January 4, 2018 10:00am


This week, Rouse kicks off a healthy 2018 with a core-building house & disco workout.

B12 - Soundtrack of Space [Warp]
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - An Intention [Western Vinyl]
Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere [Archeo]
Nadia Struiwigh - Trip in Fiction [Central Processing Unit]
DJ Sports - Entry Mode [Firecracker]
Andréa Daltro - Kiuá [Estúdio De Invenções]
Sage Caswell - Y’all [Spring Theory]
Geoffrey Landers - Say You’ll Say So [Music From Memory]
Q-Base - Il Sole (The Sun) (Deep Mix) [Safe Trip]
Terekke - Mix 91 [L.I.E.S.]
Mood Hut - Heaven 9 [Snaker]
Khotin - AT03 [Heart To Heart]
Folamour - Devoted To U [Moonrise Hill Material]
TMO + Andrew Butler - Pepsi Cola Jam [L.I.E.S.]
Vincent Floyd - Hard To Love [Rush Hour]
Garrett David - Ooh Aah [Lobster Theremin]
Azura - Paraíso ’89 [World Building]
Shedbug - Dial a Moose [Of Paradise]
Grant - Scattered Knowledge [Duke’s Distribution]
Huerco S. - Untitled (TRP’s Acid Cut) [Jungle Gym]
Chaos in the CBD - Constraints of Time Travel [Church]
Karizma - The Power [Black Vinyl]
Jus-Ed - Jusnotic [Underground Quality]
S.A.M. - Pour Aisha [Delaphine]
John Heckle - 4am Chord [Super Rhythm Trax]
Actress - X22RME [Ninja Tune]
Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy [Editions Makossa]

December 21, 2017 10:00am


This week, two ace spacemen take off to explore exotic solar systems. Aidan lands on a mysterious planet of neverending beaches and permanent sunrise; DV loses his trail en route and gets sucked down a black hole instead.

December 14, 2017 10:00am


This week, Camdaze crawls into Brouhaha HQ still reeking from his birthday festivities and records a mix that is as funky and acidic as his stench.

DJ Sotofett - Nondo (feat. Karolin Tampere & Maimouna Haugen) (Original Mix)
S.O.N.S - The Dream We Call Reality [S.O.N.S]
Nackt - Septic Acid [Left Hand Path]
2AM/FM - Release Yourself [Secret Studio Records]
Frankie Bones - Bounce That Mutha [Bangin Music]
Urulu - Mylar [Kepler Sound District]
One Child Policy - Red Coast Base Survey [VRV]
Jad & The - Low Budget Action Movie [Beats Of No Nation]
Juan Atkins - Urban Tropics [Underground Level Recordings]
Eric Kupper Presents K-Scope - Planet K [TRIBAL United Kingdom]
Look LIke - Centric Dreams [Akoya Circles]
No Moon - I Left My Dial In Pirovac (Pt. 1) [Mörk White]
Michael Claus - Ocean Side [100% Silk]
Dj Storch - Blaq Roze [Waxtefacts]
Sweely - Please Stay [La Chinerie]
Tambo’s House - Jhe Gu Jye [Vulcan Venti]
Savile - Thanks To The Heads (In Jackson Park) [Stripped & Chewed]
Aunite Flo - Water Of Life [Autonomous Africa]
Lux - Deep Down (New Age Instrumental Version Edit) [Flying Records]
Kerri Chandler - The Invoice [Downtown 161]
Cherushii - In Defense of Colors [100% Silk]
Tambo’s House - Ricochet [Vulcan Venti]
Mathieu Faubourg - Running After [S/R]
Shanti Celeste - Need Your Lovin’ [Brstl]

December 7, 2017 10:00am


This week, DJ Patrick takes a spiraling journey deep into the heart of groove.

Pacific 231 – The Best Of Mineral Springs (Miyake) – Transonic
Art Wilson – Akasha – Growing Bin
Ttam Renat – Messages (Perspective) – Mood Hut
Booshank – Rhythm Select – Couch Acid
Esbjorn Svensson Trio – Did They Ever Tell Cousteau? – Superstudio Gul
Io – Sobre Mineras No.5 – Elegua
Haron – Marimbaman – Bakk
Alice Coltrane – Morning Worship – Warner Bros
Pacific 231 – Rhapsodie Pacifique – Daisyworld Discs
Yousui Inoue – Pi Po Pa – For Life Records
PG Sounds – Untitled B – Sued
Nu Guinea – Headhunter – Early Sound
Trudy M – You Make Me Feel (Instrumental Hump Rumbler Mix) – Perfect Pair
DJ Food – Peace, Pt.1 – Open
Aged In Harmony – I Feel Like Dancing – Mor-Tones
Barbara King – What I Did In The Street – Alwa
Maryann Farra & Satin Soul – Never Gonna Leave You – Brunswick
Nick Holder – Paradise – DNH
Robert Dietz – Shunsower – Cecille Numbers
Adam Feingold – Rapcha (PP’s Freq Mix) – ASL Singles Club
Love Planet – Bring Back Your Love (Rich’s Dubit Mix) – Maniak
Regelbau – Sunrise Sunset – Regelbau
D – City Boy (Ambient Mix) – P&D
China Crisis – African and White (The Steve Proctor Remix) – Virgin

November 30, 2017 10:00am


This week, Patchwork resident nonsuit sets it off and Rouse cleans it up, swinging house cuts and trippy broken beats all around.


Waterpark – Nessie’s Revenge (Ambient) [Waterpark]
Last Waltz – You’ve Changed [Me Me Me]
Matrixxman & Vin Sol – Lotus Position [Icee Hot]
Ruben List – On My Mind [Neo Violence]
Violet – Silver Lining [Naive]
Garrett David – FRXS medley [Residual]
Joe – Tail Whip [Hessle Audio]
Leif – Macro Beat [Galdoors]
Rroxymore – Mycetozoa [Don’t Be Afraid]
DJ Heure – Outsider Resource [All My Thoughts]
Greenspan & Raraval – Daff [Geej]
Urulu – Cold Ravioli [Amadeus]
Mike Delgado – Murder Track [Released For Pleasure]
Grant – Deceptive Appearances [Grant]
Baaz – The Reason [Slices of Life]
Gene Tellem – Moving In This Way [SOBO]
Droop – Chicago [Neo Violence]

A1 People – Do It (Metamatics Remix) [Hydrogen Dukebox]
The Abstract Eye – Nobody Else [Rush Hour]
DJ Richard – Path of Ruin (Pain Mix) [Dial]
DMX Krew – Irrational Momentum [Shipwrec]
Dreams – Gut Bounce [Apron Records]
Future Beat Alliance – Mode 3 [Void]
Nackt – Balboa Park (Michael Claus Remix) [Left Hand Path]
Skatebård – Stalheim-Mix [Digitalo Enterprises]
DJ Seinfeld – Bring U Back [Lobster Fury]
Black Noi$e – Fight Riff [Portage Garage Sounds]
Lake Haze – Love in Lux (DJ Boring Remix) [Unknown to the Unknown]
Djrum – Broken Glass Arch [R & S]
Kelly Lee Owens – S.O [Smalltown Supersound]

November 23, 2017 10:00am


Today is a day to be thankful for big birds and getting heavy with one another. This week, Ryco Suave steers the gravy train and brings on Detach from Dionysian Mysteries for a very meaty guest mix.

November 16, 2017 10:00am


It’s getting cold outside, but it’s even colder in DV’s studio as he breaks out some icy post-punk & mutant disco jams.

Tropic of Cancer – Be Brave (Richard H Kirk Remix) [Downwards]
Blue Window – Dry Wind [Katabatik]
Brokenpaws & Weep O Mine Eyes – The Rope That Binds (Murray CY Edit) [Knekelhuis]
Asphixiation – Aural Risk [Chapter Music]
Chris & Cosey – Talk to Me [Rough Trade]
Elexos Park – Purification Ritual (Roche Remix) [Outpost]
Tolouse Low Trax – Tazza [Antinote]
Univac – Radiation B1 [Bunker]
Led Er Est – Arab Tide [Sacred Bones]
I-F – Torment (Edit) [Viewlexx]
Ro Maron – SM (DV Cut) [Musique Pour La Dance]
Professor X – Professor X (Saga) [Techno Kut]
Exocet – Safety Zone [Strut]
Medium Medium – Hungry So Angry [Cherry Red]
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Aya Mood [ZE]
WeR7 – Don’t Surrender [Color Disc]
Fad Gadget – King of the Flies [Mute]
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental – Day Breaks, Night Heals [Industrial Records]
Naked Lunch – Slipping Again (DV Cut) [Strut]
New Order – Ultraviolence (DV Cut) [Factory]
Section 25 – Dirty Disco (DV Cut) [Factory]
Martin Rev – Temptation [Superior Viaduct]
Phillipe Laurent – Exposition 5 [Minimal Wave]
De Ambassade – Geen Genade (DV Cut) [Knekelhuis]
Coldreams – Morning Rain [Rock Hardi]
Ciaran Harte – Love Is Strange [Genetic Music]
Jeff & Jane Hudson – Fat of the Land [Dark Entries]
Pink & Black – Sometimes I Wish [Emotional Rescue]
Ruth – Polarod’d/Roman/Photo [Born Bad]
Medio Mutante – Another Land [Cititrax]
Kid Machine – Lost Discotheque Lovers [Viewlexx]

November 9, 2017 10:00am


Camdaze & special guest Austin Fraser get cozy with a warm selection of “sweater house”.

November 2, 2017 10:00am


DJ Patrick & special guest Mau keep it smoky, soulful, & sensuous on this week’s episode.
DJ Patrick
1. N/A – N/A – [Forthcoming Outpost]
2. Sentiments – Montmein [Groovedge]
3. TR Early Earl – Get Up at Noon [Nsyde]
4. TJ & DJ Raybone – Gone [Rush Hour]
5. Theo Parrish & Marcellus Pitman – Questions Comments [Track Mode]
6. Leonardo Martelli – 03 23 (Notte) – [Antinote]
7. P Relief – El Nino [P&D]
8. DJ Seinfeld – Flyin Thru Sunrise [Endotherm]
9. Bluemoon Productions – S [Code Blue]
10. Braxton Holmes – The Climax [Clubhouse]
11. Peggy Gou – The Troop [Rekids]
12. Seb Wildblood – MT01 [Church]
13. Galcher Lustwerk – Aja Edit

Mau Guest Mix
1. Jimpster – Migrations [Freerange]
2. Jay Daniel – Paradise Valley [Technicolor]
3. Mr. Fingers – Nodyahead [Alleviated]
4. DJ Python – Todo Era Azul [Incienso]
5. Central – Summing [Yield]
6. Cooly G – Telepathy [Dub Organizer]
7. I-iii – Bun Nude [Livity Sound]
8. Karizma – Groove Da Dub (Karizma Dub Mix) [R2]
9. Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force – Jigeen [Ndagga]
10. Melanie Di Biasio – The Flow (Hex Remix) [PIAS]
11. Patrick Cowley – Mockingbird Dream 2 [Dark Entries]
12. Madteo – Sensory Deprivation Tank (Madteo Remix) [ISTHEWAY]
13. Borrowed cs – Bongo [Money Sex Records]
14. Central – Anotha Man [Yield]
15. Good Health feat. Haile Supreme and DJ Freez – Something’s Different [1432R]
16. Octo Octa – Move On (Let’s Go) (De-Stress Mix) [HNYTRX]
17. Actress – Runner [Ninja Tune]
18. Ekoplekz – Consequences [Planet Mu]
19. DJ Sports – The Secret Jog Life [Yield]

October 26, 2017 10:00am


Rouse utters a magic incantation on a dare, coaxing groovy specter Trick Loli out of hiding to possess the airwaves once again. Will Brouhaha survive?!
King Krule – Czech One [True Panther Sounds]
Joe – MPH [Hessle Audio]
DJ Python – Todo Era Azul (Version Afuera) [Incienso]
Nackt – Let’s Go Shopping [Left Hand Path]
Future Beat Alliance – Lost Souls [Subwax Excursions]
Orson Wells – A66 [Live At Robert Johnson]
Urulu & Steve Huerta – Settle Back Easy Jim [Dirt Crew]
Vin Sol – Moonchild [HNYTRX]
Gene Tellem – Moving In This Way [SOBO]
Chaos in the CBD – Educate the Heart [Mule Musiq]

Trick Loli
DMX Krew – Closed System [Zodiac 44]
Playful Death – N5S Virus [Dionysian Mysteries]
Vin Sol – Electrical Storms [HNYTRX]
Gemini – Psychosis [Cajual]
BMG – The True Story of a Detroit Groove [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Keita Sano – La Guajira [Discos Capablanca]
Radio Slave – Children of The E (North London Mix) [Running Back]
Mental Mayhem – Joey’s Riot [Atmosphere]
Michael Claus – Ice Pick [Forthcoming Left Hand Path]
Senate – Pugilist Dub [GCR]
Green Velvet – The Stalker (Laidback Luke Remix) [Music Man]
Jellybean – Twilight Dome Pt.2 [Relief]
Africaine 808 – Zombie Jamboree [Golf Channel]
Neneh Cherry – Dead Come Alive [On-U Sound]
Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa – Blanglala Batin [Interbang]

PLO Man – TX-i [Acting Press]
I-iii – Dolce [Livity Sound]
or:la – Limbosoup (Fit Siegel’s Digestion Mix) [Hotflush]
DJ Central & Erika Casier – Drive (Club Mix by DJ Sports) [Regelbau]
Will Martin – Post Truth World [Jack Dept.]
Hollis P. Monroe – I’m Lonely [Renaissance Infinity]
Four Tet – Two Thousand and Seventeen [Text]

October 19, 2017 10:00am


The Brouhaha party train stops by New York for another deep and atmospheric session with Ryco ‘n Pass.

October 12, 2017 10:00am


This week, we get a special guest mix from Michael Claus of Outpost and 100% Silk fame, after DV lures him to Brouhaha HQ under the pretense that “we’re just gonna shoot some hoops!” They never shoot any hoops, but Claus forgives all and dunks some post-punk acid belters on DV instead.

The Disco Volante
Illumination – The Way Out Is The Way (45rpm version) [Optimo Trax]
Cop Envy – BGMT [Opal Tapes]
Squadra Blanco – Night of the Illuminati [Viewlexx]
Beta Evers – Eruptive [Sonic Groove]
MR TC – Surf & Destroy [Optimo Music]
Alex Burkat – Spinning Plates [The Nite Owl Diner]
Annanan & Marjore – Confrontation In Terms of Sexuality [Pinkman]

~Michael Claus guest mix~

Michael Claus b2b The Disco Volante
Green Velvet – I Want to Leave My Body [Relief]
Fallbeil – Brutal Ignorant [Contort Yourself]
Paul Johnson – Hour Glass Figure [Peacefrog]
Big Red – Flip It Bounce It (Instrumental) [Unruly]
Neil Landstrumm – B-Meats [Giallo Disco]

October 5, 2017 10:00am


Papa Brouhaha takes some time to himself this week, uplifting vocals & swingin’ beats echoing from his man cave.

September 28, 2017 10:00am


Battle of the first-name DJs! Patrick takes the dubby, swinging techno angle; Arnold takes the snappy electro approach.

DJ Patrick
Gene Hunt – Over (Forever On Edit) [Inner Shift Music]
Kepler Sound District – Mylar [Kepler Sound District]
John Dimas – Smoking Drums [La Vie En Rose]
Cobblestone Jazz – Chance Dub [Wagon Repair]
Wilma – Fabio [Potion]
Experimental Housewife – Canyon Guts (Cherushii Remix) [Jacktone]
Lrusse – Part Of The Plan [The Nite Owl Diner]
Wbeeza – One Solution [Third Ear]
House Syndicate – Freestyle Bongo [Dopewax]
Drexciya – Water Walker (Andrew Ross Edit) [Submerge]
Jitterbug – Speakers Corner [Uzuri]
CM-4 – Francesca [Outpost]
The Persuader – Inre Stenen [Templar]
VDT – It’s Just A Dream (Alptraumix) [Container]

Megablockx – 0002 [WEME]
TLC Fam – Tribute to Nomfundo (Ladlal’iDark) [GQOM OH!]
DJ Abstract – You Used To Know [PAL]
Jack Murphy – Third Character [KS]
Patrick Cowley – Mind Warp [MEGATONE]
Pablo Gonzalez ft. Emily Castro – I Want You [SOUND PAK]
Ben R. Brown – Stemma [BOB]
76-79 – Six Ten [COMF]
Powder – Fridhemsplan [BF]
Greyhouse – New Beats The House [DE]
Dwayne Jensen – Thank Ya (Bump Squad Mix) [FATHOM]
Kerri “Kaoz” Chandler – The Beginning [KSS]
Œil Cube – Disk Two [VER]
Sentiments ft. Franck Gerard – Freecell 52 [LIGHTON]
Mike Huckaby – Another Fantasy [S Y N T H]
S. Moreira – That Was Just A Dream [SL]

September 21, 2017 10:00am


Two versions of deep this week: tripping warehouse techno from Rouse, Massflow honcho Brennan Ko’s soulful R&B and dreamy house for the comedown.

Can – Vitamin C [United Artists Records]
Yu Su – Soon (Moa Mix) [People’s Potential Unlimited]
Minor Science – Volumes [Whities]
Garrett David – Vermillion [Distant Hawaii]
Rhythmatic – Frequency (Depth Mix) [Network Records]
Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis [Network Records]
Project Pablo – It’s Not the Dream [Club Lonely]
Jeals – What It’s All About [Lobster Theremin]
OB Ignitt – Ignitt Techno [Obonit]
John F.M. & Omar-S – White People Churches Be Like [FXHE]
DJ Seinfeld – Flyin Thru Sunrise [Endotherm]
Michael Claus – Memory Protect [100% Silk]
Roche – Computer Love [Self]

Brennan Ko
Weird Inside – Hopeless
Sensi Sye – Don’t be shy
Sade – Jezebel (finnebassen og hansebassen edit)
Blood orange – sutphin boulevard
Lisa stansfield – change (drizabone remix)
Next – too close
Lenny Williams – gotta lotta love ( Eric Kuppa mix)
Shaina – Richard Dawkins
Iamnobodi x Chris McClenney – untitled
BB Boogie – sweating and shaking
Carla lyn – spooky lil girl
Akasha system – mineral jam
Detach – uuuu
Basement escape – bobbys soul
Folamour – maybe I did burn ya house

September 14, 2017 10:00am


The tag team dream scheme from NYC is back this week with the vibey breaks and early house beats.

September 7, 2017 10:00am


DV & Camdaze are two puddles of melted brains this week; it’s just too damn hot. Surf psych, electro, Abidjan City Breakers & more included in their fried brain stew.


17 Pygmies – Lawrence of Arabia [LTM]
Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey (Zanzibar Version) [Easy Street]
Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version) [Easy Street]
Tobias – Second to None [Curle Recordings]
Ma.Trag – Passion Dub (Alkalino Edit)
Propaganda – (The Echo Of) Frozen Faces [Strut]
Felix Dickinson – Burning Flame [My Rules]
Protect-U – World Music [Future Times]
Wind – Luxury [Emmegi]
Abidjan City Breakers – ACB Rap [Disco Stock]
Sandra De Sa – Negra Flor [Favorite Recordings]
Sasac – Talking God (Benedek Remix) [Alliance Upholstery]
Eric “Dr. Dunks” Duncan – Brasil Jam [Barefoot Beats]
Dangerous Liaison – Doggie Style [Deep Trouble]
Tata Vega – All You Need Is Love [Tamla Motown]
Roy Ayers – What’s The T [Rapster Recordings]
Boof – Birgit Boogie [Bubbletease Communications]
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf [Some Bizarre]
Absolute Body Control – It’s So Obvious DV Cut
Shit & Shine – Working On My Fitness [Editions Mego]
DMX Krew – Trees Are Dancing 2 [No ‘Label’]
Mulatu Astake – Mulatu [Worthy Records]
Urulu – The Armadillo [Amadeus]
Pass Baton – Steppin’ (East Coast Mix)
Objekt – Theme From Q [Objekt]
Shanti Celeste – Being (Ambient Mix) [Future Times]

August 31, 2017 10:00am


Teeyam hitches a ride with Camdaze and hijacks the aux cable to deliver some finely curated post-punk, darkwave, & electro jams.

August 24, 2017 10:00am


Infinite Jess joins DJ Patrick this week for a session of groovy disco & hip-shaking house music.

August 17, 2017 10:00am


Last Thursday, Rouse got a lucky group of people’s weekend off to a flying start with his diva action breakbeat warrior house selections at blank04. This Thursday, we’re proud to start everybody else’s weekends off with the recording of a great set from a great party.

Master C & J – Face It [State Street Records]
Mission Control – Outer Limits (Shelter Mix [Esoteric Records]
Daphne – When You Love Someone [Maxi Records]
Rhode & Brown – St. Hippolyte [Toy Tonics]
Bufiman – Peace Moves (DJ Normal 4 Ever Armistice Mix [Dekmantel]
Legowelt – Blue Austral Techno [Dekmantel]
Grant – Values [Lobster Theremin]
Rick Wade – Feels (LK Remix) [Shall Not Fade]
Murphy 2080 – Remind Me [LAK7]
CM-4 – December 19th [Outpost]
Shanti Celeste – Nu4him [secretsundaze]
Space Dimension Controller – Exostack [R & S]
Rusty – Rusty Acid (Pedrodollar and Samo DJ Edit)
Lena Platonos – Lego (Avalon Emerson Version) [Dark Entries]
Peggy Gou – Maktoop [Technicolour]
DJ Central – Basil (Verion Intégrale Club) [Help Recordings]
Semtek – Angel [Don’t Be Afraid]
Montego Bay – Everything (S-Tone Mix) [Irma]
Gerd Janson & Shan – Surrender [Regraded]
Daphni – Tin [Jiaolong]
Nightcrawler’s – Push The Feeling On (The Dub of Doom) [Great Jones]
Ability II – Pressure (Luca Lozano Remix) [Major Problems]
Sleep D – Jackal Pt.2 [Butter Sessions]
Soundfactory – Understand This Groove (Static Mix) [RCA]
DJ Romain – All Day All Night [Nite Grooves]
Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger – SignalRod [Klasse Wrecks]
Skatebard – Conga [Sex Tags Mania]
DJ Fett Burger & Jayda G – Velvet Vortex (Sleep D Rainforest Version) [Butter Sessions]
Cherushii – In Defense of Colors [100% Silk]
Savile – Effort Won’t Betray You [Argot]
Diamond K – Let’s 69 [High Rolla]
Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me [FFRR]

August 10, 2017 10:00am


Brooklyn is in the house again this week as bicoastal man of mystery Ryco Suave and closet junglist Pass Baton take over for Brouhaha.

August 3, 2017 10:00am


DV gets into a post-punk-kosmiche-mutant-disco groove the first hour, takes things in a house-ier direction for the second...including a block of that most house-y of house artists, Boo Williams.

Biting Tongues - Meat Mask Separatist [LTM]
Jah Wobble & the Invaders of the Heart - Invaders of the Heart (Exotic Decadent Disco Mix) [Strut]
The Durian Brothers - Giri Giri [Diskant]
Russell EL Butler - Bankole [Opal Tapes]
Andres Komatsu - Planete Noire (Drvg Dvltvre Remix) [New York Haunted]
Objekt - Dogma [PAN]
Pas De Deux - Cardioclepomanie [La Musique Fait La Force]
Stephen Mallinder - Del Sol [Fetish]
Moebius & Plank - Automatic [Gronland Records]
Maximum Joy - Silent Street [Y Records]
ZYX - Trust No Woman [Dark Entries]
C.L.A.W.S. - Black Magik Carpet Ride II [Squirrels On Film]
Parazite - Track 1 (Murray CY Edit) [Knekelhuis]
Circling Vultures - When Titans Fall [Secret Studio]
Rinder & Lewis - Gluttony [AVI]
CM-4 - Earth People [Outpost]
Sound Mechanix - I Can't Forget [New Generation Records]
Seb Wildblood - Wet Summer [Omena]
Boo Williams - Mortal Trance [Residual]
Boo Williams - Midnight Express [Relief]
Boo Williams - Snare Tappin' [Relief]
Boo Williams - Old School Flavor [Relief]
Moon Man - Moon Patrol [Anotherday]
Urulu - The Armadillo [Amadeus]
Consumer Watchdawgz - Untitled 1 [Butter Sessions]
Pendle Watkins - Deal With It [Super Rhythm Tracks]
A.R. & Machines - …Als Hatte Ich Das Alles Schon 'Mal Gesehen. (…As If I Have Seen All This Before) [Polydor]
Ain't She Sweet LSD DV Edit
New Horizons - Slamdown [500 ReKorDs]

July 27, 2017 10:00am


Longtime Brouhaha bud David Le Brun joins Camdaze this week to groove on some trippy and melodic house music.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Sundry [Western Vinyl]
Medlar – Imaginary Dub [For Discos Only]
Octo Champ – Diametric [Shapes Of Rhythm]
Evan Iff – Faith & Trust (Michelle Owen Remix) [Large Music]
Octo Octa – On Your Lips [Honey Soundsystem]
Boo Williams – Spiritually Runnin’ [Future Reactions Recordings]
Hermez – My Love [Telefonplan]
Project Pablo – Closer [Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest]

David Le Brun
Shinichi Atobe — Regret [DDS]
Hylas–Dreaming [Rogue]
Oliver Deutschman — celebrate misery EP [AIM records]
Holy Garage — Surprise (Losoul remix) [Eye Q records]
JTC — Psychedelic Mind Trip [Creme Organization]
Abstraxion–Moribayasa (DJ Kaos Edit) [Different Recordings]
Trevino — Mesmerize [Birdie]
Justus Kohncke — Loop [Kompakt]
Superpitcher — Baby’s on Fire [Low Spirit Recordings]
Isolée — Raum Einz [Playhouse]
Shinichi Atobe — Butterfly effect [DDS]

David b2b Camdaze
Golden Donna – Sake [Yugen Records]
Marcellus Pittman – Make It Work [Still Music]
Rework – Anyway I Know You [Playhouse]
Mark E – Human [Running Back]
Roche – Computer Love [S/R]
Interstate – Disco Laura [Waxtefacts]
Inner City – Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) [KMS Records]

July 20, 2017 10:00am


DJ Patrick is up this week, giving you daytime jams for your mind, body, and soul.

Booshank – Meditation in F [Couch Acid]
Dungen – Krona [Subliminal Sounds]
Letta Mbulu – Down By The River [Be With]
Terea – Pretty Bird [Baby Grand]
Akofa Akoussah – I Tcho Tchass [Sonafric]
Mort Garson – Ode To An Afican Violet [Homewood]
Jaone – Taxanetsi Brothers (Moire Patterns Edit) [Knuggles]
Montezumas Rache – Wu Du Wu [Second Circle]
Swanha Desvarieux – Nou Ke Sa Enmew [Heavenly Sweetness]
Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon [Blanco Y Negro]
Pools – Lil Triceratops [Razor N Tape Reserve]
LeSale – Make Me Feel So Good [Luv Shack]
Circle City Band – Magic [Becket]
Jacques Renault – In The City [Public Release]
Tim Zawada – Send Me Away [Tugboat Edits]
Chrissy – Nothing (Eli Escobar Remix) [Cool Ranch]
Unknown Artist – Unknown Track
Tribilin Sounds – Negroide [Strut]
Miriam Makeba – Toyota Fantasy (John Bryan Edit) [African Airways]
Pekka Streng – Puutarhassa [Jazzpuu]
Hiroshima – Island World [Epic]
RD – Sun After The Rain [Ruf Kutz]
Devine Masters – Paradise (3AM Mix) [Nu Groove]
Huerta – Mandala [Amadeus]
Moon Man – Moon Patrol [Daisy]
Transcendence – Frenzy [Strobe]
Nick Holder – Escape Reality [DNH]
MCJ – Sexitivity (Club Mix) [X-Energy]
Tim Maia – The Dance Is Over [Polydor]

July 13, 2017 10:00am


Rouse brings in some atmospheric house and techno before special guest Dhra takes us to some dark and brooding places.

The Arc – Something Wonderful [Inter 1]
CM-4 – Rain (Doc Sleep’s I Miss U Remix) [Outpost]
Shed – Taken Effect [Monkeytown]
tape_hiss – The Panic in Needle Park (Retrospective Mix) [Love Notes]
Pearson Sound – Heal Me [Pearson Sound]
Golden Donna – Sake [Yūgen]
Waterpark – SpeedLine Connect [Waterpark]
Journeymann Trax – Arboreal Harp Jam (feat. Khotin)[1080p]
Yu Su – infi love [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
D. Tiffany – Blue Dream [Pacific Rhythm]

Muslimgauze – Kaaba [Product Kinematograph]
Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering [Blackest Ever Black]
Clip – Applegate Mechanism (Cora Novoa Remix Extended Axial Version) [Seeking The Velvet]
Colin Potter – (unknown)
Untold – Glare [50 Weapons]
Errorsmith & Mark Fell – Protogravity [PAN]
Nubian Mindz – Many Poly [Phuture Shock Musik]
Transllusion – Dimensional Glide [Supremat]
Pangaea – Viaduct [Hadal]
Crc – Vaskitsaherra (E.R.P. aka Convextion Remix) [Curle]
Chicks on Speed – We Are Data (Cora Novoa Remix) [Seeking The Velvet]
Lukid – The Brick Burner [Liberation Technologies]
Shackleton – Naked [Skull Disco]

Shinichi Atobe – First Plate 3 [Skull Disco]
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – King Hassan (Shutted Blinds 3:PM) [Junk Yard Connections]
K2 – In My Garden [Vibraphone]
Kim English – Learn 2 Luv (Francois K’s Atmospheric Mood — Pearson Sound Remix) [Nervous]
Nu Era – Heartstrings [Omniverse]

July 6, 2017 10:00am


The Smoovest Dude U Know Ryco Suave is on the decks again this week, curing your hangover from a long America weekend with some low-slung house, jazzy & muted tunes, and the occasional chunky disco bit.

June 29, 2017 10:00am


The Disco Volante plays some grimy records dug out of both the reputable record vendors and the filthy basements of New York City.

Outpost honcho CM-4 spins some screwed disco, digi-dub, and Steve Miller Band to complement his own productions…*airhorn*

The Disco Volante
Was (Not Was) - Out Come The Freaks Intro [Ze]
Jeffrey Osborne - Soweto (Dub Mix) [AM Records]
Nancy Martin - Can't Believe [Atlantic]
John Rocca - I Want to Be Real (Instrumental) [Streetwise]
Chicago Music Syndrome - Work It [Dance-Sing]
Bjorn Torske - Host (DJ Sotofett Staydub) [Sex Tags Mania]
The Erotic Drum Band - Jerky Rhythm [Champagne]

~CM-4 Guest Mix~

DV b2b CM-4
Nocera - Let's Go (Dub Mix) [Sleeping Bag]
Chrissy - Nothing (Eli Escobar Remix) [Cool Ranch]
CM-4 - Franchesca [Outpost]
Pass Baton - Steppin' (East Coast Mix)
Inner City - Big Fun [KMS]
Kenny Jason - Don't Want It [Jack Trax]

June 22, 2017 10:00am


Camdaze is fresh off his cross-country tour and direct onto the digital airwaves with a stack of new records. Afrobeat, house, disco, & indie rock are the ingredients in dad’s special morning cocktail.

June 15, 2017 10:00am


Special guest Lil' Jo Jo hits the airwaves with a hefty dose of international funk and disco straight off dirty old discs. DJ Patrick gives a taster of the dance madness to come when we have Awesome Tapes From Africa out next week.

Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream [Palto Flats]
Codek – Tim Toum [Codek]
The Unknown Cases – Masimbabele (Durian Brothers Remix) [Emotional Especial]
Ritual – Sore Lip (Club Mix) [Warrior]
Angelique Kidjo – Batonga (Jungle Club Mix) [Mango]
Rhythm Club – Acid Rain (Dub) [RCA]
Joe Moks – Boys & Girls [Comb & Razor]
The Ice Cream - Ice Cream Funk [EMI]
Spunk - A Friend Ain’t a Friend [Gold Coast]
John Ozila - Funky Boogie [Vogue]
Pino D’Angio - Ma Quale Idea [Killroy]
Esbee Family - Chics and Chicken [Taretone]
Orlando Julius - Disco Hi-Life (2009 Edit) [Hot Casa]
Sammy Massamba - Azali [SM Productions]
Njoroge Benson - Nyinukia [Afro7]
V.O. - Mashisha (Dub) [Invisible City Editions]
Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo [Ibadan]
Kenix – There’s Never Been (No One Like You) [West End]
Emilio Santiago - O Amigo De Nova York [Philips]
Xtasy - Isale Eko [PMG]
Nayanka Bell - Just a Boogie [SIIS]
George Smallwood - You Know I Love You [PPU]
Tomorrow’s Children (Peter Curry) - You’ve Got Me Spinning [Peace]
Rainforest Dub – Rainforest Dub [Intercontinental Interface]
Umoja – 707 [Awesome Tapes from Africa]
Down Downing - Doctor Boogie [RS International]
Yasuko Agawa - LA Nights [HMV]

June 8, 2017 10:00am


Rouse holds down the fort on his own this week. Stay tuned to the middle of the show for a special Marcus Intalex / Trevino tribute mix!


The Brouhaha - Beastie Boys [Capitol]
New Window - Khotin [Self-Released]
Feel It Out - Yaeji [GODMODE]
Botanic Jargon - Sage [Tasteful Nudes]
Fantasy - Kasra V [Feelings Worldwide]
Jam From Space Haus - DJ Groov [1Ø PILLS MATE]
Warm For a Long Time - 2 Responsible [ASL Singles Club]
Black Mask - Ibrahim Alfa [Workshop]
Dam Young Sconies - Moodymann [Planet E]
Winskill Dub - Neo Image [Mood Hut]
emoshuns - louie from the club [childsplay]
Backfire - Playin’ 4 The City [Plastik People]
Feels - Rick Wade [Shall Not Fade]
Amen To The Lonely - Slacker [Lobster Theremin]

~ Marcus Intalex / Trevino Tribute Mix ~
Love & Happiness - Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files [31]
Temperance - Marcus Intalex [Soul:r]
Universe - Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files [Metalheadz]
Run Away - Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox [Signature]
Tweakonomics - Trevino [Revolve:r]
Chicago (Trevino Remix) - Mark Force [Transit]
After The Rain - Trevino [Klockworks]
Rainkist (Trevino’s Heartbeat Remix) - Dark Sky [Monkeytown]
Mezmerise - Trevino [Birdie]
Playtime - Trevino [Birde]
Ojak - Trevino [17 Steps]
Backtracking - Trevino [The Nothing Special]
Slide Away - Trevino [Hotflush]
Pimlico - Trevino [3024]
Chip - Trevino [3024]
Eclipse - Trevino [Klockworks]

Make Time - Shanti Celeste [Idle Hands]
Na Na Na - DJ Nehpets [Dance Mania]
Woodall 0224 (Simo Cell Remix) - Yaleesa Hall [Will & Ink]

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June 23 – BROUHAHA w/ Awesome Tapes From Africa – Underground SF
June 24 – Lights Down Low SF ft. Karizma, Galcher Lustwerk, BROUHAHA – Great Northern
July 8 – Heavy Hands & Public Works: Roman Flugel, Project Pablo, Rouse & Prawns – Public Works

Rouse: Soundcloud, Instagram, RA, Heavy Hands

Elsewhere: Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, RA

June 1, 2017 10:00am


Ryco Suave
Casino Times - Carlotta (Al Zanders Remix) [ WOLF ]
Royer - d’or22 [ Shall Not Fade ]
Contact Ronnie - Place & Time [ Banoffee Pies ]
Aleqs Notal - This Way [ Sistrum Recordings ]
Project Pablo - Vibrancy Room [ Let’s Play House ]
See Other - Waitin’ [ Lobster Theremin ]
Jon Sable - Dolphin Hotel [ Tief ]

~ Pass Baton Guest Mix ~
The Spectre - Deep Control [ Fresh 86 ]
DJ Die - Something Special [ V Recordings ]
The Spectre - Tru Believers [ Fresh 86 ]
Krash - Tangle [ Hardleaders ]
Myke - Dubjungle [ Infrabass Jungle ]
Justice & Neil Trix - Mataverse [ Hardleaders ]
Total Science - It's Not Over [ Hardleaders ]
Basic Unit - White Blossom [ Moving Shadow ]
Squarepusher - Port Rhombus [ Warp ]

Ryco Suave B2B Pass Baton
2 Responsible - Write it All Down [ ASL Singles Club ]
Earth Boys - Monkey Business [ Let’s Play House ]
Rimbaudian - Drop it On Em [ Media Fury ]
Pass Baton - S.A.F.E [Unreleased]
Fantastic Man - Legoman [ Kitjen ]
Lemme Kno - 1234567 [ UNTHANK ]

May 25, 2017 10:00am


The Disco Volante is brooding in the studio this week. Acid & electro tracks with a percussive backbone.

Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards - I Beat As I Sleep As I Dream [Blackest Ever Black]
Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free [LateNightTales]
Mark Ernestus vs Obadikah - April [Honest Jon's]
Gemini - Native to America [Relief]
Alessandro Adriani - I Am a Ghost [Pinkman]
C.L.A.W.S. - Houston, We Have No Problem [Left Hand Path]
Cabaret Voltaire - Kino 4 [Virgin]
Flux - The Value of Nothing [On-U Sound]
TX Connect - Rhythm Implement [Jack Dept]
Laksa - 66 Rebels [Mistry]
Michael Claus - Pacific Aquatics (Sepehr Remix) [Outpost]
Deekay Jones - New York New York [Shaddock]
Sami - Sickos [Future Times]
Maurice Fulton - Revenge of the Orange [Bubbletease Communications]
Cratebug - Brothers Gonna Work It Out Edit
DJ Octopus - Purple Pills [Hotshit Records]
Person of Interest - En Route [Exotic Dance]
Green Velvet - Thoughts [Music Man]
Rødhåd - Vivarium (Porter Ricks Remix) [Dystopian]
Credit 00 - No Future Sound of London [New York Haunted]
Alpha 606 - 808 Trax (Anthony Shake Shakir Remix) [Interdimensional Transmissions]
Secession - Touch (Part 4) [Strut]
Umwelt - Destruction Liberatrice [Return to Disorder]
Lerosa - Slavery [Comp for Andreas Gehm]
Lake People - Level Msk [Uncanny Valley]
Leibniz & Credit 00 - Tom Toms [Rat Life]
Paul Johnson - Tenacious [Peacefrog]
Berserk in a Hayfield - Tease (DV Edit)

May 18, 2017 10:00am


It’s all jazzy, soulful, & uplifting house vibes this week as Camdaze welcomes our good friend French Phil onto the show.

May 11, 2017 10:00am


Rouse is plunging into some deep waters this week, and he's brought along the best crustacean DJ we know as co-pilot. You might say he and Prawns take a Heavy Handed approach to this one...

Ray of Light 95 - Sage Caswell
State of Mind - Goldie
Breathe - Gaussian Curve
Do Dekor - Jan Jelinek
Sundry - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
O-Coast - Overmono
Three Rings - Grizzly Bear
Matariki - LNS
See Yourself - Slacker
Dark Flow (Andres Remix) - Trus'me

Prawns Guest Mix
Lullaby - Urulu
Autumn - Richenel
2poor4change (Hodini remix) - Mr. Fries
Lalime (Dandana mix) - Project Pablo
From a Past Life - Lone
Into the Silly World - Coni
99 Candles - Seven Davis Jr
Repeater - FYI Chris
Clocks - Greymatter
Ar-Ragis (Medlar Remix) - Clap! Clap!
Another One - Fold
Destiny - Interplanetary Criminal
Say It (Baba Stiltz Remix) - Klaves
Worldwide Deluxe Edit - Frits Wentink
Skylark - Ike Release
Fever Dream - Octo Octa
Lefty's Bar (Brame & Hamo) - Fouk
Monk Nash - Rick Sheen
Wopp - Sweely

Rouse B2B Prawns
Get Together (Deep Vocal Mix) - Deep Sensation
Freedom (make it funky) (color 1 on & on strong vocal mix) - black magic
Deal With It - Pendle Watkins
Shoelaces (Acid Instrumental) - Josh Wink
Of All the Places Left to Dance - Tee Mango

May 4, 2017 10:00am


DJ Patrick brings Special Xtra guest Wrong Way into the fold, banter ensues. The future present, morning beers, tropical disco, and indescribable oddity contained within.

Shuggie Otis – Freedom Flight
Field Recording #1
Field Recording #2
The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Terraza Sul Mare
Arto Neto – Pini Pini
Salsa Caliente – Meridian Brothers
Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada – Walker
Black Booby – I Need Somebody Raw
Some Arthur Russell Edit Heard on a Andrew Weatherall Mix
Alec ‘Om’ Khaoli – Enjoy It
Mike Francis – Features of Love (Club Mix)
Penny Penny – Shaka Bundu
Bobby Caldwell – Do For Love
Toto – Georgy Peorgy
The Sunburst Band – The Easton Assassin
Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju – Every Way But Loose
Bad Banana – Dancing In San Francisco
Red Snapper – DNI Pro
FCL – It’s You (Charles McCloud & Vin Sol Remix)
Unknown Artist – Unknown Track
Wolf Muller – Rudeltanz
Eddie C – La Palette
Ital – Queens
Connie – Funky Lil Beat
Ponzu Island – Super Koto (Andras Fox Mix)
Stone – Girl I Like The way You Move (Dub Mix)

April 27, 2017 10:00am


Camdaze, The Disco Volante, & Rouse are going b2b for a special Dream Team episode of your favorite leftfield club radio show. Afro, disco, electro, & acid sounds all thrown up in the most laidback slam dunk contest ever.

Tony Allen – Afro Disco Beat [Vampi Soul]
Pat Thomas – Yesu San Bra [System 77 Productions]
Contours – Loose Wood [Shall Not Fade]
Mystery – Love Dance (Instrumental Dub) [Spirit]
Nuyorican Soul – Mind Fluid (Chemidub) [Nervous]
Tornado Wallace – Kakadu [Music From Memory]
Roza Roza – —————
Sasha – A Key to Heaven for a Heavenly Trance (Night Dubbing Mix) [Limited Underground]
Rhythm Based Lovers – Frequency Illusion [Future Times]
Device Control – Most People [L.I.E.S.]
Eamon Harkin – Are you listening? [Mister Saturday Night]
Ben Houghton – Beta Blocker (Inkswel Drums Dub) [Momentary]
Fatherhood – In Yr Body [Allergy Season]
Hissman – DX Adventure [Dog in the Night]
Fallbeil – The Healer (Innyster Remix) [Mannequin]
Solitary Dancer – Anything [Dark Entries]
DJ Sotofett – Øl på Ibiza [borft]
Lauer – Banned [Live at Robert Johnson]
Groove Assassin – Let’s Groove On
Project Pablo – Smudge [Spring Theory]
Michael Claus – Dawn [Jacktone]
Hieroglyphic Being – Azimuthal Equidistant [Mathematics]
Wata Igarishi – Mood of the Machines Pt I [Bunker New York]
Claro Intelecto – Contact [Delsin]
Helena Hauff – c45p [Dark Entries]
Aquarian Motion – The Calling [Voodoo Gold]
Shanti Celeste – Hinoki [Dekmantel]
Mariah – Shinzo No Tobira [Palto Flats]

April 20, 2017 10:00am


The Disco Volante takes over the controls for a freewheeling space trip through all corners of the Brouhaha cosmos.

Pyrolator – Minimal Tape 3/7.2 [Bureau B]
Jean-Marie Bolangassa – Disna Ngai [Sofrito Super Singles]
Manu Dibango – Soul Fiesta (Chateau Flight Rework) [Versatile]
DJ Katapila – Sakawa [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Psychemagik – Sun Stepper [Psychemagik]
Anthony Naples – Seello [Proibito]
G String – Seductive Games [Pinkman]
Funky Family – Funky Is On (DV Edit)
Drvg Cvltvre – Meat 3 [New York Haunted]
M & G – When I Let You Down [Dark Entries]
Echo 106 – Choco & Cherry (DV Edit)
DJ Fett Burger – Burger Trip [Mongo Fett]
Jimi Bazzouka – Ye Ye So [Crowdspacer]
OV – Perc Song (Chords) [Future Times]
Russell E.L. Butler – My Cat Is An Asshole [CGI Records]
Michael Claus – Spatial Dub [Neoviolence]
Roy of the Ravers – 2 Late 4 Love [Emotional Response]
5ive & Samo DJ – Some Song Teachers [Public Possession]
Kepler Sound District – Helix [Kepler Sound]
Dego – Could Murder a Burger [Blueberry Records]
Randomer & Hodge – Simple As [Dnuos Ytivil]
Ital – Hellhole [Lovers Rock]
The Durian Brothers – Overexposed Scream Contest [Diskant]
DJ Nervoso – KUIA [Principe]
NHK’Koyxen – 572_2 [PAN]
Matrixxman – Arrival [Dekmantel]
Grauzone – Eisbar (Ilo Edit) [Lo-Fi EdiTS]
Charles Manier – Sift Through Art Collecting People (DV Cut)

April 13, 2017 10:00am


Camdaze is flying solo this week, guiding us through hazy skies and funky, trippy, organic sounds.

Francis Bebey - Forest Nativity [Hostel La Torre Recordings]
audioJazz - Pretty Lady [audioJazz Music]
Maxmillion Dunbar - Polo [Future Times]
Vin Sol & Matrixxman - Fabric Softener [Soo Wavey]
Cloudface - Devonian Garden [Mood Hut]
Countours - Hands & Feet Dancing [Shall Not Fade]
Masha - The Archivist [S/R]
Serious Intention - You Don’t Know (Special Remix) [Easy Street Records]
Gino Soccio - It’s Alright (Long Version) [Atlantic]
Kyodai - La Rumba (Genius Of Time Remix) [Freerange Records]
House Of Doors - Burmstar (Flute Mix) [Mood Hut]
Klinte Jones - In The Heat Of The Night [Oh My! Records]
Frits Wentink - Horses In Cornfield [Bobby Donny]
Youandewan - Undrstnd [Hype_LTD]
Youandewan - Our Odyssey [Aus Music]
Sepehr - Outer Space [Neo Violence]
Urulu - Mylar [Kepler Sound]
Garrett David - Remedy [Distant Hawaii]
Seb Wildblood - Mmm [Omena]
FYI Chris - Banana Bread [Lumberjacks In Hell]
Z Lovecraft - 99 Pence Bargain Dub [No Bad Days]
Glenn Astro - Me & My Mouse (Glenn Astro Remix) [Big Bait Records]
Tony Allen - Afro Disco Beat [Vampi Soul]

BROUHAHA on Radio Valencia airs every Thursday, from 10:00am - 12:00pm PST.
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April 6, 2017 10:00am


Brouhaha residents Patrick Lotilla and The Disco Volante take over for this week’s episode.

First hour DJ Patrick eases some funky disco grooves towards a full-on Paul Johnson megamix.

Second DV takes things into a realm of techno variations.

Helen – Zanzibar (Afro Mix) [Dark Entries]
Fonda Rae – Heobah [Posse]
Persona La Ave – Gloria Miami [Easy Bay]
Al Dobson Jr. – Muscavado Sounds [Rhythm Section International]
Zanzibar Chanel – Ass (Patrick L Edit)
Michael Claus – Data Retrieval Process [Outpost]
I:cube – Un Proton Pour Toi, Un Neutron Pour Moi [Versatile]
Sage Caswell – Dyc [Spring Theory]
Paul Johnson – Play Those Drums [Warehouse]
Steve Poindexter – Work That Motherfucker (Paul Johnson Remix) [ACV]
Paul Johnson – Love Feeling [Chicago Underground]
Paul Johnson – Let Me See You Butterfly [Dance Mania]
Serge & Alden Tyrell – House Countdown [Clone Jack for Daze]
Paul Johnson – I Like To Get Down [Bosconi]
Mousse T – More I Get [Peppermint Jam]
Chrissy – Can’t Get Me Down [Forthcoming Cool Ranch]

Russell EL Butler – A New Day [CGI Records]
Roche – Sonic Expressions [Mathematics]
Nackt & Michael Claus – Grey Skies [Outpost]
Cocktail Party Effect – Dried Branches [New York Haunted]
Tom VR – A Fantasy [All My Thoughts]
Objekt – Theme From Q [Objekt]
DJ Deep – Surge [Deeply Rooted]
Gunnar Haslam – Scale No Flam [Bunker New York]
Alpha 606 – Armambo DV EDIT
Joe Claussell – Je Ka Jo (Demo Version) [Ibadan]
Aurele – Dinguzer

March 30, 2017 10:00am


Rouse kicks off the show with a set of ambient techno and padded breaks.

Later on, he leads into Ryco Suave’s debut DJ set.

Who is Ryco Suave? Let’s just say ya already know.

* * *

Now Now Now – Problem (Abyss Version) [Safe Trip]
Edmondson – Flamingo Tripper [Lissoms]
Sepehr – Outer Space [Neo Violence]
Fantastic Man – Rhythm Algorithm [Superconscious Records]
Look Like – Unknown LQH [Mistress]
Octo Octa – Fleeting Moments of Freedom (Woo) [HNYTRX]
Matrixxman – Bad Acid [Dekmantel]
Nackt & Michael Claus – Grey Skies [Outpost]

Wayne Snow & Max Graef – Rosie (Nu Guinea’s Paradise Remix) [Tartelet Records]
Retrospective for Love – Let me know (Seb Wildblood Remix)
Tom VR – A Fantasy [All My Thoughts]
David & Hjalti – Moods [Lagaffe Tales]
Michael Claus – March 22nd [Jacktone]
Grant – Cliché [Lobster Theremin]
Hi Mount & Man-Dee – Impresionante [Regelbau]
Speed Boat – Speed Tool 001 [Nail Shop]
Bruce Trail – Ruff Cut [Self-Released]
Octo Octa – Move On Let it Go (De-Stress Mix) [HNYTRX]

Electric Sound Broadcast – Sole Eterna [Echovolt Records]
Algorythm – LFO [Neptune]
Strip Steve – Finally a good jam with the new sequencer
Robert Owens and Hugo – You Are (Efdemin remix) [Murmur Records]
Music People – Always On (Club Mix) [Mood Hut]
DJ Groov – Back To [1Ø PILLS MATE]
Qnete – I Might Be Wrong [Lobster Theremin]
Johannes Albert – MS Zufriedenheit [D.KO Records]
Medlar – Imaginary Dub [For Discos Only]
Those guys – Tonite [MCA Records]

March 23, 2017 10:00am


Right outta the gates, it’s a crowded decks crew showdown~!

Brouhaha residents The Disco Volante, Rouse, Camdaze, & Rycta taking turns in the mix.

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