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Malderor - The "Sad Songs" Episode
April 12, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - The "Sad Songs" Episode
Today's show was always going to be a bit odd. Shey and Malderor are still doing the remote 'exquisite corpse' thing, passing off files over the week to react to. Shey picked a theme about embracing one's sadness about the state of the world, and overcoming it. So there are some sad, sad songs in the mix this week, but also some happier songs to help you recover. Features new music from Beans on Toast, Bobby Conn, and Black Grape, and also dips into the Blues at points. Malderor plays some of the saddest songs he knows, and Shey plays Lorde. Give it a listen! It'll cheer you up...eventually.

2:07pm: Resume by Dorothy Parker

2:07pm: Sad Song by Arthur Lee

2:07pm: You Can Save Up To 50% But You're Still A Long Ways From Home by Arthur Lee

2:08pm: Drinking In The Day by Elise LeGrow

2:09pm: Getting Better by Ron Funches

2:10pm: Touch the Sky by Black Pumas

2:18pm: Strange Days by Beans On Toast

2:22pm: Disaster by Bobby Conn

2:25pm: I Shall Be Released by Nina Simone

2:35pm: Darkness by Leonard Cohen

2:40pm: Land of Confusion by Genesis

2:44pm: I'm Getting Better (And I'm Feeling It Right Now) by The Record Company

2:50pm: If It Be Your Will (Live) by Antony Hegarty

2:54pm: Sorrow by Bad Religion

2:58pm: The Harm Principle by John Stuart Mill

3:00pm: Everything You Know Is Wrong by Black Grape

3:08pm: Bravado by Lorde

3:13pm: The Good Old Days by The Libertines

3:16pm: Down the Drain by Ken Nordine

3:18pm: Bang Bang by Asaf Avidan

3:25pm: Bury My Heart by The Waterboys

3:32pm: On Brexit by Bruce Robinson

3:34pm: A Speech by Some Old Bitty

3:35pm: The Parting Glass (Live) by Hozier

3:37pm: Freedom vs Security by Thomas Hobbes

3:39pm: We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

3:46pm: He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones

3:48pm: On Depression by Robin Williams

3:51pm: Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground) by Blind Willie Johnson

3:55pm: Atheists Don't Have No Songs by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers

3:57pm: God Been Good To Me by The Mighty Walker Brothers

4:00pm: return to normal schedule.

Malderor's Curated Catastrophe - Live Remote, Exquisite Corpse Episode Two
April 5, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor's Curated Catastrophe - Live Remote, Exquisite Corpse Episode Two
Today we continue our experiment in remote collaboration with another Exquisite Corpse episode, where Shey picks three tracks, and talks about them, then I pick three(ish) tracks and so on. I'll be chatting about my selections live in the studio, however, so listen in, jump in the chatroom, and let's (virtually) hang out! Shey plays a little jazz, and some definitely new-to-me artists. I do not play jazz, but maybe some Hammond B3 funk, new tracks from Ringo Deathstarr and Chip Taylor, and one of my favorite story-songs from Joe Ely! Tune in! Check it out!

2:11pm: Your Anchor by Asaf Avidan

2:13pm: River (Live) by Bishop Briggs

2:17pm: Siempre Me QuedarĂ¡ by BeBe

2:25pm: Creeper by Lincoln Durham

2:27pm: Sold Me Down The River (Live) by The Alarm

2:32pm: The River (Live) by Keane

2:41pm: Confines by Black Pumas

2:45pm: Like It Doesn't Hurt by Charlotte Cardin

2:51pm: Some Jazzy Bullshit by Les Paul Trio with Ada Rovatti at the Iridium

3:00pm: Freedom by The Jurassic 5

3:05pm: Bar Shift by The Eminent Stars

3:07pm: The Reverend by The Funkstamatics

3:13pm: Gallo Del Cielo by Joe Ely

3:24pm: Opinions on the Stimulus Package by Dylan Radigan on The Jimmy Dore Show

3:26pm: Diss Never (Dig Up We History) by Tricky (Featuring Hawkman)

3:29pm: White Riot by The Clash

3:31pm: Seven by Prince

3:39pm: Two Sevens Clash by Culture

3:42pm: Gazin' by Ringo Deathstarr

3:44pm: The Veil of Ignorance by John Rawls

3:46pm: Fuck All The Perfect People by Chip Taylor & The New Ukrainians

3:55pm: Shine A Light (Live at Glastonbury 2008) by Spiritualized

Malderor - The Exquisite Corpse Episode
March 29, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - The Exquisite Corpse Episode
We tried something different today. My cohost Shey challenged me to do an "exquisite corpse" for the old radio programme. So we each produced 3-song segments, and tried reacting to what the other person did. This required a degree of pre-production and pre-planning you might not associate with Malderor's Curated Catastrophe, but it proved to be a fun exercise in remote collaboration. Featuring Bill Evans, Etta James, Neil Young, Shriekback, King Curtis, Charles Beaudelaire, and a very potty-mouthed Jarvis Cocker! I'll be live between segments to discuss what we've been listening to, so please tune on in and give us your comments in the chatroom on!

2:02pm: Old Wine by The Who

2:07pm: I Need A Dollar by Aloe Blac

2:20pm: Three Button Hand Me Down by The Faces

2:23pm: What's Going On? by Donny Hathaway

2:28pm: Whiter Shade Of Pale by King Curtis

2:35pm: Israel by Miles Davis

2:37pm: You're Gonna Hear From Me by Bill Evans

2:41pm: The Same Rope by Etta James

2:48pm: AIn't No Sunshine Song Discussion by Bill Withers

2:53pm: Let The Old People Die by Johnathan Mann

2:55pm: Ted Talk by Bill Gates

2:56pm: I Gotta Get Drunk by George Jones and Willie Nelson

2:58pm: Be Drunk by Charles Baudelaire

3:03pm: Helicopter by Bloc Party

3:06pm: Burrito by Sublime

3:11pm: Medicated Goo by Traffic

3:19pm: The Asshole Song by No Idea

3:23pm: Bastard Sons of Enoch by Shriekback

3:28pm: Fuck You! by Bad Religion

3:34pm: Balencies by Chika

3:39pm: Little Acorns by The White Stripes

3:45pm: My My Hey Hey (Live) by Neil Young and Crazy Horse

3:51pm: Running The World by Jarvis Cocker

3:53pm: Tender (Live) by Blur

Malderor - New Music for "The New Normal."
March 22, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - New Music for "The New Normal."
Sunday's show was a bit less melancholy and more upbeat than last week's program, and features a shedload of new releases. (It's funny how one has more time to find new music when on home quarantine.) But, as promised, we heard from Emily Zuzik Music Vortex, Jason A Estupinian, The Slow Readers Club, Danzig, plus some Indonesian ska, and some novelty songs about the apocalypse! Whip yourself up a Ramos Fizz and give it a listen.


2:01pm: A Message From Our Sponsor by Jello Biafra

2:04pm: Crawlout Through The Fallout by Sheldon Altman

2:06pm: Snelsmore Wood by New Model Army

2:11pm: Gonna Get Better by Buzzcocks

2:17pm: Harlem River by Kevin Morby

2:25pm: Harlem River Blues by Justin Townes Earle

2:34pm: Long Live The Queen by Frank Turner

2:38pm: The Irish Rover by The Dropkick Murphys

2:40pm: Outside The Box by Estu

2:51pm: Trouble (Elvis Presley Cover) by Danzig

2:53pm: Trouble by Emily Zuzik

2:58pm: Rumble (Live) by Link Wray

3:06pm: Talk About The Weather by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

3:08pm: The Coward Of The County by Kenny Rogers

3:12pm: I Saw A Ghost by The Slow Readers Club

3:22pm: Bersamamu by Souljah

3:25pm: Suffer (Bad Religion Cover) by Tegan and Sara

3:28pm: Sugar by James Wavey (Alleyes Manifest) feat.Kerry Shewmaker

3:34pm: The Low Hum by Moby feat. Emily Zuzik

3:38pm: Everybody Knows Shits Fucked by Stephen Paul Taylor

3:41pm: Wish by Still Corners

3:51pm: One Week of Covid 19 by Dani Awesome

3:54pm: This Is Permanent by Airiel

3:57pm: R&R by New Model Army

4:00pm: Antifa Dub by C.O.F.

Malderor - The First Show Of The Apocalypse?
March 15, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - The First Show Of The Apocalypse?
Malderor and Island Girl did a live remote from their home studio, in the opening stages of the Coronavirus Epidemic. There are some technical hiccups in the first five minutes, but do bear with it for several hours of good melancholy music about pandemics and isolation. We have Ramos Fizzes!


2:07pm: Ocean Rising by Justin Sullivan

2:08pm: Fly On The Windscreen (Live) by Depeche Mode

2:18pm: The Disease (Live) by Echo and The Bunnymen

2:18pm: All My Colours (live) by Echo and The Bunnymen

2:22pm: Isolation by Therapy?

2:25pm: The Great Cull by Killing Joke

2:34pm: Too Sick To Pray by Alabama 3

2:38pm: Too Sick To Pray by Willie Nelson

2:41pm: Plague by Yabby You

2:49pm: Arm Yourselves And Run by New Model Army

2:50pm: Mankind's Disease by Wumpscut

2:55pm: The Unifying Theory Of Life by Sick Boy

2:56pm: Subterranean Homesick Alien by Jr. Jazz

3:02pm: Fever by Susan Cadogan

3:04pm: The Fever by Mayya and the Revolutionay Hell Yeah!

3:06pm: Fever by Love & Rockets

3:17pm: Shake The Disease by Depeche Mode

3:22pm: Fever by Screen Vinyl Image

3:24pm: Sick Of The Shame by Filmschool

3:36pm: You Sound Like You're Sick by RAMONES

3:39pm: Touch Me I'm Sick by Mudhoney

3:41pm: The Stand by The Alarm

3:50pm: Cabin Fever by The Soulsavers

3:55pm: End Of Days by New Model Army

4:04pm: God Called In SIck Today (snippet) by AFI

4:05pm: return to normal schedule.

4:05pm: I'm Sick Y'All by Otis Redding

4:07pm: Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA by Devo

4:13pm: What A Day by Throbbing Gristle

4:18pm: I'm Afraid Of Americans by David Bowie

4:26pm: Lo-Grade Fever by Chemlab

4:31pm: Flower Of Disease by Goatsnake

4:36pm: Teenage Disease by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

4:42pm: I Want To Touch You by Catherine Wheel

4:48pm: Gimme Some Annihilation by Crocodiles

4:56pm: Soul In Isolation by The Chameleons UK

5:06pm: 5 MInutes by The Stranglers

5:08pm: One Bullet by New Model Army

5:16pm: Fever by Down and Outlaws

5:16pm: Uglier by Redd Cross

5:19pm: Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party by Courtney Barnett

5:22pm: Turn On The News by Husker Du

5:29pm: Captain Cook by Shriekback

5:34pm: Fever by Starsailor

5:38pm: Today Is A Good Day by New Model Army

5:48pm: Plague by Killing Joke

5:53pm: The Sick Bed Of Cuchalainn by The Pogues

5:55pm: Sick Of It All by The Distillers


6:04pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

6:07pm: Autumn by New Model Army

Malderor - Live Remote From Cheap Hooch's Secret Lair, Part II
March 1, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Live Remote From Cheap Hooch's Secret Lair, Part II
We do another remote from Joey's Secret Hideaway, aka The Cheap Hooch House. Join Malderor, Deathwish, and Shey as they babble about tech issues, and play psych-rock, Chinese hip-hop, and other oddities.

2:12pm: Luv N Haight by Sly and the Family Stone

2:13pm: Heliopolis (Live, Fuzz Club Session) by Sekel

2:16pm: Selva by Las Cobras

2:28pm: Halah (Live at the Shoreline) by Mazzy Star

2:31pm: Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays

2:34pm: Jeszcze Raz by Belgrado

2:44pm: Diagram by Ben Lapps

2:50pm: Made In China by Higher Brothers and Famous Dex

3:08pm: Face This On My Own by Deez Nutz

3:10pm: J Will Fuck You Now by The Gluts

3:13pm: Stomp You Out by Danny Diablo feat. Chino Brown

3:19pm: The Roof If On Fire by Rock Master Scott and the Dynamic Three

3:24pm: Never Fight A Man With A Perm by IDLES

3:33pm: The Positive Aspects Of Negative Thinking by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:34pm: The Eighth Day by Hazel O'Connor

3:36pm: Siempre Mequedara by BeBe

3:39pm: Tourbillion by Soha

3:42pm: Almonte by Palo!

3:52pm: Malaguena Salerosa by Chingon

3:55pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Malderor - Live Remote From Cheap Hooch's Secret Lair
February 23, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Live Remote From Cheap Hooch's Secret Lair
2:10pm: The Flat Earth Society by Bad Religion

2:11pm: Senile Delinquent by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

2:11pm: Invisible Rays (Live Acoustic 1995) by Shriekback

2:25pm: The Ghetto (Live) by Donny Hathaway

2:34pm: Ramblin' Rose by The MC5

2:38pm: God Save The Queen by Motorhead

2:53pm: Trouble by Emily Zuzik

2:56pm: Phantom Buzz by Twin Dimensions

2:59pm: Everything That Rises by Pop Will Eat Itself

3:06pm: Lemon Incest by TOY

3:12pm: Crazy by The Homeless Gospel Choir

3:14pm: Let's Get Tattoos by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

3:22pm: Give Youth A Chance by The Ruts

3:26pm: The Fire Had Brought Us Together by Shriekback

3:29pm: This Is The Science by Shriekback

3:35pm: I Found A Reason by The Velvet Underground

3:40pm: So Long You Pretty Thing by Spiritualized

3:47pm: Oh Sweet Nuthin' by The Black Crowes

3:50pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Malderor- Yet Another Final Episode
January 19, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor- Yet Another Final Episode
2:04pm: Goodbye Is Forever (12" Mix) by Arcadia

2:10pm: 'Til The Next Goodbye by Human Drama Arcadia

2:14pm: Never Say Goodbye by The Stranglers

2:20pm: Goodbye Babylon by The Reverend T.T.Rose and Singers

2:23pm: Goodbye Street by Hepcat
It seems out landlords haven't been paying the rent to their landlords, so we've gotten a 48 hour eviction notification. Malderor wasn't even planning to be here today, but came in to spin an hour's worth of tunes until Puzzling Evidence takes over for the rest of the program.

2:27pm: I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye by Willie Nelson

2:32pm: Honest Goodbye by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

2:35pm: Goodbyes and Endings by The Dodos

2:41pm: Gudbuy T'Jane by Slade

2:44pm: Goodbye by The Supersuckers

2:46pm: Bella Ciao by Marc Ribot feat. Tom Waits

2:50pm: Farewell, Lola Blue by Rancid

2:52pm: Farewell/Goodbye by M83

2:56pm: Drag It Down by New Model Army

3:01pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Second Hour by Puzzling Evidence

Malderor - Mexican Rock and Giardia!
January 12, 2020 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Mexican Rock and Giardia!
Malderor is back from Mexico, with a pile of tunes he heard on his travels, and a side-order of stomach ailments. This is kind of a low-energy episode as a result, but there are some good tunes.

2:07pm: Una Linea De Luz by Kinky

2:09pm: Pitchy Patchy by Junior Byles

2:18pm: Give Youth A Chance by The Ruts

2:24pm: El Majagual by Systema Solar

2:29pm: Believe by The Chemical Brothers

2:33pm: Iberia Sumergida by Heroes Del Silencio

2:42pm: Malaguena Salerosa by Chingon

2:46pm: Our Lady Of Desert by William Tyler

2:49pm: No Tengo Dinero by Ana Gabriel

2:59pm: The Symphony by Marley Marl et al.

3:00pm: Luv 4 Dem Gangsta\'z by Eazy-E

3:06pm: Same O\' Same O\' (Live) by Hepcat

3:16pm: Menos Yo by Sekta Core

3:20pm: Living It Up by Horace Andy with Sly and Robbie

3:27pm: Modern Day Catastrophists by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:30pm: Kiss The World Goodbye by Burning Streets

3:33pm: Final Solution by Pere Ubu

3:40pm: The Water Glass by The Melvins

3:46pm: Before They Make Me Run (Live) by The New Barbarians

3:51pm: On The Beach by The Faces

3:53pm: Rock N Roll by Motorhead

3:56pm: You Suffer by Napalm Death

3:58pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

4:27pm: return to normal schedule.

Malderor - Hangovers and Depressing Country Music
December 8, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Hangovers and Depressing Country Music
Malderor had a wee bit of a bad head today, and Deathwish was a no-show. Somehow this meant the show evolved or devolved into a lot of outlaw country songs about crying into one's beer. And so on. Holly Hooch does pop in early to help us out. Kind of a weird episode, but qwll worth a download:

2:06pm: The Bullingdon Boys by Madness

2:06pm: All About Nothing by Shriekback

2:08pm: Arrest The President by Ice Cube

2:17pm: DJ Shadow's Beat by DJ Shadow

2:22pm: Here Come The Warm Dreads by Lee Scratch Perry feat Brian Eno

2:28pm: Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit

2:32pm: Guidance by Thievery Corporation

2:37pm: Best Of All Possible Worlds by Eddie Spaghetti

2:39pm: Waiting Around To Die by Whitey Morgan

2:47pm: Get Along by Ava Paige

2:49pm: I'm On Fire by Whitey Morgan

2:53pm: Misery and Gin by Merle Haggard

2:55pm: I Still Believe by Frank Turner

3:03pm: Watch Your Back by Charger

3:06pm: On and On by Beans On Toast

3:10pm: A Perfect Wife by Frank Turner

3:25pm: The Graveyard Of The Outcast Dead by Frank Turner

3:29pm: Heroin (Live) by Echo and The Bunnymen

3:34pm: The Light by A Place To Bury Strangers

3:41pm: Million Years Ago by Adele

3:44pm: All In My Mind by Love & Rockets

3:49pm: Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing by Mike Ness

3:54pm: If Ever I Stray by Frank Turner

3:59pm: Take Em All by Cock Sparrer

Malderor - Foreshadowing Our Power Issues
November 24, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Foreshadowing Our Power Issues

This episode was slightly wonky because Malderor's laptop power-supply up and died, meaning he had to scramble for a spare charger thing which didn't arrive until mid-show. So there is a bit more catastrophe going on than normal. We even dipped into the dreaded Radio Valencia music library for a few tracks. But Deathwish and Shey were onhand to steady the ship and provide a solid episode.

(First hour playlist missing due to lack of power on the laptop.)

2:58pm: My Girl To Me by Dawes

3:17pm: Zero Day by Nothing

3:21pm: Love Is Here (The End Is Near) by Crocodiles

3:24pm: Battery by Rodrigo & Gabriela

3:28pm: On & On by Beans On Toast

3:39pm: Germs of Perfection by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:39pm: Live Fast Die Young by Circle Jerks

3:52pm: The Prayer Position by AFI

3:53pm: Skulls by Misfits

3:54pm: Come Back by The Rosalyns

Malderor - Freeform Excursions Into Psych, Hip-Hop, and Spoken Word
November 17, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Freeform Excursions Into Psych, Hip-Hop, and Spoken Word
This episode was entirely freeform, with a fair bit of spoken word and hip hop in the mix, as well as a lengthy foray into brand new psych releases. So, hey, it's freeform radio as it's meant to be, with lots of new releases sprinkled in. Give it a download!

2:06pm: Police State by Dead Prez

2:07pm: Jah War by The Ruts

2:21pm: Mama Tried by Changing Tunes (Feat Frank Turner)

2:25pm: Dark Night (Of The Soul) by Changing Tunes

2:30pm: Rainbow of Colors by Neil Young and Crazy Horse

2:40pm: Penny by Routine Death

2:45pm: Next To Nothing by Sekel

2:48pm: It Grows Under by 10000 Russos

3:06pm: Burning The Heather by Pet Shop Boys

3:09pm: Somethings Got To Give by The Schizophonics

3:24pm: Revolution by Authority Zero

3:33pm: My Type by Shey From The Bay

3:39pm: Lord Randall's Bastard Son by The Walker Roaders

3:46pm: America by Alfred Howard

3:50pm: Hero Theme by Mike Ladd

3:54pm: The Underside of Power by Algiers

4:01pm: Heroes by Choir! Choir! Choir! feat. David Byrne

Malderor - Swapping Shifts with ESBeats!
November 9, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Swapping Shifts with ESBeats!
ESBeats had a soccer game to attend, so he asked to swap shows with Malderor this week, meaning this show aired on a Saturday afternoon rather than a Sunday. But since it's a podcast now, that doesn't matter! Give it a listen!

2:02pm: Extramuros by Lowcaster

2:11pm: This Must Be Hell by Hrace Andy

2:12pm: Modern Child by Swedish Death Candy

2:22pm: Sex Magick by Twin Temple

2:25pm: Contagious by Down and Outlaws

2:29pm: This Time I Got A Reason by Fuzz

2:40pm: King Of The Jungle by Tim Timebomb and Friends

2:43pm: This Is How It Starts by Swell

2:47pm: I Remember by Agnostic Front

2:55pm: Sex and Violence by Danny Diablo

2:58pm: Dancing In The Moonlight by Moto

3:03pm: The Whole Of The Moon by Fiona Apple

3:17pm: Pocket Bible by Lowcaster

3:23pm: Chain by School Of Seven Bells

3:27pm: The Fast Life by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:45pm: Easy by Down and Outlaws

3:48pm: Never Arriving by New Model Army

3:53pm: All My Life (Live) by Frank Turner

3:58pm: Doctrorin' The Tardis by The Timelords

Malderor - Double Shots, New Music, and a Little Country
November 3, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Double Shots, New Music, and a Little Country
Malderor was even less-prepared than normal, so this week's episode featured several double-shots of various artists, as well as a country music set, and some brand-new releases. Check it out.

2:02pm: Mrs. Phillips by The Eminent Stars

2:08pm: Poor Boy Reggae by The Valkrians

2:12pm: The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love by The Cramps

2:21pm: Elevator by Chrome Rose

2:23pm: Powers of Darkness by Ronno

2:27pm: It's Gonna Be A Long Night by Ween

2:36pm: Waiting For The Great Leap Forward (Live 2019 Version) by Billy Bragg

2:39pm: Don't Call My Name by Skinshape

2:44pm: Better World A-Comin' by Woody Guthrie

2:56pm: Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore by Whitey Morgan

3:00pm: Time To Switch To Whiskey by Corb Lund

3:03pm: Jack Daniels Old No 7 by Jerry Lee Lewis

3:14pm: Thunderbuck Ram by Mott The Hoople

3:18pm: Dust by Lowcaster

3:26pm: Head On by David Hasselhoff

3:34pm: The Way Life Goes by Tom Keifer

3:37pm: The Death Of Me by Tom Keifer

3:40pm: Rock My Soul by The Valkyrians

3:44pm: There Is A Mountain by Dandy Livingstone

3:56pm: Bar Shift by The Eminent Stars

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Malderor - Back From Europe and a Little Grebo
October 27, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Back From Europe and a Little Grebo
This week's episode was all over the map. Malderor was just back from a couple weeks in Europe, so he has some tunes from that outing, plus Shey from the Bay is in the studio running the board. Somehow there's a detour into the history of the "Grebo" movement from the UK in the early 90s, and a track by...Adele. You've got to download it for it to make sense.

2:08pm: Caroline Says by Marc and the Mambas

2:10pm: Capitol by TR/ST

2:21pm: We Don't Have To Dance by Actors

2:24pm: Face Meets Glass by Actors

2:28pm: Two New Preview Tracks by Shriekback

2:34pm: The Weather by New Model Army

2:39pm: Kitchenette (Live) by Grinderman

2:47pm: Red Flag by Billy Talent

2:58pm: Sheva Shiba by The Hipnotix

3:02pm: Lee's Tune by Ferocious Dog

3:06pm: Magnetor by Messer Chups

3:14pm: The Raven by The Well

3:17pm: Tequila by Terrorvision

3:24pm: Everything's Groovy by Gaye Bykers On Acid

3:29pm: The Only Living Boy In New Cross by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

3:38pm: Not Sleeping Around by Ned's Atomic Dustbin

3:43pm: Ich Bin Ein Auslander by Pop Will Eat Itself

3:51pm: Plane Eclipse by Frankie Teardrop Dead

3:56pm: Million Years Ago by Adele

Malderor - Utterly Catastrophic
October 6, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Utterly Catastrophic

Malderor was actually prepared today, but an array of technical difficulties in the studio made this one of the most clunky, crappy, non-professional shows ever. King Rat was in the studio (with his broken phone), as was DJ Shey from the Bay, and the ever-present Deathwish! We also took a phone call from old friend-of-the-station Conan Neutron, just because our lives weren't confusing enough. Give it a whirl if you like to hear Malderor curse and complain about faulty wiring.

2:03pm: Quid Pro Quo by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends

2:08pm: Lucky Guy by The Muffs

2:09pm: No More Pennies by Starcrawler

2:14pm: Bad Guy by The Interrupters

2:30pm: Closer To Fine by Sicko

2:36pm: The Lovomaniacs by Booboie Knight & The Universal Lady

2:40pm: Pound For Pound by The Aggrolites

2:43pm: Get Ready feat. Big Youth and George Dekker by Prince Fatty

2:59pm: Hold Fast by The Drowns

3:03pm: Hand Up! Get Down! by Fat Cops

3:08pm: Casual Rock and Roll by The Old Firm Casuals

3:28pm: Selfistixamatosis by Mongol Horde

3:33pm: Modern Child by Swedish Death Candy

3:36pm: Sing Along by Sturgill Simpson

3:48pm: Avid Fan by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends

3:51pm: Neon National Park by No Trigger

3:55pm: What Tomorrow Brings by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:58pm: Revolution by Authority Zero

Malderor - Holiday On The Moon Special!
September 22, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Holiday On The Moon Special!
Malderor welcomes Clay Andrews from The Spiral Electric into the studio, to play a bunch of tracks from bands performing at next weekend's Holiday On The Moon Festival over at The Uptown in Oakland. There are lots or local gems in here, as well as a couple tracks from the headliners Dead Meadow and Spindrift! Check it out!

2:06pm: How To Feel by Useless Cities

2:08pm: Seconds by Static Daydream

2:14pm: Holiday On The Moon by Love & Rockets

2:25pm: Jesus by My Dallas Teens

2:29pm: Beauty by Spindrift

2:32pm: Mermaid by Everyone Is Dirty

2:44pm: Just Won't Leave by The Spyrals

2:48pm: Time Has Broken by Silent Pictures

2:55pm: Swamp Type Thing by Spiral Electric

3:08pm: We're All Just Children by Fake Your Own Death

3:12pm: Star Drool by Coywolf

3:16pm: Birdwatching by Floored Faces

3:26pm: Evil Smile by Pets

3:28pm: You Won't Hear That Anymore by The Green Door

3:32pm: We Love You by Chief

3:42pm: I'd Be Your Woman by Locus Pocus

3:46pm: How Many Miles by The Love Dimension

3:48pm: He Set Fire by Down Dirty Shake

3:53pm: 1000 Dreams by Dead Meadow

3:57pm: No Bridge Left To Burn by The Spiral Electric

Malderor - Training Day, Part 3 aka Fuzz Club Records Showcase
September 8, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Training Day, Part 3 aka Fuzz Club Records Showcase
Malderor continues in the training of DJ Shey, while Deathwish ably helps out. Also, Malderor came home from the desert to find a huge shipment of new psych-rock vinyl from the Fuzz Club record label, so this episode is almost 100% new Fuzz Club releases. Plus a couple tracks from Massive Attack that they didn't play live in their recent visit to SF.

2:05pm: Watch by Float

2:12pm: Mud Girl by Julia Robert

2:13pm: Flahzz by Crimen

2:32pm: Safe From Harm by Massive Attack

2:35pm: Tick Tock by Japanese Television

2:39pm: Yellow Cake by Lumerians

2:51pm: This City You Know by Selbram

2:55pm: Arena Negra (Live) by The Myrrors

3:04pm: International Front (Live) by The Myrrors

3:13pm: Mit Gluck by Vertstarker

3:30pm: Bumper Ball Dub (Karmacoma) by Massive Attack and The Mad Professor

3:35pm: Interstellar Fuzz Star by Psychic Lemon

3:47pm: Faces of Grief by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:48pm: E. The Real Punk Rocker by The Gluts

3:53pm: El Lado Frio (The Holydrug Couple Remix) by Vuelveteloco

Malderor - Malderor Disappears Down an Antifascist Rabbit Hole Again
August 18, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - Malderor Disappears Down an Antifascist Rabbit Hole Again

2:04pm: Fake Your Own Death by Headphones

2:08pm: Heorin (Live) by Echo and The Bunnymen

2:08pm: Dead Moon Circus by Coywolf

2:20pm: The Techo Pagan Octopus Messiah by The Techo Pagan Octopus Messiah

2:25pm: Are You Going To Burning Man? by Are You Going To Burning Man?

2:28pm: Burning Man Sucks, Don't Go! by Mark Silverman

2:30pm: Heroine (Live in Paris) by Suede

2:37pm: Heroin (Live) by New Model Army

2:42pm: The Hunt by New Model Army

2:46pm: Absolute Dissent by Killing Joke

2:52pm: Requiem by Eagulls

3:00pm: Tear The Fascists Down by Woody Guthrie

3:02pm: All You Fascists by Billy Bragg and Wilco

3:05pm: Which Side Are You On? by Tom Morello and the Nightwatchmen

3:09pm: Which Side Are You On? by The Dropkick Murphys

3:16pm: No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA by MDC

3:18pm: Fascist Pigs by The Nosebleeds

3:20pm: Fascist Attitudes by Agnostic Front

3:22pm: Gotta Go! by Agnostic Front

3:28pm: One Stones Throw From A Riot by The Gadjits

3:32pm: Unite and Fight by Riot Squad

3:35pm: There's A Riot Goin' On` by Sly And The Family Stone

3:39pm: Nazi Punks (Fuck Off) by Dead Kennedys

3:40pm: Kill The Nazis by Total Chaos

3:42pm: Running Riot (Live) by Cock Sparrer

3:48pm: Fuck The Cops by Ois To Men

3:50pm: The Riot by Apache

3:57pm: You Are The Governement by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:59pm: Antifa Dub by Cop On Fire

Malderor - The Hoople and Glam Rock
August 4, 2019 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
Malderor - The Hoople and Glam Rock
It was a decidedly crappy weekend in America, so Malderor attempted to ignore it (as much as he could) and wandered down a glam rock and Mott the Hoople rabbithole.

2:14pm: Get Me Out by New Model Army

2:15pm: Sandinista by Silent Pictures

2:19pm: Shot Down by Nine Black Alps

2:22pm: Don't Take Your Guns To Town by Horace Andy

2:28pm: Love Times Infinity by Twin Dimensions

2:33pm: Headphones by Fake Your Own Death

2:39pm: Dead Moon Circus by Coywolf

2:45pm: Honaloochie Boogie by Mott The Hoople

2:52pm: Walkin' With A Mountain by Mott The Hoople

3:00pm: Little WIlly by The Sweet

3:04pm: Waiting For The Man (Live on the BBC) by David Bowie

3:08pm: So Alive by Better Than Ezra

3:12pm: Glam Rock Cops by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

3:21pm: This Town Ain't Big Enogh For Both Of Us by Sparks

3:30pm: Viriginia Plain by Roxy Music

3:33pm: Fuck You! by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:35pm: Fuck You! by D.O.A.

3:38pm: Sub-Mission by Sex Pistols

3:42pm: Paid by The Supersuckers

3:47pm: Do You Want To Touch Me There? by Gary Glitter

3:49pm: I Can Feel by Mott The Hoople

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