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Dj Rocky's Radio Ruckus - Jackets interview
October 4, 2017 6:00pm
The latest edition of Radio Ruckus hit the airwaves, following the Oh sees show at the Great america I was inspired to play a few songs from their set at the Route du Rock festival in France, also in this show was the live (pre recorded) interview with the Jackets at the Elbo room, not really an interview more just hanging out having a laugh! good time was had by all. There was a sadness in the air following the Vegas shooting and the death of Tom Petty (rip) but we still kicked up a little ruckus... n joi.

6:00pm: Thee Oh Sees live from La Route Du Rock
6:20pm: bass drum of death by way out
6:23pm: clearer by wand
6:27pm: whites not my colour this evening by Cherry Glazer
6:30pm: lazarus by david bowie
6:33pm: crazy bird by wild child
6:37pm: mystery jack by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
6:39pm: big sky by the kinks
6:42pm: my heart is a graveyard by the darts
6:47pm: queen of the pill by the jackets
6:56pm: hey freak by the swamp rats
7:00pm: over everything by kurt ville and courtney barnett
7:07pm: hanging out with the jackets at the elbo room by DJ Rocky
7:19pm: keep yourself alive by the jackets
7:21pm: be myself by the jackets
7:27pm: satellite of love by DM Bob And The Defecites

DJ Rocky's Radio Ruckus
September 13, 2017 6:00pm
The latest installment of Radio Ruckus is podcasted for your listening pleasure, give it a spin... we kicked off the show with a track from The Jackets, all the way from Switzerland and who will be performing at the Elbo room on the 29th and also will be guests on the show for an exclusive interview. followed by...

6:04pm: sic alps by LA Mansion

6:06pm: told you id be with the guys by Cherry Glazer

6:11pm: nobody wants to party with me by natural child

6:14pm: Flowerbomb by Cosmonauts

6:17pm: Two by Meatbodies

6:22pm: flying saucer attack by The Rezillos

6:25pm: night of the phantom by the hornets

6:27pm: night of the sadist by larry and the blue notes

6:30pm: let me in by habibi

6:32pm: trouble by girl ray

6:37pm: over everything by courtney barnet and curt vile

6:42pm: our love will always remain by the aquadolls

6:46pm: get lost by LA witch

6:50pm: woke up saturday night by Dot Dash

6:55pm: someday soon by harlem hippies

6:59pm: sleepy silver door by dead meadows

7:06pm: i dont need your lovin by The Chocolate Watchband

7:09pm: red hot sand by flatworms

7:18pm: my dads a fucking alcoholic by frantix

7:20pm: tall man and skinny lady by Ty Segall

7:25pm: reaper invert by wand

7:28pm: Minotaur by Thee Oh Sees

7:33pm: rattle the chain by the murlocks

7:36pm: motorbike by flatworms

7:39pm: people vultures by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

7:44pm: let it bleed by goat

7:48pm: tortuguita marina by rolando bruno

7:51pm: touch the leather by fat white family

Radio Ruckus - Vinyl Relaspse
August 30, 2017 6:00pm
I had too many great brand new albums lying around to not have an all vinyl show,,,albums from Meatbodies, Black Lips, King Gizzard, thee oh sees, and more. I brought a little fex unit to play with and ran it through the dj mixer to get the awsome filter efx. Second half went more freestyle accourding to what vinyl i packed. it was pretty much a USD certified 110 per cent vinyl special.

6:07pm: evil death roll by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

6:13pm: poison finger by thee oh sees

6:17pm: reaper invert by wand

6:22pm: squating is heaven by black lips

6:23pm: scissor people by Ty Segall

6:27pm: love spells by bleached

6:29pm: whites not my color this evening by Cherry Glazer

6:32pm: red hot sand by flat worms

6:38pm: sleepwalker by moon duo

6:42pm: sleepy silver door by dead meadows

6:49pm: creature feature by Meatbodies

6:53pm: way out by bass drum of death

6:56pm: who by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

6:59pm: im a living sickness by calico wall

7:05pm: wlaking in the sun by Percy Sledge

7:07pm: we the people by curtis mayfield

7:11pm: Peace is not the word to play by main source

7:14pm: get on down by kenny dope presents the unreleased project

7:20pm: set it off by big daddy cane

7:25pm: weak become heros by streets

7:32pm: memory of a cut off head by OCS

7:34pm: vis a vis by allah lahs

7:38pm: tiger lilly girl by luna

7:44pm: stephanie says by Velvet Underground

7:49pm: bitter boogie by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

7:52pm: this year by Beach Fossils

7:53pm: white cliffs of dover by blur

8:06pm: return to normal schedule.

Dj Rocky's Radio Ruckus
August 23, 2017 6:00pm
Kicked off this episode of Radio Ruckus with some classic Early 60s garage rock 45s, blisteringly beautiful fuzzed out rock from back in the day. Then we kinda freestyled into oblivion. Tracklisting below...

6.00: your gonna miss me by 13th floor elevators

6:04pm: pretty little thing by deepest blue

6:06pm: fellow slave by stone cutters

6:08pm: short time by noblemen

6:11pm: in the past by we the people

6:13pm: out of our tree by wailers

6:17pm: 5 years ahead of my time by third bardo

6:19pm: im a living sickness by calico wall

6:21pm: i need her by the dominions

6:24pm: eternal prison by humane society

6:27pm: when i arrive by we the people

6:30pm: graveyard five by marble orchard

6:34pm: big sur by the thrills

6:36pm: my brother the man by we the people

6:38pm: experiment in color by the blues company

6:40pm: night of the sadist by larry and the blue notes

6:43pm: vis a vis by the allah lahs

6:45pm: not a young man anymore by dean and britta

6:51pm: god drugs by pure phase ensemble feat antoine newcomb

6:55pm: the bold arrow of time by tame impala

6:58pm: docweiler by mystic braves

7:03pm: shoulda shot paul by the strange boys

7:04pm: glow in the dark by death valley girls

7:12pm: you will find it here by thee oh sees

7:16pm: eyes like the sky by King gizzard and the lizzard wizzard

7:20pm: short change hero by the heavy

7:28pm: a peculiar noise called train director by the olivia tremor control

7:29pm: 2000 light years from home by rolling stones

7:32pm: kissed in the face from whiteout by the shivas

7:40pm: east coast ragga by the donkeys

7:43pm: whatever happened to corey haim by the thrills

7:46pm: sic alps by la mansions

7:50pm: Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster by thee oh sees

7:52pm: youve got my number why dont you use it by the undertones

Surf Rock Meets Psych Rock and has a baby called Psyurf.
August 16, 2017 6:00pm
The latest episode of DJ Rockys Radio Ruckus features mostly surf rock with a smattering of Psych Rock. I was joined in the studio by my good friend the silver surfer aka dudley dooright aka sensi aka Thai chi guru aka a whole bunch of other names we dont need to go into right now, to talk about the zeigeist or current state of things a la heir trumpf. a partial tracklist is below, its hard for me to keep up, all shows are 80 % improvised and 100% bitchin.

High in Phat, low in moral fiber.

We kicked off with Ty segal and Mikal Cronin's Reverse shark attack witch pretty much set the tone for the rest of the show!


6:12pm: be myself by the jackets

6:15pm: sic alps by La mansion

6:18pm: Docweiler by mystic braves

6:22pm: vis a vis by the allah lahs

6:26pm: redhead girl by tijuana panthers

6:29pm: lower the heavans by the donkeys

6:36pm: dont play with guns by the black angels

6:39pm: jammed exit by the oh sees

6:43pm: the boy i love by the courettes

6:51pm: cant hold on by the black lips

6:56pm: bold arrow of time by tame impala

7:01pm: glow in the dark by death valley girls

7:02pm: into the sea by sea pony

7:08pm: I am a dj by david bowie

7:16pm: sense by King gizzard and the lizzard wizzard

7:33pm: alice by meatbodies

7:46pm: boss christ by swamp wolf

Trashy blues and fuzzed out dreams!
August 9, 2017 6:00pm
Stay gold ponyboy.

Yeah it was a real classy set last week on Radio Ruckus, we kicked it up slowly starting with some trashy ass bluesy stuff and kept the tempo lowish... then we changed it up, with some gentle guidance from chatroom  family and text requests we went around in circles, purely spontaneous, most delightful.  Tracks from The Jackets, the Donkeys, Death Valley Girls, Brian Jonestown massacre, et al.

6:05pm: black hell by the abigals

6:08pm: no no no by the mes

6:15pm: king rolands prayer by the juke joint pimps

6:18pm: police dog blues by blind blake

6:21pm: my love for evermore by hill billy moon explosion

6:25pm: into the primitive by the primitives

6:30pm: Ghost in my room by the guilty hearts

6:38pm: east coast ragga by the donkeys

6:41pm: mary please by Brian Jonestown Massacre

6:45pm: in the morning by the donkeys

6:51pm: come on by the allah lahs

6:58pm: 23 minutes in brussels by Luna

7:03pm: coney island baby by lou reed

7:09pm: Dub be good to me by beats international

7:17pm: two kinds of love by the john spencer blues explosion

7:19pm: the boy i love by the courettes

7:23pm: too hot blues by heart attack alley

7:25pm: keep yourself alive by The Jackets

7:28pm: glow in the dark by Death Valley Girls

7:32pm: the static god by oh sees

7:35pm: nuclear fusion by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

the maiden voyage!
August 2, 2017 6:00pm
Dj Rocky's new drive time prime time debut of his ever evolving kaleidescope of aural pleasure Dj project that we cant name cause its un-nameable. Tune in as he drops the finest slabs of grooved pieces of plastic, little shiny discs and the invisible formats too. Oh yes a good time is guaranteed for all so come one come all and bask in the glory and get involved in the carnage that we call.... Rockys ruckus radio!

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