all vinyl handpicked from years of digging, punk, pop, garage, psych, soul and funk and others
Episode #29 07/26/18 Great Society, Velvet Crush, Punts, Mojomen, Troggs, Panda
July 26, 2018 8:00pm


Somebody to love – Great Society (Grace Slick and the Great Society CD)
Cuasares – Cuasares (Afro-Progresivo LP)
Images – Gershon Kinsley (The First Moog Quartet LP)

Boogie-Loo – Zeet Band (Moogie Woogie LP)
Country Lane – Walter Carlos (A Clockwork Orange LP)
Cartoon Land – Twinkies
There’s no Way – Other Side (V/A From Hell and Back (Rockadelic) LP)

You made Me realize – My Bloody Valentine
Crystal Eyes – NightBlooms (Butterfly Girl CD EP)
Out of reach – Primitives
Walk away – Tony Molina (Dismissed and Dismissed LP)
Now It’s Gone – Chords (This is what They want CD)

I’m a Don Juan – The Embarassment (Heyday CD)
Made my Bed gonna lie in it – Easybeats (Gonna have a good Time CD)
Sometimes – Chris Von Snidern
Killl Me now – Velvet Crush (Free Expression CD)
What’s so funny about Peace, Love and Understanding – Brinsley Schwarz (Nick Lowe Quiet Please CD)

Shelly’s Boyfriend – Punts
Heart of Stone – SVT
Kennedy Girls – Little Roger and the Goosebumps
These Days – Barbara Manning (Heyday Acoustic Sampler EP)
Loneliest Boy in Town – Mojomen

Night of the long Grass – Troggs (The Best of the Troggs LP)
Bloodbeat – Fire Escape (Psychotic Reaction LP)
Dream of the Future - Group 1850 (Mother No-Head LP)
Acid – Acid (V/A Acid Nightmares LP)
Disco sucks – Jim Lalumia and the Psychotic Frogs

My Rival – Alex Chilton (Like Flies on Sherbert LP)
Book of Water – Panda
Rock and Roll is dead – Rubinoos (The Best of the Rubinoos CD)

Episode #28 07/19/18 Dead Boys, Captain Beefheart, Can, Cymande, Electric Prunes, Left Banke
July 19, 2018 8:00pm


Land of Competition – Bad Religion (Suffer CD)
Too much Junk – Alley Cats
Too much meat in your Mouth – Dead Boys (Young, Loud and Snotty CD)
You – Eater (All of Eater CD)

Bangkok – Alex Chilton (The Lost Years LP)
The Way I walk – Cramps (Gravest Hits CD)
Whole Lot Better – Byrds (S/T LP)
Fall on You – Moby Grape (S/T LP)
Where there’s Women – Captain Beefheart (Safe as Milk LP)

Who’s outside the Door – Can (Monster Movies CD)
Bortglomb – Dungen (Ta De Lungt CD)
Acid Raga – Sunn Cycle (V/A Acid Nightmares LP)

Loaded Back – Michael Liggens and the Super Souls (V/A Function Underground LP)
Hi Babe – Ngozi Family (V/A Welcome to Zamrock Vol. 1 CD)
Bra – Cymande (S/T LP)
The Warrior – The Warrior (Lpi’ N Tombia LP)

Dissapearing – Material (Memory Servies LP)
Funky Cold Medina – Tone Loc (instrumental)
Papa’s got a brand new Pigbag – Pigbag

Goin’ down slowly (Pointer Sisters)
Sky Saw – Brian Eno (Another Green World CD)
Mavi Septet – Hayvanlar Alemi (Guarana Superpower LP)
Dance Indra – Ananda Shankar (S/T CD)

Everyone Knows you’re not in Love – Electric Prunes (Underground CD)
Only You - Dream Phases (Maybe Tomorrow CD)
Glance at the Past – Maypole (The Real LP)

Could it be, let me know – Cowsills (Painting the Day CD)
Desiree – Left Banke (There’s gonna be a Storm CD)
Another Place – Sagittarius

Episode #27 07/12/18 Talking Heads, James Brown, Music Machine, Bar-kays, Bobby Freeman
July 12, 2018 8:00pm


Son of Shaft – Bar-Kays
Taurus – Dennis Coffey
Myrna Barnes – Superbad

Joy pt. 1 – Isaac Hayes
Urizen – David Axelrod (Songs of Innocence CD)
Let Yourself Go Another Time - Wendy and Bonnie (Genesis CD)
Tomorrow – Strawberry Alarm Clock
Question of Temperature – Balloon Farm
Niki Hoeky – Sunnshine

Funky Way – Calvin Arnold
Oughta Be a Law - Bobby Freeman
When I come Home (instro) – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Earnest Jones – Hogwash
Valley of the Saroos – The Blue Men (V/A The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World Of Joe Meek)
Marco Polo the Journey Home – Home and Garden (History and Geography LP)
Baking Bread – Neptune’s Car (Pere Ubu Panic in the year Zero CD box)
Mesopotamia – B-52’s (Mesopotamia LP)
Paaarty pt. 1 – Maceo and the Macks

The Great Curve – Talking Heads (Remain in Light LP)
CSC Funk Band – A Troll’s Soiree
Let it Crawl – Society’s Bag
Drugs Ain’t Cool - Ebony Rhythm Band ( Soul Heart Transplant: The Lamp Sessions CD)

Sissy Walk - Billy Ball and the Upsetters (V/A Soul 7, 7” box set)
Make it Funky – James Brown
Distortion Mind – I Marc 4 (Nelson Psychout LP)
Walking with Barrence - Barrence Whifield and the Savages (S/T LP)
Shake your Moneymaker – Paul Butterfield Blues Band (S/T LP)

Play with Fire – Rolling Stones
Masculine Intuition - Music Machine
Get a Little - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention (Weasels Ripped My Flesh LP)
Soul Giver- Opal (Happy Nightmare CD)

The Man who must leave – Kim Sun (V/A Psych Funk 101 LP)

Episode #26 07/05/18 Terry Reid, Opal, The Fall, Sopwith camel, Spaceman 3
July 5, 2018 8:00pm


Superlungs my Superlungs – Terry Reid (Superlungs CD)
Jumping Jack Flash – Ananda Shankar (Ananda Shankar CD)
Psyche out – Herma Puma

Supernova – Opal (Happy Nightmare Baby CD)
The Night Behind us – Wendy and Bonnie (Genesis CD)
I don’t really mind – Tame Impala (Innerspeaker CD)
Get off your Ass and Jam – Funkadelic (Motor City Madness CD)
Purification Pt. 1 – Funk Shone

Safari – Eddie Senay
Burning Spear – S.O.U.L (S.O.U.L what is it LP)
I can’t convince you anymore – Free Expression
Wichita Lineman – Tony Motolla (Guitar Underground LP)
Albion Moonlight – William Tyler (Modern Country CD)

Ritmo De Los Angeles – Phil Manzanera (Primitive Guitars LP)
Tumor - Lizzy Mercier Decloux (Press On CD)
Two Steps Back – The Fall (Live From the Witch Trials CD)
Maybe in a Dream – Sopwith Camel (S/T LP)
Shadow – Samandtheplants (Eft CD)

Hold up – Mickey and Joyce (V/A jean pierre massiera, psychosis discoid 1976-1981 CD)
Key to my Happiness – Dynamic Corvettes
Peace is gonna come – Stairsteps
The Stretch – Detroit Sex Machines (V/A Cold Heat CD)
Acid Nightmare – Xarhanga (V/A Acid Nightmares LP)
Mary Anne – Spaceman 3 (Sound of Confusion LP)

Lions – Vermonster (The Spirit of Yma LP)
Drill Ye Terriers Drill – Archipelago Brewing Company (Drill Ye Terriers Drill CD)
Go – Pere Ubu (The Art of Walking LP)

Barricade – Bill Laswell (Baselines LP)
Theme From Shaft – Nite – Liters (Instrumental Direction LP)

Episode #25 6/21/18 Rotary Connection, July, Sweet Chariot, Vasti Bunyan, Byrds
June 21, 2018 8:00pm


Just One More Time – Funky Rob Way (ROB Funky Rob Way CD)
The Greatest Love - CBC Band (Saigon Rock and Soul CD)

Cuasares – Cuasares (Afro-Progressivo LP)
Alan Hawkshaw – Roving Reporter (KPM 1000 Series CD)
I Mark 4 – The Trip (Nelson Psychout LP)
Piet Van Meren – Soul Punch (V/A Cinematic: Soul Punch CD)

Megaton - Dewolf Music Library (Sound Book CD)
Gunther Norris – Gemini (V/A The In-Kraut LP )
Deep Deep Down – Christy (Canto Morricone CD)
Johnny Remember me – Johnny Leighton (V/A The emotional, cosmic and occult world of Joe Meek)

Sunday Morning – Margo Guryan (Take A Picture CD)
Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) – Donny Hathaway (Live LP)

Funkadelic – March To the Witches Castle (Motor City Madness CD)
Rotary Connection – Rotary Connection (S/T LP)
Radiohead – Daydreaming (Moon Shaped Pool CD)

Vashti Bunyan – Train Song (Some Things just stick in your Head CD)
The Sufi Dance and Song Record – Ran Nam I, II, III (The Sufi Dance and Song Record, San Francisco, CA LP)
Magic Colors – Teddy Robin and the Playboys (V/A Love, Peace, & Poetry LP)
Hallo to Me – July (S/T CD)
Bright, Blue Tango- Captain Beyond (Sufficiently Breathless CD)

Sweet Chariot – November Nights (S/T LP)
Wild Mountain Thyme – Byrds (Fifth Dimension CD)
Mendocino – Sir Douglas Quintet

Episode #24 6/14/18 Stiv Bator, Swell Maps, Cortinas, Dap Kings, Chuck Prophet, Chris Von Snidern
June 14, 2018 8:00pm


No Parenthetical information means it was a 7" vinyl single....

Cosmic Slop – Fundadelic (Motor City Madness CD)
Archie’s Place – Runaway Pancake
Only You/Lowdown Popcorn – Apollo Commanders (V/A Dallas Funk Festival 1971 split 7”)

Daffy’s Dance – Headhunters (Survival of the Fittest CD)
Do the Afro Shuffle – Godwin Omabuwa and his Casanova Dandies (V/A Nigeria Afrobeat new exploding sounds in 1970 Nigeria CD)
Dancing Drums – Amanda Shankar (V/A Rough Guide To a World of Psychedelia CD)
Cokertme – Kardaslar ( V/A Turkish Freakout CD)
Ramra Guru – Alice Coltrane (The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane turiyasangitananda CD)
Harmonia – Kraftwerk (Kraftwerk 2 LP)

Theme 1 take 4 – Sonic Youth (Spinhead Sessions CD)
Christine Keeler – Glaxo Babies (Put me on the guest list CD)
Real Shocks – Swell Maps (V/A Punk 45 Vol. 2 Underground CD)
Le Grande Illusion – TV Personalities (Part Time Punks, the best of CD)
Fascist Dictator - Cortinas
32 Weeks – Mekons (V/A Punk 45 Vol2 Underground CD)

Bang - Washrag
Right Place Wrong Time – Dr. John (the Atlantic/Atco Singles 1968-1974 CD)
Lighten Up – Five Steps
Get Ready – Wayne Cochran
Tell Mama – Etta Jamers
Tell Me – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (1000 Days 1000 Nights CD)

Itchykoo Park – Small Faces
Stay With Me – Rugbys
Go All the Way – Raspberries
Unkind – Chris Von Snidern

Choo Choo Train - Box Tops (The best of LP)
Post War Cinematic Dead Man Blues – Chuck Prophet (Bobby Fuller Died For your Sins CD)
Stiv Bators – Last Year (Disconnected LP)
Long Song Coming – Bob Seger (Seven LP)

Nazz – Open My Eyes (Nazz LP)

Episode #23 06/07/18 Dap Kings, Kraftwerk, Defunkt, Parliament, Rain Parade, Sonic Youth
June 7, 2018 8:00pm


Masters of the Universe – Hawkwind
Kling Klang – Kraftwerk (Kraftwerk 2 LP)

Another Love like Mine – Dap Kings (Instrumentals behind Saun and Starrs “Look Closer” LP)
If you’ve got it, you’ll get it – Headhunters (Survival of the Fittest CD)
Razor’s Edge – Defunkt (12” single)

Aqua Boogie – Parliament
Angel – Bettye Hall (Body Languiage For Lovers LP)
Om Shanti – Alice Coltrane (The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyansangitananda CD)

Ghetto Boy – Donny Hathaway (Live LP)
Trippin – Marchel Ivery Quintet (South Dallas Funk Festival EP)
Wait for Me – Roger Damawuzan (v/a african scream contest LP)
Ain’t it a Groove – Hamilton Bohannon (Insides Out LP)

Nothing From Nothing – Billy Preston
Because I love You – Five Stairsteps
He’s my Guy – Reparta and the Delrons with Hash Brown and his Orchestra
Kites – Simon Dupree and the Big Sound (v/a Psychedelia at Abbey Road 1965 – 1969)
Where Evil Goes – Poppy Family

Merry Go Rounds – Mother Earth (Listen Listen the Definitive Collection CD)
seni delieniyorum - alpay (v/a turkist freakout CD)
Laughter is Contagious – The Fresh and Onlys
What She’s done to your Mind –Rain Parade (Live at Café Nunord 2013 CD)

Ful Stop – Radiohead (Moon Shaped Pool CD)
Dead Alive – Kurt Vile (Childish Prodigy CD)
Theme with Noise – Sonic Youth (Spinhead Sessions CD)

Episode #22 5/31/18 Last Poets, Ornette Coleman, Glen Branca, James Brown, J. Dilla,
May 31, 2018 8:00pm


Sister Double Happines – Sister Double Happiness (S/T LP)
Apostrophe – Frank Zappa (Apostrophe CD)
The Snake – Harvey Mandel (The Snake LP)
Mean Machine – Last Poets (This is Madness LP)

Elephant Princess – Luan Moe (V/A Princess Nicotine: folk and pop music of Myamar vol. 1)
Bahar Patlatan – Hayvaniar Lemi (Guarana Superpower LP)
Play in the Rain – Lindsay Buckingham (Go Insane LP)
She was born to be my Unicorn – Tyrannosaurus Rex (Unicorn LP)
Missionary Ridge – William Tyler (Behold the Spirit LP)

Light Field (In Consonance) – Glen Branca (The Ascension LP)
Honeymooners – Ornette Coleman and Prime Time (Virgin Beauty LP)

Houzou Houzou Wa – Orchestre Polyrhythmo De Contonou (The skeletal essence of Afro-Funk 1969-1980 CD)
Nautalis – Bob James (One LP)
Mash – J Dilla (Donuts LP)
Re-Ron – Gil Scott Heron (re-ron 12)
Funky President – James Brown (Golden 30 hits LP)

Take me back – Syl Johnson (My Funky Funky Band LP)
Ageless – Monophonics (Into the Infrasounds CD)
Rhythms of your mind – Roy Ayers Ubiquity (Black and Brown LP)
Babies on fire – Ayers-Cale-Eno-Nico (June 1, 1974 LP)
Nut Rocker – Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Episode #21 5/24/18 Open Mind, The Nazz, Turtles, Tarnation, Scientists, Kurt Vile
May 24, 2018 8:00pm


all song format indicated, if no information than it's a 7" single.

Bye bye bad days – Hector (V/A Killed By Glam LP)
Lemming Song – Nazz (S/T LP)
Soul and my Will – Open Mind (S/T LP)

Let me in – Sessions (V/A Freakbeat Vol. 2)
The Man in the Shop – Marmalade (Best of Marmalade LP)
Lady O – Turtles (More Golden Hits LP)
Sea as it glides – Julie Bryne (Not even happiness LP)
Procession of the Cherry Blossom Spirit – 6 Organs of Admittance (School of the Flower LP)
Golden – Tarnation (What is and was LP)

May you never – John Martyn (Solid Air LP)
Out Demon Out – Edgar Broughton Band (A Bunch of 45’s LP)
The Spin – Scientists (Blood Red River LP)
Rocket USA – Suicide (V/A Max’s Kansas City 1976 and Beyond CD)
Goodnight Jackie – Toe Head

Blackberry Song – Kurt Vile (Childish Prodigy CD)
Battle Hymn of the Republic – Marisa Anderson (Traditional and Public Domain Songs LP)
Boo to you too – Nick Mason and the Fictitious Sports (S/T LP)
Best Band – Paniks (Please Panic LP)
Get your woofin dog off me – Jerks (Jerk Off LP)
Kill in the Blanks – Chainsaw
Diane – Husker Du (Metal Circus EP)

Put your Number in my Phone – Ariel Pink (Pom Pom CD)
Nobody cares if you go to the Party – Courtney Barnett (Sometimes I just sit and think and sometimes I just sit CD)
The Shape between Us (sometimes turn into animals) – Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians (Globe of Frogs LP)
Drifter – Steve Gunn (Way out weather LP)
Somebody made for me – Emitt Rhodes (S/T LP)
Think it’s time to say goodbye – Rock City (V/A Looking Forward the Roots of Big Star CD)

Best in the World – Dr. Feelgood (The case of the shakes LP)
So What – Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (The Best of JKATP LP)
So Fine – Beat Farmers
Now I know it’s you – Ripoffs

Episode #20 05/17/18 Blue Cheer, Open Mind, Funkadelic, Can, Edgar Broughton
May 17, 2018 8:00pm


No parenthetical info means it's a 7" single.

Angel – Bettye Hall (Body Languiage For Love LP)
Unity – Afrika Bambaata and The Godfather of Soul (V/A Tommy Boy Records, The last 15 years LP)
Bustin loose – Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers
Babysitter – Betty Wright

Jet Song – The Groop
Who is he and what is he to you – Creative Source
Piranha – Freddie Henci and the Soul Setters (Dance LP)
Borrowed Time – Fanny (Fanny Hill LP)

Drop Out Apache – Edgar Broughton Band (A bunch of 45’s LP)
Freedom – Edgar Broughton Band (ABOF LP)
Billy the Monster – Deviants (S/T LP)
Come and Get it – Blue Cheer (Louder Than God LP)
Magic Potion – Open Mind

Big Search – George Garanian and the Melodiya Jazz Ensemble (V/A Psych Funk 101)
Pinch – Can (Ege Bamyashi LP)

Welcome to Bollywood you Midwest sons and daughters – All Ones (All Ones and Ralph Carney CD)
Superstar – Hi-Rhythm (All Loose LP)
Exclusive Blend - Keith Mansfield/Alan Hawkshaw (KPM Soundclash LP)
Requiem Por Un Con – Serge Gainsborough (Comic Strip CD)

I Wanna Know if it’s good to you – Funkadelic (Open your mind CD)
Chalupa – Jungle Fire
Iron Leg – Mickey and the Soul Generation (The complete Mickey and the Soul Generation CD)

Why Worry – Aaron Neville
Run Shaker Life – Voices of East Harlem (Right On Be Free LP)

Easiest Way to Fall – Freda Payne
Talking about love – Vibrations

Episode #19 05/03/18 Syd Barrett, Tarnation, Kinks, Van Dyke Parks, Foxygen
May 3, 2018 8:00pm


All formats noted, if not then it's a single....

Invisible Skratch Pickles vs. Der Hanz Uv Deth - Invisible Skratch Picles
Ping Pong - Anti Pop Consortium (Arythmia CD)
New New - DNA (S/T LP)
Hologram - Urinals (V/A Year of the Rat)

Love Me Again - Marble Phrogg (V/A Original 60's Acidpunk: Kicks and Chicks)
Simla Beat Time - Fentones (V/A Love, Peace and Poetry, Asian Psychedelic Music)
Julian - Miranda Lee Richards (Echoes of Dreamtime CD)
Step Back - Stories (S/T LP)

Spell on Me - Sandy Salisbury (Sandy CD)
Dealy is the Male - Walker Brothers (Singles CD)
My Old Desk - Harry Nilsson (Aerial Ballet)
talking In My Sleep - Rain Parade (Emergency Third Rail CD)

No Marigolds in the Promised Land - William Tyler (William Tyler/6 Organs of Admittance EP)
Real Life Permanent Dream - Tomorrow (Tomorrow featuring Keith West CD)
Walk On the Water - Golliwogs (Pre-Credence LP)

Oriental Love Songs - Robbie Basho (The Grail and the Lotus LP)
Bitter Rose - Paula Frazier and Tarnation (Now's the Time LP)
Hunting Song - Pentangle (Early Classics CD)
Rolling Sea - Dead Sailor Girls (Rolling Sea CD)

Octopus-Syd Barrett (The Madcap Laughs CD)
Fancy - Kinks (Face to Face CD)
Poem - Kaleidoscope (Faintly Blowing CD)
Laurel Canyon Blvd. - Van Dyke Parks (Song Cycles LP)
Nighttime - Big Star (Third CD)

Sisters of Mercy - Opal (Early Recordings 2 LP)
The Living - 17 Pygmies (Jedda by the Sea LP)
Make It Known - Foxygen (Take the Kids off Broadway LP)

Episode #18 4/26/18 Dictators, Teddy Robin, Pell Mell, Rotary Connection, Pussy Galore
April 26, 2018 8:00pm


As per usual, if not otherwise noted, then the designated song is on a 7" single.

Spank a lee - Herbie Hancock (Thrust LP)
A message from the meters - Sure Fire Soul Ensemble

Take it as it comes - Sugarman 3 (Pure Cane Sugar CD)
It's easier said than done - Otis Clay
The Changing Game - Boogie Knight and the Soulciety (Soul ain't no new thing LP)

Greasy Heart - Yuya Uchida and the Flowers (V/A Love, Peace and Poetry, Asian Psychedelic Music LP)
Turn me On - Rotary Connection (S/T)
Bigger than Life - The Quick
Love Won't desert me - Push Kings
Mr. Roland - Tommy Keene

Saucer - Pell Mell (Interstate CD)
Razar Hand - Dancing Cigarettes (Dance Dogs Dance LP)
Sweet Virginia - Pussy Galore (Exile on Main St. LP)
Rocket to Nowhere - Mike Rep and the Quotas (Stupor Hiatus LP)
Two Tub Man - Dictators (Go Girl Crazy CD)

Cries from the Midnight Circus - Pretty Things (Parachute LP)
A change is gonna come - Baby Huey (the Living Legend the Baby Huey story LP)

The man who must leave - Kim Sum (V/A Psych Funk 101)
Magic Colors - Teddy Robin and the Playboys (V/A Love, Peace and Poetry, Asian Psychedelic Music LP)
Magical Night - Phuong Tam (V/A Saigon Rock and Soul CD)
Can You dig it - Dave Hamilton

Running - Blackfoot (V/A Welcome to Zamrock Vol. 1 CD)
The Ghetto = Victor Green

The Mash - J Dilla (donuts LP)

Episode #17 4/19/18 Liquid Liquid, Gil Scott, Pop Group, Funkadelic, Group 1850
April 19, 2018 8:00pm


Undergroove search party starts about 14:45 in due to DJ (me) being late. Again, unless noted, what is listed is a 7".

Rain Dance - Herbie Hanock (Sextant LP)
John Coltrane and Lady Day - Gil Scott Heron (the best of LP)

The Immaculate - Pop Group (Versions Galore EP)
Zero Leg - Liquid Liquid (Sucessive Reflexes EP)
Fire - Group 1850 (Mother No Head LP)
Get You Back - John Radar

Sagittarius Black - Timothy Mcnealy
I'lll bet you - Fundadelic (V/A Westbound Funk LP)
Just leave me some - Black Ivory
Birdie - Brides of Funkenstein (Funk or Walk LP)

Feeback - The Group (V/A Psych Funk 101 LP)
Vaqmos Campaneros - Harmonia (Harmonia 76 CD)
Hanged in the Universe - Herman's Rockets (V/A Jean Pierre Psychosis Discoid 1976-1981 CD)
Power to the People - Curtis Mayfield (Sweet Exorcist LP)

Wangaro - Pheno S Kani (S/T LP)
Choking on a piece of meat pt. 2 - Wakefield Brothers (V/A This is Acid Jazz CD)
Squeeze Me pt. 1 - Dynamic 7
Jody's on the run - Sonny Green

It's our time - Nancy Sinatra (You Go Go Girl CD)
Les Temp Des Souvenirs - Francois Hardy (The Vogue Years CD)
I go to piecers - Rachel Sweet
The Sun ain't gonna shine - Walker Brothers
What makes you so bad you were bought up that way - Outsiders

Acka Ragh - Shocking Blue (S/T LP)
For you Information - Mavi Isiklar (V/A hava narghile CD)

Episode # 16 4/12/18 Hawkwind, Sly Stone, Bohannon, Captain Beefheart, Pierre Henry
April 12, 2018 8:00pm


All 7" unless otherwise noted

Psychedelic Warloard – Hawkwind (Hall of the Mountain Grill LP)
Malcolm X – Mongo Santamaria (Fuego LP)

Pierre Henry – Psych Rock (Et Musiques Concretes De Pierre Henry)
Lo Yo Yo – Captain Beefheard (Clear Spot LP)
Baron of Love - Alex Chilton (Like Flies on Sherbert LP)
Deloris is back with Jerome – Deloris Ealy

Home is where the Hatred is – Esther Phillips
The Bump Pt. 1 – Everyday People
California Sunset – Oliver Sain
Stump Juice – Jimmy Mcgriff

POP – Prophets of Peace
God’s got a Telephone – Zionettes
There’s gonna be a Showdown – Rance Allen (The Best of the Rance Allen Group LP)
Dance to the Music – Sly and the Family Stone

Foot Stompin’ Music – Hamilton Bohannon
Going Down Slow – Pointer Sisters
Heart Full of Gladness – Mirettes (Whirlpool LP)
Hearsay – Soul Children

Super Cool – Black Heat (No Time to Burn CD)
Got to give it up – Marvin Gaye
House of Rising Funk – Chubukos
In the Heat of the Morning – David Bowie (The World of David Bowie LP)
You Missed it all – July (S/T CD)

Empty Pool – Young Wu (Shore Leave LP)
My Game of Love – White Noise (An Electrical Storm CD)
Coldest Night of the Year – Vashti Bunyan (Some things just stick in your Mind CD)
Enchanted Sky Machines – Judee Sill (S/T LP)
Take you away – Emitt Rhodes (Mirror LP)
Sunny Side of Heaven – Fleetwood Mac (Bare Trees LP)

Who Knows where the time goes – Strawbs (Sandy Denny and the Strawbs LP)
Harvest your Thoughts – Bert Jansch (It Don’t bother Me LP)

Episode #15 4/5/18 Blonde Redhead, Opal, Jerks, Mantles, TV Personalities
April 5, 2018 8:00pm


Blonde Rehead Ticket giveaway.

Si Na Mi – El Rego Ets Commando (V/A African Scream Contest LP)
Console me – Sheng Vanthy (V/A Don’t Think I”ve forgotten LP)
Love will be there until death – CBC Band (V/A Saigon Rock and Soul CD)
Basak Slakim – Grup Banalim – (V/A Hava Narghile CD)
Kissah Kisampang – M. Osman & Orkes Nirwana (V/A Pop Yeh Yeh CD)

Llegaran Is Peluqeros – Los Yestis (Historia Verdad LP)
Rocket USA – Suicde (Suicide LP)
Lisa’s Funeral – Opal (Early Recordings 2 LP)

Inside Out – Green On Red (Two Bibles EP)
Jeffrey I hear you – Girls (Reunion LP)

Psychedelic Holiday – Television Personalities (They could have been bigger than the Beatles LP)
Memory – Mantles
Foggy Notion – Velvet Underground (Etc. LP)
Cool – Jerks

Misery is a Butterfly – Blonde Redhead (Misery is a Butterfly CD)
Ego Maniac Kid - Blonde Redhead (Fake can be just as good CD)

Falling Man – Blonde Redhead (Misery is a Butterfly CD)
Sister Hell – Thinking Fellows Union Local 282 (Tangle CD)
Beat Morbido – I Marc 4 (Nelson Psychout LP)
Heavy Bopper – Alan Moorhouse (V/A KPM Soundclash)

The Old Man’s back again – Scott Walker (Scott 4 CD)
JB’s – Hot Pants Road (
If it don’t turn on you – BT Express (Do it LP)

Episode #14 03/29/18 Plugz, O Level, Millineum, Love, Sonics, Dwitght Twilley
March 29, 2018 8:00pm


the usual, all 7" unless otherwise designated.

Achin' - Plugz (V/A Los Angelinos, the Eastside Renaissance LP)
What's for Lunch - Shapes
Suck and Fuck - Mad Virgins
Psuedo Punk/O Level - O Level (Pseudo Punk LP)

Firefly - Dwight Twilley Band
The Know it all - Millinieum (Begin LP)
My Love is Gone - Charlie and the Moonhearts
Mustache in your Face - Pretty
Distortion Mind - I Marc 4 (V/A Nelson Psychout LP)

My Little Red Book - Love
Almost there - Turtles (let me be LP)
Louie Louie - Sonics
Hard Times - Baby Huey (Living Legend LP)

Masters of the Universe - Jeff the Brotherhood (Upstaris at United Vol 3 EP)

City Kids - Pink Faeries (Kings of Oblivion CD)
Grower of Mushroom - Leafhound (Grower of Mushroom LP)
Hearts and Tears - Bich Loan and the CBC band (V/A Saigon Rock and Roll CD)
Funky Way - Calvin Arnold
Soul Ain't no new thing - Bobby Knight and the Soulciety (Soul Ain't no new thing LP)

Pinnochio Theory - Bootsy Collins
Sunny Ti De Anya - King Sunny Ade (Juju music LP)
Happy Hour - Ornette Colemand and the Prime Time Band (Virgin Beauty LP)
Red Pepper II - Roosevelt Fountain and the Pens of Rhythm
The Chicken - Jackie Lee

Mr. Unreliable - Cryan' Shames
Hotel - 10cc (Sheet Music LP)
9 o'clock Business Man - Pepperming Trolley Company
Tomorrow - Strawberry Alarm Clock

Last Day - Hollies (Hear Hear LP)

Episode #13 3/22/18 We have visitors! Lars, Mamiko and Brian Helicopter visit, Shapes, It's a No No, Killjoys, Saints.
March 22, 2018 8:00pm


This episode we have guests! Lars Holmquist, Mamiko Sekiguchi both currently living in the UK and formerly from Stockholm and Tokyo respectively talk about playing in bands and the scenes of their hometown. We also have Brian Helicopter, bass player for then and now UK punk band the SHAPES (1978-now) in the studio talking about the band, playing back in UK punk rock days. Brian is now a US resident and participates in recent tours of Japan and Europe by the Shapes. Thanks guys for coming down.

As always all 7"s unless otherwise noted.

My White Bicycle – Tomorrow (Tomorrow featuring Keith West CD)
Amen – Rotary Connection (S/T LP)
Airline Disaster – Shapes

Batman in the Launderette – Shapes
Surfin’ Hootenanny - That’s a No No (V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
At Night - Killjoys (V/A Raw Deal LP)
(I’m) Stranded – Saints (I’m Stranded LP)

Financial Declaration – Union Carbide Productions (In the Air Tonight LP)
Thunder Roads – Coup D’etat Virus
Psych Na Rock - Flowermulu (V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
The Whip – Stompin’ Riff Raffs

Don’t Play Tennis – Shapes
Nagagutsu Terrorist – The Let’s Go(V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
Typically Teenage – Milk n’ Cookies (S/T 2xLP)
Scungy Girl – Degenerates

Darling – Johnny Moped (Cycledelic LP)
I Don’t want to know – Zombies (S/T LP)
Play with Fire – Rolling Stones
I Tell Myself – Seeds

Teenline – Shivvers ( LP)
Makka Na Jerry – Kinocohotel (V/A Girls Sazanami Beat Vol. 1 CD)
Kisah Disampang – M. Osman & Orkes Nirwana (V/A Pop Yeh Yeh CD)
Achin’ – Plugz (V/A Los Angelinos The Eastside Renasissance LP)

Episode #12 03/08/18 Can, Television, Fall, Feelies, Soft Boys, Rotary Connection
March 8, 2018 8:00pm


Except for the first 3 songs which were CDs, entire show was DJed from a laptop, songs either ripped from CD or downloaded. So all album cuts, a few singles.

True Blues – Last Poets (This is Madness)
Sea Song – Robert Wyatt (Rock Bottom)
Don’t go – Pink Industry (New Naked Technology)

Vitamin C – Can (Ege Bamyasi)
Clean Living – RJD2 (Since we last spoke)
Impeach the President – Honeydrippers
Lean on your Bean #1 – Dinosaur L (V/A New York Noise (Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982))

Little Johnny Jewell – Television (Marquee Moon)
Ah Merha Menina – OS Mutantes (Everything is Possible: The best of OSM)
Crazy Rhythms – Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)

The Man whose Head Expanded – The Fall (Totally Wired the Rough Trade records)
There She Goes Now – Thin White Rope (Spoor)
Positive Vibrations – Soft Boys (Underwater Moonlight)
Life Begins at the Hop – XTC (Drums and Wires)

Coming Down – United States of America (S/T)
Expo 2000 – Chocolate Watchband (Melts in your hands not on your Wrists)
To Be Free – July (S/T)

Magnu – Hawkwind (Warrior at the Edge of Time)
Drugs Ain’t Cool – Ebony Rhythm Band (V/A Cold Sweat)
One Day – Kings Go Forth (The Outsiders are back)

Respect – Rotary Connection (Songs)
Roving Reporter – Alan Hawkshaw (KPM 1000 Series: The Big Beat)
Can’t be Funky – Bush Tetras (V/A New York Noise (Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982))
Do It – Tuxedo (Tuxedo)

Seven Minutes of Funk – The Whole Damn Family (The Whole Damn Family has arrived)

Episode #11 03/01/18 DJ Shadow, Leonard Cohen, Marianne Faithful, Vashti Bunyan, Hellenes, Small Faces, Incredible String Band
March 1, 2018 8:00pm


CD heavy show due to technical issues and no 7"(sorry).

Motorcade – Magazine (Real Life CD)
The Numbers song – DJ Shadow (Endtroducing CD)
Close to You – Avalances (Since I left You CD)
The little Man from Mars – Perry And Kingsley (The Essential Perry and Kingsley CD)

If not this Time – 50 Foot Hose (Cauldron CD)
Where is yesterday – United States of America (S/T CD)
The Warning Talk (part IV) = David Axelrod (Earth Rot CD)
Someone I know – Margo Guryan (Take a PIcture CD)

Parallelograms - Linda Perhacs (Parallelograms CD)
Sally Free and easy – Marianne Faithful (Go Away from my World)
If in winter (100 Lovers) - Vashti Bunyan (Some Things just stick in your Mind CD)
How do I know - Vashti Bunyan (Some Things just stick in your Mind CD)
Mercy I cry City – Incredible String Band (The Hangman’s beautiful daughter CD)
The Yellow Princess – John Fahey (The Yellow Princess CD)

Famous Blue Raincoat – Leonard Cohen (Songs of Love and Hate)
Suzanne – Fairport Convention (Heyday CD)
Hey Joe – Kasenatz Katz Singing Orchestral Circus (S/T)
Worlds Fall Down – Sagittarius (Present Tense)

Fault – Hellenes (I love you Animals CD)
All the Same – Spirit (The Family that plays together)
You Can’t have me – Big Star (Sister Lovers CD)
Only the Stones Remain – Soft Boys (12x7(

Things Get Better – Artwoods (Art Gallery CD)
She’s cracked – Modern Lovers (S/T)
Midway Down – Creation (Biff Bang Pow CD)
Superlungs my superlungs - Terry Reid (Superlungs CD)
Can you Dig my Vi brations- Sir Douglas Quintet (Honky Blues)
Sha la la la lee – Small Faces (S/T CD)

Try it – Hollies (Eloise/King Midas in Reverse CD)
Deep Deep Down – Christy (V/A Canto Morricone CD)

Episode #10 02/22/18 Slint, Pop Group, John Fahey, Tarnation, Detroit Sex Machnes
February 22, 2018 8:00pm


All titles 7" unless otherwise noted:

Dan Aman – Slint (Spiderland)
She is Beyond Good and Evil – Pop Group (S/T)
Give me cornbread when I’m hungry -John Fahey (The Dance of Death and other Plantation Favorites)
Needle of Death – Bert Jansch (S/T)

What is and was – Tarnation (What is and was)
Hey Cowboy – Lee Hazlewood (the LH1 years)
Mister Treadmill – Bill Baird (Career)
Wish me Luck – Chuck Prophet (Night Surfer)

Saint Cloud – Six Organs of Admittance (School of the Flower)
Song to Comus – Comus (Song to Comus CD)
God song – Residents (Fingerprince)

Moonage Daydream – Ann Magnusson (CD single)
Missionary Ridge – William Tyler (Behold the Spirit)
Shadow – Brain Eno (Ambient 4 on Land)
Dien Da – Henry Kaiser (V/A Guitar Solos vol 3)

Can I help you – Amnesty (Free your Mind CD)
Mile High Swinger – Alan Hawkshaw (V/A Cinematic Soul Punch CD)
The Funky Crawl – Detroit Sex Machines
Kissing My Love - Bill Withers (The Best of Bill Withers)
Pick it up lay it in the Cut – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

High on your Love – Kings Go Forth (Return of the Outsiders CD)
Football – Mickey and the Soul Generation (Iron Leg CD)
I sold my Heart to the Junkman – Orgone
Sexy Coffee Pot – Tony Avalon and the Belairs (V/A What it is)

Spiro – Dewolfe Sound Library (Sound Book CD)
Machine Gun – Commodores (20th Century Masters)

Episode #9 2/15/18 Only 40 mins archived: Godz, Opal, The Mad, Captain Sky, etc.
February 15, 2018 8:00pm


Truncated show due to computer failure to record and other tech fails.
All selections 7" or 12" singles unless otherwise noted:

Hurricane Fighter Plane - Red Crayola (V/A Epitaph for a Legend)
Permanent Green Light - Godz (Godz 2)

Soul Giver - Opal
Turquoise Feline - Index (S/T)
Unwind - The Loons
Teenage House Part - Sandy Nelson
The Hell - The Mad
Love Affair - Nervus Rex

Lorelei - Tom Tom Club
Wonder Worm - Captain Sky
Funky Party - Clarence Reid
The Fool who wonders - Miles Tackett

Episode #8 02/08/18 Maggots, Mekons, Pretty Things, Electric Prunes, Left Banke, etc.
February 8, 2018 8:00pm


All entries 7" except where noted:

Guitar Big Band – Dennis Coffey (Dennis Coffey and his Detroit guitar band)
Dance a Go Go - Sinn Sisamuth (V/A Don’t Think I’ve forgotten)
I love You Better – Monkees (Monkees Flip)
In the heat of the Morning – David Bowie (The World of David Bowie)

Here on It Got Rough – Hildegard Knif (V/A The In-Kraut)
Psych Out – Storybook (Psych Out Soundtrack)
Kyrie Eleison -Electric Prunes (Mass in F Minor)
Distemper – Human Switchboard
Brandy Apricot – Rhinoceros (S/T)

Every Job - Arkansas Man
Electric Eel - Human Hands
Ever been in a Riot - Mekons (V/A Mutant Pop)
Tammy Wynette – Maggots
Patio Set - Embarrassment
Break My Guitar - Ty Segall (S/T)
Ants are Cavemen - Thin White Rope

No Easy Way down - Rain Parade (Explosions in the Glass Palace)
A Visit with Ashiya - Merrill Frankhausen and HMS Bounty (Things)
Eta Omni – Sir Richard Bishop (Freak of Araby)

Jane B. – Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsborough
Vimade Wingman – El Rego
Monkey Tamarind – Beginning of the End (Funky Nassau)
Handcuffs – Parliament

Soul Affection - Interpretations
Soul is our Music – Bobby Patterson and the Mustangs
Cotton Picking – Harrison (V/A Eccentric Soul – The Cash Label)
Talking about Love – Vibrations
LSD – Pretty Things (The Vintage Years)
Time will show the wiser - Merry Go Rounds (Live)

Ivy Ivy - Left Banke (The Best of the Left Banke)
Way Out Weather – Steve Gunn (Way Out Weather)

Episode #7 02/01/18 (01/25/18 was a rerun) - psych, pop, punkrock, Fall, Pere Ubu
February 1, 2018 8:00pm


Par usual, all titles with no parenthesis indicate 7" (the default format), titles indicate LP/CD titles.

Occasional background music: bed Brian Eno - On Land

Hang Them High – Booker T and the MG’s
Section 43 – Country Joe and the Fish (Electric Music for the Body and Mind)
Something New – Wooley Bushman (Arduino)
Loletta – Nervous Eaters (Eaterville #1)
Murder By Guitar – Crime

BTeam – What is this
Necessary Spinning – Translator (HeartBeats and Triggers)
Shut Up and Dance – Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (S/T)
I Can’t wait for the Weekend – Sudden Fun (415 Music Compilation)
Shelly’s Boyfriend – Punts

Too Good to be True – Paley Brothers (S/T)
I’m Tired – M & M’s
Ta Ta – Expresssos
Hawaii - Young Canadians (Young Canadians aka the K-Tels)
American Beat – Fleshtones

In Mono - Stereophonics
2 Headed Dog - Roky Erickson (The Evil One)
Gimme Some Skin – Stooges
With or without you – Jawbreaker
Encrypted Bounce – OC’s (Drop)

Totally Wired – The Fall
Psycho Mafia – The Fall (the Best of the Step Forward Years)
Repetition – The Fall (the Step Forward Years)
The New Thing – The Fall (the Step Forward Years)
Bingo Master’s Breakout – The Fall (Live at the Witch Trails)
Kicker Conspiracy – The Fall

Non-Alignment Pack - Pere Ubu (The Modern Dance)
Life Stinks - Pere Ubu (The Modern Dance)
Modern Dance - Pere Ubu (The Modern Dance)

Can – Pinch (ege bamyasi)

Episode #6 1/18/18 Lotsa 7"s and punk rock, set of SF punk, power pop, soul
January 18, 2018 8:00pm


Par usual all 7" unless otherwise denoted.

Swiss Cheese Back – Flying Fucking A-heads
Son of Sam – Twin Steps
All the Time – Alex Chilton (Jesus Christ 7”)

Dead into West Virginia – Non-Ficton
Heart of Stone – SVT
Kennedy Girls – Little Roger and the Goosebumps
Rules and Regulations – Contractions
I think we’re alone now – Rubinoos

Rock and Roll or Run – Control Freaks
Mommy I’m a Misfit – Tragics
Pay to Cum – Bad Brains
Head – Nervous Eaters

Girls aren’t the same – Thirteen
Hello Baby – Shambles
Let me take your Photo – Speedies (Speedy Delivery)
Sorry Sorry Sorry – Scientists (Scientists)

Baby it’s You – Phil Seymour (Phil Seymour)
Jealousy – Poppees
She goes out with Everyone – Spongetones (Beat Music)
When the Ax falls down – Saucy Jacks (You make your own World)

The World turns around Her – Byrds (Turn Turn Turn)
You won’t listen – Ides of March (Ideology)
Sad little Girl – Beau Brummels (vol II)
Why the Rainbow’s Gold can’t be found – McElroy Brothers (Can’t you see me Smilin’)
Recess – Leopards (Kansas City Slickers)

Princess of the Gingerland – Glitterhouse (Color Blind)
Can’t you see me – Aretha Franklin
Funky So and So – Sugarman 3
I’m back to collect – Bill Coday
I’ve never found a Girl – Joseph Henry and the Mighty Imperials

Heavy makes you happy – Staple Singers
Better off dead - Bill Whithers

I’ll keep on coming back – Detroit Emeralds

Episdoe #5 01/11/18 a combo of all previous genres, psych/soul/funk/garage
January 11, 2018 8:00pm


all 7" unless otherwise noted.

Closing Hymn – Electric Prunes (Release of an Oath)
Howard Christman’s Older – Collectors (S/T)
Big City Funk – Dennis Coffey (Evolution)
Mustache in your face – Pretty (Numero Group 2x7)

Wild in the Streets – Jerry Howard (Wild in the Streets Soundtrack)
What a sorry way to go – Asteroid #4
Ruby’s House Party – Ruby and the Party Gang
The Drunk – James Brown

Silver Black Summer Day – Living Funk
Do the Funky Chicken – Rufus Thomas
Funky Worm – Ohio Players
Now that I’m gone – Charles Bradley and the Bullets

Love in – Psychedelic Guitars (S/T)
Peter’s Trip – Electric Flag (The Trip Soundtrack)
Kendra’s Dream – Dream Syndicate (How did I find Myself here)
Sundial – Cool Ghouls (Animal Races)

Foolish Woman – Oxford Circle (Endless Journey compilation)
Alpha Centuri – Peter Ivers (Nirvana Peter)
You better run – Cheepskates (Run Better Run)
It’s about Time – Pandoras (It’s about Time)
Chimes of Freedom – Dino, Desi and Billy

Out of Focus – Blue Cheer
Expressway to your Heart – Soul Survivors
If you didn’t think – Anna King
Gotta get away - Blues Magoos
There ain’t no use in hanging on – Marmalade
You took Me by Surprise – Hot Soup

You must be a Witch – Lollipop Shop (Just Color)
Troglodyte – Jimmy Castor Bunch
You’re the one – Little Sister
Let it Crawl - Society’s Bag

Pamela – Ultimate Spinach (S/T)

Episode #4 1/4/18 Undergroove search party DANCE PARTY
January 4, 2018 8:00pm


Funk, soul and neo-soul as USP gets down for the new year.

music bed behind talking is the GOBLIN rarities CD!

LP title designated, otherwise selections are 7" singles

Bra – Cymande (S/T)
I remember do you – Hi Rhythm (On the Loose)
Can’t Stand it – James Brown (Hot Pants)

Strangle me with you Love – Defunkt (S/T)
Shotgun Slim – Dyke and the Blazers
Number One – M-tets
Dap Walk – Ernie and the Top Notes Inc. (16 corners comp)
Funky judge – Bull and the Matadors

It is what it is – Aj and the Jiggerwatts
House of the rising funk – Chubukos
What time is it – General Crook
Express Yourself – S.O.U.L (what is it)

The Switch – Village Choir
Think (about it) – Lynn Collins (12” remix)
More Bounce to the Once – Zapp
Agony of Defeet – Parliament
Shine-O-Myte – Bootsy Collins (The One Giveth)

Keep On doing what you’re doing – Bobby Byrd
Do that Thing – Lou Courtney
Come and sock it to Me – Syl Johnson
Good Times – TroubleFunk (Times of Trouble)

Down by the River – Undisputed Truth (Cosmic Truth)
If you want to see the Sunshine – Roy Ayers Ubiquity (StarBooty)
Pay to the Piper – Chairman of the Board
With Pleasure – Mass Production

Soul Sonic Force – Afrika Bambaata and Soul Sonic Force (Tommy Boy Greatest Beats)
Apache – Incredible Bongo Band (Bongo Rock)
Theme From Shaft – Nite-Liters (Instrumental Direction)

Episode #3 12/28/17 more one hit wonders
December 28, 2017 8:00pm


Continuing the theme from last week, more "one hit wonders" this time with emphasis on 7" punk singles and Killed By Death type stuff. Also a set to some recently passed artists from 2017.

Background music for talking tonight provided by "My Delicious Spaghetti Western" compilation. Bruno Nicolai, Francisco De Masi, et al.

City Slang – Sonics Rendezvous Band
Its cold outside – Slow (against the glass)
Savage – Fun Things

Break My Face/Blues for an Insurance Salesman – Tapeworm (KBD vol. 9)
Radiation Masturbation/I Hate Cops – Authorities (KBD vol. 1)
Mean Boys – Destry Hamtpon and the Wolves from Hell

Kick your Ass across the USA – Mean Red Spiders
Dead Babies – Deep Wound
Vice Verses – John Berenzy Group
You Got me – Theoretical Girls (NY Noise Compilation)

Stay Right Now – Jars
Polyvinyl – Mumbles
Two For One – Meantime
Android Love – Ozzie (Parabolic Love the Best of Ozzie)

Its up to you – Suspects
Crayon World – Flyboys
Hooked on You – Teacher’s Pet
Sick Girl – Jumpers

(set dedicated to recently departed)
Places that are gone – Tommy Keene (Places that are gone ep)
It’s your Time – Weeds
Beauty and Sadness – Smithereens (Beauty and Sadness ep)
Sunny Side of the Street – Keely Smith (Complete Capitol Collection)
Circlescrape – Z’ev (Opus 3)

Don’t Leave me Tonight – Rockers
Diamonds in the Rough – Vertebrats
Now and Then – Nines
Underground – Epicycle (You’re not gonna get it: 1978-198)
Politician in my Eyes – Death
He’s just a Boy – Meec

Ain’t been to no Music School – Nosebleeds

Episode #2 12/21/17 The "One hit wonder' episode
December 21, 2017 8:00pm


This weeks episode inspired by a thread on a Facebook page that asked the question "Which band had only one release and was smewhat influential". Posed by Jim granato, former Radio Valencia DJ and local filmaker. Some of what was played tonight was actually submitted by folks in that thread while others were my own interpretation of that category. Also I paid homage to the recently passed Ralph Carney horn player to the stars and former SF resident by highligting some of his work from the 70's while he was still based in Akron Ohio.

Music used for me talking was the soundtrack of "Camile 2000" composerd by Piero PIccioni

Morgen - into the void (S/T)
Harumi - fire by the river (S/T)
Bow City Runners - Talking American Blues (S/T)

Young Marble Giants - Looking for Mr. Right (Colossal Youth)
United States of America - Hard Coming Love (S/T)
Twinkeyz - Cartoon Land (7")
Hackamore Brick - Zip Gun Girl (One Kiss leads to Another)
Jetsons - "Suicidal Tendencies" (7")

Revlons - 97 tears (7")
Nasty Facts - Drive My car (7")
Normals - Almost Ready (7")
Start - Invisible Man (7")

(homage to Ralph Carney)
Tin Huey- Cuyahoga Creeping Bent (7" EP)
Tin Huey - Squirm you Worm (Breakfast with the Hueys EP)
Tin Huey - Pink Berets (Contents Dislodged during Shipment)

Ralph Carney - Closet Bears (Bowling Balls from Hell comp)
Waitresses - I know what Boys like (S/T)
David Thomas and Ralph Carney - Sunset in Hibernia (Bowling Balls from Hell comp)
Ralph Carney - Marshall Allen Plan (This is Ralph Carney)

Babylon Dance Band - Remains of the Day (7")
AK47 - This Badge means you suck (7")
Distorted Levels - Hey Mister (7" split with tar babies)

Shivvers - Teenline (S/T)
Flying Color - Dear Friend (S/T)
28th Day - Burnsite (S/T)

Cosmic Lightning - Waiting for the CTA (J.T IV)

First official episode
December 14, 2017 8:00pm


tallking all done behind "Nul" by Clarinette
We are now offically LAUNCHED!! Still all physical media mostly vinyl except when noted

song-artist (album) list:
S/T means "self titled"

Subway Heart - Massacre (Killing Time)
Purple - Morgen (S/T)

Dorji Gyap - Tashi Dorjo (Tashi Dorjo/Marisa Andeson)
Theme from Captain Black - James Blood (Tales of Captain Black)
Its a Vanity - Gabo Brown and Orchestro Poly Rhythmo (African Scream Contest Comp)
Squeeze Me Tease me - Undisputed Truth (Cosmic Truth)
Midnight Sunrise - Ornette Coleman (Dancing in Your Head)

Persian Love - Holder Czukay (Making Movies)
Since I Left you - Avalanches (Since I left you CD)
Urizen - David Axelrod (Songs of Innocence CD)
Me I am - Idio (7")

One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic (One Nation Under a Groove)
Jazz Rule - Dewolfe Music Library (Sound Book CD)
Mas Y Mas - Bronx River Parkway (7")

Enter the Dragon - Dennis Coffey (7")
Joneses - S.O.U.L (7")
Little Fly - Group 1850 (Mother-No-Head)
Numbers - Terry Knight And the Pack (7")
2 + 2 - Bob Seger System (7")

The Sun Don't Shine Anymore - Walker Brothers (7")
Lady O - Turtles (7")
Women and Men - Moore Brothers (California Sister)
Dream Selection - Sunnshine (7")
The Old Forest - Bo Hanssen (Lord of the Rings)
Web Weaver - Hawkwind (Hall of the Mountain Grill)
Acka Ragh - Shocking Blue (S/T)
Can you Dig it - Monkees (Head)

Gemini - Zodiac Cosmic Sounds (S/T)
Cognitive Dissonance - Robert Fripp the League of Gentleman (S/T)

#1 show
November 30, 2017 8:00pm


An auspicious start, my first time at RV and first time doing radio since college radio in the 80's (yes the 80's) with all this technology, you have to work harder if you try to go old school and play records. Anyways, had fun played a bunch of good stuff and started getting in the swing of it again. Stayed tuned for more! Here's the lineup from #1 show:

Prelude - Miles Davis
Degi Degi - Don Cherry
One More Night - Can

Cavern - Liquid Liquid
Mighty Flames – Road Man (mystic)
Corruption is the thing – Creations Unlimited (Function underground comp)

Hit it or Quit it - Funkadelic
Let a Woman be a Woman - Dyke and the Blazers
Free Your Mind - Politicians
Taurus – Dennis Coffey
Blues Theme – Davie Allan and the Arrows

Mother No Head - Group 1850
Cosmic Sea – Mystic Moods
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning
Marihuana Mantra – Kuno and the Marihuana Brass (The In-Kraut comp)

House of Mirrors - David McCallum (David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970 comp)
Song called Love - Beckies
It won’t be wrong - Byrds
Me and my Uncle - Dino Valenti

Golden Gate - Miranda Lee Richards
Like me Love me - The Third Power
Message From a Black Man - SOUL
The Sights in the City – Guru

Afrodesia – Lonnie Smith
In the beginning – Leon’s Creation
Starbooty – Roy Ayers presents Ubiquity
Right on be free - Voices of East Harlem

Light of Dawn - Penny Arkade
Sun Control - Chrome
Up in her room – Seeds
Contort Yourself – James White and the Blacks

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