive Shit by Fela Kuti

Landroid - Imperial Dunes
September 16, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Landroid - Imperial Dunes
Played "side two" of Imperial Dunes by Landroid. Such a great album! Looking forward to their next release. Started things off with some 80's tunes, and played some new tunes by The Pinx, Fink, and Eartheater, and threw in some Stanhope for good measure. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

12:03am: Things Can Only Get Better by Howard Jones

12:07am: Message In A Bottle by The Police

12:11am: Love Struck Baby - live by Stevie Ray Vaughn

12:14am: Cyanide by Bad Religion

12:20am: Pressure Drop by Toots And The Maytals

12:23am: Take Five by Rico Rodriguez

12:27am: Wanted Dread or Alive by Peter Tosh

12:31am: Pacifica by Los Straitjackets

12:37am: Pain and Pleasure by Judas Priest

12:41am: Bad Behavior by The Pinx

12:45am: Kid Gloves by Rush

12:51am: I Put A Spell On You by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

12:55am: Out Loud - Horizon by Fink

1:00am: Michael and Me by Jeremy Green, Chase Baird, Keith Carlock, Victor Wooten

1:05am: Monkey Businessman by Michael Manring

1:11am: Wishbone Machine by Landroid

1:15am: Automatic by Landroid

1:19am: A Cloud Goes By by Landroid

1:27am: Set on Fire by Landroid

1:35am: Cupid's Dead by Extreme

1:41am: It's Tricky by Run-D.M.C.

1:44am: Sabotage by The Beastie Boys

1:47am: I Believe in Me by The Avengers

1:50am: In Other Words by Shopping

1:53am: Drugs for A New Cubicle by Doug Stanhope

1:55am: Fuck You by Bad Religion

1:57am: Volcano by Eartheater

2:03am: Alphabet by Shame

September 2, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Played "side one" of this terrific album from a band in Landers (where?) California. Really captures the essence of the desert, which makes me nostalgic for the desert because my hometown is in the same one. Also threw in some Pinx, Death Valley Girls, Speaker Face, The Velveteers, and Donny McCaslin. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

12:03am: Hammer Of The Dogs by The Pinx

12:06am: Hold My Hand by Death Valley Girls

12:09am: Work Friends by Speaker Face

12:14am: Pick Up The Pieces - Live by Average White Band

12:21am: Year Of The Parrot by Primus

12:27am: Baby Stay The Fuck Away From Me by Richard Cheese

12:29am: As Far As We Know by Crushed Velvet And The Velveteers

12:34am: Make A Change by Durand Jones and The Indications

12:38am: Wild Animals by The Cat Empire

12:42am: Moving Out by My Strange Friend

12:46am: Reckoning by Donny McCaslin

12:48am: Quahogs Anyone? by Stu Hamm

12:56am: Bastille Day by Rush

1:01am: High By The Beach by Lana Del Rey

1:05am: The Mercy Beat by The The

1:13am: So Say We All by Landroid

1:17am: Yellow Sea by Landroid

1:21am: Don't Be Cruel by Landroid

1:25am: Closing Doors by Landroid

1:30am: Ca Plane Pour Moi by Landroid

1:36am: Give Me A Moment by Izo Fitzroy

1:40am: American Jesus by Bad Religion

1:43am: American Life - Live by Primus

1:54am: L'intelligence

1:59am: Fresh Start by Cameron Scott, Pat Hull

2:04am: THX 138 by Jeff Beck

2:10am: Big Bad Moon by Joe Satriani

2:15am: Carry On by Bran Van 3000

2:19am: Move The Crowd by Eric B. and Rakim

2:23am: Rollin' And Tumblin by Jive N Direct

2:27am: Goodbye To Romance by Ozzy Osbourne

The Skol Patrol!
August 26, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
The Skol Patrol!
So I dug up a little known demo by Alex Skolnick called the Skol Patrol, a police theme inspired project that unfortunately didn't get much attention. I was fortunate enough to meet Alex and take lessons from him when I lived in Berkeley in the 90's, when this demo was recorded. Alex is a very cool guy. We still talk once in a blue moon. It 's nice that being so accomplished has not gone to his head, as it does for some folks. Speaking of accomplished, the rest of the band is amazing too:

Les Harris on Sax
Michael Manring on Bass
Dustin Cunningham on Drums
Naomi True on Percussion

Anyway, Skolpatrol starts at 1:09 or so.

Started the show with some "Fuck 2020" tunes (cuz right?), and proceeded in the usual genre-free fashion. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

(FYI, for some reason this podcast is a bit high on the treble, so adjust EQ accordingly. The joys of doing radio remotely from one's couch, I guess.)

12:03am: New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

12:05am: Bo's Veranda Aenima by Tool

12:12am: Los Angeles Is Burning by Bad Religion

12:15am: Between The Wheels by Rush

12:21am: Me And A Gun by Tori Amos

12:25am: Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica

12:33am: It's The End Of The World As We Know It by R.E.M.

12:36am: Scatterbrain by Jeff Beck

12:42am: Hope Is Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have It by Lana Del Rey

12:49am: Cityscape #1 by Neon Brown

12:54am: Souvenir by Morphine

12:58am: Moving to Bohemia by Geddy Lee

1:03am: Slim Pickings by Izo Fitzroy

1:10am: Theme For An Imanginary Cop Show by The Skol Patrol

1:14am: Fox Force-5 by The Skol Patrol

1:17am: Probation by The Skol Patrol

1:25am: The From The Rookies by The Skol Patrol

1:28am: Theme From Starsky And Hutch by The Skol Patrol

1:44am: Frank Sinatra by Cake

1:48am: Long In Tooth by Budos Band

1:51am: Papa Don't Take no Mess by James Brown

2:06am: Like Swimming by Morphine

2:09am: The Rise by Tom Lattanand

2:15am: A Child's Dream by Stephan Wrembel

2:20am: Sorrow - live by Pink Floyd

Hymn Of The Cosmic Man
August 19, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Hymn Of The Cosmic Man
Fire Down Below's album Hymn Of The Cosmic Man is featured on the Veranda tonight. We get a lot of metal submitted to Radio Valencia, much of which sounds like the Cookie Monster on Steroids, which is to say, not in my taste. This however is a real gem, harmonically complex, well produced, and with some really great playing; dare I say emotionally charged as well? I do! This album fucking rocks \m/ Thanks for sending it! Can't wait for your next release!

I also played some new funk, punk, and some older classic tracks. I do love me some Kenny Rogers. Forgot what a great story teller his songs are. Thanks for listening!

12:03am: Lucille by Kenny Rogers

12:07am: Space For Papa by Jeff Beck

12:13am: Crazy Joey by Joe Satriani

12:18am: The Answer by Bad Religion

12:21am: Losing It by Rush

12:27am: D Minor Blues by The Derek Trucks Band

12:32am: Trashformer by Donna Grantis

12:35am: So Much For Suicide by The Kegels

12:39am: A Cloud Goes By by Landroid

12:44am: Sorrow - live by Pink Floyd

12:54am: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Catfish by North Mississippi Allstars

Hymn Of The Cosmic Man by Fire Down Below

1:00am: Red Giant
1:02am: Ignition/Space Cruiser
1:10am: Savior Of Man
1:13am: The Cosmic Pilgrim
1:22am: Nebula
1:25am: Ascension
1:32am: Adrift In A Sea Of Stars

1:46am: Close To You by Stevie Ray Vaughn

1:49am: Haggis Express by The Haggis Horns

1:53am: Dead Cat feat. Bruce James by The Eminent Stars

1:57am: My Flame II by Pat Hull

2:01am: Rude Girl by Soul Ska

2:04am: Nympheas by Stephane Wrembel

2:08am: George by Slugger

Party On The Veranda
August 5, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Party On The Veranda
Dug up a long forgotten but great album from the 80's. Funny how some great music that still sounds fresh and not dated can yet fall through the cracks of history. This is definitely one of those albums. Otherwise, played a mish mash of random tunes. Enjoy!

12:03am: Scarlet by The Rolling Stones with Jimmy Page

12:07am: Demerara Dash by Danced Til Midnight

12:12am: Fireblanket (feat Laura Vane) by Flevans

12:20am: Look No Further (feat Najwa Ezzher) by Speedometer

12:23am: On The 5 by The Eminent Stars

12:25am: Track 04 by Mother Funk Conspiracy

12:36am: Let Them Eat War by Bad Religion

12:39am: Too Many Puppies - Live by Primus

12:42am: The Four Horseman by Metallica

12:53am: LA Who Am I To Love You by Lana Del Rey

12:57am: Drinking In L.A. by Bran Van 3000

1:03am: Oh Yes (feat Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrel) by Paris Green, Tammi Terrel, Marvin Gaye

1:05am: Mind Escape by Speedometer

1:11am: Just Another Day by Oingo Boingo

1:16am: Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo

1:22am: Heard Somebody Cry by Oingo Boingo

1:27am: No One Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo

1:34am: Kenni And The Jets by The Fearless Flyers

1:38am: The Two Shoes by Cat Empire

1:43am: When My Left Eye Jumps by Buddy Guy

1:47am: Pelota by Khruangabin

1:49am: What Do You Want From Me by Pink Floyd

1:56am: Bastille Day by Rush

2:00am: Strip and Go Naked by Alex Lifeson

2:04am: Still Loving You by Alex Skolnick Trio

2:13am: Insomnia by Slugger

2:18am: Air Blower by Jeff Beck

2:23am: Scatterbrain by Jeff Beck

2:29am: Cause We've Ended As Lovers by Jeff Beck (Stevie Wonder)

2:34am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

Schizophonic By Nuno
July 29, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Schizophonic By Nuno
Featured Side Two of Schizophonic on the Veranda. Such a great album by Nuno, AKA Nuno Bettencourt, formerly of the band Extreme. Such a killer guitarist and songwriter. Sadly, that album never really got the praise it deserved when released in 1995. Of note, he played all the instruments on the album. Pretty killer.

Also threw in a poem. Wish I could find more passionate readings of poetry. My mic stopped working at around 1:45 AM, so you won't hear me talk after that. Thanks for chillin' on the Veranda.

12:03am: It's Electric by The Pinx

12:06am: Strange by Joe Satriani

12:11am: Cruel World by Active Child

12:18am: El Panuelo by Paco de Lucia

12:23am: Hale'iwa Hustle by The Surfragettes

12:25am: Pole Dancer by Spaceblaster

12:28am: Bite The Hand That Feeds by Agent Orange

12:31am: Groove Holmes by Beastie Boys

12:37am: After Apple Picking by Robert Frost

12:39am: The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden

12:44am: See You by Depeche Mode

12:48am: The Guns Of Brixton by The Clash

12:53am: The Seeker by Rush (The Who)

12:56am: My Sanity by Bad Religion

12:59am: Get It Like That by The Aristocrats

1:12am: Revolution Calling by Queensryche

1:14am: Fine By Me by Nuno

1:17am: Karmalla by Nuno

1:21am: Confrontation by Nuno

1:24am: Note On The Screen Door by Nuno

1:29am: I Wonder by Nuno

1:33am: Got To Have You by Nuno

1:38am: You by Nuno

1:43am: Severed by Nuno

1:50am: Romance by Anonymous

1:52am: Leyenda by Christopher Parkening

2:02am: In Tune With The Moon by Blesson Roy

2:06am: Table Top by Daniel Lanois

An Album That Deserves Sorely Needed Praise
July 22, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
An Album That Deserves Sorely Needed Praise
As we're chillin' on the Veranda, we're playing side one of another album by a well known guitarist, but this album never got the praise it sorely deserves. Side two coming up next week. This episode also has some killer tracks by Donna Grantis, Izo Fitzroy, Speedometer, Lexsoul Dancemachine, and Smoove and Turrell.

12:03am: Beyond Electric Dreams by Bad Religion

12:06am: She Suits Me To A Tee by Buddy Guy

12:09am: Slow Train To Dawn by The The

12:14am: Motherless Children by Kelly Joe Phelps

12:21am: Red River by Low Rider

12:26am: Jail Break by Thin Lizzy

12:33am: Elektromagnetic by Donna Grantis

12:38am: Constipated Duck by Jeff Beck

12:41am: Bent Blue by Jim Hall

12:47am: Pushing Buttons by Izo Fitzroy

12:51am: Good Golly Miss Molly by Little Richard

12:53am: Broken Hearts by Living Colour

12:58am: Midnight In Ethiopia by Rico Rodriguez

1:05am: Gravity by Nuno

1:08am: Swollen Princess by Nuno

1:11am: Crave by Nuno

1:16am: What You Want by Nuno

1:19am: Fallen Angels by Nuno

1:24am: 2 Weeks In Dizzkneelande by Nuno

1:27am: Pursuit Of Happiness by Nuno

1:32am: Do It by Smoove n Turrell

1:38am: Money (feat Corey Wong) by Lexsoul Dancemachine

1:42am: All In (Feat Vanessa Jamie) by Speedometer

1:48am: As The Rhyme Goes On by Eric B. and Rakim

1:52am: Victor by Victor

1:58am: I Am The Sprit by Victor

2:04am: Harlem River by Kevin Morby

2:12am: Spitfire by Public Service Broadcasting

2:16am: Beds Too Big Without You by The Police

2:20am: Rollin and Tumblin by Jive N Direct

2:24am: Slow and Easy by Joe Satriani

2:29am: I Can't Quit You Baby by Led Zeppelin

2:35am: Since I've Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin

2:42am: Blade Runner Blues by Vangelis

The Head Crusher
July 15, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
The Head Crusher
The Head Crusher. Head crushingly great tunes by Knightress M1, Hammerstone, BAITS, Hibbs Family Band, and Bahama Social Club! Also, started doing something on the show that I meant to start pre Covid, playing one side of an album. Why? Because songs sound better when contrasted with other songs in a artfully modulated set, and because they don't do it on the radio anymore. I think Uncle Joe Benson's show on KLOS in L.A. was probably the last surviving show that featured albums. I used to listen to it every Sunday night as a kid. The other reason is sometimes there's just not enough good submissions to make a two hour show interesting. So featured on this show, The Gray Race by Bad Religion.

There's also a smattering of flamenco, bluegrass, jazz etc on my genre free show. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

12:03am Amy by BAITS

12:06am: Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol

12:11am: Sabotage by The Beastie Boys

12:14am: Freight Train by The Hibbs Family Band

12:17am: Devil Went Down To Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band

12:23am: Huelva by Carlos Montoya

12:27am: La Barrosa by Paco de Lucia

12:32am: Mango by Bahama Soul Club

12:36am: Hiphopopotamus by Flight of the Conchordes

12:40am: The Shape Of Shards by DeathDeathDeath

12:43am: Polarity Integrate by Knightress M1

12:49am: By-Tor And The Snow Dog - Live by Rush

1:01am: To The Ground by Hammerstone

1:03am: Wooden Jesus by Temple Of The Dog

1:07am: All About Eve by Steve Vai

1:14am: Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

The Gray Race, Side one, by Bad Religion

1:19am: The Gray Race by Bad Religion

1:20am: Them and Us by Bad Religion

1:23am: A Walk by Bad Religion

1:25am: Parallel by Bad Religion

1:28am: Punk Rock Song by Bad Religion

1:31am: Empty Causes by Bad Religion

1:34am: Nobody Listens by Bad Religion

1:37am: Pity The Dead by Bad Religion

1:41am: Misty by Joe Pass

1:47am: Lonely In Your Nightmare by Duran Duran

1:51am: In God's Country by U2

1:54am: Expensive Shit by Fela Kuti

The Usual Monkey Business
July 1, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
The Usual Monkey Business
Nothing particularly clever to say this week, nor any week really. Really dug the new tunes by Crushed Velvet, Bahama Soul Club, Lucky Brown and the S.G.s, Fawns of Love, Izo Fitzroy, and Speedometer. Dedicated a few tunes to friends having a rough time. Was a fun show, and didn't get cut off right at 2AM by a rerun. Laptop DJing not too bad, IMHO. Enjoy and thanks for listening.

12:03am: Good Thang by Crushed Velvet

12:06am: Never Roam No More feat. John Lee Hooker by Bahama Soul Club

12:09am: When The World is Running Down... by The Police

12:15am: Pecan Tress Speak To Each Other by Lucky Brown and the S.G.s

12:21am: The President's Penis Is Missing by Drive By Truckers

12:25am: Fascist Pig by Suicidal Tendencies

12:26am: Aenima by Tool

12:32am: Liar by Rollins Band

12:41am: Horoscope by Fawns Of Love

12:46am: Where The Birds Always Sing by The Cure

12:52am: Blue Monday by New Order

1:01am: Ain't Here For Your Pleasure by Izo Fitzroy

1:04am: Funky Amigo by Speedometer

1:07am: Don't Tell A Lie About Me by James Brown

1:13am: Moving On by The Flevans

1:15am: One by Victor Wooten

1:20am: I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King Jr.

1:39am: In The Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra

1:41am: Shining Star by The Manhattans

1:46am: Hot For Teacher by Van Halen

1:51am: Subdivisions by Rush

1:56am: Rolling Pin by Heavy Petting Zoo

2:00am: Midnight Express by Extreme

2:04am: Heavy Metal by Don Felder

2:09am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

Nu Reality
June 17, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Nu Reality
So, I only made a couple mistake this time, as best as can be expected via laptop. I really had a great time doing this show, and even listening to it again the next day. I suppose this is the best of the "New Normal" shows I've done so far. Unplanned irony in that I played a tune called "Nu Reality" by Lexsoul Dancemachine. Some other great tracks by Izo Fitzroy, Casbah 73, Amnesia Scanner, Hell Raiders, Primus, Lord Buffalo, and Speedometer. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

12:02am: Sabbath Highway by The Watchers

12:05am: Speak by Queensryche

12:09am: Greasy Kids Stuff by Steve Vai

12:11am: Circumstances by Rush

12:15am: No Control by Bad Religion

12:18am: Red Line by Izo Fitzroy

12:22am: Nu Reality by Lexsoul Dancemachine

12:27am: Sweet Maybe feat Bart Davenport by Casbah 73

12:33am: AS Tearless by Amnesia Scanner feat Lalita

12:37am: Theme From PSB by Public Service Broadcasting

12:40am: Me And The Devil Blues by Robert Johnson

12:43am: Ten Little Bottles by Johnny Bond

12:47am: Jilly's On Smack by Primus

12:53am: Jefe by Snarky Puppy

1:01am: She's A Woman by Jeff Beck

1:08am: Raiders Rage by Hell Raiders

1:10am: Master Of Puppets by Metallica

1:19am: Dog Head by Lord Buffalo

1:22am: Everything Turns Grey by Agent Orange

1:25am: Desperate People by Living Colour

1:30am: So Say We All by Landroid

1:33am: Midnight In Ethiopia by Rico Rodriguez

1:40am: ime to Slow It Down by Speedometer

1:42am: Broken Hearts Are For Assholes by Frank Zappa

1:45am: Joe Cool by B.B. King

1:49am: Ain't Nobody's Business feat Bilie Holiday by BSC

1:52am: Necessary Evil by Slugger

1:58am: Goodnight Sweetheart By Sha-na-na

Covid Free Radio
June 10, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Covid Free Radio
So after my internet died mid-show last week, I pretty much picked up where I left off, and mixed previously played stuff in. Some teriffic funky/fusion tunes from Slugger, The Haggis Horns, Beat Bronco, and a bunch of protest/poltical music too. Managed not to think about Covid much for two hours!

12:03am: Time Machine by Joe Satriani

12:07am: Dee by Randy Rhodes (Ozzy Osbourne)

12:08am: Goodbye To Romance by Ozzy Osbourne

12:15am: Insomnia by Slugger

12:19am: Easy Baby by Beat Bronco

12:24am: Early To Bed by Morphine

12:29am: Wolves In Disguise by Izo Fitzroy

12:32am: Suzi Traffic by The Haggis Horns

12:35am: Abuja Sunrise by Speedometer

12:40am: People Are People by Depeche Mode

12:44am: Propaganda by Soul Ska

12:48am: One by Victor Wooten

12:53am: Tell Me Something Good by Rufus with Chaka Khan

12:58am: Oxyjane Dreams by ????

1:01am: Killing An Arab - Live by The Cure

1:06am: La Villa Strangiato - Live by Rush

1:14am: Arrest The President by Ice Cube

1:18am: Which Way To America by Living Colour

1:30am: Brother In Arms by Dire Straits

1:30am: The Day The Earth Stalled by Bad Religion

1:31am: Only Rain by Bad Religion

1:34am: Spreading The Disease - Live by Queensryche

1:41am: April 29, 1992 (Miami) by Sublime

1:47am: Ignition/Space Cruiser by Fire Down Below

1:53am: Guns Of Brixton by The Clash

1:56am: Leper Messiah by Metallica

Stay Home With A Microphone
May 27, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Stay Home With A Microphone
Got my mic working again, so yay, I'm not a total tech Philistine. Started off with some Blues cuz hey, it fits the times. Played a bunch of great new stuff that was submitted; Izo Fitzroy, Rosa Rendl, Fenne Lily, Jenner, Emily Palen, and a beautiful yet sinister track by Eartheater called "Below The Clavicle." Took a left turn back to the 80's about midway through, though the song "My Friend Peter" by Whitening is contemporary. Wrapped it up with some more mainstream tunes, and a bit of Jazz by the amazing Annette White and The Sons Of The Beach. I miss jazz at Flanahan's on Sundays, dammit!

2:04am: Georgia Blues by Jimi Hendrix

12:11am: When I First Met The Blues by Buddy Guy

12:13am: The Things I Used To Do by Stevie Ray Vaughn

12:21am: I Can't Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

12:25am: Me & Jesus Drinking by Mikie Lee Prasad

12:26am: Liftin' Me by Izo Fitzroy

12:30am: I Never Loved A Man by Arethra Franklin

12:37am: To Be A Woman Pt. 2 by Fenne Lily

12:41am: The Patient by Tool

12:48am: The Second Coming by Y.B. Yeats

12:49am: Young And Proud by Jenner

12:57am: Below The Clavicle by Eartheater

1:01am: Streetlight by Emily Palen

1:05am: Okay Now by Rosa Rendl

1:09am: Working In A Coal Mine by Devo

1:12am: She Blinded Me With Science by Thomas Dolby

1:15am: My Friend Peter by Whitening

1:19am: My Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades) by Timbuk 3

1:27am: Viv Woman by Steve Vai

1:30am: Hell Yes by Beck

1:33am: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Jeff Beck (Charles Mingus)

1:38am: Wrong Way Kids by Bad Religion

1:44am: Bell Bottom Blues by Mikie Lee Prasad

1:49am: Bossa Nova U.S.A. by Dave Brubeck

1:51am: St. James Infirmary by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

1:58am: Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone

I'm On The Mic...Not!
May 20, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
I'm On The Mic...Not!
So in true radio Valencia style (as of late) this is a show with no Mic Breaks because I couldn't get my Mic to work, again. This Live Remote stuff is fun, but still a work in progress. I'm learning way more than I ever wanted about USB drivers, software conflicts, blah blah blah. So you'll hear theme music and low volumes at times, so just imagine me saying something DJ like. It's a bummer because I want to give props to the artists. Sorry to all the artist this week. I swear I'll get this figured out, probably by the time we move into our new studio and I won't need it anymore. Such are the times.

Happy Birthday to Jamie and Dave! Played some tunes for ya!

12:02am: Orbital by ????? (Band name not included in Promo track!)

12:07am: Concrete Stardust by The Mighty Mocambos

12:11am: YYZ - Live by Rush

12:19am: When The Wires Are Down by Izo Fitzroy

12:25am: Kill Space and Time by DeathDeathDeath

12:29am: Mango Moonrise by 7 Day Weekend

12:34am: Across 110th St by Bobby Womack

12:37am: My Ever Changing Moods by The Style Council

12:44am: Within Your Reach by The Replacements

12:48am: Pepper by The Butthole Surfers

12:53am: Double Agent by Rush

12:58am: Suicidal Species by Doug Stanhope

1:06am: Vampire Again by Marlon Williams

1:08am: Frank Sinatra by Cake

1:12am: Dog Rose by Left On Tenth

1:16am: Drunk Sincerity by Bad Religion

1:18am: Love Songs by New Model Army

1:21am: Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica

1:27am: Mrs Moto by The Surfragettes

1:29am: Mr. Moto by Agent Orange

1:31am: Honeybomb by The Mermen

1:37am: Young Americans by Durand Jones and The Indications (David Bowie)

1:42am: Yesterday by Marvin Gaye (The Beatles)

1:46am: Strawberry Fields by Al Di Meola (The Beatles)

1:51am: Since You've Been Gone by Aretha Franklin

1:53am: Biko by Peter Gabriel

1:59am: Harlem River by Kevin Morby

Some New Funk, and More Birthdays!
May 13, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Some New Funk, and More Birthdays!
I have a bunch of friends who all share birthdays this week. They used to have individual parties, but the someone had the bright idea, "Hey, instead of being hungover all week, why don't we just have one big party!" Well, since there's no parties, I played a bunch of songs for them. So Happy Birthday Katie, Lee, Dean, Michael and Terence! Miss you guys!

Also played some newer funk that was submitted to the station.

Apologies for the low vocal volume. Not sure what caused that. We're still ironing out the wonkiness of live remotes. There's a few cutouts too, and I get knocked off the air at around 00:51, not sure why this continues to be an issue. Anyway, stay safe, and thanks for listening.

12:01am: Bo's Veranda La Llorrna by Devotchka

12:05am: Rip It Up by Litlle Richard B-Sides

12:07am: Crazy Joey by Joe Satriani

12:10am: Kashmir by Speedometer

12:15am: Fade Away by Smoove n Turrell

12:19am: 1+1+1=3 Live by Prince

12:25am: Castles Made Of Sand Live by Red Hot Chili Peppers

12:28am: My Name Is Mudd - Live at the Greek by Primus

12:37am: Bakersfield by Social Distortion

12:43am: The Answer by Bad Religion

12:47am: Bring The Noise by Anthrax with Public Enemy

12:51am: Moth by Von Bismark

(There's about 8 minutes here when I get knocked off the air)

1:01am: Y Knot by Molly Tigre

Happy Birthday to Katie, Lee, Dean, Michael and Terence!

1:12am: Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones

1:15am: Innocent When You Dream by Tom Waits

1:18am: Crown Of Thorns by Mother Love Bone

1:24am: Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder

1:29am: Abraham Martin and John by Paul Weller

1:35am: Bamako Ska by The Skatelites

1:41am: The Enemy Within by Rush

1:46am: Forty Six and Two by Tool

1:51am: Street by Sex Mob

1:55am: Probation by The Skol Patrol

Birthdays and Jazz
May 6, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Birthdays and Jazz
Another week of missing my faders, and crouched on my couch over my laptop. Things could be worse I guess. Played a set for my good friend, and lovely human being, Pat Byers, and there's a haunting version of Silent Night that just fits these so silent nights we're having. Leaned more towards jazz this time around, but there's a Rush song in there too. Enjoy, or not.

12:04am: Drop Kick Me Jesus by Bobby Bare

12:06am: Canary In A Coal Mine by The Police

12:09am: The Sun Always Shines On TV by A-Ha

12:18am: Silent Night by Whitney Tai

12:19am: Between The Wheels by Rush

12:24am: Hooray For Me... by Bad Religion

12:27am: The Divine by Year Of The Cobra

12:31am: When The Night Comes Down by Judas Priest

12:34am: Ghost Town by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

12:44am: These Things Are True by Rico Rodriguez from Happy Birthday Pat!

12:48am: Evidence by Thelonios Monk

12:54am: Glass (live) by Emily Palen

12:58am: I Put A Spell On You by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

1:04am: Make A Change by Durand Jones and The Indications

1:07am: We Gave Up Too Soon by Speedometer

1:10am: Darling Nikki by Prince

1:13am: Mothership Connection by Parliament Funkadelic

1:19am: Plastic Love by Lizz Robinette

1:24am: Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode

1:29am: Same River by Pat Metheny

1:35am: Falling Upstairs by Damon Castillo Quartet

1:45am: Royals by Lorde

1:48am: Out Of The Blue by The The

1:53am: Heartland by The The

1:58am: Rainshine by Bran Van 3000

The Feels
April 29, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
The Feels
Depression, anxiety, solidarity. Pretty much the only things I'm feeling lately. Nice to hear "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" with fresh ears, and I threw some cowbell in just cuz. Also, this is totally amateur shit as I'm still trying to figure out this laptop DJ shit. It sucks. I miss faders!

Fuck this Covid shit

12:04am: Unshaken by D'Angelo

12:08am: Who Do You Love by Bo Diddley

12:10am: When Doves Cry by Prince

12:16am: Moving On by Flevans

12:19am: Tom Sawyer (Small Soldiers Remix) by Rush

12:27am: Bell Bottom Blues by Mikie Lee Prasad

12:32am: Tin Pan Alley - Live by Stevie Ray Vaughn

12:41am: I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennet

12:45am: The And Us by Bad Religion

12:48am: Us and Them by Easy Star All Stars

12:55am: Free Ganja by Rico Rodriguez

1:03am: No Moon At All by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

1:10am: My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker

1:16am: A Good Woman by The Eminent Stars

1:23am: Big Mouth Strikes Again by The Smiths

1:25am: The Way We Met by Morphine

1:29am: Hope Is Dangerous Thing by Lana Del Rey

1:36am: The Day I Tried To Live by Soundgarden

1:40am: Screaming In Digital by Queensryche

1:44am: The Rise by Tom Lattanand

1:52am: Whiskey and The Devil by Westerly

1:57am: Wild Is The Wind by Nina Simone

Lost Pastimes; Shopping and Bars
April 15, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Lost Pastimes; Shopping and Bars
Live remote number two! Thought about things we don't get to do anymore, and came up with a few tunes about it. Otherwise, just songs about isolation and all the other crap in the new normal. Signal drops for a few seconds here and there, annoying but tht's the internet for ya. Enjoy!

12:03am: Thank you For Letting Be Myself Again by Sly And The Family Stone

12:07am: Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

12:14am: Bring On The Night by The Police

12:20am: The Hype by Shopping

12:25am: Too Young To Die by Agent Orange

12:25am: Love Removal Machine by The Cult

12:29am: Souvenir by Morphine

12:37am: Do Right by Soul Ska

12:42am: So Say We All by Landroid

12:45am: Tell Me Something Good by Rufus with Chaka Khan

12:52am: All Alone by Joe Satriani

12:56am: American Life by Primus

1:07am: Morning In America by Durand Jones and The Indications

1:13am: I Drink Alone by George Thorougood

1:17am: Drinking In L.A. by Bran Van 3000

1:20am: Sober by Tool

1:28am: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

1:32am: Stone Blue by Pat Martino

1:39am: Hotten Tot by John Scofield

1:46am: Where The Birds Always Sing by The Cure

1:54am: Working Man by Rush

2:01am: Fly On The On The Windscreen by Depeche Mode

2:07am: A Question Of Lust by Depeche Mode

2:10am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

Live Remote!
April 8, 2020 12:00am


Bos Veranda
Live Remote!
Live Remote! Finally got the software and the internets connected for my first live remote! It's definitely rough around the edges, using new software so that's expected, and there's a total train wreck around 1:05 where I got knocked off the air. There's a few minutes of chaos as I try to get reconnected, then it happens again at 2:00. Not idea why. Voice quality is bad as I was using my laptop mic. Anyway, enjoy!

12:03am: Midnight Express by Nuno Bettencourt

12:07am: Don't Tell A Lie by James Brown

12:12am: Beds Too Big Without You by The Police

12:16am: Anonymous by Heavy Petting Zoo

12:23am: Desolation Heartbreak by Knightress M1

12:26am: Angus by Spaceblaster

12:29am: Shake The Disease by Depeche Mode

12:33am: Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel

12:37am: Track 07 by Mother Funk Conspiracy

12:43am: Couldn't Stand The Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughn

12:50am: Watch Yourself by Buddy Guy

1:01am: Astral Traveller by Yes

1:05am: Runnin With The Devil by Van Halen

(Got knocked off here)

1:13am: Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love by Van Halen

1:16am: Still Loving You by Alex Skolnick Trio

1:25am: State Of Emergency

1:27am: I Ain't No Joke by Eric B. and Rakim

1:31am: Memories by Joe Satriani

1:35am: The Freeze by Rush

1:43am: I Put A Spell On You by Annette White with The Sons Of The Beach

1:48am: Slow and Easy by Joe Satriani

1:51am: Goodbye To Romance by Ozzy Osbourne

1:56am: Contact by The Police

(Got booted off again)

2:01am: Tommy The Cat by Primus

2:10am: Strip and Go Naked by Alex Lifeson

2:13am: Moving to Bohemia by Geddy Lee

2:18am: Supermodel by Bran Van 3000

2:24am: Rollin and Tumblin by Jive N Direct

2:28am: Mothership Connection by Parliament Funkadelic

2:31am: Take Five by Rico Rodriguez

2:35am: Diamond Dust by Jeff Beck

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