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Rampage Radio 10/27/13 with Steph Infection and Baron Von Lorenstein on Radio

Sunday, October 27


Rampage Radio 10/27/13 with Steph Infection and Baron Von Lorenstein


“Now take these shavings in your hand and face the Goat Of Mendes … Repeat after me ‘I deny God, Creator of Heaven and Earth and I adhere to thee, and believe in thee’
… Kiss the Goat!!”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:


2:00am: “Black Mass” by Coven from Witchcraft; Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls

2:13am: Return of the Vampire (demo) by Mercyful Fate from Return of the Vampire

2:17am: The Question by The Fucking Wrath from Valley of the Serpent’s Soul

2:18am: Defile by Zoroaster from Zoroaster

2:30am: Proud To Be A Creepsylvanian by Ghoul from Zoroaster

2:34am: New World Order by Serpentcult from Weight of Light

2:37am: The Cracks of Doom by Coffins from The Cracks of Doom

2:48am: In Worship, They Weep His Name by Sutekh Hexen from Luciform

2:52am: Tremendous Stillness by Servile Sect from Trvth

3:02am: Raping Christianity by Tsjuder from Kill For Satan

3:07am: In Deamones Imperium by Xibalba from Ah Dzam Poop Ek

3:12am: Entering the Expanding Plasma by Blasphemophagher from The III Command of the Absolute Chaos

3:18am: Trick the Vicar by Slough Feg from The Animal Spirits

3:22am: Storming With Menace by Kreator from Terrible Certainty

3:26am: Mutilation by Death from Scream Bloody Gore

3:30am: Raging Arcania by Lesbian from Stratospheria Cubensis

3:43am: Start Saving For Your Funeral by Coffinworm from When All Became None

3:50am: Preaching For Mass Suicide by Damaak from Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege

3:56am: Boris Karloff Talks About Vampires

3:57am: End of Time by Motorhead from Aftershock

4:00am: March For Revenge (By The Soldiers of Death) by Manowar from Into Glory Ride

4:09am: Graveyard Tramps radio promo

4:11am: Shellshock by Tank from Filth Hounds of Hades

4:16am: Stinkpuss by Obituary from Slowly We Rot

4:23am: Decimation Antichrist by Revenge from Triumph. Genocide. Antichrist.

4:25am: The Final Lamentation (timestretched) by Ludicra from Hollow Psalms

4:37am: Succubus by Death Angel from The Dream Calls for Blood

4:39am: Raping Zombies by Lord of the Grave from Green Vapour

4:56am: Carrion Call by Exhumed from Necrocracy

4:59am: Deadly Sparks by Glorior Belli from Manifesting the Raging Beast

5:03am: Black Colossus by Funeral Circle from Funeral Circle

5:08am: Troll by Thorr’s Hammer from Dommedagsnatt

5:17am: Коло Нави by Arkona from Гой, Роде, Гой!

5:24am: At Night’s End by Locrian from The Crystal World

5:32am: Given the Chance to Die by Passive Aggressive from Hardchrist

5:54am: Procession/Invoke by Laudanum from The Coronation

5:54am: Hope You Die by Atomic Bitchwax from Atomic Bitchwax I

5:58am: Untitled I by AntikytherA from AntikytherA

6:08am: Boris by Melvins from Bullhead

6:18am: Lord in Chains by Midnight from Complete and Total Fucking Midnight

6:24am: Louise by The Shrine from Primitive Blast

6:27am: The Hunt by Trenchgrinder from Demo 2011

6:32am: Deliria by shEver from Rituals

6:40am: Regal Begal by Fu Manchu from In Search Of…

6:44am: Drugs and Deception by Fistula from Coffinworm/Fistula

6:50am: Case Bruciate by OvO from Croce Via

6:53am: Within Frozen Beauty by Inverloch from Dusk I Subside

7:01am: Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere by Eyehategod from “Preaching the “End-Time” Message

7:04am: 1332 by Eldopa from Thirteen Thirty-Two 12″

7:07am: Weed Magnetic by dot[.] from dot[.]/Fleshpress Split

7:17am: Erode the Person by Noothgrush from Erode the Person

7:28am: With Hearts Toward None III by Mgla from With Hearts Toward None

7:36am: Apology Not Accepted/Assimilation Estrangement by Knelt Rote from From Without/Insignificant

7:40am: Future Corpses by Iron Lung from Sexless/No Sex

7:42am: Sexless//No Sex by Iron Lung from Sexless/No Sex

7:43am: Party Time by The Farley Overdose from Greens

7:48am: Dunwich by Electric Wizard from Witchcult Today

7:56am: Ritual Knife by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats from Blood Lust

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.

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