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the fuzz you pick up on your shoe as you do your foot stompin'
Episdoe #5 01/11/18 a combo of all previous genres, psych/soul/funk/garage
January 11, 2018 8:00pm
all 7" unless otherwise noted.

Closing Hymn – Electric Prunes (Release of an Oath)
Howard Christman’s Older – Collectors (S/T)
Big City Funk – Dennis Coffey (Evolution)
Mustache in your face – Pretty (Numero Group 2x7)

Wild in the Streets – Jerry Howard (Wild in the Streets Soundtrack)
What a sorry way to go – Asteroid #4
Ruby’s House Party – Ruby and the Party Gang
The Drunk – James Brown

Silver Black Summer Day – Living Funk
Do the Funky Chicken – Rufus Thomas
Funky Worm – Ohio Players
Now that I’m gone – Charles Bradley and the Bullets

Love in – Psychedelic Guitars (S/T)
Peter’s Trip – Electric Flag (The Trip Soundtrack)
Kendra’s Dream – Dream Syndicate (How did I find Myself here)
Sundial – Cool Ghouls (Animal Races)

Foolish Woman – Oxford Circle (Endless Journey compilation)
Alpha Centuri – Peter Ivers (Nirvana Peter)
You better run – Cheepskates (Run Better Run)
It’s about Time – Pandoras (It’s about Time)
Chimes of Freedom – Dino, Desi and Billy

Out of Focus – Blue Cheer
Expressway to your Heart – Soul Survivors
If you didn’t think – Anna King
Gotta get away - Blues Magoos
There ain’t no use in hanging on – Marmalade
You took Me by Surprise – Hot Soup

You must be a Witch – Lollipop Shop (Just Color)
Troglodyte – Jimmy Castor Bunch
You’re the one – Little Sister
Let it Crawl - Society’s Bag

Pamela – Ultimate Spinach (S/T)

Episode #4 1/4/18 Undergroove search party DANCE PARTY
January 4, 2018 8:00pm
Funk, soul and neo-soul as USP gets down for the new year.

music bed behind talking is the GOBLIN rarities CD!

LP title designated, otherwise selections are 7" singles

Bra – Cymande (S/T)
I remember do you – Hi Rhythm (On the Loose)
Can’t Stand it – James Brown (Hot Pants)

Strangle me with you Love – Defunkt (S/T)
Shotgun Slim – Dyke and the Blazers
Number One – M-tets
Dap Walk – Ernie and the Top Notes Inc. (16 corners comp)
Funky judge – Bull and the Matadors

It is what it is – Aj and the Jiggerwatts
House of the rising funk – Chubukos
What time is it – General Crook
Express Yourself – S.O.U.L (what is it)

The Switch – Village Choir
Think (about it) – Lynn Collins (12” remix)
More Bounce to the Once – Zapp
Agony of Defeet – Parliament
Shine-O-Myte – Bootsy Collins (The One Giveth)

Keep On doing what you’re doing – Bobby Byrd
Do that Thing – Lou Courtney
Come and sock it to Me – Syl Johnson
Good Times – TroubleFunk (Times of Trouble)

Down by the River – Undisputed Truth (Cosmic Truth)
If you want to see the Sunshine – Roy Ayers Ubiquity (StarBooty)
Pay to the Piper – Chairman of the Board
With Pleasure – Mass Production

Soul Sonic Force – Afrika Bambaata and Soul Sonic Force (Tommy Boy Greatest Beats)
Apache – Incredible Bongo Band (Bongo Rock)
Theme From Shaft – Nite-Liters (Instrumental Direction)

Episode #3 12/28/17 more one hit wonders
December 28, 2017 8:00pm
Continuing the theme from last week, more "one hit wonders" this time with emphasis on 7" punk singles and Killed By Death type stuff. Also a set to some recently passed artists from 2017.

Background music for talking tonight provided by "My Delicious Spaghetti Western" compilation. Bruno Nicolai, Francisco De Masi, et al.

City Slang – Sonics Rendezvous Band
Its cold outside – Slow (against the glass)
Savage – Fun Things

Break My Face/Blues for an Insurance Salesman – Tapeworm (KBD vol. 9)
Radiation Masturbation/I Hate Cops – Authorities (KBD vol. 1)
Mean Boys – Destry Hamtpon and the Wolves from Hell

Kick your Ass across the USA – Mean Red Spiders
Dead Babies – Deep Wound
Vice Verses – John Berenzy Group
You Got me – Theoretical Girls (NY Noise Compilation)

Stay Right Now – Jars
Polyvinyl – Mumbles
Two For One – Meantime
Android Love – Ozzie (Parabolic Love the Best of Ozzie)

Its up to you – Suspects
Crayon World – Flyboys
Hooked on You – Teacher’s Pet
Sick Girl – Jumpers

(set dedicated to recently departed)
Places that are gone – Tommy Keene (Places that are gone ep)
It’s your Time – Weeds
Beauty and Sadness – Smithereens (Beauty and Sadness ep)
Sunny Side of the Street – Keely Smith (Complete Capitol Collection)
Circlescrape – Z’ev (Opus 3)

Don’t Leave me Tonight – Rockers
Diamonds in the Rough – Vertebrats
Now and Then – Nines
Underground – Epicycle (You’re not gonna get it: 1978-198)
Politician in my Eyes – Death
He’s just a Boy – Meec

Ain’t been to no Music School – Nosebleeds

Episode #2 12/21/17 The "One hit wonder' episode
December 21, 2017 8:00pm
This weeks episode inspired by a thread on a Facebook page that asked the question "Which band had only one release and was smewhat influential". Posed by Jim granato, former Radio Valencia DJ and local filmaker. Some of what was played tonight was actually submitted by folks in that thread while others were my own interpretation of that category. Also I paid homage to the recently passed Ralph Carney horn player to the stars and former SF resident by highligting some of his work from the 70's while he was still based in Akron Ohio.

Music used for me talking was the soundtrack of "Camile 2000" composerd by Piero PIccioni

Morgen - into the void (S/T)
Harumi - fire by the river (S/T)
Bow City Runners - Talking American Blues (S/T)

Young Marble Giants - Looking for Mr. Right (Colossal Youth)
United States of America - Hard Coming Love (S/T)
Twinkeyz - Cartoon Land (7")
Hackamore Brick - Zip Gun Girl (One Kiss leads to Another)
Jetsons - "Suicidal Tendencies" (7")

Revlons - 97 tears (7")
Nasty Facts - Drive My car (7")
Normals - Almost Ready (7")
Start - Invisible Man (7")

(homage to Ralph Carney)
Tin Huey- Cuyahoga Creeping Bent (7" EP)
Tin Huey - Squirm you Worm (Breakfast with the Hueys EP)
Tin Huey - Pink Berets (Contents Dislodged during Shipment)

Ralph Carney - Closet Bears (Bowling Balls from Hell comp)
Waitresses - I know what Boys like (S/T)
David Thomas and Ralph Carney - Sunset in Hibernia (Bowling Balls from Hell comp)
Ralph Carney - Marshall Allen Plan (This is Ralph Carney)

Babylon Dance Band - Remains of the Day (7")
AK47 - This Badge means you suck (7")
Distorted Levels - Hey Mister (7" split with tar babies)

Shivvers - Teenline (S/T)
Flying Color - Dear Friend (S/T)
28th Day - Burnsite (S/T)

Cosmic Lightning - Waiting for the CTA (J.T IV)

First official episode
December 14, 2017 8:00pm
tallking all done behind "Nul" by Clarinette
We are now offically LAUNCHED!! Still all physical media mostly vinyl except when noted

song-artist (album) list:
S/T means "self titled"

Subway Heart - Massacre (Killing Time)
Purple - Morgen (S/T)

Dorji Gyap - Tashi Dorjo (Tashi Dorjo/Marisa Andeson)
Theme from Captain Black - James Blood (Tales of Captain Black)
Its a Vanity - Gabo Brown and Orchestro Poly Rhythmo (African Scream Contest Comp)
Squeeze Me Tease me - Undisputed Truth (Cosmic Truth)
Midnight Sunrise - Ornette Coleman (Dancing in Your Head)

Persian Love - Holder Czukay (Making Movies)
Since I Left you - Avalanches (Since I left you CD)
Urizen - David Axelrod (Songs of Innocence CD)
Me I am - Idio (7")

One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic (One Nation Under a Groove)
Jazz Rule - Dewolfe Music Library (Sound Book CD)
Mas Y Mas - Bronx River Parkway (7")

Enter the Dragon - Dennis Coffey (7")
Joneses - S.O.U.L (7")
Little Fly - Group 1850 (Mother-No-Head)
Numbers - Terry Knight And the Pack (7")
2 + 2 - Bob Seger System (7")

The Sun Don't Shine Anymore - Walker Brothers (7")
Lady O - Turtles (7")
Women and Men - Moore Brothers (California Sister)
Dream Selection - Sunnshine (7")
The Old Forest - Bo Hanssen (Lord of the Rings)
Web Weaver - Hawkwind (Hall of the Mountain Grill)
Acka Ragh - Shocking Blue (S/T)
Can you Dig it - Monkees (Head)

Gemini - Zodiac Cosmic Sounds (S/T)
Cognitive Dissonance - Robert Fripp the League of Gentleman (S/T)

#1 show
November 30, 2017 8:00pm
An auspicious start, my first time at RV and first time doing radio since college radio in the 80's (yes the 80's) with all this technology, you have to work harder if you try to go old school and play records. Anyways, had fun played a bunch of good stuff and started getting in the swing of it again. Stayed tuned for more! Here's the lineup from #1 show:

Prelude - Miles Davis
Degi Degi - Don Cherry
One More Night - Can

Cavern - Liquid Liquid
Mighty Flames – Road Man (mystic)
Corruption is the thing – Creations Unlimited (Function underground comp)

Hit it or Quit it - Funkadelic
Let a Woman be a Woman - Dyke and the Blazers
Free Your Mind - Politicians
Taurus – Dennis Coffey
Blues Theme – Davie Allan and the Arrows

Mother No Head - Group 1850
Cosmic Sea – Mystic Moods
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning
Marihuana Mantra – Kuno and the Marihuana Brass (The In-Kraut comp)

House of Mirrors - David McCallum (David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970 comp)
Song called Love - Beckies
It won’t be wrong - Byrds
Me and my Uncle - Dino Valenti

Golden Gate - Miranda Lee Richards
Like me Love me - The Third Power
Message From a Black Man - SOUL
The Sights in the City – Guru

Afrodesia – Lonnie Smith
In the beginning – Leon’s Creation
Starbooty – Roy Ayers presents Ubiquity
Right on be free - Voices of East Harlem

Light of Dawn - Penny Arkade
Sun Control - Chrome
Up in her room – Seeds
Contort Yourself – James White and the Blacks

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