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Rampage Radio 6/16/13 2am-8am Father’s Day with Loren on Radio

Sunday, June 16


Father’s Day 2013 with “Big Daddy Douche” Loren
Celebrating Father’s Day and King Diamond’s birthday


“On Saturday night I would see men lusting after half-naked girls dancing at the carnival, and on Sunday morning when I was playing the organ for tent-show evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot, I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children, asking God to forgive them and purge them of carnal desires. And the next Saturday night they’d be back at The carnival or some other place of indulgence.”

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here:
OR Here:

2:00am: Prologue (“The Book Of Satan” from The Satanic Bible) by Anton LaVey

2:13am: Come To The Sabbath (live \’93) by Mercyful Fate

2:14am: God Complex by Immolation

2:22am: Hall Of The Masters by Absu

2:24am: Strike Of The Beast (live) by Exodus

2:32am: Cathedral Of The Damned by Cathedral

2:40am: Rough And Tough by Midnight Chaser

2:46am: Into Eternity by My Victim

2:51am: Tear Down The Town by Hell Fire

2:57am: Nomad by Orchid

3:01am: Night Demon by Night Demon

3:09am: Faster Than The Speed Of Light by Raven

3:10am: Helpless (live \’93) by Diamond Head

3:23am: The Angel by Stone Vengeance

3:24am: Glaurung by Owl

3:38am: I\’m Your Pervert Priest by Mercy

3:46am: Heavy Metal Battleaxe by Metalucifer

3:50am: Tower Of Darkness by Jag Panzer

3:52am: Tablets Of Fate by Melechesh

4:01am: Purgatorial Punishment by Suffocation

4:05am: Sinister Thoughts by Hatchet

4:08am: An Oath Sworn On The Ashlar Throne by The Lamp Of Thoth

4:16am: Satan by Enforcer

4:21am: God Of Thunder (Alive II) by Kiss

4:27am: Way To Power by Black Widow

4:33am: Gates Of Babylon by Rainbow

4:37am: The Devil Cried by Black Sabbath

4:44am: Holy Water by Who Cares

4:52am: Orchid by Black Sabbath

4:52am: Lord Of This World by Black Sabbath

5:00am: The Wizard by The Bullring Brummies

5:07am: God Of Darkness by Bum

5:09am: Rock In Hell by Atilla

5:14am: Satan (Theme) by Paul Wibier

5:20am: Evil by Edgar Broughton Band

5:21am: Wreck My Soul by Incredible Hog

5:29am: Witch Burning by Salem Mass

5:37am: Sixth Prophet – Six Six Six by Ralph Carmichael

5:40am: All Hell Breaks Loose by Black Star Riders

5:49am: Saints In Hell by Judas Priest

5:54am: Blood Sacrifice by Apocalypse

6:00am: In Nomine Satanas by Venom

6:06am: Six Hundred And Sixty Six by Fistula

6:13am: A Diabolical Mind by Memory Garden

6:16am: No Beacon Of Light by Serpent Crown

6:23am: 6669 by Coven

6:33am: Blood Axis Raiders by Cardinal\’s Folly

6:36am: Sons Of Belial by P.O.E.

6:46am: Hellbound by Tygers Of Pan Tang

6:48am: Do What Thou Will by Manilla Road

6:52am: Hex Mark by Demon Lung

6:54am: Satanas by Sarcofago

6:59am: God Is Dead by Carnivore

6:66am: Halls Of The Dead by Legend

7:11am: Defender by Manowar

7:18am: Life Returns by Dr. Know

7:19am: I Wanna Burn My Parents by Sick Pleasure

7:22am: The Prisoner by D.O.A.

7:24am: A Hell On Earth by Discharge

7:25am: Police State by The State

7:29am: Made To Be Broken by Poison Idea

7:33am: How Low Can A Punk Get by Bad Brains

7:38am: Warbringer by Sorcery

7:38am: Son Of A Bitch by Accept

7:41am: Hair Of The Dog by Wizard

7:44am: Empty Arms, Empty Heart by Nazareth

7:47am: Shame by Hydra

7:51am: Garden Road (live Cleveland WMMS, 1974 by Rush

7:55am: Hard Times by Valhalla

7:59am: Time To Die by Satan

Originally conceived by KUSF DJs Ron Quintana, Ian Kallen & Howie Klein,
RAMPAGE RADIO has been assaulting the airwaves with metal and other noise on a weekly basis ever since its official birth on Sunday, March 6th, 1982.


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